January 2021 GSM Results

Happy new year, MRT!

Hope you had a fun end to the eventful year that was 2020. I know I did, haha. Anyway, it’s time for the stuff that happened at the January GSM!

MRT’s Neighborhood

Starting out on Community Issues, we discussed current feeling/thoughts on the warning system. Staff wanted to gauge opinion on whether we should overhaul the system. Many members and staff wanted to see a proposal so Mega will be working on a draft for a future GSM so stay tuned.

Mega put forth a proposal to add a cooldown to candidates that are repeatedly nominated for staff.

If a candidate’s nomination is rejected 2 times in a row, then a 2 GSM cooldown will come into effect.

Godz proposed adding the debug stick to the server. Beta server activated it and showed there is a possible abuse of setting walls to be invisible. Unlike barriers where you can see outlines, you can’t see an outline with an invisible wall. The permission has been enabled for staff so if you want to use the debug stick, ask a staff member.

EliteNeon proposed increasing the AFK time limit to 60 minutes. This was denied as the server has enough performance troubles as it is (thanks Minecraft devs) and the AFK limit serves to kick inactive players and reduce loaded chunks. Staff asked members if we should lower it and was vehemently opposed by members.

Mega and Frumple will be doing some testing on their computers to see if they can possibly run the dynmap render of the New World locally and transfer it to Zeta, avoiding a maintenance day to do a render. If this doesn’t work, we will make an announcement and update when we plan to do the render on Zeta.

Keeping on, keeping on

Starting out the GSM, Frumple had a few comments on the year and addressed concerns about whether he would shut down the server following the events of October 4th and other minor arguments that have flared.

The server lease has been renewed for 1 more year. There are strings attached, however:

  • As many may know, the staff haven’t been running as many events recently. This is mainly due to IRL commitments such as work, university, etc. We still make time to help run the server but our time is much smaller. That isn’t to say events are fundamentally dead. Many members have stepped up to the plate with different events. We love to see that and would encourage more of that.
  • Expect better server accountability. Given all the changes that we have tried to make as staff, we hope this has made it easier for you to bring any concerns to us.
  • For the sake of his well-being, Frumple has decided to shrink his presence on the server. That isn’t to say he’s going away. He still runs essential tasks for the server, guiding staff, and helping with disputes.
  • Try to learn skills to get along with others
  • If a player is clearly not reasonable and not willing to listen or understand, don’t be surprised if Frumple indefinitely bans them.

I would recommend to read the full statement linked below to read Frumple’s exact words and for more details.

Updates! Get your Updates!

On Monday, January 11th, all MRT services will be down at 5PM UTC (9AM PST). Expect it to be a few hours as we will be doing the following updates:

  • Servers
    • Main Server will be switching from AMP to Pterodactyl.
    • Paper and plugins will be updated on Beta after successful Beta testing.
  • Wiki
    • Mediawiki update to 1.35
    • UploadWizard extension will be added.
    • Some updates for mobile viewing will be done.

New Mod!

We considered two nominees for moderator, Echohue and MC_Protocol. Out of the two, Echohue was promoted to moderator, following a successful majority For votes. Congrats, Echo!

Now that we’ve had the moderator nominations underway for a while, we’ve wanted to give some feedback on the quality of the nominations that we’ve seen. There have been long nominations (such as 10 pages for one candidate) and short ones (like 1 page). We don’t have a length requirement however we encourage you to take a good look at your nomination and make sure it gets your points across in a clear and concise manner. In addition, make sure your evidence backs up your points for why that person should be a staff member.

Skele proposed adding a general rule around sharing private messages in public. This was accepted. The website will be updated soon with this text:

Do not share private conversations to a third party without the consent of the person(s) in the conversation. The unauthorized sharing of private conversations is illegal in some jurisdictions in addition to being an unethical violation of privacy. Because of this, it is not okay to leak private conversations without permission even if it is done outside of MRT services. If something that happens in a private conversation requires the attention of Staff, do not draw attention to it in public; instead, discreetly email the details of the incident to the Staff.

From Here to There

Aurora International Airport (AIX) & Shared Airport Discussion by CaptainObi/Johngi/JavaIsBetter/DintyB/Needn_NL/ModernArt (Aurora Team) was denied. There was a very healthy discussion over the proposal to build a large shared airport in the NW near Carnousie, Kaloro City, Skogheim, Lakeborough, and Norwest. Staff thought it was novel idea to build one large airport for the area vs multiple tiny airfields however the main concern was over the spacing/intergration of the towns in the region. For Aurora, they agreed to build up more infrastructure and found another town in between Carnoustie and Kaloro to help bridge the gap between Carnoustie and the rest of the region. Also, staff split out the A84 (and approved it) from their plans to help their integration plans as seen below. JavaIsBetter will be heading up the road construction of this A road. Aurora posted their discord in #auxillary-discords so any member can view/give feedback on the AIX progress. Given that this is the first of a kind, this GSM served to help discuss expectations/standards of how to judge these projects. In the future, we hope that AIX becomes a standard of how we will judge similar regional proposals.

