April 2018 GSM Results

Hello everyone! The April 2018 GSM has concluded. It was a much shorter meeting (he says, proceeding to write 1,600+ words anyway) than the last few, but there were still some important conversations, and we’ve got announcements to share!

The video recording of the public portion is now available for viewing here.

Update 2018-04-18: The dynmap render has now concluded. You can view the updated dynmap here.

Staffing updates

Two moderators — Omricon and Ortem — have been demoted due to prolonged inactivity, and administrator BaronThamesBank has voluntarily stepped down. We are grateful to all three for all of their contributions to the server and community during their combined ten years of service, and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

BaronThamesBank and Omricon are now both [Senator]s, while Ortem is now a [Trustee].

We did not offer trial mod positions to any new candidates at this GSM, but we will be evaluating staffing levels at the next few GSMs in preparation for the busy summer season. If you’d like to nominate someone for the moderator position, please let us know.

New World Dynmap Render Starts April 15/16

Due to its size, the New World is not rendered fully on dynmap on a regular basis, but rather approximately twice a year (in addition to localized renders as requested). The last render was in September, and now that many students are preparing for exams, traffic is low enough that we can run our dynmap render this week before The Mole 9 starts on Saturday, April 21.

The New World dynmap render will begin at 4:00 AM UTC on Monday, April 16, and may take up to four full days to complete. A few other things to keep in mind during the rendering process:

  • No WorldEdits will be permitted while the render is in progress.
  • Players who use Schematica are asked to refrain from using the printer function until the render finishes.
  • Renders of other worlds will be cancelled this week and will resume on their regular schedule next week.
  • Reminders will be provided at regular intervals in game.
  • We expect the rendering process to cause lag – this is normal, so please don’t complain about it as there is nothing we can do about it.
  • Redstone devices may be slightly more out of sync than normal. Please take extra care while building or operating redstone devices, as they may produce unexpected results.

Thank you for your cooperation while we update the dynmap! We’re excited to see how much your cities and towns have grown since the last time we’ve updated the full map.

Update 2018-04-18: The render is now complete. WorldEdits and Schematica printing are now permitted once again. Thank you for your cooperation!

New plugins: Citizens and DiscordSRV

We’ve opened the beta server for public testing, and would love your feedback on two new plugins: Citizens and DiscordSRV. We plan to install these on the main server in the next few weeks.

We are fixing issues as fast as they are reported – permission issues with Citizens should now be all fixed, and some tweaks have been made on the staff-specific channels on DiscordSRV.

Two new changes for Citizens specifically that we will carry over to the main server:

  • Trustees and above can spawn most types of NPCs, but ghasts and ender dragons are restricted to staff.
  • The number of NPCs you can spawn will increase gradually with your rank as follows, much like personal homes:
    • [Trustee]: 5 NPCs
    • [Councillor]: 10 NPCs
    • [Mayor]: 20 NPCs
    • [Senator]: 30 NPCs
    • [Governor]: 50 NPCs
    • [Premier]: 100 NPCs
    • Staff: Unlimited

As always, please send us your feedback and bug reports while you test these plugins out.

Smaller community-issue updates

  • In response to a question that arose at the last GSM, there is no policy or rule prohibiting players from selling towns for in-game money. Please be reasonable about this; if we find that towns are being “flipped” (purchased and then re-sold for profit), auctioned unfairly, or other activities that are unfair or unwelcoming, we may ban this practice in the future. Furthermore, agreements of payment are private matters between the buyer and seller; staff members will not record the amount of payment and we will not help you collect on it if the buyer refuses to pay. If you choose to sell your town for a price, you are still responsible for emailing the staff to let us know of the transfer.
  • A new Discord channel #entertainment has been created, to facilitate discussion of other pop-culture topics including movies and TV shows. Please keep musical discussion to #music, and memes to #random or the subreddit.
  • Frumple will be enabling SVG file uploads on the wiki in the near future.


