February 2019 GSM Results

Hey all! Last week we started talking about some upcoming changes to the rules, and this week we finished that conversation while also reviewing the other projects you all want to get done. The public portion recording is now available here. Here are the results from the February 2019 GSM.

Rules Revamp document released

It’s been a long time coming! Today we released our proposal of the new rules page, which we will vote on at the March GSM and hope to have in effect then. We’ve attempted to write this manifest of rules to help clarify our expectations, provide examples, and overall reduce ambiguity in the rules. To be clear, the new rules are not in effect yet, and there are still some topics we will be updating or adding information to. You can read the new proposal here:

Some of the highlights of the proposed rules are:

  • See last week’s post for the rules regarding airfields, seaplanes, and helicopters – all of these have been carried forward.
  • Rail lines need to have stations 2,000 blocks or closer together (measuring from closest ends of platforms using “local” trains). Staff can waive this requirement via email.
  • MRT stations are staff property, but you can make some changes without needing to contact us. If your town is below the Mayor rank you can change the entrances, and once it reaches Mayor you can make cosmetic improvements elsewhere in the station. Any modifications to MRT tracks need to be run by staff first.
  • We are renaming “Asset Auctions” to “Asset Transfers” and have clarified the rules surrounding this process.
  • We are removing the $10,000 funding limit for large events. Events requesting funding still need to keep requests in line with their size and scope, but we will now accept larger requests. Events requesting review at the March 2019 GSM will still be subject to the limit.

We’ve posted this document publicly to get your feedback before we vote to adopt these rules at the next GSM, which will occur on March 9, 2019. As you read through the rules proposal please send questions, concerns, or other feedback to the staff via email.

Smaller community issues

  • The lake near Sunshine Coast has been officially named Lake Thanos and numbered Lake 30.
  • The staff have approved a new titled position, and as of now I (chiefbozx) am Administrator and Staff Meetings Coordinator.
  • While not an official title, we designated Tom_Pairs the “Minester of Forin Afers” at some point during the meeting.
  • We also had to send in the Spawn City Fire Brigade to extinguish some fires in Spawn Station on the old world.

1.13 update

We’re continuing to monitor the Minecraft 1.13 update and its breaking changes, and we’ve been using the beta server to test some plugins and verify compatibility. As of now the beta server is still whitelisted to staff only, but we are making progress.

Right now we are waiting on Multiverse and CoreProtect to become 1.13 compatible before we begin public testing. Additionally, there will be migration issues with EasyElevator and PVPArena:

  • EasyElevator (EElevator) has been deprecated for a while and it’s honestly still amazing that it even works on 1.12. The 1.13 update breaks it entirely and we will not be carrying it forward. Buildings using elevators will need to replace them with Lifts.
  • The PVPArena plugin has been causing issues and we suspect isn’t compatible with 1.13. We’re looking for alternatives, but for now don’t expect all of the PVP arenas to migrate in a fully-functioning state.

We’ll let you know of the update progress if we’re able to make any headway. For now, note that there is a moratorium on new plugin suggestions until the 1.13 update is installed and stabilized on the main server.

New Premiers

We reviewed six candidates for Premier and approved two: congratulations to Cact0 of Sunshine Coast, and Earack of Lanark! Cact0’s acceptance speech was as follows:

Thanks to everyone who’s built Sunshine Coast. It’s been great being with this community for the short time I’ve been here over the last months I’ve worked on the city, and I think it’s really paid off. Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way.

Cact0, Mayor of Sunshine Coast

It has been a great three years on the server. I never would have expected that I would reach the top rank (other than staff) back when I joined in late 2015. This is a great community full of very nice people and incredible cities, and I am glad to have been a part of it!

Earack, Mayor of Lanark

Roads, Projects, and Transfers, Oh My!

Premier city reviews and the conclusion of the Rules Revamp discussion took most of the meeting, so the rest were relatively quick. Here’s what happened!