Delvin Street Pedestrianization by EliteNeon was denied. The proposal that was sent in didn’t give a compelling argument to change the current design of the street in the area. Staff also asked Elite to remove the 2020 US Election Board from his plot since the 2020 elections have concluded in the States.

A15 + B287 by mibu1223 has been approved. Here’s a map of the roads for context.

B417 by Avaneesh2008 has been conditionally approved with staff guiding construction. There were some concerns over the proposal to stick to 1 elevation versus going with the terrain so we will keep a close eye and help Avaneesh as he builds it.

Auchendale Inactive Town Bypass by i____7d was approved. [Obligatory insert “newrail flr go brrr” joke here]

Make it Rain

We had a lot of events that requested event funding. Can’t wait to see them in action!

The Great MRT Riddle by sasha9076 was approved. This will start end of January/early February.

Get to X Tournament (Name Change Pending) by Avaneesh2008 was approved. We did ask Avaneesh to update the name as the description of the events taking place aren’t in the spirit of Get to X. This event will take place during January and February so stay peeled.

SuperTuxKart Rapid Racing by underscorepie was approved. Last session went well and pie decided to return with another session. This one is set for January 23rd at 7PM UTC.

London’s Pub Quiz: January 2021 by LondonThameslink was approved based off the success of his past sessions. We did suggest to London to shrink the amount of questions due to concerns over the length. If you have any feedback from past sessions, make sure to share it with him too!

The Great MRT Build-Off by daltdisneyland was approved. Dalt’s planning to air in February so keep alert for a ping in Discord.

Can I have this?

The GSM saw a lot of Inactive Asset Transfer requests:

  • Sweet Sand Dunes (requested by Noahrebl_) has been denied due to concerns over wanting to redo his current town. Staff encourage him to focus on that town for the time being.
  • Orel Airways (requested by time2makemymove) has been denied due to concerns over trying to just get a gate at the airport and that he didn’t try to contact the original owner, MishkaMan. The only asset of the airline was a gate at Kolpino City. If Mishka doesn’t reply by next ISM, time can resubmit.
  • Insula Montes Lanark-Laclede Express Station (requested by HarborRandom) has been approved.
  • Voltorb Kinetics (requested by Hightech_TR) has been approved on the condition that he doesn’t charge for the designs as he didn’t create the designs originally.
  • Villedyn (requested by decorminecraft) has been denied as the town was already given to Camelicano in August 2020.

Next staff meeting will be the ISM on January 30th at 7PM UTC. Can’t wait to see ya then!

– Sese

November 2020 GSM Results

Hiya, Sese here! And with that, it’s time for the news from the November 14th GSM.

Yellow Gang (New Premier)

This GSM, we reviewed the town of Oparia for Premier. With a vote of 8 For and 0 Against, kyyl joins the rank of Premiers on the server. He had this to say at the GSM:

I joined the MRT for the first time on the 2nd of April, 2020. I was really bored during COVID and after looking at 3 city maps, I thought, “maybe there are some servers for this kind of thing.” I’ve spent my time here for a little over seven months, and it has been fun (most) of the ride. This, no matter what the results at the GSM are, has been one of the fun parts. One of the reasons I’ve really stuck around here has been the community. I’ve made connections here that I definitely could not have done just strolling down the street, and I’m really grateful for that. But this isn’t about my belonging (which will be discussed in approximately 15 minutes), it’s about my city. I really loved making Oparia from the start to the finish. EliteNeon was the first person to come to Oparia, setting up a wooden dock at my Downtown for easy access to his town of New Mackinaw as well as to what would have been the RoE Capital. From then on, Oparia grew to have 160 buildings to this date, and that growth even astonishes me. It astonishes me because I’m really not that creative. I love following a format and just doing the same thing over and over again, Oparia looks like to a small extent, but there’s also a lot of original design and good builds there that I’ve ended up quite proud of. Oparia really has been quite the project and this has been quite the server to do it on. Thanks for all the support and stay tuned for moderator nominations!

Gold Gang (New Mods!)

