Staff Meetings

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Announcements of, and from, General Staff Meetings – conventions of the staff which occur about once a month.

June 2018 GSM Results

Hello all! The June GSM is now over, and we managed to get it done in three and a half hours, even though we had a record-breaking number of topics in Section One. Thanks to everyone who submitted items for discussion, so let’s talk about what happened! As always, the […]

May 2018 GSM Results

Hey everyone! Here’s what happened at today’s GSM. As usual, the video recording of the public portion is available here. New Administrator! Immediately before the GSM was an Administrative Staff Meeting (ASM), at which we confirmed the promotion of CynraSilver (formerly known as mfish125 or mikefishr). He’ll be getting set up […]

April 2018 GSM Results

Hello everyone! The April 2018 GSM has concluded. It was a much shorter meeting (he says, proceeding to write 1,600+ words anyway) than the last few, but there were still some important conversations, and we’ve got announcements to share! The video recording of the public portion is now available for viewing […]

March 2018 GSM Results: Spring Break Edition

Hi everyone! We are pleased to announce the results of the March 2018 “Spring Break Edition” of the General Staff Meeting. The public portion is available on YouTube here. For those planning ahead, our next (still unnamed) GSM will be April 14, 2018 at 7pm UTC, with the topic submission cutoff […]

February 2018 GSM Results

Hi all, the February 2018 GSM this past weekend has concluded. Once again the public portion was streamed on Frumple’s Twitch channel, and a recording of this is available here. Rule Changes In response to the changing community, the original rule banning any sexually suggestive builds has been lightened, which […]