May 2019 GSM Results

Hello everyone! The snow has finally melted outside my house, and we’ve held the May 2019 GSM and have some announcements to share. The video archive is available on Frumple’s YouTube channel here.

Before we begin these updates, one really important reminder: there is no GSM for July, so if you are planning an event for the anniversary and need server funding, it needs to be submitted by 7pm UTC on Friday, June 7. We are anticipating that the June GSM will be just as long as the May GSM, so please plan ahead!

With that being said, here’s what happened at the May GSM.

Staffing updates

As many of you know, AlikSong stepped down from his moderator position as of this GSM. We are grateful to Alik’s contributions to the server and staff team during his 3 years, 5 months, and 5 days of service, including a brief 208-day stint as an admin. Alik will be on the server occasionally to continue work on the Premier-ranked city of Kenthurst. As with all staff departures we are sad to see Alik go, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

We did consider one candidate to join the moderator ranks, but decided not to offer the position.

We will not be considering moderator nominations at the June GSM (as we want to focus on anniversary preparations). Moderator nominations will be open again at the August GSM.

Spring Dynmap render May 13-17 adds new features

For those who are new, we update dynmap with a full render of each world once per week. The exception is the New World due to its size and activity. The New World is rendered in localized areas upon request, and in full twice per year (generally in April or May, and again in October or November).

The Spring 2019 New World render will begin shortly after 4:00 am UTC on Monday, May 13, and will likely last about four or five full days. (The two-dimensional map requires us to render about 1.3 billion blocks.) During this time, renders of other worlds will be suspended, and WorldEdit and local renders will not be available.

With this render we will be enabling night renders, and adjusting the tilt of the 3D render from 60 degrees to 45 degrees. Because this is our first time rendering the map with these options, progress estimates won’t be provided during the render. These features will only be used on the New World, and will also be reflected in localized renders.

Rules changes

Staff approved two changes to the rules, effective immediately. First, the “10 Minute Rule” has been added as a full rule, rather than a guideline:

When you or staff join, wait ten minutes before asking for non-urgent assistance. Do not ask staff for dynmap renders, WorldEdits, town reviews, or other non-urgent assistance until both you and they have been online for 10 minutes or longer. Staff may choose to honor requests earlier than this at their discretion. Requests may not be made through Discord.

Second, we will be adding guidelines on Map World usage, including how to submit a map to the central library.

While we will not be changing the rules on what items can and cannot be used, we are issuing a general caution against using items with potent effects that affect multiple players at once or the server itself. This means that you should not be using fireworks with extremely long durations, potions with high levels of potency or that apply multiple effects at once, or items with unusual or strong enchantments. These items can cause damage to the server or to other players’ clients, and so should not be used.

Other community issues

  • We have been looking at alternatives for uCars, but have not found any that are suitable for the server or that we feel are stable enough to bring online. We’re still on the lookout, but for now we have decided not to install any replacements. Horses, flying, and railways (gasp!) are your best bets for getting around for now.
  • Lake 11 (from this map) on the west edge of the Estival Sea has been renamed to Avenir Bay.
  • We have extended the boundaries of the “ward” system to the expanded Epsilon world border. You can see the updated map here. (Generally, A-roads will have their first digit be the lowest-numbered ward they pass through or terminate in.) Special thanks to Vickiposa for putting this map together, it’s been something a lot of us have wanted to do for a long time.
  • We will be testing a proposal to allow members to use some WorldEdit selection commands (members won’t be able to modify blocks). Assuming testing goes well, we’ll implement these on the main server shortly.

Projects, events, and MRT lines

We approved two MRT extensions and several projects and events. As usual, construction along proposed MRT lines is now prohibited, and will remain so until the lines open.