We received seven proposals for roads and approved six of them:

  • An extension to the B54 from Malliston to Paixton, proposed by jamess__, has been approved.
  • An unnumbered B-road, proposed by MojangChan to connect Deadbush to Totswoth, has been approved and numbered B60.
  • Phase One of the B82, proposed by CrazyRocketGuy to connect Armada to Snowdin, has been partially approved. The portion of the road up to Snowdin is good to go, with the exception of the connection to Cicero (A28).
  • The B94, proposed by SoSo123 to connect Stoneedge and Quiris, has been approved. Since these towns are close together (within about 300 blocks), a formal proposal was not needed to build a road between them, so long as both players were okay with the project. However, we have approved this project and reserved the number B94 in case either player wishes to extend the road further.
    • Players who wish to build roads to a town within 300 blocks of their own do not need GSM approval. If you plan on extending the road beyond your two towns would like to build it as a B-road, please email us to reserve your road number. Full GSM approval is still required for A-roads and longer or disjoint B-roads.
  • An extension to the A4, proposed by Just_robinho to continue bringing the A4 due east to the terminus of the Forest Line, has been approved.
  • An extension to the A1, proposed by the United Cities Transit Committee, has been partially approved and amended. We have approved the proposed alignment up to ZN32, as well as a direct alignment that goes straight through ZN25 and ZN26, as neither of these stations have substantial enough development to be called “claimed”. This road must stop before reaching Chalxior and any further extensions proposed at a future GSM.
  • An extension of the A8, proposed by EliteNeon to run between Vegeta and Rank Resort via ZN43, has been denied. EliteNeon has not secured any permissions from town mayors along the route and sent in screenshots of the dynmap from a mobile device. Before this extension can be re-submitted, all mayors along the route must approve of the road, and maps cannot be submitted as screenshots from a mobile phone as they are too small.

Property auctions

We received six requests for property auctions and approved all of them:

  • C65/D23 Canre: Transferred to jamess__.
  • D21: Transferred to CaptLincoln.
  • ZS16: Transferred to Minecrafts000.
  • MRT Phone Network: Transferred to Frosty_Creeper10.
  • SkyWest Airlines: Transferred to Cortesi.
  • Yelo Corporation: Transferred to BernCow.

Miscellaneous topics

This time around our “Other” section was actually quite full of miscellaneous projects and requests:

  • A proposal by MindBender to relocate A9 (Radiance Square) Station underground has been denied. We think there is plenty of space near A9 for MindBender to work with, and buildings are allowed to straddle the tracks (just be reasonable about the clearance). If there is a clear need for above-ground space and a plan to use the newly freed space in place, we may reconsider this proposal at a later date.
  • The next line to open will be the MRT Southern Line East (SLE). It is currently being constructed with one station missing, SE13 Southport. The station will be installed at a later date, but the line is cleared to finish construction and open at the next GSM, possibly without SE13 for now. Look for a station request form in the near future!
  • The Jungle Line North (JLN) is now open between JS1 and JN16. The following stations have been awarded to players. Please note: by the time you see this post, the other stations may have been claimed, but they’re certainly worth a look if you’re looking to start a new town!
    • JN15 and JN16: CaptainChimpy (Verdantium)
    • JN12: existing town
    • JN11: Kel5
    • JN7: CaptLincoln
    • JN6: existing town
  • The next GSM has not been scheduled yet, for those planning ahead.


Yes, an “other” topic that warrants its own heading, because several actions came out of the discussion.

An ownership dispute at F15-P17 was discussed after Callumjk brought it to our attention that the buildings he built there had been razed by other players. As we have no written record that Callumjk is the rightful owner of the stations and surrounding town, F15-P17 will be up for general auction at the next GSM. Any player (including Callumjk) who would like to take ownership may request it by emailing the staff.

