Staff Meetings

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Announcements of, and from, General Staff Meetings – conventions of the staff which occur about once a month.

February GSM Agenda and Calendar

Hey folks! We hope you’re enjoying the new website theme. And it includes pretty pictures, yaay! The next GSM is coming up soon. We have TENTATIVELY scheduled it for February 7, 2015. As we are still pinning down schedules, this date is subject to change over the next couple of weeks, […]

January 2015 GSM Results

UPDATE: Recording for the public portion is now available here.   Hey folks! Here are your announcements from yesterday’s meeting. The public portion of the meeting was recorded and will be posted here soon – probably in the next day or so. (Frumple is checking that he did name the […]

Some announcements, including the next GSM

Hey folks, Two moderators, Music3_0 and yeamanator132, resigned from the staff yesterday. We thank them both for their numerous contributions to the server and its community over the time that they’ve been on board. If you have questions or concerns about this, please email the admins at admin [at] In other […]