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May 2022 ISM Results

Hi all, Here are the results of the May 2022 ISM. Agenda Minutes Inactive Asset Transfers An IAT for Auchendale submitted by _Z3NO_ has been rejected due to insufficient attempts to contact the original owner Martii_Scots01, and that Z3NO’s town of Welchett does not appear to be currently close enough […]

May 2022 GSM Results + April 2022 GSM/ISM Results

Hi all, The May 2022 GSM has recently concluded. However, before we get those results, since I was not available for the month of April, I will need to write up the results from April 2022 GSM and ISM as well. So here comes one mega post for all three […]

BluRail Culinary Srvics Apologizs for Mold Outbrak

TRANQUIL FOREST — In a regularly scheduled Form 707 filing with the Biwabik Stonk Exchange and Tranquil Forest Stock Exchange, BluRail today announced that while its Culinary Services division had completed the development of its new onboard food and beverage offering, one cookie batch had been accidentally left in a Jim’s […]

March 2022 ISM Results

Hello. This ISM contains 2 road proposals. Here are the results. The meeting agenda and minutes can be accessed here: Agenda Minutes B982 from Nibel to A980 This B-road proposed by DNAmaster10 has been approved. The coloured regions of the map are: Filipowice Bechtel Niwen Nibel B532 from Seolho to […]

March 2022 GSM Results

Hi, Here are the results for the March 2022 GSM. The meeting agenda and minutes can be accessed using the following links: Agenda Minutes Premier voting for Miu Wan postponed Due to only 5 staff members in attendance at this GSM, we have chosen to postpone consideration of Miu Wan […]