  • The MRT Southern Line West (SLW) will be built out by godzilltrain from S0 to the southwest corner of the world.
  • The MRT Desert Line will be extended from D37-M35 to the southern terminus of the Savannah Line (H28). This extension, coded DLX2, will be built by sesese9. This line does not continue past H28.
  • We have approved funding for Survivor 2, hosted by daltdisneyland, which begins Saturday, May 18.
  • We have approved funding for Frumple’s MRT Video Contest. The exact details will be determined at a later date, once builds of the Replay Mod and other video creation tools become a little more stable.
  • We have approved funding for XIV and XV TacoBurritoAThon, hosted by Skelezomperman. The dates are still being finalized, but the first one is currently scheduled to occur on Saturday, June 15.
  • After some discussion with time2makemymove, a project to standardize and add signage to Central City has been approved.
  • IntraRail and XenRail have both received approval to bypass some inactive towns along new proposed service routes.
  • Conric005 has received permission to build a bus terminal in Central City for Neptune Bus.
  • We have approved a franchise building competition proposed by Frosty_Creeper10, on the condition that all franchises built there during the event are removed at the conclusion of the event.
  • Finally, we have approved a canal between Lake Dulwich and the Equinox Ocean, as proposed by Red_Ray.

Thank you to everyone who submitted projects and events – we can’t wait to see them in action!


One new road, one road extension, and one road improvement have been approved:

  • The A410 from Cremona to Sunshine Coast, proposed by Echohue
  • An extension of the B355 from Jungleville to Bawktown, proposed by Majatho3
  • A rework of two interchanges of the A5, proposed by Narnia17

Inactive asset transfers

  • While not discussed in this section, MRT Land (originally built and managed by thomasfyfe) has been transferred to JTrain77.
  • The unnamed town near Gemstride and Heampstead will be transferred to SoaPuffball.
  • PyroCity (near Boston) has been transferred to FredTheTImeLord.
  • The town at WN20 has been transferred to TheSubway.
  • Just_robinho requested taking over ownership of St. Roux (C36-P25 and surrounding areas). Ownership will be held while Robin works to integrate Marblegate (F27) and Lakeview (P28), but as of now Robin is acting as caretaker for the area, and he has been granted authority to manage railways and other transportation links through the town.
  • MC_Protocol will take over operation of the MRT Library and National Archives in an unofficial capacity.

That should be everything – thank you to everyone who submitted topics! The next GSM is Sunday, June 9 at 7pm UTC.


<3, Chief

Main server temporarily offline

UPDATE: Server is now back online! The cause was due to the a bad chunk on the games world, but this issue has now been fixed. Thank you for your patience!

Hey everyone,

The main server is temporarily offline until further notice while staff investigate further severe TPS drops and instability. At this time we’re unable to identify the primary cause, but admins are investigating as quickly as we can. Updates will be posted in Discord as they become available.

We have disabled the uCars plugin until further notice, as we believe it may be responsible for some of the performance issues.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we apologize greatly for the inconvenience.


April 2019 GSM Results

Hello everyone! We’re excited to finally be bringing Minecraft 1.13 to the main server, so we have some reminders related to that – and also the results of a staff meeting.

Minecraft 1.13 is happening now!

The Minecraft 1.13 update process is expected to take some time, as we need to migrate our (large!) CoreProtect database over to a new structure. The update will begin at 6:00 am UTC on Monday, April 15, and we are currently estimating it will take 48 hours to complete.

We will keep you updated via Discord as the upgrade progresses. The beta server will remain open throughout the process, as will Mumble.

See Frumple’s post for more information. Remember that EElevator and PVPArena are being removed as of this update, so get in your elevator rides and PA fights while you can!

Staffing changes

We are sad to announce that lalaboy has stepped down from the Moderator position as of today’s GSM, due to his inactivity and upcoming real-life obligations. We are grateful to lalaboy for all of his contributions to the server and community during his 4 years, 9 months, and 2 days of service as a moderator, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors. Lala will retain ownership of his Premier-ranked city Kessler.

