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February GSM

Hello All, Just some news regarding the last GSM. Ranks update As many of you probably know the ranks  will be updated as a late Epsilon update. One of the aims with the updated ranks is to simplify the system for both members and staff. Also, to make building and […]

Town Promotions

Hello Everyone, We have now opened the voting for the applications we have received for Senator, Governor and Premier promotions. The voting ends on the 9th of October with promotions following asap from there. It is possible to apply for a rank at anytime. Since a few of you weren’t […]

August 20, GSM Results

Hello Everyone, The results from the last GSM are here. A couple interesting announcements and news on new roads and airports! Granting of Shared Municipality (SMP) Staff have noticed a rising number of SMPs that are formed with the aim of making a large airport. The original purpose of SMPs was […]

City Rank Candidates Batch #8 and Upcoming GSM

Hello Everyone, First we’re happy to announce that the server now has 3 new Senators and 2 new Governors. [Senator] Promotions: Derpy_Melon (for the town of Spruce Neck) Earack (for the town of Lanark) Soleurs (for the town of Konowa) [Governor] Promotions: Narnia17 (for the Utopia) Kiwirainbow (for the Mason City) Congrats to all of […]

City Rank Candidate Batch #7 Results

Hello everyone, Voting has concluded and we’re happy to announce that we now have 1 new Senator and 4 new Governors on the server: [Senator] Promotions: Diemundz (for the town of Farwater) [Governor] Promotion: MishkaMan (for the City of Kolpino) Robang592 (for the City of Birdhall) _Indev_ (for the City of Espil) _Kastle (for the City of Covina) […]