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December 2020 GSM Results

The final staff meeting of the year is now behind us, so let’s take a look at what happened. New Moderator and updates to the voting procedures At the end of the last GSM we made some tweaks to the voting procedures for new moderator candidates. Specifically, a candidate will […]

November 2020 ISM Results

Winter is coming! (…Well, for those in the Northern Hemisphere. And it honestly feels like it’s been winter for about 15 years at this point. And good lord why does it get dark so early?) As another month has come to a close, let’s round up what we discussed at […]

October 2020 ISM Results

We did it! We successfully speedran a staff meeting – today’s ISM was open and closed in 1 minute, 4 seconds! In that time we approved: An inactive town bypass for Fred Rail at the town of Toshi Town. An extension to the B287 between Malosa and Turtle City. An […]

Community & Staff Updates October 2020

Important update: We reviewed additional evidence about these events at the GSM on October 11, and at that meeting we retracted _Kastle’s double warning and associated charges, which were incorrectly issued as a result of allegations of doxxing against _Kastle. The complete sum of evidence we reviewed has since been […]

September 2020 ISM Results

The September 2020 ISM has come and gone, and here’s what happened! A TuxCart tournament, organized by underscorepie, has been funded in full. This is the first entirely non-Minecraft event we’ve approved funding for, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it goes. The town of Chestwick (A18) has been […]