November 2017 GSM Results

Hi all,

Here are the results from the recent “Asia-Pacific Edition” of the General Staff Meeting. The recording for the public portion is available here.

Moderators Promoted

Congratulations to both hvt2011 and unjinz for passing their 3-month probation period and becoming full moderators!

New Rules

  • A new general rule has been added: “Do not plagiarize builds that you do not have permissions for.” Copying builds without permissions is disrespectful to the original creator and will be subject to warnings. Builds that you do have permission for are okay.
  • Gliderports are officially allowed on the server. We will not specify any concrete sizes or specifications for gliderports, but they should generally not be any larger than a helipad. Please do not abuse this privilege and create gliderports that take up too much space.
  • Members are asked to not put any banned items into schematics they upload. Staff can check schematics before they are pasted, and may refuse to do so if the purpose of the schematic is not clear.
  • Similarly, members are asked to not bring banned items into the server using saved toolbars. It is technically not possible for us to prevent this from occurring using plugins. The import of banners and heads using saved hotbars is allowed.

Water Body Naming

Last GSM, we put out a call to all members to provide suggestions for various oceans, seas, and lakes. From the suggestions, we the staff were able to decide on the names for 16 out of 29 water bodies. Please view the map below for the location of these water bodies, and the list below for the new official names:

New Water Body Names:

  • #1 – The Northern Ocean
  • #2 – Hibernal Sea
  • #6 – Autumnal Sea
  • #7 – Lake Capricorn
  • #9 – Deimos Lake
  • #10 – Estival Sea
  • #13 – Heart Lake
  • #16 – Loch Lyman
  • #17 – Elecna Bay
  • #20 – Equinox Ocean
  • #21 – Pearl Lagoon
  • #24 – Lake Dulwich
  • #25 – Lake Victoria
  • #27 – Vernal Lake
  • #28 – Monterey Lake
  • #29 – Lake Takachsin

Other News

  • Staff are reminded that when they issue warnings to players, they must ensure that the player confirms that they have received the warning, and that they understand the reasons why they received the warning. They must also make it clear if they are receiving a verbal warning or an actual warning.
  • Staff will be formalizing a process to choose featured pages on the wiki amongst themselves. We will be using a shared Google Doc to ensure that the choices of articles are appropriate for this category.
  • From the Eastern Line extension, we received a few complaints about how the stations were distributed, specifically the fact that only people who were online at the end of the October GSM were able to claim stations. Since this is unfair to players who were unable to be on the server during that time, we will be ensuring a more fair process of distributing stations for future extensions.
  • Some members have called for changing the #staff-emergency channel in Discord into a more general channel for all staff requests. After some discussion, staff have decided this solution would cause more problems overall, and instead we will be defining the criteria of what is allowed in the #staff-emergency channel more concretely.

Holiday Events

  • A Holiday Town Decoration Competition will be organized by godzilltrain. Construction for the competition will be open from Saturday, November 25 to Sunday, December 17, with public voting taking place from Monday, December 18 to Sunday, December 31. The full rules can be viewed here.
  • A Central City Holiday Market will be organized by AP_Red. More details will be available later.
  • Christmas Island and a holiday-themed Central City Park will be prepared soon by MinecraftYoshi26 and _Kastle. For those that are unaware, Christmas Island is a tradition on the server where players can build in-game gifts and notes of appreciation for other players.
  • The Amazing Race 8 organized by MinecraftYoshi26 will be happening over the holiday break. Details including actual dates and times will be provided later.
  • Promotions for the next City Rank Candidate Batch (#20) will be announced on December 25th.
  • If you have any proposals for events during this holiday season, please send them to the staff e-mail address.

MRT Line Extensions

All of the following extensions have been approved, and construction will be performed by the associated moderator. Please note that the founding of any new towns along any extension route is prohibited until the extension is complete and the station has been assigned to a player.

Zephyr North Extension

  • To be constructed by godzilltrain.
  • Continues north from Nippia via Pilmont and Chalxior, then turns west through the wilderness to the end of the landmass.
  • A Google Form for signing up for stations will be provided later.

Desert Line Extension Phase 1

  • To be constructed by AP_Red.
  • Continues south from D23/C65 past Whiteley, then turns west through the mesa biome crossing underwater until it meets up with the Mesa Line at M34.
  • Please note that there are several inactive towns along this route. When you sign up to claim a station, you are also claiming ownership of the inactive town.
  • Sign up to claim a station using this form. Please note that sufficient reasoning (50 – 100 words) will be required to claim a station. Stations will be assigned at the next GSM.