Taking lalaboy’s place on the staff team is our newest trial moderator, Vickiposa! We think Vickiposa has a lot of potential in a leadership role and we are thrilled to have her join the staff team. She’ll be learning the ropes over the coming months, but please give her a warm welcome.

Premier cities

We reviewed three cities for Premier and promoted two. Congratulations to time2makemymove of Venceslo (ZS20) and Narnia17 of Utopia (D14)!

time2 was present to give a very long acceptance speech, which reads as follows:

Wow, Premier! A year ago I would have laughed it off if someone said I was to get Premier for Venceslo. For those who haven’t read my wiki user page, I joined the server in late May of 2017, for the sole purpose of being able to build a city in a place where other people could actually see it.

I’ve built plenty of giant cities on Minecraft PE single-player before this, but Venceslo is a completely different animal: it’s the first city I’ve ever built with furnished buildings. My building skills have improved so much over the year and change that I’ve been here, both in Minecraft and architecturally in general, and I am truly proud of every single building in Venceslo – because I hold the distinction of having built some aspect of every single building in this city, which I feel has made it feel very cohesive, unique, and truly my own.

HOWEVER! All this couldn’t have been possible without the help of all of you. And for that, I have my utmost thanks: for those who helped me expand my city, for those who just toured it out of interest, and for those who simply gave me a compliment in passing: all of that helped me be able to push through and make this passion project my proudest achievement across all my Minecraft mediums.

I would like to thank all of the residents of Venceslo for their residency, all whom furnished their own house. Thank you for making the city feel that much more unique and lived in. This would not be possible without your help.

And a very, very special thanks to these people: Chiefbozx and AP_Red for so nicely admitting me to the Southwold region and allowing me to associate with their great cities; _Dulles for allowing me to build a city that was admittedly very close to Downsview (and then letting me take it over from him); mjpwwf, Frosty_Creeper10, and knowmads7 for giving so much help and advice to me even though they don’t hold an executive position in the city; and of course, JTrain77, for being my trusted Deputy Mayor – even if you aren’t online that often, I really appreciate your honest interest in this city, and your constant help with its expansion through the first couple months of its existence.

Now what? Will I keep expanding Venceslo, or go try something completely different? I don’t honestly know yet, but I’m sure we’ll all find out soon. In the meantime, it’s an absolute honor and a privilege for Venceslo to get to hold the highest rank of city on this server, along some of the truly great cities who I have looked up to for so long, and it warms my heart to know that everyone on the server loves and appreciates my passion project as much as I do. Thanks a ton, and as always, Go Padres, Visit Venceslo, and Find the Red Plane.


Narnia17 submitted the following speech for his city, Utopia.

1,718 Days. 4 Years, 8 Months, 14 Days.

I’ve been part of this community for such a long time, it has become so much more than that to me. When I found this server for the first time back on August 1st, 2014, I remember honestly coming on to look for minecraft servers to troll (Yes, I was one of those kids.(Frumple plz don’t demote me for that kthxbai I’ve grown and don’t do that anymore)). When I joined however, I found a growing, thriving, and loving community based on something I love; trains. I knew that from the outset, even though there were just a few people on at that time, that I’d come back.

Fast forward a few months, and I saw that this minecraft server I messed with a few months back has finally updated, and has a lot of people on now, compared to when I first joined. I went on, and was overwhelmed by all the new changes, and wanted to get started building right away. I quickly got citizen, and after a little bit of me going for some homemade land-scarring, I was right back to square one.

I rode the MRT south, and found a nice little a neat little, open, flat area along the Desert line, and immediately went to work. From there, a whirlwind of expansion, road building (shout out if you remember uMet and/or the cyan clay/acacia roads of Utopia) and building plopping got me to mayor. I was always told “it’ll be hard to get but I’ll give it” by staff multiple times, but I worked to try and prove them wrong.

