September 2019 GSM Results

Hey everyone! The September 2019 GSM has ended, and it was probably the shortest one we’ve ever done. Here’s what happened!

Local trams and monorails are exempt from vehicle presence rules

Effective immediately, trams and monorails are no longer required to be physically present at every stop. You are encouraged to have them at some stops along the route, however this is not required.

Please note that the designations of “tram” and “monorail” are only applicable to local lines (those that stay within approximately one or two cities). Lines that travel long distances or are not intended for local transportation will be more likely to be classified as “warp rail” lines, which are still subject to vehicle presence requirements.

Warp placement restrictions will only apply to air vehicles

Last GSM we decided to impose limits on the number and placement of warps for transit vehicles. After some concerns were raised by members, we have decided to only enforce those restrictions for airplanes, helicopters, and seaplanes. As a result, the rules are as following:

  • Air vehicles are limited to six destinations (where “destination” refers to a specific airplane, helicopter, or seaplane; multiple warps can be in the same vehicle and count as one destination), and warp signs to said destinations must be inside the vehicle.
  • All other vehicle types have no restriction on the number of warps or destinations that can be served, and warps can be placed anywhere on or in the vehicle.

As with the changes to vehicle presence requirements noted above, these changes take effect immediately.

Thank you to the dozens of members who brought this proposal to us; we appreciated hearing your concerns and we hope this is an amicable solution.

Other small issues

  • We reviewed a proposal to allow ferries to be used to move buses or trains along their lines. While we appreciate that these sorts of things do exist in the real world, we have decided not to allow this. We would instead recommend building interchange stations for passengers to easily change between bus, ferry, and train connections.
  • We reviewed a proposal to build an area known as Memorial Park in Central City, and create a tour of the new world, so that new players can get acquainted with what has been built. Neither of these things require staff approval to be carried out, so no action was taken.

Roads and Rails

  • The B58 from San Vantino to Dand, proposed by sesese9, has been approved.
  • The B228 from Mounty to Lapis Bay, proposed by caillou15, has been approved.
  • A warp rail line from Central City to Sylvania and ATC, proposed by AppleGamer123, has been partially approved.
    • The section between Central City and P4-V4 has been approved on the condition that the track runs underground through P4-V4.
    • The section from P4-V4 to Sylvania has been denied as the line runs too close to Lochminehead, for which AppleGamer123 does not have permission.
    • The section from Sylvania to ATC Airport has been denied for the same reason.
  • A warp rail line from Aquamarine Bay to Dekuville, proposed by dragonbloon419, has been approved.
  • The B825 and an accompanying warp rail line from Skogheim to Westplein via Skyanii Springs and Mojang Town, proposed by SuperSamuel25, have been approved.
  • An extension of the B431 from Scarborough to Rockham, proposed by Aldranster50, has been approved.

Inactive Asset Transfers

  • While not officially requested as an IAT, P4-V4 has been transferred to AppleGamer123.
  • The town of Xiiona has been transferred to frogggggg.
  • Ignis Nation / Project Lifetime has been transferred to SuperSamuel25.
  • The town of Aurora (XE29) has been transferred to AlphaDS.

That’s all for now, we’ll see you around!

<3, Chief

August 2019 GSM Results

I think this might be a new record for the longest staff meeting.

Hey everyone – after a break in July to celebrate our 7th anniversary, we had a GSM this weekend with lots of interesting topics. Here’s what we discussed and decided. If you want to relive the experience (in which we argued about things from the parking lot of a Jim’s Storage), you can do so on Frumple’s channel here or MBS here.

Staff changes

First, as many of you know, administrator godzilltrain and moderator Just_robinho have both stepped down from the ranks of staff as of this GSM to pursue new career aspirations. Both of them have done great things for the community during their combined 3,023 days (that’s over 8 years) of service, and they will be missed dearly. Robin has assumed the rank of Governor for the city of Marblegate, caretaker responsibilities for which have been distributed among several folks. Godz has assumed the rank of Premier for the city of Segville, which is immune from involuntary transfers.

We do have some promotions to announce as well:

  • megascatterbomb has been promoted to the rank of Administrator, and has taken over management of the city rank promotion process from Godz. We are happy to award the title of City Ranks Coordinator to Mega in light of these responsibilities. We can neither confirm nor deny that a secret Administrative Staff Meeting may or may not have occurred at some point approximately around August 4, but Mega was promoted on the 4th (or 5th, depending on time zones).
  • Vickiposa has passed her trial moderator period and has been promoted to full Moderator.
  • Our newest trial moderator, as of the GSM, is Echohue.