Forest Line Extension

  • To be constructed by Just_robinho.
  • Continues south from Marblegate to the inactive town of Lutetia at F30, then turns eastward through the forested valley.
  • Sign up to claim a station using this form. Stations will be assigned at a later date.

Other Projects

  • Staff will be adding A-Roads as an layer on the dynmap in the coming months.
  • A Central City Rail Hub will finally begin construction soon, headed by _Kastle. This hub will initially house third-party warp trains, with minecart-based systems to be considered at a later date, possibly at a separate facility. The hub will be located in a plot north of Central City, just south of Grayzen. Common use tunnels will be constructed in several directions from the hub from which third-party companies will connect to.


  • A proposal from _HeavenAngel_ to build the B93 from Woodsdale to South Quiris via Heights City has been approved.
  • A proposal from time2makemymove to extend the A5 further south has been partially approved. The road can be extended straight south until it is next to Delta City at ZS12. From that point forward, a separate proposal from time2makemymove, autobus22, or both will need to be sent for the rest of the A5.
  • A proposal from AyyLion to build the B54 from Segville to Delta City has been denied. The previous A5 extension proposal will provide a sufficient connection.


  • A request from SoSo123 to own the town of Fenton has been denied. The original owner of the town has recently become active.
  • A request from Purrcat2010 to own the town of Wolf Peak has been approved.
  • A request from _Kastle to own CitiRail has been approved on the condition that hnt, the caretaker of _frozen’s assets, approves.
  • A request from CyAmethyst to own the franchise Pancake Place has been approved.
  • A request from AlfiePops to own the town of Mason City (C12) has been denied. Any new players like Alfie must construct their own town first and rank it up before asking for ownership of an existing town.

Central City Retail Building Competition Results

The Central City Retail Building Competition has concluded. A set of results was provided by Frosty_Creeper10 just before the GSM, but due to a misunderstanding, Frosty and the judges frogggggg, London150, and ModernArt were included as participants in the contest. I do not think allowing the organizers or judges of the contest to participate is fair, so I have asked Frosty to provide a revised final list of winners. Please note that for any future proposals for contests, we will require that the organizers and judges refrain from participating.

The final results can be viewed here. All in-game prize monies have been paid out to all the winners. Congratulations and thanks to all who participated!

That is all for now.


October 2017 GSM Results

Hi all,

The October 2017 General Staff Meeting has concluded. The public portion recording can be listened to here.

First off, I would like to discuss some serious topics with regards to the server:

United Cities Again

After seeing some serious disagreements and drama from the United Cities spill over on to the server, I have instructed the UC officials to take immediate steps in enforcing a level of respect and decorum amongst the UC members, or risk being suspended or abolished altogether. I do not want the MRT staff do have an active role in monitoring and enforcing the UC, as I do not want to add more burden to them, and that it would not be fair to the staff who are not part of the UC. I am giving the UC a chance to self-regulate and self-enforce their own rules, and I am strongly urging members of the UC to take steps in learning how to debate others more effectively without resorting to personal attacks or emotional escalation. I am quite disappointed in the conduct of some MRT members who, in my opinion, have used the UC as a place to circumvent the MRT rules and a basic code of conduct.

Learning How to Interact with Players on the Autistic Spectrum

From the recent disagreements, it has come to my attention that some MRT members, both old and new, may not be aware that we do have some players on here who are on autistic spectrum. People on the spectrum tend to have some additional difficulties when interacting with others, including:

  • Failure to pick up on social cues, such as jokes or sarcasm
  • Anxiety when communicating with others
  • Tendency to take things very literally

While it is up to those on the spectrum to work harder to overcome these difficulties, everyone else also has a responsibility to be empathetic and understanding of people’s conditions. I would ask those who are not on the spectrum to keep the following in mind:

  • Try to communicate and explain things very clearly
  • Try to be more patient and not to take offense when misunderstandings occur

With these tips, I hope that everyone will come to a better understanding of each other and that this will lessen the frequency of disagreements spiraling out of control.

Email Harassment

One of our members, VernCow, has reported that he has been receiving threatening emails. While we are unable to trace who sent the emails or where they come from at this time, we would like to state that we do not tolerate this form of cyber-bullying even if it is off the server, and that if it continues, Vern or the staff will consider contacting the authorities.