However! Because the town was completely destroyed without the use of WorldEdit, and a rail line was damaged in the process, the town has been rolled back to its prior state and the players who took it over have been issued with double warnings. We consider this to be one of the most egregious cases of griefing we’ve seen in a long time. In fact, when we started investigating, there was no trace of Callumjk’s town anywhere except the CoreProtect logs, and approximately 200 chunks of space were affected by the damage.

So, to recap: F15-P17 has been rolled back and is now up for general auction.

The Mole 9

Unrelated to the staff meeting, but undoubtedly an exciting event nonetheless: The Mole returns this Saturday, April 21 at 7pm UTC for its ninth season. You can learn more about the game and rules on its wiki page here.

Thanks all!


March 2018 GSM Results: Spring Break Edition

Hi everyone! We are pleased to announce the results of the March 2018 “Spring Break Edition” of the General Staff Meeting. The public portion is available on YouTube here.

For those planning ahead, our next (still unnamed) GSM will be April 14, 2018 at 7pm UTC, with the topic submission cutoff at 7pm UTC on April 12. Please double check what time this is for you as many countries will be switching to or from Daylight Saving Time over the next few weeks.

Staffing update

As many of you know, hntredtie has stepped down from the Moderator position to focus on his academic work. We are grateful to hnt and thank him for all of the contributions he has made to the server, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

We are pleased to report that megascatterbomb will be joining the staff ranks as a Trial Moderator – congratulations and welcome aboard to Mega! (We did identify and offer the position to a second candidate, who declined the offer.)

Transit hubs are permitted at all ranks

We define a transit hub (loosely) as a structure, or set of structures connected via pedestrian walkways, that either (a) permit passengers to change between local (intra-city) and regional (inter-city) transit, (b) is a stop or station for four or more lines, or (c) is a stop or station served by two or more agencies or companies.

We are now permitting unincorporated towns (those that have not yet reached Councillor) to build transit hubs. Previously, there was a rule where towns had to be Councillor or higher to build transit hubs, but that was never posted on the Rules page.

Please note that this is not a free-for-all and transit hubs and stations must be realistic and built in existing towns. We will keep an eye on new developments and may revisit this rule at a later date if we find unrealistic hubs being built, or hubs being built in the middle of nowhere. Hubs constructed outside of cities may be removed on sight.

Additionally, this does not change the Mayor requirement for editing MRT stations. If you wish to incorporate the MRT Station as part of your transit hub, you must wait until your town reaches the Mayor rank.

Claims must now have substantial development to remain

In the Construction Rules, we are changing “Claimed areas that have not been built on after two weeks will become unclaimed” to “Claimed areas that have not been built upon significantly after two weeks will become unclaimed”. This rule change is effective immediately.

This means that MRT stations, islands, random land patches, etc must have more than just a simple road or path in order to have the land claim honored. We expect to see a little more effort to secure a land claim (usually a few buildings will do).

Please ask a staff member if you’d like assistance with determining land parcel claim status, and whether a development counts as substantial — any staff member can check when a specific block was placed (just ask for a block check), and admins can check a broader range or roll back all edits made to an area.

Clarification of expectations on funded events

Effective immediately, all grant proposals MUST include a detailed budget for ALL income and expenses. This means hosts must disclose their full payout scheme, plus any registration fees, corporate sponsorships, or other sources of money that may come from other players directly, and any other expenses (like booking fees to pay to venue owners).

To be clear, events are permitted to get funding from sources other than server grants, but we need to know how these monies will be used. We will require a financial report at the end of the event before money will be distributed. Events that fail to follow these guidelines may have their funding revoked.

Existing events that have submitted a grant proposal do not need to resubmit unless they will be changing their finances. We will fund already-approved events according to the terms originally proposed.

