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September 2021 GSM Results

And we have hit September! We had the GSM and we got results to tell ya about.

Mod-y Mod Mod

For this GSM, we had one candidate for staff. Results of that vote were the following:

NameForNeutralAgainstDid Not Vote

Livin in the Community

Staff rejected a proposal from chiefbozx to move Sections 6 thru 10 to a “Consent Agenda“.

Avaneesh2008‘s proposal for an “official” MRT History Museum was denied however they can build an unofficial one in Central City on the plot and ask for official designation/warp hub permissions upon completion.

Staff established guidelines on Flag Park based on a proposal from PtldKnight. The outcomes are the following:

  • chiefbozx will be the “caretaker” of Flag Park
  • Flag Park will be extended to include the back half of the MRT Mail Center plot.
  • An established MPO or town on the town list may build a flag in Flag Park.

Staff accepted an alternate proposal from HarborRandom852 to increase the seaplane limit. The updated count are as follows:

  • Councillor: 2
  • Mayor: 4
  • Senator: 6
  • Governor and Above: 12

Mile Marker 20

Miu Wan International Airport was denied due to the contributing towns of Kyoto and Miu Tung been deemed too far from the proposed location. Staff suggested to move the location further south to allow all towns to be included in the original proposal.

B77 by Berncow between South Canal and Seaview was approved (pending drawbridge built over the canal).

B95 extension and B963 by HarborRandom852/kingsnake was denied over inconsistencies with the drawn map and text in the proposal.

B255 between Nymphalia, Padagonia and the A360 by Melecie was approved.

Moving Hands

krisyam‘s Inactive Asset Transfer of Llewellyn was denied over unclear intentions with the town and an unlabeled map of the area.

EspiDev‘s IAB of Glenbrook was approved to allow them to work on the B750 and river terraforming.

Laying Tracks

Missa_Solemnis‘s Arctic Extension from Kaloro CityPine Park to Bristol (AX2) is now open! All stations were pre-allocated to cities along the route due to 500 block rule.

Staff approved Missa_Solemnis‘s Southern West and Desert Extension in SW Zeta.

autobus22 requested to add another infill station along the Lakeshore extension between the “old” LE1 and Oparia Airport (L0). This was approved.

Item Basket

Staff did consider moving the GSM/ISM time two hours earlier but was tabled on whether it would actually benefit staff and questions over staff availability.

As of this GSM, staff world is open for members and above to view. Ask a staff member in-game if you would like to see it for yourself!

Hope to see y’all at the September ISM on September 25th at 7PM UTC!


August 2021 ISM Results

Highway to Somewhere

frogggggg‘s proposal to build the B315 and B316 were denied. All the towns involved were unranked and deemed too small. Staff prefer that towns are at least councilor before asking for approval to build A/B roads.

KIttyCat11231‘s proposal to add a rail station underneath the work-in-progress Central City Park and Ride was approved.

OriginRailway‘s proposal to extend the B287 from Celina to Origin City was approved.

Narnia17‘s proposal to have a seaplane exemption in Utopia was approved.

kingnsake‘s A54 extension was approved to continue down to Rattlerville.

HarborRandom852‘s proposal to build the B963 from Miu Wan to Ngau Ling was denied as Ngau Ling is unranked and too small.

Postcards back Home

MinecraftYoshi26 is back to hosting the MRTvision Screenshot Contest with the ninth season in Wazamawazi. Staff approved the event funding so we can’t wait to see the spectacular screenshots of around the server. Remember that the top 10 will be displayed on the website too!

Slight Change of Hands

MIKE24DUDE was approved to bypass Lanark and Spruce Hills for a Network South Central rail line.

Foote_Chicken‘s IAT of New Ashmore (owned by verytablemyner) at XE44 was approved.

Tracking the MRT

Staff approved 2 extensions to the MRT!

Missa_Solemnis will be extending the Arctic Line from its current terminus in Kaloro City to intersect the Western Line in Bristol.

Headed up by autobus22 (with assistance from DintyB and hvt2011), they will will be extending the Zephyr North and Lakeshore lines together. The Zephyr/Lakeshore lines will be extended to Oparia LaTourneau. The Zephyr will continue north to Oparia Waterport while the Lakeshore will go east to New Mackinaw.

The Little Things

The Welcome Center in Central Park will be getting a little of a facelift. Based on member feedback, MinecraftYoshi26 will be leading touch-ups to the Welcome Center. Be sure to submit any feedback to them!

EliteNeon‘s proposal to rename to Lake 31 to Lake Superior was approved! (happy chief noises)

Based off of PtldKnight‘s proposal to upgrade Spawn City Station elevators to Lift from EElevator, staff agreed to allow any member to upgrade any server-owned building in Spawn City and all MRT Stations on the Old World to Lift. We do ask to keep the same structure of the elevators (as in keeping the gold tops and bottoms).

See ya at the September GSM on September 11th!


August 2021 GSM Results

Wowee! We had a long GSM with lots of things to talk about. As many have noticed, we’ve promoted quite a number of new staff. In addition, we’ve had a number of changes so let’s get into it!