Now for some amendments to the server rules:

New Rule: Deputy Mayors will inherit ownership if Mayor is inactive

Effective immediately, in addition to inheriting ownership of a town if the Mayor is permanently banned, a Deputy Mayor will also gain ownership if the Mayor has been inactive for at least 3 months. This policy has been unofficially enacted by staff for a while now, but it is now formalized in the rules.

The exception to this rule is for players at the [Premier] rank. Premiers who become inactive for more than 3 months will NOT have their city automatically transferred to their Deputy Mayor. This exemption is in place since Premier cities are more-or-less considered to be “finished” cities, and should not be further developed on. The Deputy Mayor in this case will be considered a “caretaker” who can make minor changes to keep the city working and connected, but they will not be allowed to overhaul or expand the city. Please note that this exemption does not apply to Premier who are banned from the server.

New Rule: Players giving away their assets must notify staff

Effective immediately, any player who gives their assets (including towns, cities, buildings, companies, etc.) must notify staff by email. The player receiving these assets should NOT be the one notifying staff, since the staff cannot confirm the transaction from the receiver alone.

New Rules: Central City Bus Construction

Effective immediately, the following rules will apply with regarding to construction of bus stops and bus terminals in Central City:

Bus stops will be allowed if they satisfy the following:

  • They are in between an existing road and an existing building. (You must have permission of the building owner first)
  • They must be built within the building plot and not on the road itself. (Do not block the road)

Bus terminals are defined as any larger buildings dedicated to providing bus connections. Before building a new terminal, you must email staff with your plans. Any existing terminals are grandfathered in and will not be removed (except for the Manakau bus tower, of which its top floors need to be removed for being unrealistic). Please note the following when submitting your plan:

  • Bus terminals that serve only a single bus company will be subject to additional scrutiny and are less likely to be approved.
  • Bus terminals that are shared by several bus companies will be more likely to be approved.

If you have any questions about these bus construction rules in Central City, don’t hesitate to contact your nearest friendly staff member.

New Rules: Rail Line Land Ownership

Effective immediately, the following will apply to all third-party rail lines:

  • Rail line owners do not own the land surrounding their lines. Players who wish to build or expand their towns around an existing line are allowed to do so.
  • Rail line owners are not obligated to adjust their lines or add stations to their lines for any new towns that are built after the line was constructed.

Here are some other announcements:

“Far East” Line Naming Finalized

The new MRT line along the far eastern edge of the server will be officially named the Jungle Line, since it crosses through the only naturally-occurring jungle biome on the new world. Since we are out of wool block colours, stations on this line will be constructed out of jungle wood blocks. There are currently no plans to construct this line, but as soon as a staff member volunteers and the plans are available, we will let you know.

A call to members to Name the Lakes

We are looking for proposals from members to officially name the various major lakes, bays, oceans, and water bodies on the server. E-mail your proposals to the staff [at] Proposals can range from all water bodies, or just water bodies that are in a certain region or vicinity of the server. Water body names next to existing cities or towns will be given priority. All proposals will be considered altogether and an official naming will be hopefully be decided at the next GSM.

Now for the results of various proposals for roads, projects, and auctions:


  • A proposal from EspiDev to build B753 and B754 in the vicinity of Pixl, Espil, Gato, and Kernogen has been approved.
  • A proposal from time2makemymove to renumber several roads in the southern regions of the new world as well as extend the A5 has been rejected. This proposal needs to be separated and more information needs to be provided: The renumbering proposal requires reasons why, while the A5 extension proposal requires a screenshot map.
  • A proposal from LithiumMirnurX to upgrade his B-Road from Janghwa to Kolpino into an A-Road (A746) has been approved.
  • A proposal from MegaMC to build a road in the southwest connecting Lowami, Columnville, Paralia, and The Tinimine Republic has been approved on the conditions that the road be given an official number, and that care is taken to respect the landscape around the mountainous areas.


  • A proposal from LIthiumMirnuriX to extend the original regions map into the expanded new world has been rejected. Instead, we will be asking thomasfyfe, the original creator of the map, to create a new version.
  • A proposal from BernCow to build an MRT Zoo Community Build at EN17 has been approved. Please contact BernCow if you would like to get involved in this project.
  • A proposal from AlfiePops for a warp center that allows for travel to all MRT stations has been rejected.


