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1.3 update!

We’ll be updating the server to Minecraft 1.3¬†TONIGHT¬†over the next few hours. If and when the server goes offline or whitelisted, please do not panic; we will try to get it back up and running as quickly as possible. Once the update is finished, we’ll let you know here. If […]

Updates :)

Hey guys, Chief here with a couple updates for you. First of all, we have banned ice once again for all members – and it can’t be broken, either. If you need ice to be placed, removed or WorldEdited, please ask a staffer. Second, if you haven’t noticed, the Admod […]

Spawn Station Retail Space + Town Mayors

Hey guys, Chief here (some of you might know me as chiefbozx). I’m the other admin on the server and have an exciting announcement for you today. As Frumple said in his video tour of Spawn Station, the large, spacious areas around the Green and Blue Lines’ levels were intended […]