Sparkling Wood

With a tally of 9-0, Redwood (built by MC_Protocol) was promoted to Premier! The full text of his acceptance speech can be read below.

New Mods!

We promoted 6 of the 7 nominated candidates this GSM!

NameForNeutralAgainstDid Not Vote
Final Vote of All Candidates

Congrats to DintyB, hvt2011, ondist, MC_Protocol, Narnia17, and MPolo455!

It’s all in the Community

We had an hour discussion over the current plagiarism rules based on a proposal by autobus22, Frosty_Creeper10, and CaptainObi. The discussion was how we can modify the rules to keep the intent there but ease the burden of record keeping from town mayors. At the end of it all, Staff agreed to roll back requiring town mayors to declare copied builds and moving to an affirmation that the town mayor has acquired the required permissions. This will be updated on City Rank forms to a checkbox on town promotions. Final wording is a still a Work-In-Progress in staff channels and will get public feedback when ready.

autobus22 proposed rewarding voting up the server on server lists. Staff were interested in it and requested for auto to look into how we should reward without breaking the experience for members who don’t vote up the server. There shouldn’t be an advantage for players that vote up and ones who don’t.

sesese9‘s proposal to open the super-secret Staff World was accepted. All staff (former/current) will have one month (until next GSM) to remove private stuff that they do not want others to see from Staff World. After that, members can freely come, on request, to the Staff World and see why we say it’s not that interesting.

With the advent of threads on Discord, chiefbozx proposed removing the #media-discussion and #event-discussion channels and using threads on the announcements channels. Staff settled on a compromise solution where threads will be enabled in the -announcements channels while keeping the -discussion channels for now to give a trial period. Staff will re-evaluate whether to actually remove the -discussion channels at a later time (roughly in October).

After the events of Vulpicula’s departure, autobus22 proposed a Miranda Rights for members/staff when talking to admins or server owner. This was approved and expanded to included conversations with any staff member. The text is the following:

Members and Staff can request another staff member to be present at discussions which would otherwise be one-on-one in order to make sure they feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

__7d submitted a proposal to modify the airfield rules. This would have done the following:

  • Set a gate limit (suggested was 20-22 small gates)
  • Raise block limit from 7.5K (limit would be chosen by staff)
  • Set minimum length of airfield runways to 100m
  • Set minimum width of airfield runways to 9m or 11m

This proposal was denied over the fact that staff don’t want to mandate dimensions over an airfield. If members want to build bigger airfields/airports than we would encourage you to build toward Governor.

We are enabling /mspt on Beta, based on a proposal from __7d. This will allow staff to evaluate its worth and possible enabling on main server. Similar to /tps, /mspt will show the number of milliseconds per tick.

Getting You from Here to There

EliteNeon‘s proposal to build a Central City Park and Ride Bus Terminal was approved. The terminal will be built to the west of Central City NW MRT Station.

RadiantRanger26‘s extension of the B844 to Norwest was approved.

Freskooo‘s B341 was approved between the B34 and Nagahori

_Z3NO_‘s proposal to build the B680 was approved between Welchett and Cactus Springs

Make the Money Flow

HarborRandom852‘s Formula MRT will return again with Season 2! Staff have approved their funding request so be on the look out!

Moving Hands

HarborRandom852‘s Inactive Asset Transfer (IAT) of USSRgrad (built by BrokenKidney) was denied however staff have given them limited permissions regarding the area. Harbor can build within 300 blocks and connect the town to outside roads from Harbor’s neighboring town of Miu Wan.

autobus22‘s IAT of Jeeka (owned by mustang_guy) was approved due to their neighboring city of Wazamawazi.

EliteNeon‘s IAT of a Cessna Citation V design (created by Keks63) was approved. Similar to past topics, Elite will be the point person of the design however the design is free and open for anyone to use.

Working on the Rail

Circulating the discord and ultimately at the GSM, autobus22/Missa_Solemnis proposed PUNS (Project Unshuttle the Shittle) which would have extended the Marina Shuttle from its current terminus at AT – Merchant City – District Center (XE8) southwest to Central City Inchmuir (A0). The joke of extending the shuttle has been here for a while and auto wanted to make it a reality.

However, staff denied extending another MRT Line into Central City. Chiefbozx iterated that he would have liked to see the Marina extended north to possibly serve New Phoenix/Hendon. Other staff/dissidents voiced that the MRT should be used to serve more of Zeta and disagreed with auto’s points that the MRT isn’t really used for transportation anymore but more of a landmark of where you are in the world.

godzilltrain has been employed to fix a new redstone bug in current MRT stations. With the update to 1.16, singular pieces of redstone dust can be change to a dot or cross mode. This is an issue as a single block of redstone dust sits below the fast departure button and can be modified by anyone (including guests). Godz volunteered his services to go to every single station and add another block of redstone dust, making a line of redstone dust. This blocks the cross mode of redstone dust which would block the departure bay from working. The picture below shows the bay with the new additional redstone dust.

July 2021 ISM Results

Road Road Road Road

The A62 was re-aligned with a new proposal from crimsonf0x. This project was started by Yellowitcher but stalled due to inactivity. Instead of going west at Savannah, it will continue further south to Tinimia. This will allow for a future extension to Lumeva.