  • The A246, proposed by FooteChicken to run from Farwater to Bawktown, has been approved.
  • The A12, proposed by Frosty_Creeper10 and frogggggg to run from Takasaki to Titsensaki, has been approved.
  • The A6 (originally the A746), proposed by LithiumMirnuriX to run from Janghwa to Birdhall, has been denied. We still have concerns over Lithium’s road quality and don’t want the mesa biome getting cut in half.
  • The B355, proposed by Majatho3 and imperial_block to run from Jungleville to Midjungle, has been approved under supervision: due to the sensitive terrain in the jungle biome we don’t want the road to be built in a way that creates massive land scars. Some staff will be on hand to supervise the construction as it progresses.
  • IsoMclaren proposed the B408-P, however this was denied as we need more information on the interchange with the A8 (specifically what kind of interchange will be used). Additionally, the road needs to be re-numbered in a way that starts with “8” and does not end in a letter. IsoMclaren can receive approval via email once these two issues are addressed.
  • hvt2011 proposed three service expansions to BluRail. We approved the expansion through Dabecco, but denied expansions to Xiiona (as there is currently no need to have service there or tracks beyond) and Birchwood (as there are alternative routings that can put tracks in other locations in the area).
  • KittyCat11231 proposed several expansions to IntraRail, and we approved all of the expansions and track permits that required staff attention, including a station at MRT Marina. We also applaud Kitty for sending an elaborate and clear proposal that was very easy for us to make a decision on.
  • The towns at C31 have been transferred to Hightech_TR.
  • The town of Voltsphere (A19/T24) has been transferred to ModernArt.
  • There’s a weird structure southwest of Thunderbird that tell276 supposedly owns. We have no idea what it is, but it’s decorminecraft’s problem now.

That’s all for now, we’ll see you in March!

Administrator and Staff Meetings Coordinator / Minister of Propaganda

Rules Revamp Meeting Announcements

Hi all,

It’s been a long time coming! We spent four hours arguing about how airports are supposed to work and discussing other rules changes, and we are one step closer to implementing them and overhauling the Rules page.

Note that these rule changes are not in effect yet. We are planning to vote on them at the March GSM on March 9.

There are some changes we did decide on at the meeting, however, so let’s go through them in detail.

Plagiarism and usage of others’ buildings in your towns

Multiplayer Minecraft is collaborative by design, and we know a lot of you like to use buildings found elsewhere either as inspiration for your own creations, or putting a copy of them in your own town directly. We’ll be updating the General Rules to require towns to be proactive in declaring which builds are original and which ones are not in addition to the existing requirements of giving credit and only adding buildings that you have permission to use.

When the new rules are enacted, the rule will read as follows:

Give credit where credit is due. Buildings copied from another source, either on or off the MRT, must be given willingly by the original builder, or used with the builder’s permission. Such buildings also need to be attributed back to their owners by a sign on the exterior of the build. Town mayors are responsible for declaring the origin of buildings at the time of import, town review, or upon request by staff. Failure to do so may result in warnings if discovered by staff afterward. Town mayors are recommended to keep a record of where buildings came from in their town. Buildings copied from other sources will not be counted for the purpose of evaluating towns for promotion. Franchises owned by MRT members are exempt from declaration requirements, however permission from the franchise owner is still required.

We would prefer players to err on the side of caution and give credit anytime you import a building from somewhere else or take inspiration from someone else’s work. After all, we know you would want credit if it happened to you!

Some air transport restrictions are being eased

Did someone say gaaaaaaaaates??????

hvt2011, probably

When the new rules take effect we will be allowing additional towns access to air travel through helicopters, and defining specific regulations for the construction of seaplane bases.