I finally reached a wall after getting Senator, and going for Governor, I found common feedback of disorganization, and overall lack of structure. When discussing one night on mumble (Shout outs to Mumble Gang) it was presented by a couple of friends to just “float the city and redo the roads and positioning of builds to make it more organized” and that was when the ‘Make Utopia Great Again’ project began. Huge thanks, and my eternal gratitude go to jphgolf4321 and _Kastle who helped make that happen, and the friendships that developed as a result of the project.

That was almost 3 years ago at this point. Since that point, the city hasn’t changed much, just the occasional addition of transit, and building here and there, but one thing that has changed in the same time frame are the memories. Memories I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. This server has been here for me through thick and thin, through sickness and health. For all of that, I say this:

Thank You.

Thank you for being around, and being positive influences on each other. You never realize the effects your ripples have, but for each and every member on here has left a hugely positive impact on my life. Thank you to the people who know who they are, for being there for me even when I wasn’t there for myself. Thank you to the other members of staff for truly being the cream of the crop. I couldn’t ask to work with a better and more wholesome group of people. Thank you to the people who aren’t around anymore on the server, and have moved on to their next big project. Thank you to each and every person that has contributed to making Utopia truly Great.

Don’t worry, this isn’t any sort of goodbye, this is just me taking a minute to reflect and be a little nostalgic on this celebratory day, to take a minute and see just how far I’ve come. From a small little 200×200 block area to the metropolis it is today, I’m thankful for every opportunity I’ve had along the way, and here’s to a lot more memories!


Small community & technical enhancements

We discussed a few smaller technical enhancements that we’ll be rolling out over the coming weeks.

  • A revised member application is in the works that takes our new rules into account. (We’re also working on getting the rules page updated, instead of just having it have a link to the Google Doc. WordPress is hard.)
  • We’ll be experimenting with some dynmap rendering options on beta. We’re considering rolling out two enhancements: changing the 3D rendering angle to be more horizontal (30 degrees of tilt versus the current 60; 90 degrees means completely vertical) and enabling a night mode in addition to the day-based render. We need to do some performance testing before making a final decision, and we hope to do so before our next full-world dynmap render in May.
  • We’ll be adding a #notifications channel in Discord to post day-to-day server news. Staff will be using this channel (and not pinging anyone) to post about promotions, demotions, bans, asset transfers, and other transactions that need to be shared.

New MRT lines

We redacted this section just to mess with you all. 🙂

The Expo East Extension (XEX) and Zephyr South Extension 2 (ZSX2) have now officially opened. The following stations have been awarded from advance applications:

  • Expo East: XE27 (_Kastle), XE33 (lil_shadow59), XE34 (EliteNeon), XE38 (imperial_block), XE40 (Johngi), XE41 (FooteChicken), XE42 (FooteChicken)
  • Zephyr South: ZS32 (FredTheTimeLord), ZS33 (FredTheTimeLord), ZS41 (EliteNeon), ZS47 (Conric005)

All other stations have been released first-come, first-serve (remember that you need to have significant development within two weeks to keep your claim).


We reviewed and approved two roads:

  • The B96, proposed by dragonbloon419 to run from Furling to PMW City, has been approved.
  • An extension to the A746, proposed by LithiumMirnuriX to run from Janghwa to Birdhall, has been approved under supervision. _Kastle has volunteered to oversee the project and will ensure it is done in compliance with construction guidelines.

Projects and funding requests

  • The MRT Spring Olympics, an event organized by airplane320, has been funded in full. We waived the retroactive rule in this example because the event was submitted with intention to be discussed at the March GSM, but because it was submitted after the deadline it couldn’t be included then. As a reminder, we generally require events to have funding approved at a GSM before they happen, so plan ahead and submit events well in advance of the GSM deadline.
  • autobus22 and Frosty_Creeper10 have requested permission to build tracks under Capsville, a town on the Seneca Canal near Laclede, as well as some other towns in the area. This has been approved. We also pre-approved a town transfer of Capsville; if Auto and/or Frosty would like to build a station at Capsville, they will need to email staff requesting the transfer and it will be processed immediately.
  • autobus22 also requested permission to build RaiLinQ tracks near an inactive town named either Pinewood or Firewood, depending on which sign you read. This has been approved.
  • hvt2011 has requested permission to build BluRail tracks near an inactive town that we have no idea what its name is. This has been approved.
  • CodyHM requested funding for an upcoming expo, IndiEast. We have approved the participation incentives ($20 per person), but have questions regarding sponsorships. Once the sponsorships are clarified, we will make a decision on the remainder of Cody’s funding request.