Congratulations to all three! Mega and Echo will be learning their new roles and tools over the coming weeks, and we’re excited to see what new things they will bring to the community as a part of the staff team.

Changes in administration

Administrators held an ASM back in July, at which we announced some upcoming changes in server administration that will be rolled out gradually over the coming months.

  • At a future ASM, a Head Administrator will be appointed, who will have the authority to make decisions on Frumple’s behalf and will assist in general operations. Most admins are going through major transition phases in their real lives at the moment (think moving to a new city, starting a new job, etc), and we want to make sure everyone has a chance to settle down before committing to anything.
  • Frumple will retain veto authority on all decisions, will retain final sign-off on appointment of administrators, and will still be involved in major operational and financial decisions, but will be less involved in day-to-day management of the server and its community.
  • I (chiefbozx) will be expanding on the role of Staff Meetings Coordinator, and I will be coordinating more aspects of GSMs and ASMs, beginning at the September GSM.
  • We will be setting up a new server machine, codenamed Zeta, towards the end of the year. We are still considering some options on how to approach this upgrade, and will announce details once they are finalized.
  • Yoshi will be taking on additional responsibilities as Events Coordinator.
  • All admins will be equally responsible for handling emails, member applications, and file uploads, and all staff members will be responsible for handling staff emails and voting on Senator and Governor candidate cities.

As an aside, the operating costs of 2019 and 2018 have now been paid in full by the community. Thank you so much for your support!

Transport rule changes

We argued about these for a while.

The following rule changes will take effect immediately:

  • SEAPLANES: The availability of seaplane bases is being expanded. Specifically:
    • Seaplane bases no longer count against airspace allocations. This means seaplane bases can be built independently of the 7,500 block (Senator) or 50% (Governor) airspace allocation of your city.
    • Seaplane bases can be built on any of the 30 numbered lakes without staff permission. If you want to build a seaplane base on a different body of water, please submit a GSM proposal. Artificial lakes will be very difficult to get approved.
    • Seaplanes are only allowed to travel to other seaplane bases. No crossover is permitted between seaplanes and traditional airports, though hybrid airports serving both types of planes at separate gates are still allowed. (Thank you to everyone who pointed out that amphibious planes exist during the meeting.)
    • Seaplanes are now permitted at lower ranks – towns ranked as low as [Councillor] can now accept seaplanes in addition to helicopters.
    • Seaplanes are not restricted in size (please don’t abuse this or else we will invent a restriction later), but bases are restricted in the number of permitted gates. The limits are 1 gate at Councillor, 3 gates at Mayor, 5 gates at Senator, and 10 gates at Governor.
    • Decorative seaplanes are still permitted anywhere, as long as they don’t have warps and are clearly not for commercial service.
    • There are no rules prohibiting flights from one seaplane base on one side of a lake to a different seaplane base on the other side of the same lake, however these may be economically impractical.
    • Seaplanes are not permitted on the Old World.
  • BUSES: We are officially clarifying that buses are not required to be present at each stop along their route. This is common in local bus routes within a city and has been allowed unofficially for a while, but never formalized.
  • TRAMS: On the contrary, trams are treated like warp rail, and therefore are expected to have a vehicle at all stations they serve.

Additionally, we are phasing in a change in the number of destinations a single vehicle can serve. This will begin to be enforced after the September GSM, so companies have about 5 weeks to come into compliance. First, one quick definition:

  • Destination: A “destination” served by a transit vehicle is any single vehicle, stop, station, or other port of call that can be reached by taking a single sign warp from the originating vehicle.

The new rule that will take effect in September is as follows:

  • A single transit vehicle may allow players to travel to up to six (6) destinations through sign warps placed on its interior.
  • Exception: Bus stops which do not have buses present may allow players to travel to up to two (2) destinations through sign warps placed at the bus stop. Bus stops must have a reasonable distance between them.

Some examples of how this rule is applied are as follows:

  • A single bus stop can have up to two destinations. If a bus is present, this limit is increased to six (6) destinations, and the signs need to move to be inside the bus.
  • A single aircraft parked at an airport gate can have up to six destinations. Different sections of the plane may have independent warps to the same destination without counting further against this limit (for example, a business class section can have warps to the business class section in the destination plane while separate warps are set up for the economy section; as long as these two warps go to the same destination plane, they only count as one destination).
  • If a single aircraft is parked at an airport gate with warps to planes at two different gates at the same destination airport, that aircraft is using two destinations.
  • Placing a warp sign in each car of a train only counts as one destination if they all go to the same train at the same station.
  • Warp signs are not allowed on the outside of vehicles. Vehicles which cannot be entered by players cannot be used for transit service.
  • Chains of warps that bring players sequentially from one station to the next along a route are allowed, as the destination of each vehicle is the next station along the line.