Under the new regulations:

  • Councillor ranked towns may have one functioning helicopter service point (“helipad”). That is, Councillor ranked towns are permitted to have one helicopter which contains warps to somewhere else.
  • Mayor ranked towns may have two functioning helicopters (one more than Councillor ranked towns). Mayors can choose to run a helicopter line between two points in their town, to have service to other towns, or some combination of the two.
  • Cities ranked Senator and above don’t have a hard cap on the number of functioning helipads, however any helipads above the free two must be included in an airfield or airport.
  • Towns of any rank may have an unlimited number of non-functioning or decorative helipads, which can even include helicopters on them (so long as they don’t have warps). Helicopters can even be built flying in the air without restriction. However, decorative helipads need to be isolated from other helipads, as groups of helipads together can be considered a heliport and therefore are restricted to the Senator rank or above.
  • A reminder that helicopter service is still subjected to the gate safety regulation passed at the January GSM. While helicopters don’t have a runway, they need to be touching down on their helipad in order to have warps and provide service.
  • Just like airplanes there are no restrictions on the number of warps that a single helicopter can service.
  • Cities ranked Senator and above that share a coast with one of the 29 numbered lakes from the November 2017 GSM will be permitted to build seaplane bases as air facilities. Terminal buildings and piers used to carry passengers between the terminals and seaplanes will count towards a city’s air facility limits, however the water between piers will not count. Seaplane bases will need to ensure that planes have a clear runway, and of course passengers can’t be expected to swim to or from planes.
  • Cities not on one of the numbered lakes will need GSM approval to build a seaplane base.
  • Seaplanes can’t land on terrestrial runways, and regular planes can’t land at seaplane bases. Passengers can transfer between these on the ground.

We also discussed the trend of building underground terminals at airfields. While staff have varying opinions on the matter, we are aware of the concerns of realism and the economics of airfields wanting to maximize gates. We would encourage airfield owners to try to design their facility with realism in mind, however we are permitting underground facilities as they do provide a useful benefit. Underground facilities are still subjected to size restrictions and can’t bulge out from under the buildings on the surface (though note that landside roads don’t count).

Smaller rule changes

  • The 500 block rule (which states that if you’re building within 500 blocks of another town, you need to be in contact but they can’t outright deny your ability to build) will only apply to towns with an active mayor. The 300 block permission threshold still applies to all towns.
  • We will be rewording Most Important Rule #4 to read “Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.”
  • Lots of rules will have definitions and examples provided to help remove ambiguity.

We will be publishing the full proposed manifest following the GSM and will be accepting comments on all rules once that is published. Other GSM topics will need to be submitted by 7pm UTC on Friday, February 8.

Thanks all!

<3, Chief

January 2019 GSM Results

Hey everyone, happy new year! We were happy to have great attendance at the January 2019 GSM, and we have some announcements we’d like to share. Apologies for the delay in getting these announcements posted. The video stream from the staff meeting is available on YouTube here.

Some expectations around airports are changing

We spent a good amount of time discussing a proposal to add expectations of realism to airports and airfields, similar to how these expectations are in force for other transportation types. While we haven’t come to a consensus on the extent these expectations should cover, we did agree on one new restriction that airports need to comply with as soon as possible:

Runways must be free of gates and active warps.

“Gates” are any area where aircraft park to allow for the loading and unloading of passengers and cargo. Gates can be attached directly to the terminal, or they can be a remote stand elsewhere on the apron. Under no circumstances should passengers board an aircraft on a runway.

We will be discussing additional expectations in coming GSMs and will be in communication with airport owners if there are obvious items that should be addressed. Old World airports will be exempt from further realism improvements, as bringing them up to standards would not fall under “minor changes” as we defined a few months ago, and the Old World is so much of a mess that we’d rather not try to start applying standards to it.

Changes to Discord announcements and pings

We’ve heard from members that there are times when there are too many announcements in the #announcements Discord channel with an @everyone ping attached to them. To help alleviate the number of times you need to clear your Discord notifications, staff are being asked to limit the use of @everyone to announcements that affect all members, and are time-sensitive. Staff are also being asked to consolidate announcements to a single post wherever possible. Additionally, with the exception of GSMs and other official server business, all announcements of streams and staff-run events will be moved to the #events channel.

We are also aware that some players keep #announcements muted due to the frequency of announcements. While muting #announcements is your own choice, know that we strongly discourage doing so. Players are expected to read #announcements, so if you have the channel muted, you’re responsible for checking it manually every so often to ensure you’re up to date. “I didn’t see the announcement because I have #announcements muted” is not an acceptable excuse to ask staff questions that are addressed in recent announcements.