  • XW20 – C89 has been awarded to SoaPuffball.
  • Downsview (ZS21) will remain owned by the mayor, Ardyln. time2makemymove will have building rights within the town.
  • Shadowpoint (C6) has been awarded to Mercury203.

Let’s do some promotions:

City Rank Candidate Batch #18 Results

The candidate batch for October has concluded. The feedback document for this batch can be found here. In this batch, 5 new senators have been promoted, with no governor promotions this time around. Here are the towns that were promoted:

  • Venceslo – time2makemove
  • Norwest – ModernArt
  • Schillerton – chiefbozx (town only)
  • Waterville – PtldKnight
  • Amestris – I_90

Congratulations to all new [Senators]!

Premier Promotion

The staff at the GSM did a live review of 3 Premier candidates. The feedback document can be viewed here. Please note that a Premier promotion requires unanimous or near-unanimous approval from the staff present.

Out of the 3 candidates, only one was approved. Congratulations to godzilltrain for achieving the rank of [Premier] for his city of Segville! Below is a speech that he hastily prepared for the GSM:

“After playing on the server since pretty much the start, It’s honestly an honour that I’ve been accepted as one of the Premiers. Being not an exceptionally good builder, I hope this sets an example that even with mediocre skill, enough effort can still be recognised with the highest rank possible. While I hope to carry on with Segville in the future, I hope this also allows me to help others around the server, working on more community projects. Right that’s the speech done, if you were expecting anything better, blame the staff who gave me 20 minutes to finish this speech before the end of the GSM.” – godzilltrain

Finally, here are some announcements about some upcoming events:

Central City Retail Building Competition

Frosty_Creeper10 will be organizing a retail building competition, located at a mall near the Central City SW terminus. The competition will be held from Sunday, October 29th at 12 am UTC to Friday, November 10th at 3:59 pm UTC. Judging will take place the next day on November 11th. The judges will be frogggggg, London150, and ModernArt. Please head to that mall or contact Frosty_Creeper10 for more details on how to apply.

November GSM: Asia-Pacific Edition

The next General Staff Meeting will be held a special time to allow for staff and members who are in the Asian and Australian timezones to attend. The meeting will be held on Sunday, November 19th at 12 pm UTC. For those in other timezones, here are some conversions:

  • 4 am PST
  • 7 am EST
  • 8 pm Singapore
  • 11 pm Sydney

As a reminder to players, please submit your proposals for any upcoming GSMs at least 48 hours from the meeting time. After the 48 hour cutoff, we will only accept corrections to any existing topics in the GSM, or if you wish counter-bid for a town that is available for auction.

That is all for now.


Early October 2017 Announcements

Hi all,

Here is your usual batch of announcements for the beginning of this month:

Staff Promotions

On October 1st, the administrators had their first Administrative Staff Meeting (ASM) in almost a year. From the meeting, we have decided to make the following staff promotions:

  • chiefbozx, a former admin, will be promoted to full Moderator as a “trial admin” for 3 months. We have decided not to promote him directly to Administrator since he’s been away from the server for a while and we want to make sure he’s a good fit with the server and the current staff. After 3 months on Jan 1st, 2018, if we think he’s a good fit, then he will be promoted back to Administrator.
  • thomasfyfe, another former admin, has been re-promoted back to Administrator.
  • AlikSong has been promoted to Administrator.

Congratulations to all three!

City Rank Candidate Batch #17 Promotions

The latest City Rank Candidate Batch has concluded. We are pleased to announce the following [Senator] promotions:

  • Welsbury (dragonbloon419)
  • Chalxior (SoSo123)
  • Coruscant (SilverBubble)

Congratulations to all new Senators!

New Local Chat Channel

A new local chat channel is now available to [Members] and above. Use /l to send messages or join this channel. Messages sent to this channel will only be delivered to players that are within 1000 blocks of you. Do note that all local chat messages are recorded in the server logs and can be monitored by the administrators.

New Member Application Form

As previously mentioned at the August GSM, a new Member Application Form has been rolled out. In addition to this, several pages on the website have been updated to better convey information about applying for membership and purchasing supporter benefits. Please note the following changes to the membership application process:

  • You must join the server first as a [Guest] before submitting a Member Application. Please take this opportunity to explore the worlds, say hello to the players, and get a feel for the community on our server. Applications that are submitted without the player joining beforehand will be automatically rejected.
  • Players are allowed to submit up to 5 membership applications. After 5 failed applications, the player will be banned. There was previously some ambiguity about this policy, but this has now been concretely defined.