If you have questions, please ask – we are happy to help you evaluate your network and get it into compliance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Discord changes

  • We’ve made some changes to the Discord #staff-emergency channel. It’s gone, and it has been replaced by #requests-to-staff, which you can use for asking us about things that don’t require in-game assistance (such as your Trustee endorsements or getting a password). You can ping @Staff if it’s an emergency (like if no staff are in game but someone is causing damage to the server). Don’t use this channel to ask for WorldEdits, dynmap renders, or block checks; please wait to ask for those until you and staff are in game. Do not ping @Staff in this channel if it’s not an emergency. Staff will ping admins in the staff channels if admins are specifically required.
  • The #mature channel has been renamed to #serious, and the associated role has been removed. The channel is still marked as NSFW/18+ due to Discord’s Terms of Service, so please be mindful of this. Abuse of this channel could result in warnings or a kick from Discord.
  • The #notifications channel can be used for all town promotions, but will not be used for offline payment confirmations or MRT station renames.
  • Players will be asked to use their full or abbreviated Minecraft name in the main Discord. You’re free to use fancy text and add all sorts of shenanigans on your username in other servers, but please keep yourself easily identifiable on the main one.

Roads and Rails

  • No MRT lines or extensions this time around.
  • We considered a rule change that would allow underground rail lines to have an unlimited length between stations, but we decided against it.
  • The B75 from A54 to Drayton, proposed by Thermacon, has been approved and re-numbered B38.
  • hvt2011 has been granted permission to build a BluRail track under Curracha.
  • MIKE24DUDE has been granted permission to build a Network South Central line under inactive towns on the way to Rochshire. A different extension in the vicinity of Evella is on hold for now.
  • CodyHM has been granted permission to build the Southwald Line (not to be confused with Southwold, the MPO of Schillerton, Whiteley, Venceslo, and Zerez). We are encouraging Cody to connect to an existing Fred Rail corridor in the area.
  • dragonbloon419 has been granted permission to build a PMWC line under the city of Snowtopic.
  • The A245 from A30 to B246, proposed by AlphaDS, has been denied. We’d rather not see a huge tunnel under that bay as there is plenty of space nearby for an over-land route.
  • For similar reasons, the A75 from New Bakersville to Heaven City, proposed by Fiork777, has been denied.
  • The A746 Phase 2 from Janghwa to Birdhall, proposed by Lithium, has been approved on the condition that the road is underground in the mesa biome.
  • A rail line from Endor (JS12) to Kanto, proposed by _Lego_, has been approved.
  • The B56 “MeTromso Link” from Fort Yaxier to MeTromso, proposed by honzagame, has been approved. Please double check that this number is not in use elsewhere, as some records are suggesting that the number B56 is already in use near Venceslo, but these haven’t been verified.
  • A road from Lakestdale to Mojang Town, proposed by SuperSamuel25, has been denied as we believe there are better routing options.

Projects and events

  • _O_OM3GA_O_ has received reduced funding for The Great Token Chase.
  • MinecraftYoshi26 has received full funding for an upcoming building-themed game show.
  • We reviewed a request for Carnoustie to be exempt from the named lakes rule and build a seaplane base on a local lake. We determined that the lake was too small to fully support seaplanes, and so have denied permission.

Next GSMs

The next four GSMs will be at 7pm UTC on the following dates:

  • Saturday, September 14
  • Sunday, October 13
  • Saturday, November 9
  • Sunday, December 8

Please note that the November and December dates may be subject to change depending on staff travel schedules, especially as coordination responsibilities begin to shift over to the admins.

I almost certainly forgot something, so please yell at me in Discord when you figure out what it is I forgot. See you around!

<3, Chief

uCars is back on beta (and other announcements)

Hey everyone,

We are pleased to announce that uCars has been updated to support Minecraft 1.13, and we have installed the update on the beta server! While we hope this will be a quick update to bring it back to main, we want to be confident that there aren’t any big performance hits, so we’ve installed it on the beta server. If you’re able to test it out there, please do, and let us know if you have any feedback or bug reports.