Smaller announcements

  • A proposal to include landmarks as a part of Premier city reviews has been denied. We already require an “epic” landmark for Governor-ranked cities. If there are landmarks or other features that Premier candidates would like us to know about when conducting our review, there is a space on the form to indicate it, and these notes are read aloud before the review process starts.
  • A proposal to allow Members and Citizens to use fireworks has been denied for security reasons. We will improve signage in Central Park to point to the Welcome Center and warp hall to assist these players’ mobility around the server.
  • A full rendering of the New World dynmap will be scheduled for the end of April or start of May, when the number of active players is expected to drop. We will announce the dates in April once they are determined, as New World dynmap renders do take three or four days to complete.
  • The beta server is currently whitelisted to staff only, and will be opened to the general population in a few weeks. We are testing the Citizens and DiscordSRV plugins and would love your feedback.
  • Frumple will be setting up an OpenTTD server for MRT members. Details will be announced in Discord. He is currently seeking opinions on game settings as well as any mods to install. If you have experience in OpenTTD and would like to make any recommendations, please send these to Frumple via Discord PM or direct email.


We received two road proposals, both of which have been approved:

  • A230 Phase 3 by Kel5, which will extend the A230 to EN18.
  • B431 by sesese9, which will connect the A4 to P21/V19.

Property auctions

We received three proposals for asset auctions:

  • The town of Izumo has been transferred to ModernArt. Although Modern has a history of abandoning towns, this was his first town that he founded himself, so we are happy to give it back to him.
  • The airline of Yair, previously owned by Technological99, has been transferred to woorich999.
  • Ben Rail and the MRT Phone Network were requested by LithiumMirnuriX, but both have been denied because Lithium did not give a detailed reason why he wanted them.

Premier City Reviews

Kessler has become the ninth city to reach the rank of Premier, and we are delighted to honor lalaboy for his work on the city. Lala was not present to give an acceptance speech, but we will post it here as soon as one is written.

Activity Reviews

A few cities and towns had activity reviews due to actions at previous GSMs:

  • The town at V21, which has been requested by a few players, is now open for general auction. Aldranster50, the mayor of the town at V22, has failed to expand northward enough to justify an automatic claim, so we will permit anyone to request V21 at the next GSM. Please send your proposals to staff@.
  • The city of Mason City (C12) has been transferred to AlfiePops as hnt has not done any work on it since receiving it at a previous GSM.
  • As hnt is departing the server in addition to stepping down from the Moderator role, the city of Whitechapel (A10-A12) will be receiving a new caretaker. We are in the process of identifying who this will be.

That’s all for now – thanks all!

Chief (on behalf of the rest of the staff)

February 2018 GSM Results

Hi all, the February 2018 GSM this past weekend has concluded. Once again the public portion was streamed on Frumple’s Twitch channel, and a recording of this is available here.

Rule Changes

In response to the changing community, the original rule banning any sexually suggestive builds has been lightened, which now reads “No sexually explicit builds and comments in public chat channels“. The key difference here is that while slightly suggestive comments or builds are fine, you should avoid anything that could be considered crude.

In addition, a change in policy has been introduced for Senator, Governor and Premier promotions, whereby the time restriction of 4 weeks for Senator and Governor, and 8 weeks for Premier has been lifted.

Water Body Naming

Following on from when some of the lakes around the server were renamed in the November 2017 GSM. Please see the map below for the location of these water bodies, and the list below of the new official names

New Water Body Names:

  • #14: Gray Cloud Lake
  • #22: Wagtail Lake
  • #23: South Sea

MRT Lines

MRT v5.1, which is an improvement to the existing stations’ Departure Bays & Cart Loaders designed by godzilltrain and Lalaboy has been approved, and will be rolled out in the coming weeks across all MRT lines.

A new plan for the routing of the Southern, Island and Valley lines has been approved, which can be seen below (ignore the dashed line for the Valley Line, this was decided against):

Southern East Line

The Southern East line was proposed by godzilltrain and has been approved following the route shown above. A Google Form for signing up for stations will be provided later. Please note that the founding of any new towns along any extension route is prohibited until the extension is complete and the station has been assigned to a player.