Inactive asset transfers

We only considered one asset transfer request. 0x10 wanted to take over a small town in the southwest area of the server, but we discovered it’s owned by godzilltrain, who is very active. godz and 0x can handle the transfer privately if it’s still of interest.

Future GSMs

We did discuss the viability of the GSM schedule that we’ve been using thus far, and so far we’re happy with the results. We will maintain the 2nd weekend of the month, alternating between Saturdays and Sundays, 7pm UTC schedule for the next few months.

Our next three GSMs have therefore been scheduled as follows:

  • Saturday, May 11, 2019 (topics due 7pm UTC Thursday, May 9)
  • Sunday, June 9, 2019 (topics due 7pm UTC Friday, June 7)
  • Sunday, August 11, 2019 (topics due 7pm UTC Friday, August 9)

You will notice that there is no GSM scheduled for July. It turns out the GSM schedule would have put a meeting on July 13, our 7th anniversary. Because we’re anticipating lots of anniversary events, and the week before is full of national holidays and staff traveling, for now we’ve decided to cancel that date. We may add a meeting back in if it’s desperately needed.

Please note that this means if you are planning an anniversary event and would like server funding, you need to email your Event Funding Request to staff by 7pm UTC on Friday, June 7. We recognize that’s a full five weeks before the anniversary, but we think having the month of preparations will be useful for advertising and building whatever physical space you need for your events. Retroactive events won’t be funded.

That’s all for now – enjoy 1.13 once we’re back up!


March 2019 GSM Results

Hello everyone! It’s time for the March 2019 GSM results. You can watch the video recap on Frumple’s YouTube channel here, or from MBS here. Not many staff or members were online (it is senior thesis defense season, after all), but we do have some announcements to share.

Rules Revamp is now in effect

The rules we announced in February have been approved and are now in effect. We are working on preparing an updated version of the rules page, so for now, please check the MRT Rules Revamp Google Doc to see what’s new.

We did receive some much-appreciated feedback from members about the rules, and after further consideration have decided not to make any changes. Therefore, all rules are in effect as they were published in February. Let the seaplane base and helipad construction begin!

Minecraft 1.13 preparations

We are continuing to prepare for the Minecraft 1.13 update and have made some decisions:

  • The Lab World will be preserved in full for 1.13. We were originally contemplating a lab world reset, as the lab world was causing crashes in the 1.13 environment. These crashes have now been fixed and the lab world can be migrated over safely.
  • We will be adding a “maps” world to support dynamic maps once we update to 1.13.
  • The PVP Arena rules will be maintained, even though the plugin won’t transition to 1.13 with us. This does mean that arenas will lose automatic protection and automatic game management. Once we update, we’ll start looking for potential replacements.
  • A reminder that a moratorium is still in place on new plugin suggestions until the migration is complete. We’re getting there!

We will let you know when the beta server is ready for everyone to visit and test out the 1.13 setup. It’s still whitelisted to staff only for the time being.

We are currently estimating an April update for the main server, but the server will be whitelisted to staff for a day or two to allow CoreProtect to migrate the database. More information will be forthcoming.