Minecraft 1.12.2 Update

We will be updating the main Minecraft server to 1.12.2 this Monday, October 9th at 4 am UTC (12 am EDT, 9pm Sunday PDT). This update will occur immediately after the daily server restart at this time, and no server downtime will be required. Other than the usual bugfixes from this update, several plugins will also be updated, including a fix to /warp info for the MyWarp plugin.

Owner Vacation

I will be away from the server for a few days starting Sunday, October 15th and returning Thursday, October 19th. For any inquiries, please ask any of the administrators or moderators. Please do not burn the server down in my absence.

That’s all for now.


September 2017 GSM Results

Hello all,

Here are the results from the recent General Staff Meeting. The recording for public portion is available here.

Changes to City Rank Candidate Batches

After trying out monthly candidate batches, we are noticing that it has become increasingly difficult to gain sufficient votes from staff due to people being busy or lazy. This has resulted in the deadlines of the most recent batches being extended to the end of the month. Therefore, in order to mitigate these issues, we will be doing the following:

  • Staff will be encouraged to keep their feedback detailed, but concise. Bullet-points are preferred, or the “Narnia format” where the reviewer states what they liked, what they disliked, and what can be improved upon in the candidate city.
  • We will continue the monthly batch schedule for now. However, staff voting will instead take place during the whole month with promotions always done on the 1st day of the following month.
  • Starting from the next month’s batch (#18), Premier candidates will be actively voted upon at GSMs, with any promotions announced after the GSM. Any Premier candidates should still submit their cities to the City Rank Promotion Request Form as normal.

A reminder that the current batch (#17) will conclude on Saturday, September 30th with promotions expected on Sunday, October 1st. Be sure to submit your city for consideration of the next batch (#18) by September 30th!

Wiki Announcements

We have a few of items and reminders to announce with regards to the MRT Wiki:

  • We have noticed that there has been a recent spat of page-editing wars on the wiki, particularly on user pages. This is a stern reminder to everyone that such disagreements do not belong in a public venue such as the wiki or Discord, and that you should not escalate the situation by joining into the argument. Instead, notify a staff member immediately and they will deal with the situation. Any players engaging in further page-editing wars on the wiki will be served with warnings.
  • We would also like to remind everyone that the intent of the wiki is for everyone to collaborate on pages and to ensure that the information on there is as accurate as possible. Players do not “own” wiki pages (except for a user’s own Talk page), and they should not be requesting other players to stay off their pages or denying others of edits.
  • Thomasfyfe will be re-working the front page to make the Editor’s Hub more prominent there. The Editor’s Hub shows a list of pages that could use some additional attention from the community, by either being created in the first place, or with additional information and content. Please check out the hub and help improve the quality of the content on the wiki!

In-Game Changes

A couple of changes have been implemented on the Minecraft server:

  • Players who have been AFK for longer than 1 hour will now be automatically kicked by the server. This kick will also apply to visible staff members.
  • The /speed command has been enabled for [Trustees] and above. Note that the maximum speed for non-staff has been capped to 50%. This means non-staff doing /speed 10 will go at 50% of maximum. Staff members are granted permissions to bypass this limit, with /speed 10 for them going at 100% of maximum.

TPS Issues

After the main server was updated to Minecraft 1.12.1, we have noticed occasional occurrences where the TPS drops to severely low levels. These drops don’t affect normal activities like chatting or building, but does affect entities and redstone propagation. After some investigation, it was discovered that the drops were caused by certain items being placed into hoppers and chests. Two instances of these bad hoppers/chests have been found and have been since removed, one of the lab world, and one of the MRT Mail Centre. However, there may still be additional areas that could cause further TPS drops. If you notice any further severe TPS drops while on the server, please notify staff immediately. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we continue to investigate this issue.

New Moderators + Criteria on how we choose staff

We are pleased to announce that we have promoted two players the position of [Trial Mod].  Congratulations to the players below!

  • mine_man_
  • _HeavenAngel_

Also, jphgolf4321 has been re-promoted to full moderator status after a 3 month probation period.

Finally, I have added a new section to the Ranks page that explains the process of how we choose new staff members, and lists qualities that we look for and avoid in staff candidates. Please read this if you have ever wondered why you or other players haven’t been chosen for staff.