Jungle Line

The northern part of the Jungle line was proposed by AP_Red and has been approved following the route shown above. A Google Form for signing up for stations will be provided later. Please note that the founding of any new towns along any extension route is prohibited until the extension is complete and the station has been assigned to a player.

Western Line

Following the completion of the line by chiefbozx, the following station allocations have been granted:

  • WS1 – Granted to BernCow
  • W0 through WN4 – Existing towns at all stations
  • WN7 – Granted to Minecrafter_11
  • WN8 through WN18 – Existing towns at all stations
  • WN19 – Available for claiming with permission of MC_Protocol
  • WN20 – Granted to FredTheTimeLord
  • WN21 – Granted to _ezzo
  • WN22 – Granted to _ShiniStudios_
  • WN24 & WN25- Existing town by NorthOfKorea
  • WN27 – Granted to InfamousColumbia
  • WN30 – Granted to I_90


  • A proposal by LithiumMirnurix to build the A59 has been denied as it is too ambitious, and it is unclear whether permission has been granted by nearby town owners.
  • Another proposal by LithiumMirnurix to build a link between the A746/A76 has been
  • denied as permission had not yet been granted from the nearby town of Kolpino City.
  • A proposal by Just_Robinho to build the B45 connecting from Lakeview to Bronte, as well as extending the A4 from Marblegate along the Forest Line has been approved.

Funding Requests

  • A funding request by Airplane320 for prizes for the Olympic Games, a twice-annual event, has been approved.
  • A request by Talonplays to organise a MiniGolf tournament has been denied as the project, which would have involved three large tournaments, is very ambitious. We have instead requested that Talonplays submits a request to fund just a single tournament, and depending on the outcome of this we will consider funding more in the future.
  • A request by LDShadowLord to fund the Evella Expo 2018 has been partially approved. LDShadowLord had originally asked for the server to cover both the prize money, as well as $150 for his time spent organising the event; however as he plans on charging for booths, we have only agreed to cover the costs of the prizes.


  • A proposal by mine_man_ to start drawing B-roads on Dynmap, in addition to the A-roads of which some have already been drawn, has been approved. These will be drawn in the coming months.
  • A proposal by LDShadowLord for a Cargo Airport in Evella has been denied for now as it was unclear whether the structure was less than 50% of the size of Evella. We have invited LDShadowLord to resubmit his proposal
  • A proposal by DevranTheBoyxD to move the MRT Station ZN30 underground through his town has been denied. We would be willing to reconsider this proposal once his town is larger.

Town & Company Auctions

  • A request by Fifi_2 to take over the station T50/NW26 has been approved.
  • A request by Jian_Zen to take over F31Saint Petersburg has been denied for now as his town is still a good distance away from the town. It was decided however that the station would be reserved for Jian_Zen if he were to expand closer in the future.
  • A request by Aldranster50 to take over the town around V21 has been denied for now as his town is still a good distance away from the town. It was decided however that the station would be reserved for Aldranster if he were to expand closer in the future.
  • A request by LithiumMirnurix to claim the area of Vietta Islands has been denied as he needs to show evidence that he can successfully build a town himself first.
  • A request by ArdyArd to take over the company ChimeRail has been approved.
  • A request by BernCow to take over the town around ZS25 has been approved.

CRPB 21 Results and Western Line Claims Open!

Hello everyone! Two announcements for you:

City Rank Promotion Batch #21 Results

There were no promotions to [Senator], but there were two promotions to [Governor]! Congratulations to:

  • Sirots of Dabecco, F8/F9/F10
  • time2makemymove of Venceslo, ZS20

Feedback to all candidates is available here, as always. We’re excited to start reviewing the cities of CRPB 22!