Finally, we are expanding the availability of @everyone mentions to include more server-wide events. While non-staff won’t be able to actually make the ping directly in the message, staff will be happy to add the mention to let everyone know. Events wishing to use @everyone pings must be on the events calendar and announcements must meet the same criteria as those made by staff (affecting everyone and time-sensitive). Generally we will alert everyone for large events upon availability of signups, and shortly before the event begins. If you’re organizing an event, be sure to use all of the available promotion channels to ensure that your event is a success.

Additional community issues

  • Starcubed proposed adjusting the requirements to building an airport. This proposal was denied as it created additional workload and could result in too much of the world being taken up by airports.
  • godzilltrain proposed adding convenience methods to bed spawns. This proposal was approved for Members and above. Members can now right-click a bed to set their bed spawn, and teleport to it at any time, free of charge, with the command /home (or /home bed, for players with multiple homes).
  • We did not consider any moderator nominations, though we did announce that AstroSlurp was the official sponsor of drinks for the January 2019 GSM.


  • We discussed a possible extension to the A8, and an extension of the B820. These projects were denied as the A8 extension was not formally proposed, and the B820 was contingent upon the approval of the A8 extension.
  • _Mossie proposed extending the A2 northwards past Verdantium and up to Secunda, along with the A269, a spur that will serve portions of Secunda as development progresses in the area. As long as the bridge going over the bay is of sufficient height, these roads are approved.
  • Wutev proposed building the B57 between Palestropol and Southport. This road was approved, however the number B57 is already in use (for a road going between New Oakley and Segville), so Wutev will need to use a different road number.
  • time2makemymove proposed upgrading Venceslo Parkway’s designation to a B-road with the number B59, and extended to Urbisan where it will interchange with the A5. The extension has been approved on the condition that MaxStewartS claims ownership of Urbisan (as he is the Deputy Mayor), while the renaming of the road and usage of B59 has been approved.
  • Majatho3 and imperial_block proposed the B355 to run parallel to the Jungle South Line between JS2 and JS4. This has been denied due to the extensive terraforming activity that would be required in the jungle biome and the uncertainty that staff have around past build quality from these players.
  • GrumpyGoomba9 proposed the B229, running from Peaslake to Jaikrunda via New Bakersville. This road has been approved.
  • CodyHM proposed the B139 from Seoland to Quiris. This has been conditionally approved depending on the southern interchange and location of the A1, as these roads do run parallel for a significant distance.

Projects and funding proposals

  • KittyCat11231 proposed building an IntraRail line between Waterville and Larkspur, passing under Armada, Lancaster, and Cicero. This has been conditionally approved depending on the status of Lancaster.
  • Frosty_Creeper10 and frogggggg proposed the Winter Games event (which is different from the Winter Olympics) and a total grant of $3,825. This has been funded in full.

Property auctions

  • XW21 has been transferred to Cynra.
  • BernCow requested ZS23 and ZS24, however these were denied as he needs to build closer to them to claim them.
  • Similarly, Wutev requested V15, however this was denied as he also needs to build closer to them to claim them.
  • Aldranster50 requested V23, however this was denied as cookiesareedible has a town at the station (coming over from V24).

New MRT lines!

At the GSM we opened the Island and Valley Line Extensions (ILX/VLX), running from Fort Yaxier and SummerVille to the southern border. We awarded V41 to CaptainObi and V43 to Majatho3, and all other stations on the lines are available on a first-come, first-served basis. As always, please remember the following when claiming new MRT stations:

  • Once you claim a station, you have two weeks to add significant development to it (usually a couple buildings is fine), otherwise your claim can be invalidated.
  • You need the permission of anyone within 300 blocks of new developments, and you need to be in communication with anyone within 500 blocks.

The Savannah Line is still in the works and we hope to open it in the next few months, and sesese9 will start work on another Zephyr Line South extension (ZSX2) which will run from Zaquar to the southern border. Please note that claiming stations along new lines is prohibited until the lines officially open at a GSM.

Upcoming meetings & events

Staff will be having a rules revamp discussion on Sunday, February 3, 2019 at 7pm UTC, and there will be a press conference afterwards.

