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New Rule and Backup Changes

Hey all, We’ve added a new rule regarding dispensers: Dispensers are allowed, but do not use them to dispense lava, water, or spawn eggs. Also, I’ve been doing some tweaking with the backup scripts in an attempt to reduce lag and mass disconnects from the server. Backups now run every […]

Two cool announcements and MRTSw5

Hey all, I’ve got a couple cool announcements for you tonight. First, thomasfyfe has been made a contributor to The Snapshot! You might see footage from him every now and then (including this week — thanks Thomas!), or interviews or whatever from his perspective. Check out his Minecraft / alternate YouTube channel blobstudiosALT, […]

MRTSw4 + new Snapshot page

In case you didn’t figure that out, MRTSw4 is short for “MRT Snapshot week 4”. It’s up on my channel as usual. Also, there’s a new place where all of the Snapshot episodes will hang out from now on so that the homepage blog won’t be cluttered up with Snapshot […]

Spleef Tournament Details!

UPDATE: The Early Bird (first) tournament time has changed. It will now occur at 1:00 PM Pacific, 4:00 PM Eastern, 9:00 PM GMT. My apologies for the incorrect GMT time conversions earlier. If you need to switch tournaments, let me know. So, I’ve got the Spleef tourney details ready! Before […]

The Snapshot, Episode 3

I’ve uploaded Episode 3 of The Snapshot to my YouTube channel as expected. Details of the Spleef tournament will be announced sometime this week, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday to give you enough time to get registered. If there is enough interest, we’ll schedule a PVP tournament as well. If you […]