If you’d like to be considered for CRPB 23 for promotion on April 1, please fill out the CRPB request form by March 1. Premier cities will next be reviewed at the Heart-Shaped GSM on February 17; those submissions are due via the CRPB form on Thursday, February 15 at 7:00 pm UTC.

Western Line North station requests now available

I’ve been working on the WLN (Western Line North) over the past few weeks and will get another chunk done this upcoming weekend. The line will open on February 17, immediately after the GSM.

The updated alignment, including new station codes, is as follows:

As of this posting, stations WS1, W0, and WN1-WN18 are installed and ready to go. Stations WS1, WN5-WN7, WN19-WN24, and WN26-WN30 are available for requests, and WN30 and WN22 carry inactive town auctions.

Request your Western Line station here! Note that, with the exception of WN5 and WN6, this process is independent of the Expo West extension. mikefishr is working on that project and we will provide updates as soon as they are available. As WLN station requests will be approved at the GSM, these requests are due Thursday, February 15 at 7:00 pm UTC.

We’re excited to open the next MRT line in just a couple weeks!

<3, Chief

January 2018 GSM Results

Hello everyone! The January 2018 GSM has ended. Lots of exciting things happened, so let’s talk about them! This was a long meting, so it’s a long post… sorry ’bout that.

You can watch the public portion on YouTube here.

Guests are subject to additional scrutiny for now

Due to an ongoing incident with former members, Guests are currently subjected to additional scrutiny and restrictions:

  • Membership applications are open, but subject to much more strict review than previously.
  • Guests’ accounts are subject to verification and integrity checks by admins upon connection.
  • Suspicious accounts may, as always, be banned on sight.

Guests who have been banned by mistake should email admin [at] minecartrapidtransit.net to discuss their situation. Guests who would like to use chat, along with all the other features available to members, should apply for membership.

These extra restrictions will remain in place until further notice.

Boat rule clarifications

We are adding a few rules to boat lines to improve realism. The following rules are in effect immediately for boats used as transport:

  • Boats must have a realistic method of boarding at each port of call. Docks, piers, and tender ships are all examples of acceptable boarding methods.
  • Boats must be able to travel realistically between all ports of call (similar to buses needing roads, and warp train lines needing the physical rail links). This means they must fit through all canals and bridges along their route.
  • Warp signs must be placed on or inside the boat itself, not adjacent to it.

Boats that are not in compliance have until March 1 to become compliant. Canal owners and city mayors are not required to modify their canals and bridges to accommodate you, but we encourage you to work together if necessary. (The burden of compliance lies with the boat operator.)

Additionally, note that seaplanes fall under the airport and airfield rules. Cities wishing to build seaplane bases must reach the Senator rank before doing so.

Lottery increases

We are making tweaks to the lottery to increase jackpot sizes. The jackpot will now start at $100 (up from $20) and each player will be permitted to purchase up to 25 tickets (at $1 each). We may tweak these values further if necessary at future GSMs.

Beta server and new plugins

Frumple will be setting up the beta server in the coming days (watch the status page for updates) for everyone to test some new plugins:

  • Citizens allows players to add NPCs (non-player characters) to their cities to breathe life into them, or to create characters for adventure maps. These characters can be stationary or can be programmed to move around.
  • FastAsyncWorldedit adds some technical optimizations to improve the effects of WorldEdit, hopefully decreasing the amount of lag generated when performing large operations.
  • MoveCraft will not be installed on either Epsilon or Beta as we believe it has the potential to increase lag and cause damage if used improperly, though we appreciate the suggestion.
  • We will also be enabling the default Minecraft world border for testing. This is a purely cosmetic change; the size of the worlds will not be changing, but we’re testing out what having a marker for the edge of the world could look like. We would especially appreciate your feedback on this.

We’ll post here once the beta server is up and running. Once it is, remember that all rules apply on the beta server, except that griefing is allowed in the context of experimentation and testing plugins. We’d love to hear your feedback – just email the staff if you’ve got thoughts on how we can improve the experience for everyone.