Our next GSM will then be a week later, on Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 7pm UTC; topics need to be on the agenda by 7pm UTC on February 8.

With regards to member-hosted events: the second sessions of the Winter Games and Game X: The Portals of Hell will occur on January 26, and the Mini-Golf Building Competition is in full swing and course building is open through January 31.

Thanks all!

December 2018 GSM Results

Hey everyone! We have wrapped up the final GSM of the year and we have some results to announce! As always, you can watch the public portion here.

Security updates regarding VPNs

We will be making some adjustments to the configuration of our Virtual Private Network (VPN) detection software. For security reasons we won’t be disclosing the exact configuration changes, but we will announce that as a result of these changes, some additional players and ranks may be subjected to VPN identification checks.

This does mean that some players may be unintentionally flagged and receive a ban as a result. We hope that these instances are rare, but you should know that they may happen. Members who are caught up in a VPN-related ban by accident can email the admins, and we can investigate your situation.

Changes to city rank promotions

We will be adjusting promotions to Senator and Governor by assigning staff members to each candidate city. Each assigned staff member will need to either vote on the city or appoint a substitute to vote on their behalf. We hope that, by doing this, we will increase the diversity of votes present in Senator and Governor votes. Staff members who will be away for a period of time can request a temporary exemption from voting.

This will take effect at some point in the next week or so once we make changes behind the scenes.

Four future GSM dates decided

For the first four months of 2019, we will be holding GSMs on the second weekend of the month (alternating between Saturday and Sunday), starting at 7:00 pm UTC. This means that the next four GSM dates are as follows (we’ll remind you of each as they approach):

  • Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 7:00 pm UTC
  • Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 7:00 pm UTC
  • Saturday, March 9, 2019 at 7:00 pm UTC
  • Sunday, April 14, 2019 at 7:00 pm UTC

As always, topic submissions must be submitted 48 hours before the meeting begins.

Rules revamp postponed until January 2019

We’ll be holding a Special GSM in early 2019 to discuss the upcoming rules revamp. A few of us have been a little busy with real-life obligations to work on it. Sorry!

Smaller decisions and announcements

  • megascatterbomb will be working with MojangChan and others in the Hempstead-Deadbush area to connect the Mesa Line up through Hempstead. Details will be forthcoming, though note that Hempstead’s station will likely be re-numbered.
  • godzilltrain proposed using a numerical voting scale to vote for Premier cities, similar to how Senator and Governor cities are voted on. This was voted down as the existing system tends to work well enough for now.


  • A proposal by woorich999 to extend the B10 to Bay Point has been approved.
  • A proposal by FooteChicken to build an A-road between Farwater and JN0 has been denied. FooteChicken needs to get permission from SuperTig, whose town is along the route. Once that is done and the route is settled, FooteChicken can resubmit at the next available GSM.
  • A proposal by Conric005 to build the B83 from the A8 to Rosemary and Birchwood has been conditionally approved. London150 is the Deputy Mayor of Rosemary, and in order to officially grant permission he’ll need to email staff and take over ownership of the town.

Projects and miscellaneous proposals

  • A mini-golf course building competition, organized by godzilltrain, has been approved with adjusted prizes. Look for an announcement from godzilltrain to learn how to participate!
  • The MRT Winter Olympics, organized by airplane320, have been approved in full.

Property auctions

  • Four Seasons Railways has been transferred to woorich999.
  • A mystery road? Race track? We’re not sure what it is, but it’s next to Johngi’s town, so Johngi gets it.
  • The town of Iconia (or Itomori) at C62 has been transferred to time2makemymove.
  • The stations ZS23 and ZS24 were requested by BernCow, but were not transferred. BernCow has previously acquired T37 in auction and has only leveled the station without making any development. He will need to do something useful with the station and request ZS23 and ZS24 at the next available GSM.