B287, proposed by OriginRailway, was denied for not having a route selected and concerns over terraforming. These can be fixed by Origin selecting a route from his proposed alignments and submitting a sample of his road for the next staff meeting.

B844, proposed by RadiantRanger26, was approved between Radiant’s town and Kaloro City (Needn_NL).

Proposed by HarborRandom852, staff approved a plan for a sightseeing bus terminal and network based out of Central City – Ravenswood Avenue (F0) station. Harbor was given free reign to pick the location of the terminal around the station. Staff request that they try to integrate their terminal into the Forest station. For more info, contact HarborRandom852.


Skelezomperman has finished their extension of the Plains Line from Hannibal to Caravaca. We had two applications for stations and were given to the following:

  • P57: STthecat
  • P64: HarborRandom852

P60 and P61 are open to claiming as of now! Other stations not mentioned have been given to respective towns that have claims over the area.

Yours truly proposed the long awaited Northern Eastern extension from Titsensaki to Dwarka. This alignment was approved and Missa_Solemnis will be assisting with the construction.

Lake Rename

Staff accepted a proposal from chimata to rename Lake 5 to Misty Lake.

July 2021 GSM Results

This was a long GSM. With a duration of a little over 2 hours, we had a lot of healthy discussion over rules and other projects that I’ll get into with this post.


Unfortunately, no new mods this GSM. We did have 3 nominations but were for 3 different people so no one got the necessary 2 nominations to be eligible. However, this process did change a little due to this GSM.

Frumple proposed allowing witness testimony (yes, like court cases) to be allowed as evidence for moderator nominations. This was approved by staff and goes into effect for August GSM. This does not open the door for vague statements like “Candidate X is very friendly, polite, and helpful”. We are looking for specific statements such as “I witnessed that Candidate X helped resolve a conflict between these two people, but I don’t remember when it happened/ can’t look it up through Discord.” or “I’ve seen Candidate Y always try to help other players numerous times, like giving building advice or placing water.” to give a few examples.

Clarifying Da Rules

autobus22 proposed removing the reasons question from the Trustee Endorsement Form (as in “Why are you endorsing this member for Trustee?”). Frumple expressed interest in revamping the entire system but said that by removing the question, it doesn’t help. Other staff expressed similar intent to keep the current system in place and so, the proposal was denied.

Also, autobus22 proposed a clarification on Franchise Rule 1. This clarification was to exempt railway stations from this rule. This was approved.

Franchisees have the authority to relocate a franchise within the building or town over which they hold jurisdiction without notifying the franchise owner. This rule does not apply to railway stations.

New writing of Franchise Rule 1

LondonThameslink proposed adding “Heritage Sites” designation on the server. Staff denied making this an official thing for the time being but do encourage members to do this unofficially. That isn’t to say we might consider it later but many questions remained unanswered such as “how do we determine these?” and “what would we consider heritage sites right now?”. Vulpicula started a wiki page here, where members can collaborate on a list of what they would deem culturally significant builds/towns on the server.

Frumple proposed changing the 300/500 block rule in regards to how it applies to 3rd party rail lines. When this was settled, we did have a few things come out of our discussion. The following changes are now in effect:

  • Rail lines do not have a 300/500 claim rule around them. As in, towns can spring up along the rail line if they choose.
  • 300/500 block rule apply to “registered” towns. Registered means anything on our town list. This is a big change since members can now request to add significant structures that aren’t towns to our town list. Staff would then treat that build as if it were a “town”, by all professional means. Unranked towns can also be added to the town list if they desire as well.
  • Players can waive their 300/500 claim rule on towns regardless of town rank if they desire. If you don’t intend to expand a town that we have on the town list, you can let us know and will update our records.

To add anything to the town list, you have to give staff the following:

  • Name of who owns it (should be who is requesting it)
  • Name of the build/town/structure
  • Coordinates

This can be done on discord through #requests-to-staff or over email.

Life is a Highway

Staff approved two road proposals this GSM!

B84 (CaptainObi): between the Aurora Region‘s community town of Augusta and Mojito1014‘s town of Grassbush.

A746 (LithiumMinuriX): reproposed as this is a two year old project and staff asked Lithium to re-acquire permissions. Sese is overseeing the project to ensure completion of the road.

New Lights

Staff approved two event funding grants!

Formula MRTLate July – Early August
Game of GammingJuly 17th – July 21st
Approved Events from this GSM

Melecie proposed a franchise building contest (Astere 2021 Expo) in addition to the ones above. However, this was denied as there wasn’t sufficient info that staff needed to approve it. Staff wanted to know more details around the judging criteria and other things such as originality for bulids and timeline for the whole event.

Changing Hands

Staff approved 1 IAT (Inactive Asset Transfer) and I IAB (Inactive Asset Bypass).

IAT: hvt2011 was given Dulwich (Jian_Zen)

IAB: 3 in 1 proposal by autobus22 to bypass 3 inactive developments around the Larkspur area.

My Name is..

Staff approved a lake rename too!

Lake 39 (in the NW of the MRT) was renamed to Eilean Sea.