  • B752 (proposed by Seshpenguin) connecting A76 west to the town of Pixl has been approved.
  • B4 (proposed by Just_robinho), a ring road encircling Marblegate has been partially approved. The western section and parts of the northern section have been approved.
  • B52 (proposed by SubmergedSubway) connecting the towns of Sanctuary Hills and Belmill has been approved on the condition that the road be renamed, as there is already an existing B52 road.
  • A80 (proposed by the UC Roads Committee) connecting Waterville with the A90 has been approved.
  • A8 Extension (proposed by the UC Roads Committee) from Vegeta into the northwest has been approved.
  • B1903 (proposed by CAMNMM) connecting A78 to the town of Oasis Sands has been approved.
  • A50, A507, and A51 (proposed by chiefbozx) in the vicinity of Schillerton and Whiteley has been approved.
  • An unnamed B-Road (proposed by LithiumMirnuriX) between the cities of Janghwa and Kolpino has been approved.


  • A proposal from autobus22 to extend RaiLinQ into the city of Paixton has been approved.
  • A proposal from Soso123 to build the Freedon Silverwood International Airport has been deferred, as we require more details on the exact location of the airport.
  • A proposal from suppoe to repave the Central City roads with black concrete blocks has been denied, on the basis that this player lacks the WorldEdit powers needed to effectively change the roads, and that we do not want to change these roads at this time.
  • A proposal from chiefbozx to build the Schillerton Cannon River (a canal) has been approved.
  • A proposal from camelfantasy to widen natural rivers in the vicinity of the town of Kanto has been partially approved. The rivers immediately north and south of the town (marked in red in the proposal map) may be widened. Another proposal will need to be sent later after the town has expanded in order to widen other rivers in the area.


  • A request from 34lynx72 to own Downsview (ZS21) has been approved on the condition that time2makemymove is consulted beforehand and gives his approval.
  • A request from mervynang to own C47 has been denied. We advise that mervynang contact tooturntjulia, the actual owner of the nearby town at V28, before resubmitting a request.
  • A request from MIKE24DUDE to own F4/I4 has been approved on the condition that massive landscarring in the area of F3/I3 be fixed.

Next GSM Date

  • The next General Staff Meeting now has a concrete date! It will be held on Saturday, October 28th at 7 PM UTC.
  • Also, for the November GSM afterwards, we are planning to hold this meeting at a time that is most convenient for our members and staff who reside outside of the American and European timezones. More details will be announced as we get closer to that date.

That is all for now.


September 2017 Announcements

Hi all,

Here are some assorted announcements for this month:

September GSM Date

The next General Staff Meeting will be held this Saturday, September 23rd at 7 PM UTC (12 PM PDT / 3 PM EDT). Current agenda topics include the following:

  • Reviewing the voting process for City Rank Candidate Batches due to a recent lack of votes from staff
  • Discussion about recent page edit wars on the wiki and what can be done to prevent them or enforce rules around them
  • Adding miscellaneous commands and permissions.

Please be sure to e-mail staff before Friday, September 22nd at 7 PM UTC to submit any road and project proposals, or auction requests.

New World Dynmap Render

Due to many members being busy and heading back to school, there has been an recent overall decline of players on the server. This is a good opportunity to perform a full render on the New World, which was last fully rendered in January and has only been updated in small portions by staff members.

The next full render of the New World will begin after the server restart on Monday, September 25th at 4 AM UTC (9 PM PDT / 12 AM EDT) and is expected to last 2 to 3 whole days, depending on the number of players online and server performance. Please note the following during this period:

  • An in-game message will be shown every 5 minutes stating the render’s progress.
  • The server will lag during this time, so please avoid doing anything intensive while on there.
  • Please do not complain about the lag, it is counterproductive.
  • No WorldEdits will be allowed while the render is in progress.

City Rank Candidate Batch #17 Delayed

Due to lack of votes from staff, voting for the current City Rank Candidate Batch has been extended to September 30th, with promotions expected to be given by October 1st. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New Status Page

I have set up a new webpage that shows the current status of all MRT services including Minecraft servers, Mumble servers, and websites:

This page refreshes every minute, and also shows version information and online player counts. You can hover over the player count to get the list of online players, and you can hover over the status to get a more detailed description. Please note that the player count includes vanished staff members. Do not bother them in-game or you may be given a warning.

If you suspect a server or website has gone down, please consult this page first before notifying staff. Do note that this status page is hosted on the same machine with all the services it lists, so if there are any network issues, then those issues will either not show up on the status page, or you may not be able to access the status page at all.

That is all for now.