Newest Premier City – Deadbush

MojangChan’s city of Deadbush was promoted to Premier! MojangChan’s acceptance speech was as follows:

Heya this is MojangChan, I’ll just make this speech brief. So I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all those who have supported me along the way. Deadbush has come a long way, from a little hamlet in the middle of nowhere, to a vast arid metropolis, and I’m happy that it did become what it is today, so again, maraming maraming salamat po sa lahat ninyo, and God bless you all. Alright, I’m off, KACHOW!!!!!

We also reviewed Earack’s city of Lanark for Premier, but did not promote it.

Moderator Changes

We are making a couple of changes to the moderator team.

First, due to inactivity and being extremely busy with work, thomasfyfe will be stepping down from the moderator position. I would like to thank thomasfyfe for his many important contributions to the server over these years and wish him the best.

Second, _Mossie will joining us as our newest trial moderator! Congratulations to _Mossie!

The end!

See you around, folks!

<3, Chief

November 2018 GSM & Fall ASM Results

Hello everyone! Here’s the results of the November 2018 GSM and the ASM that preceded it. As always, you can watch the public portion of the meeting here.

No changes to reflection letter policy

At the ASM we discussed the reflection letter policy and how it has been working out so far. We decided to keep the system as it is for the time being. This means that any player who has been demoted to the Member rank due to warnings (either one double warning or two single warnings) will need to send a reflection statement to the admins (not all staff), in addition to waiting the required time, before re-promotion can be considered.

You can find a set of guidelines for reflection letters on the Rules page (under “Warning and Ban Policy”). Please ask an admin if you have any questions.

New World Dynmap render November 5-7

We will begin our Fall 2018 dynmap render of the New World just after 5:00 a.m. UTC on Monday, November 5. The render is expected to last about two to three days due to the size of the New World. During this time, expect significantly more lag than usual, and note that WorldEdit requests are not allowed until the render finishes. We will also be temporarily suspending renders of other worlds while the New World is rendered.

Recent sexist and disrespectful comments towards women

We’d like to take a moment to remind you of Most Important Rule One: “Be kind and respectful to other players.”

Over the last couple of weeks we have observed a few instances where members have made comments that are sexist or otherwise disrespectful towards women. These are not tolerated on the MRT.

We are proud of the fact that community members have called out disrespectful comments in the past, and we encourage you to continue to do so. If you’re uncomfortable calling out something you see in conversation, you can also report the incident to a staff member. We want to create an open and inclusive community, and racist, sexist, or otherwise disrespectful comments are the exact opposite.

We recognize that a lot of players are on the autism spectrum and can have difficulty interacting with others, and we know a lot of you like to use the MRT as a source of entertainment (after all, that is Most Important Rule Four). These are not excuses for any kind of racist, sexist, or other disrespectful comments. Regardless of your intention or circumstances, these kinds of comments can and do often have a negative effect on others. You’re responsible for the impact of your actions, so please consider how others will interpret something you’re saying before you say it.

Upcoming rules revamp

We are in the process of reviewing the rules and combining the Rules page and multitude of GSM announcements into one single manifest of rules and special cases. We discussed some of it at the GSM, and while most changes won’t go into effect for at least another month (and likely not until 2019), there is one change we are making now.

  • Governor-ranked cities wishing to build an airport must include existing airfields in their proposed airport land allocation. Under the old rules, airfields built at the Senator rank were not counted as a part of airport land allocation, meaning a city 100,000 blocks in size could have a 50,000-block airport in addition to a 7,500-block airfield. Under the new rules, the 100,000-block city with a 7,500-block airfield can now only build an airport that is 42,500 blocks or smaller.

Existing cities with airports built before November 3 are grandfathered in and do not need to be modified, however cities will need to be within the limits in order to expand an airport.

Old World: Minor edits to your stuff only

There has been some interest in construction on the Old World, so we’d like to remind you of the Old World construction policy. You are permitted to make changes to assets on the Old World if you meet BOTH of the following requirements:

  • You are the owner of the asset being modified (or have received permission from the asset owner), AND
  • Your changes are minor in nature.

As a reminder, Old World towns and buildings are not eligible for auctions.