As we mentioned in the past GSMs/ISMs, this GSM featured the new moderator nomination process. We had 4 candidates who were up for debate at this GSM. Out of that, 2 were promoted. Congrats to kyyl/KyleFrb and daltdisneyland! Click below to see all of the candidates we discussed and candidates who received one nomination. Remember that candidates need 2 nominations to be discussed at GSMs/discord review channels.

Server Updates

On November 17th, Main server has updated to 1.16.4! Make sure to update your launchers if you haven’t connected to the server since the update. Some new things include:

  • GSit has replaced RFChairs
    • /lay to lie down and make snoring sounds
    • /crawl to crawl around
    • You can sit on other people now!
  • //setbiome and //regen don’t make the server panic so admods can do them now by request
  • You can now use your scroll wheel to select floors on a Lift. Right click on a [Lift] sign with no item to enable it. The old way of clicking a sign with an item still works.

Frumple has cancelled planning the survival server due to the events of October and the influx of new staff who will need onboarding. That isn’t to say that it will never happen but won’t happen for the foreseeable future.

Now, on to the other proposals at the GSM!

Rule Changes

Some rule changes are on the horizon based on two proposals that Frumple showed at the GSM.

First off, we will be adding Rule #13 (centered around voicechat conversations):

13. Do not record voicechat conversations without consent.Recording public events such as staff meetings and member events are exempt. Also, any voicechat evidence presented to staff or for moderator feedback will be dismissed unless it is particularly egregious or illegal.

Second, staff have decided to take a pro-LGBT, anti-racist, anti-sexist stance. Based on current climate around us, we believe that everyone should be comfortable and that should apply to this server. Staff members will be expected to enforce the rules against any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. In short, treat each other with respect. Or as Bill and Ted said “be excellent to each other and party on!”. Official wording for this one is still being worked on by Frumple and will be updated on the main site in the future.

Community Topics

Godzilltrain proposed moving the Premier City voting to the Public Portion of GSM. This was discussed for a good chunk of time but ended up with no changes to the current process due to worries over members messing with staff during a vote.

We accepted a proposal from kyyl and CodyHM to add pronoun roles such as he/him, she/her, and they/them. You can add them to your discord profile through the #selfassign-roles channel on discord.

kyyl submitted a proposal to increase the recommended build count for Governor to 80. Based on feedback from members and staff, the decision was made to raise it to 70 so it still has a curve from Senator to Governor to Premier.

sasha9076 proposed adding @media and @event roles to discord so people wouldn’t have to use @everyone pings. This was denied based on the media/events channel setup we have currently. You can set your notifications for certain messages and pings by channel in Discord. If you have any questions on how to discord, ask an admod and we will gladly help you out!

Central City Revamp

There has been a lot of talk around changes to Central City. This GSM featured a proposal from wipeout111 to remove old buildings (mainly buildings with incomplete exteriors) and open new plots for construction. This sparked a lot of constructive conversation between the community. For now, we tabled this proposal for now to allow AP_Red to conduct an inventory of what builds we currently have in Central City. With this information, we can better evaluate the situation of all builds in Central City.

In addition, CentralLink Metro is currently amid a renovation by multiple members. AP_Red is heading this up with multiple members so contact him if you would like to renovate a CentralLink Metro station!

Roads? Roads!

B97 from Fuxemburg to Beachview was approved.

B845 from Roadonia to Birchwood was approved.

A12 bypass/reproposal was approved

B53 from Redwood to Metromso was approved.

Hold my Taco for my Burrito

XIX TacoBurritoAThon was approved. Tentative dat is Saturday, December 12th at 19:00 UTC. It will be held in Hendon with Skelezomperman and LondonThameslink heading it up. Message Skele if you want to participate!

Is It Cold in Here or Just Me?

Brrrr, Arctic line extension has been completed from Snowtopic (A32) to Kaloro City – Pine Park (A53). With it being opened, all stations are currently claimable!

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap on all of the fun stuff. Stay safe and wash your hands

– Sese

October 2020 GSM Results

Hi all! Sese on the propaganda this time. First for everything and there’s a lot to unpack from this GSM so buckle up, folks!

Given the events from the past week, people have released various statements. In addition, people have provided more evidence of various players breaking server rules. One thing of evidence was a groupchat between MRT members in 2018, originally on the creation of an airline alliance. This groupchat would later be used as informal communication between the members. In this chat, members of this chat shared personal information of a member on the MRT and harassed said member behind their back.

This evidence, combined with what we have, is now being reclassified as “inconclusive” in determining who was responsible for the 2018 doxxing incident, specifically in the initial finding of information. Because of this, we are rescinding _Kastle’s double warning and retracting our original charges and an apology has been issued to _Kastle for our earlier decision based on weak evidence. We are keeping _Kastle’s termination in place however, so he won’t be able to return to the staff.