Savannah Line is now open

_HeavenAngel_ has completed construction of the MRT Savannah Line, and it is now in service. Initial station allocations are as follows and all remaining stations are available on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • H1: FiorkG
  • H9: jamess_
  • H10: MgWn
  • H11: Vickiposa
  • H12: hvt2011
  • H14: Cact0

Please remember the proximity restrictions: you need permission to build within 300 blocks of another town, and if you’re within 500 blocks of a town with an active mayor, you need to be in touch with them and they need to accommodate you in a reasonable manner.

Next MRT Lines

We have approved two extensions to the MRT network:

  • godzilltrain proposed an extension of the Expo East Line from its current terminus in XE26 (Farwater) to the Jungle Line. This extension (XEX) has been approved for immediate construction.
  • Vennefly and Red_Ray proposed an extension of the Plains Line to Richville International. This extension (PLX3) has been sponsored by hvt2011 and approved for immediate construction.

These lines are now restricted, and claiming of stations or building along the lines are prohibited until the lines open.


We reviewed two road proposals:

  • Vickiposa proposed the A92 Larkspur Express, connecting Carnoustie, Larkspur, PMW City, Nippia, and multiple other cities, has been approved in full.
  • FiorkG proposed the B755 Trans-Pine Highway in Southburg. This has been approved.

Projects and Funding Proposals

  • Funding for the MRTVision Screenshot Contest 3 has been approved.
  • Construction of the Souslow Heliport has been approved.

Premier City Reviews

We reviewed the city of New Acreadium by DevvySky for Premier consideration, but did not approve it.

Inactive Asset Transfers

First: please stop calling them auctions! They’re called asset transfers now. We reviewed three of them:

  • hvt2011 requested the town of Silent Plains to connect metro lines through. The metro connections have been approved, and hvt will need to leave everything else as-is.
  • Vulpicula requested the town at T50, though this has been denied as the town at T49 needs to expand towards T50 first.
  • dragonbloon419 requested the town northwest of PMW City, but this was also denied due to proximity issues. Gaps in PMW City should be filled in before dragonbloon419 requests the town again.

The end!

Thanks everyone – best of luck to MRTVision Screenshot Contest participants, and we’re excited to be bringing you the 1.13 update shortly.

<3, Chief

February 2019 GSM Results

Hey all! Last week we started talking about some upcoming changes to the rules, and this week we finished that conversation while also reviewing the other projects you all want to get done. The public portion recording is now available here. Here are the results from the February 2019 GSM.

Rules Revamp document released

It’s been a long time coming! Today we released our proposal of the new rules page, which we will vote on at the March GSM and hope to have in effect then. We’ve attempted to write this manifest of rules to help clarify our expectations, provide examples, and overall reduce ambiguity in the rules. To be clear, the new rules are not in effect yet, and there are still some topics we will be updating or adding information to. You can read the new proposal here:

Some of the highlights of the proposed rules are:

  • See last week’s post for the rules regarding airfields, seaplanes, and helicopters – all of these have been carried forward.
  • Rail lines need to have stations 2,000 blocks or closer together (measuring from closest ends of platforms using “local” trains). Staff can waive this requirement via email.
  • MRT stations are staff property, but you can make some changes without needing to contact us. If your town is below the Mayor rank you can change the entrances, and once it reaches Mayor you can make cosmetic improvements elsewhere in the station. Any modifications to MRT tracks need to be run by staff first.
  • We are renaming “Asset Auctions” to “Asset Transfers” and have clarified the rules surrounding this process.
  • We are removing the $10,000 funding limit for large events. Events requesting funding still need to keep requests in line with their size and scope, but we will now accept larger requests. Events requesting review at the March 2019 GSM will still be subject to the limit.

We’ve posted this document publicly to get your feedback before we vote to adopt these rules at the next GSM, which will occur on March 9, 2019. As you read through the rules proposal please send questions, concerns, or other feedback to the staff via email.