We’ll be giving a more precise definition of “minor changes” in the upcoming rules update; for now the determination of whether something is “minor” or not is up to staff. Generally we will classify changes as “minor” if they can’t be quickly discerned by looking at the build in question, or are done for routine maintenance purposes. “Minor” changes include, but are not limited to updating signage, rearranging furniture, updating branding, or changing the tenant of a gate or check-in desk. Airports are explicitly allowed to reassign gates, check-in areas, and lounges, and update aircraft as needed for business purposes. “Major” changes, which are not allowed, include removing, replacing, or completing large renovations to a building.

Please ask a staff member if you are unsure of whether or not a project is considered “major” on the Old World.

Miscellaneous community issues

Some smaller issues that were discussed at the GSM and last week’s ASM:

  • Airport owners are responsible for distributing their own gates. We received a proposal to impose a “fairness” requirement to airport gate distribution. We understand where this is coming from, however it would cause a lot more workload on staff, and everyone has their own definition of “fair”. As such, we will be leaving gate distribution as it is.
  • Towns that are extremely close to each other (including towns that completely surround other towns) need to have clear borders. Ambiguous borders could cause town promotions to be delayed or denied. Your best bet is to use something wide, such as a river or major road, though any marked border will suffice. (This, for instance, is fine.)
  • Seasonal ranks will be a thing in December. We’re working on it and should have them launched soon. Please let admins know if you have any ideas, though note that Frumple will veto them if they include the word “sock”.
  • Frumple is experimenting with Discord bots. Most staff didn’t have a strong opinion on this, so we’ll see what happens.
  • Admins will soon be adding /wiki and other useful commands to Essentials, much like /dynmap and /apply.
  • We’ve created the #information channel in Discord to store quick-reference links. You can look there for links to most MRT resources. Let us know if anything is missing.
  • The public portion of the GSM will continue to be held in a variety of locations, chosen “off the cuff”, though we do appreciate the venues players have created! Let us know if you have one in your town, and we might pay you a visit. Candidate sites need to have sufficient space for Nothing to be built behind a podium. Large, open spaces work better than theaters.


Roads are Frumple’s favorite thing besides socks, so we talked about three of them.

  • An extension of the A54, proposed by SkyjumperTalon to run from Murrville to Cactus River, has been approved.
  • An unnumbered B-road, proposed by Gran_Cacto to run from Murrville to Sunshine Coast, has been approved. Gran_Cacto will need to let us know of the road number before construction begins (just so that we can ensure it’s a unique number).
  • An extension of the A51, proposed by LithiumMirnuX to run from Schillerton to Seloho, has been denied because Lithium still has an outstanding road (the A746 between Janghwa and Kolpino) that needs to be finished first, and we have concerns about the quality of roads Lithium has built in the past. However, we do hope that a road is built out to the southern arctic biome, so other players wishing to build in this corridor can submit a proposal for an A51 or A507 extension at the next GSM.

Special projects and funding requests

  • SkyjumperTalon has proposed more mini-golf tournaments, including a “Tournament of Champions” invite-only tournament for those who have won prior MGA events. All of these have been approved and fully funded. Note that we approved the Tournament of Champions because it is an infrequent event, and invitations are sent out based on performance in prior public events, so it is possible for anyone to qualify for it.
  • MIKE24DUDE requested permission to build a rail tunnel underground between F16 and F20. This has been approved.
  • autobus22 requested permission to build a rail bridge across a bay in the Autumnal Sea, connecting Aquamarine Bay and Moton. This has been conditionally approved: the bridge can’t block boats, so it will either need to be built with enough clearance, or have a portion that can be lifted open.
  • hvt2011 requested permission to build a BluRail tunnel under XW21. This has been approved.
  • AyyLion requested a grant to fund the first season of the “Survivor” game show. This has been approved and funded in full. Best of luck to the participants!

Property auctions

  • The MRT station S0 (which will also be the final terminus of the Zephyr South Line) was awarded to Conric005.
  • The town of Genesis was requested by airplane320, but has been denied due to the town’s proximity to Zaquar.


The next GSM has not yet been scheduled, but will likely occur in December or early January. Stay tuned, but if you have something in the meantime that you’d like us to discuss or know about, send it our way!

Thanks all!