/rangedspy is now available for all staff

Mods now have access to the /rangedspy command, which allows them to monitor local channels from anywhere in the world. This command has historically been available only to admins.

This was a point of great discussion during the meeting. We interpret the local channel as a public forum that players can join without the knowledge of those actively involved in a conversation, similar to a project channel, and therefore the local channel falls under the jurisdiction of mods. (Real-time access to private messages and party chats is available only to admins.) Players wishing to maintain a private conversation with controlled access should do so via PMs or party chats.

MRT Extensions

Two MRT line extensions are in the works, after the successful opening of the Zephyr North extension (ZNX), Desert Line extension phase 1 (DLX1), and Forest Line extension (FLEX).

The first is an extension that I’ll be building in the near future, that was actually approved last GSM, but we forgot to post it. The Western Line North branch and Expo West Extension (WLN and XWX1) will be the next lines to be extended, according to the image below (though final station alignments and numbers are subject to change). This line runs parallel to the Taiga Line at T31 to T36, but not T46-T50. As per usual, stations may not be claimed until the lines are officially opened; I will announce here when they are ready for requests.

The next line to be extended after these will be the Valley Line. godzilltrain will be submitting a more detailed proposal for review at the next GSM.


We reviewed four road proposals during this meeting:

  • The A52, proposed by mine_man_ to connect the A51 (near Matheson) to Elecna Bay, has been approved.
  • A modification to the A51, proposed by time2makemymove to move the carriageway underground in Venceslo (ZS20), has been approved. (time2 is the mayor of Venceslo.)
  • The B89, a scenic byway proposed by Ardyle to run between New Woodbury and Armada, has been approved.
  • An extension of the A230, proposed by FredTheTimeLord to connect the A30 to Kel5’s project near EN17/EN18, has been approved. We did note that there is a similar B230 road/proposal in the area that fffelix_jan is working on, so we would like Fred to coordinate with Felix before building.


  • A proposal by Purrcat2010 to preserve the swamplands in the far northwest of the Epsilon expansion as a nature preserve has been denied.
  • A funding request for a hotel building competition at ZN39, organized by time2makemymove, has been approved and enhanced. Notably, we are increasing the grand prize from the proposed $2,000 up to $5,000, along with increases in all other prize amounts. Check the wiki page here for more details. time2makemymove also has the right to name ZN39 Station once the contest finishes. Players can build between 3am UTC on January 24 and 3am UTC on February 12, and voting will occur the week after. (All dates are also on the events calendar for your reference.)
  • The Breckenridge Recreation Area, a winter-themed resort planned by shadowboarder between ZN5 and XE3, has been approved on the condition that the mountain is kept to a reasonable height.
  • A proposal by Minecrafts000 to build a canal between ZS15 and Loch Lyman has been denied. This proposal may be re-submitted once all towns along the route have granted permission. We would also prefer a more direct routing if at all possible.
  • _Kastle’s proposals of canal work in the east have been denied as the proposed routings cut across large swaths of land. Some counter-proposals were made that we believe would suit the area better; these have been pre-approved, but _Kastle is welcome to resubmit his own proposals for a future GSM if he can better integrate them into the land.
  • SilverBubble’s proposal for a space navy base in his town has been denied as spacecraft fall under the airport rules, and SilverBubble has not yet reached the rank of Governor. Additionally, large spaceships are meant to be built on the space world; spaceports on the main world should only be for research and/or transport to the space world.