Smaller community issues

  • The lake near Sunshine Coast has been officially named Lake Thanos and numbered Lake 30.
  • The staff have approved a new titled position, and as of now I (chiefbozx) am Administrator and Staff Meetings Coordinator.
  • While not an official title, we designated Tom_Pairs the “Minester of Forin Afers” at some point during the meeting.
  • We also had to send in the Spawn City Fire Brigade to extinguish some fires in Spawn Station on the old world.

1.13 update

We’re continuing to monitor the Minecraft 1.13 update and its breaking changes, and we’ve been using the beta server to test some plugins and verify compatibility. As of now the beta server is still whitelisted to staff only, but we are making progress.

Right now we are waiting on Multiverse and CoreProtect to become 1.13 compatible before we begin public testing. Additionally, there will be migration issues with EasyElevator and PVPArena:

  • EasyElevator (EElevator) has been deprecated for a while and it’s honestly still amazing that it even works on 1.12. The 1.13 update breaks it entirely and we will not be carrying it forward. Buildings using elevators will need to replace them with Lifts.
  • The PVPArena plugin has been causing issues and we suspect isn’t compatible with 1.13. We’re looking for alternatives, but for now don’t expect all of the PVP arenas to migrate in a fully-functioning state.

We’ll let you know of the update progress if we’re able to make any headway. For now, note that there is a moratorium on new plugin suggestions until the 1.13 update is installed and stabilized on the main server.

New Premiers

We reviewed six candidates for Premier and approved two: congratulations to Cact0 of Sunshine Coast, and Earack of Lanark! Cact0’s acceptance speech was as follows:

Thanks to everyone who’s built Sunshine Coast. It’s been great being with this community for the short time I’ve been here over the last months I’ve worked on the city, and I think it’s really paid off. Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way.

Cact0, Mayor of Sunshine Coast

It has been a great three years on the server. I never would have expected that I would reach the top rank (other than staff) back when I joined in late 2015. This is a great community full of very nice people and incredible cities, and I am glad to have been a part of it!

Earack, Mayor of Lanark

Roads, Projects, and Transfers, Oh My!

Premier city reviews and the conclusion of the Rules Revamp discussion took most of the meeting, so the rest were relatively quick. Here’s what happened!

  • The A246, proposed by FooteChicken to run from Farwater to Bawktown, has been approved.
  • The A12, proposed by Frosty_Creeper10 and frogggggg to run from Takasaki to Titsensaki, has been approved.
  • The A6 (originally the A746), proposed by LithiumMirnuriX to run from Janghwa to Birdhall, has been denied. We still have concerns over Lithium’s road quality and don’t want the mesa biome getting cut in half.
  • The B355, proposed by Majatho3 and imperial_block to run from Jungleville to Midjungle, has been approved under supervision: due to the sensitive terrain in the jungle biome we don’t want the road to be built in a way that creates massive land scars. Some staff will be on hand to supervise the construction as it progresses.
  • IsoMclaren proposed the B408-P, however this was denied as we need more information on the interchange with the A8 (specifically what kind of interchange will be used). Additionally, the road needs to be re-numbered in a way that starts with “8” and does not end in a letter. IsoMclaren can receive approval via email once these two issues are addressed.
  • hvt2011 proposed three service expansions to BluRail. We approved the expansion through Dabecco, but denied expansions to Xiiona (as there is currently no need to have service there or tracks beyond) and Birchwood (as there are alternative routings that can put tracks in other locations in the area).
  • KittyCat11231 proposed several expansions to IntraRail, and we approved all of the expansions and track permits that required staff attention, including a station at MRT Marina. We also applaud Kitty for sending an elaborate and clear proposal that was very easy for us to make a decision on.
  • The towns at C31 have been transferred to Hightech_TR.
  • The town of Voltsphere (A19/T24) has been transferred to ModernArt.
  • There’s a weird structure southwest of Thunderbird that tell276 supposedly owns. We have no idea what it is, but it’s decorminecraft’s problem now.

That’s all for now, we’ll see you in March!

Administrator and Staff Meetings Coordinator / Minister of Propaganda