Three members will be receiving indefinite bans because of explicit and egregious harassment: woorich999, camelfantasy, and Frosty_Creeper10.

time2makemymove will be receiving a double warning for making highly disrespectful comments towards certain members, and for standing by the more egregious harassment from the other three.

New Mod Process and Current Staff Audit

In light of all the staffing changes, a new moderator nomination process was unveiled at the GSM. This is in effect now so you can nominate people for moderator for the November GSM.

Here’s the highlights:

  • All submitted moderator nominations will be shown on the public portion of the GSM agenda. These nominations can be of any quality or detail, however it is strongly encouraged to have screenshots or chat logs.
  • When a member has received 2 nominations, they will be asked by staff if they are actually interested in the position. If they are, they will remain on the list of nominees and be subject to any and all feedback from other members and staff. Otherwise, they will be removed from consideration.
  • Members have the option to be removed from any future consideration for the moderator position at any time.
  • Moderator nominations will now close 1 week before the GSM, instead of the usual deadline for all other topics 2 days before.
  • During the 1 week before the GSM, members and staff will be given the chance to submit additional feedback (positive or negative) on the candidates. Separate temporary Discord channels will be made for discussing each candidate, while #forum will remain open for discussion of all other GSM topics.
  • All nominations and feedback cannot be submitted anonymously.
  • All members and staff will be responsible for addressing and reacting to all feedback in a civil and respectful manner. Those that cannot maturely give or receive such feedback may be given warnings.
  • Frumple retains the power to veto any moderator candidates that he does not think would be a good fit for the staff team. If Frumple chooses to veto, he will notify members and staff and provide a reasoning for the veto.

Staff will openly discuss the candidates in the public portion, but they will still make the final decision on whether to promote or reject a candidate. A candidate must receive a simple 50% majority of “For” votes from staff, and they must not receive more than 2 “Against” votes.

Here’s a timeline for how the new process will work:

New Moderator Nomination Timeline

In addition to the process for new mods, we also decided on a audit system for current staff. Similar to the new moderator nomination process, you can submit positive/negative feedback over a current staff member to Frumple. We don’t expect any staff changes from this but we will use the feedback as a way to improve.

Below are the weeks where each staff member will be up for review.

Week Staff Up for Review
October 17 – 23 Frumple, chiefbozx, godzilltrain, unjinz, mineman
October 24 – 30th Sesese9, megascatterbomb, Cynra_, Vulpicula
October 31st – November 6th MinecraftYoshi26, AP_Red, VickiTori, Tom_Pairs
November 7th – November 13th New Moderator Candidates Up for Consideration
Staff Audit Timeline

Main Server Update to 1.16.4

Main server will be updating soon to 1.16.4. Beta is up currently to test but so far we haven’t had any major issues except one:

  • ArmorStandTools is not compatible with 1.16 and will be disabled when we update. Current armor stands will still exist (verified on beta) and we are evaluating possible replacements at this time.

Discord Updates

We had quite a few proposals about discord channels and we opted to make a few of them into survey questions in order to gauge members opinion.

One change has already been implemented: #events has been split into #event-announcements and #event-discussion. This was due to lots of side discussion happening in #events drowning out announcements. This allows people to set notifications on for #event-announcements without worry of spammed notifications.

The following survey questions have been posted in Discord as of this post:

  • Do you approve of adding a new #memes Discord channel, dedicated for memes separate from random talk/posts in #random channel?
  • Do you approve of adding a #history Discord channel, for the discussion of IRL history. Alternatively, do you approve of adding an #irl-general channel instead, for the discussion of IRL topics that don’t belong in any other IRL channel?
  • Do you approve of adding a permanent slowmode to #media channel and/or splitting #media channel into two channels for announcements and discussion?


BillionPenny483 proposed a Uniform Road Signage System for A and B roads on the MRT. We declined this proposal since we felt that road builders should not be punished if they don’t sign a road. Now, any signage is better than none at all. Other players have created signage all across the MRT to use.

  • If you want to update the signage on an A road, email staff to get approval.
  • If you want to update the signage on a B road, contact the road owner to get approval.

New Extension Opening

godzilltrain has opened the Expo East Extension 2 from Bawktown South (XE42) to East Mesa (XE52). All stations except the previously mentioned along the route are open for claiming and subject to normal claiming rules.

Wew. *wipes forehead* I think that’s all. If you have any questions, staff are always here so don’t hesitate to reach out. For me, let me know your thoughts on how I did this edition of propaganda as I will be helping write them in the future.

– Sese