Auctions & Asset Transfers

We considered proposals for the following town transfers:

  • C12 Mason City: Transferred to hnt. We have awarded Mason City to hnt as we believe his proposal more closely aligns with the original vision of the town. However, we recognize that AlfiePops, the other contender, has been patiently waiting for the staff to review this auction for a long time, so hnt will need to start doing a visible amount of work to the town by the Spring Break Edition GSM (likely in March or April). If no significant activity occurs before then, the town will be automatically transferred to AlfiePops at that GSM.
  • NW26-T50: Transfer denied, up for general auction. ModernArt proposed taking ownership of this town, however due to his history of taking and abandoning towns, plus the checkered history of this town in particular, we have denied his request. We are opening this town up to requests from all other players as it is currently located at the terminus of two MRT lines, so if you’re interested, please email the staff.
  • V21: Transfer denied. Aldranster may re-apply for the town once his town at V22 expands northwards. XtremeCoder’s request was denied because he has not yet reached the rank of Councillor (which this town would give him a substantial head start towards), we would like to see him start a town from scratch first. We may open this town up to general auction at a future GSM.
  • D25 Bikini Bottom: Transfer denied. This town does not qualify for auctioning as the mayor, TrainDood, has recently returned to active status.

Premier Cities

We received three candidates for Premier: the City of Evella (M10-M12), Quiris (ZN15-ZN16, NW2), and Elecna Bay (I21-I24). The staff feedback and votes can be found here.

LDShadowLord has been promoted to Premier for the City of Evella, and his acceptance speech is as follows:

Many have died, in the pursuit of perfection. But that was a risk I was willing to take.

Evella has been a journey, from the very beginning. Those that knew me before the switch to Gamma, knew that my city there was “Sublime”, a city very similar in style and scope to modern day Evella. With Evella I sought to finish what I had begun with Sublime, a modern, brutalist city. Quick to rise, faster to fall.

Evella is the combination of thousands of hours of my work, and others. Evella would not be the city it is today without the franchises that garnish the city streets, and the businesses that form the core of this financial behemoth. So thank you, to all of you who put up with my bullshit and put a Franchise in Evella despite my oppressive building regime. The city, nor the server, would be the same without you. And not you but thank you to the people who visit or present at the Evella Expo. I can promise that you have not seen the last of the Evella Expo, and I seek to make Evella the number one place to be for major events.

Thankyou for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful community, and thank you to the staff that voted me to this rank and giving me recognition for my labour of love.

And mine_man_ has also been promoted to Premier for his work on Elecna Bay, with the following improvised speech:

I’ve been on the MRT for just over three years now, and when I first joined I would never have expected myself to end up where I am. The people I’ve met on this server are some of the most amazing people, and some friendships I’ve made on this server are going to last way past the length that this server. To me that’s one of the things’t that’s the most amazing about this community, and some of the things people have said to me when I’m not in the mood to continue Elecna Bay and to get me to continue it, and now I’m Premier, I think I can really appreciate everything that everyone has said to get me to where I am now. So thanks!

Congratulations to the both of you!

Holiday Town Decorating Contest Results

Thanks to everyone who participated and voted in the Holiday Town Decorating Contest this last month! Congratulations to the following winners:

  • 1st place: Amber_Pine
  • 2nd place: Narnia17
  • 3rd place: shadowboarder
  • 4th place: MikeRoma
  • 5th place: zomghi5

Prize money has now been distributed to all participants

Upcoming Events & Next GSM

Our next GSM will be held on Saturday, February 17, 2018 at the usual time of 7pm UTC. Topics, including cities wishing to be promoted to Premier, must be submitted by Thursday, February 15 at 7pm UTC.

While we will accept submissions in all topic areas, note that we are not actively seeking new moderators.

In addition to the next GSM there are a few other events happening:

  • CRPB 21 finishes on January 31, with promotions on February 1. Cities that wish to be considered in CRPB 22 should be submitted here by 11:59 pm UTC on January 31 to ensure they are included.
  • The Amazing Race Season 8 has its next session on January 27 at 7pm UTC.
  • time2’s hotel building competition construction period runs between January 24 and February 12 (UTC). Check the events calendar for the specific start and end times for this contest!

Thanks all! As always, please contact your nearest staffer if you have any questions.
– Chief