The list of drivable blocks is as follows:

  • Yellow, white, black, light gray, and dark gray wool, terracotta, concrete, and concrete powder
  • Smooth stone (43:8), quartz, cobblestone, nether bricks, andesite, and polished andesite, in both full and slab forms
  • Coal blocks
  • Glowstone
  • Quartz pillars
  • Gravel (at half speed)

Fuel prices and speed modification blocks are the same as before: $0.25 per liter of fuel, and gold and diamond blocks under a road surface give your cart a speed boost.

Other smaller announcements

  • There was an Administrative Staff Meeting (ASM) at which we made some decisions to prepare for upcoming staff transitions. We’ll reveal more details about these decisions when the time comes, but we will announce now that I (Chief) will be leading the September GSM instead of Frumple.
  • Our next GSM is Sunday, August 11 at 7:00 pm UTC, with topics due by 7:00 pm UTC Friday, August 9. We are actively seeking moderator nominations at this meeting, so if you know of someone who you think would make a good fit, please send the staff an email. Note that you can’t nominate yourself. Candidates must be nominated by at least two players in order to be considered, but we’ll keep track of that for you.
  • We are monitoring the stability and operating logistics of Minecraft 1.14 and hope to update the beta server for testing shortly. We will make an announcement in Discord once we have an update timeline in place.
  • No moderators are currently at risk of demotion for inactivity, however there are a few staff members who have missed a higher than usual number of CRPB votes.

That’s all for now, thanks all!

<3, Chief

June 2019 GSM Results

Hi everyone! Apologies for the lengthy delay in this propaganda GSM results post – I personally have had a lot of IRL things thrown at me in the last couple of weeks, but I’m happy to finally report that on June 9, 2019, we had a General Staff Meeting. The public portion of the meeting, which included most of the topic discussions, is available here.

Rules page finally updated (and 2K rule change)

The Rules page of the website has finally been updated to account for the new rules that we approved way back in the spring. It’s a super fancy page now. Just click the header of the appropriate section to expand that section’s rules. Please let us know if you have any questions, or if there are any rules that didn’t transfer over.

At the GSM we adjusted the railway block limit from 2,000 to 4,000 blocks. Railway companies no longer need to email staff for permission to build rail lines that have 2,001-4,000 blocks between stations.

Changes to city rank promotion procedures

We approved two changes to the procedures for promoting cities to the Senator, Governor, and Premier ranks.

First, the threshold of approval required for Premier cities to be promoted has been lowered from 85% to 80%. We want to allow some dissenting opinions, while still ensuring that candidates have widespread support.

Second, we are instituting a cooldown period for cities that repeatedly fail to be promoted. Candidates who attempt a promotion to a city rank will need to wait for an additional period of time above the usual waiting period between attempts, beginning with their fourth attempt.

  • Candidates for Senator and Governor who are subject to cooldown must wait 28 days from receiving feedback before they can re-apply (as opposed to 14 days).
  • Candidates for Premier who are subject to cooldown may not re-apply at the next GSM following receipt of feedback.

These cooldowns are now enforced for new candidates; existing candidates who were in the voting process at the time of the GSM were allowed to continue as normal. Once a promotion is successful, cities are no longer subjected to cooldown.

New Premier cities

Having approved these changes to the city rank promotions procedure, we approved two Premier cities: Espil (by EspiDev) and Kolpino City (by MishkaMan)! Their acceptance speeches are as follows:

I would just like to thank the entire MRT community for creating this amazing and friendly environment! Without it, I don’t think I would have had the motivation to build Espil. This, however, is not the end of the story for Espil, as I will still keep on building 😉


This is honestly the best gaming community I’ve ever been a part of. I remember I joined in 2013 as user “pppppppppoooooop” and was rejected a few times, then gave up (for reference, I did not make this username, it was procedurally generated by Mojang when I made the account and didn’t type in a username by accident, so I was stuck with it until Mojang added a username change feature). Fortunately, I tried again in 2015 and was accepted. Building Kolpino City has been such an accomplishing and enjoyable experience for me, and I really appreciate everyone who helped me out. I am very grateful to Frumple and the staff for spending their time, money, and effort to managing and upholding the community to high standards as well as supporting the players with the many tools they implement and update. Thank you.


Space World has returned

After much enthusiastic debate, we have re-enabled the Space World. Please note that we will be monitoring usage, and if we start running low on available disk space, the Space World may be removed again in the future (especially if its usage remains low).

New #mature Discord channel

We have added a new #mature Discord channel, which relaxes, though does not waive, General Rule #9 (“Do not make sexually explicit comments in public chat and voice channels”). This channel allows explicit content in context, but extreme content is still banned. Per Discord’s Terms of Service, this channel is marked as NSFW, and is opt-in for members age 18 and over. To request access to the channel, please post in #request-access-to-mature and staff will process your permissions as quickly as possible.

Additional community issues

  • We will consider making some changes to Central Park to improve accessibility and wayfinding.
  • We will not make any changes to seaplanes: by design, they are required to take off and land on water, and therefore are not compatible with traditional airports or airfields.
  • We considered a proposal to change how local and project channels are displayed in game, but decided against this.
  • Members are permitted to request shortened nicknames in Discord, provided there are no conflicts. For example, MinecraftYoshi26’s Discord username is shortened to “Yoshi”. Please ask a member of staff if you would like your Discord nickname changed.
  • We have enabled the /mv spawn command on all worlds for all players. You can use this to teleport back to the spawn point of the world you’re currently in.

MRT Line Extensions

  • sesese9 will be extending the Desert Line west from H28, terminating in Graycloud.
  • _HeavenAngel_ will be performing a short extension to the Savannah Line, bringing it to a junction with the Southern Line.

As always, please don’t build along or claim any stations along the new lines until they are officially opened. We’ll post instructions on how to request stations once the lines are finished.

Roads and Other Rails

  • IntraRail has been granted permission to serve MRT Land.
  • SEAT has been approved to serve some towns in the vicinity of Larkspur, pending a small reroute.
  • The B246 and B355W, proposed by FooteChicken and friends, have both been approved. (FooteChicken, please don’t use letter suffixes in road numbers in the future.)

Projects and events

With the anniversary on the horizon, we’ve reviewed several event funding proposals. Approved events and projects will start at a variety of dates, some to be announced in the near future, so keep an eye out for announcements by the respective organizers.

  • Anniversary Meme Awards, proposed by chiefbozx: Approved
  • MLS Shovelers’ Cup, proposed by Skelezomperman: Approved
  • The Amazing Race 10, proposed by MinecraftYoshi26: Approved
  • Big Brother 4, proposed by MinecraftYoshi26: Approved
  • MRTvision Screenshot Contest 4, proposed by MinecraftYoshi26: Approved
  • MGA Golf Events, proposed by London150: Approved
  • The Amazing Glitch, proposed by CodyHM: Approved, provided that organizers do not participate.
  • Jupiter Motors Rolling Stock Building Competition, proposed by CodyHM: Denied, as we believe there is significant incentive for Cody and other organizers to profit unfairly from this event.
  • Zoo Community Build, proposed by BernCow: Denied.

Inactive Asset Transfers

  • MikeRoma’s assets have been transferred as follows:
    • Mike’s Fresh Produce: autobus22
    • Royal Cars: woorich999
    • Melon Shop: supykun
    • iMorgan: MIKE24DUDE
  • The random fort near Larkspur has been transferred to Vickiposa.
  • The town of Genesis has been transferred to FredTheTimeLord.
  • walehellothere requested ownership of AEville, but this was rejected.
  • The Central City Performance Center, along with all other builds on that block, has been transferred to daltdisneyland.
  • D9 Station has been transferred to Pueffe, pending an OK from Missa_Solemnis.

That’s all for now, thanks everyone!

<3, Chief

Dynmap render finished; June GSM reminder

Hey everyone! Our semi-annual New World dynmap render has concluded, and the entire world now has updated visuals. You can check it out on the Dynmap site, including the night mode and the new 3D rendering angles. Please do check them out and let us know if you have any feedback.

With the completion of the rendering process comes the reinstatement of WorldEdits and local renders. When asking for local renders, please keep the radius at 400 blocks or less, and ask for smaller renders when you can. Local renders will take twice as long as they used to because we now have to render four maps at once.

Finally, the June 2019 GSM will occur on Sunday, June 9 at 7pm UTC. All topics need to be submitted to the staff inbox by 7pm UTC on Friday, June 7 in order to be considered. You will receive an automatic response when your message has been received. The next GSM after this one won’t be until August 11, so if you are planning any events that require funding between now and then – including for the anniversary – please submit your proposals by June 7.

Best of luck to those of you finishing up end-of-academic-year exams and projects, and we hope to see you around!

<3, Chief