June 2019 GSM Results

Hi everyone! Apologies for the lengthy delay in this propaganda GSM results post – I personally have had a lot of IRL things thrown at me in the last couple of weeks, but I’m happy to finally report that on June 9, 2019, we had a General Staff Meeting. The public portion of the meeting, which included most of the topic discussions, is available here.

Rules page finally updated (and 2K rule change)

The Rules page of the website has finally been updated to account for the new rules that we approved way back in the spring. It’s a super fancy page now. Just click the header of the appropriate section to expand that section’s rules. Please let us know if you have any questions, or if there are any rules that didn’t transfer over.

At the GSM we adjusted the railway block limit from 2,000 to 4,000 blocks. Railway companies no longer need to email staff for permission to build rail lines that have 2,001-4,000 blocks between stations.

Changes to city rank promotion procedures

We approved two changes to the procedures for promoting cities to the Senator, Governor, and Premier ranks.

First, the threshold of approval required for Premier cities to be promoted has been lowered from 85% to 80%. We want to allow some dissenting opinions, while still ensuring that candidates have widespread support.

Second, we are instituting a cooldown period for cities that repeatedly fail to be promoted. Candidates who attempt a promotion to a city rank will need to wait for an additional period of time above the usual waiting period between attempts, beginning with their fourth attempt.

  • Candidates for Senator and Governor who are subject to cooldown must wait 28 days from receiving feedback before they can re-apply (as opposed to 14 days).
  • Candidates for Premier who are subject to cooldown may not re-apply at the next GSM following receipt of feedback.

These cooldowns are now enforced for new candidates; existing candidates who were in the voting process at the time of the GSM were allowed to continue as normal. Once a promotion is successful, cities are no longer subjected to cooldown.

New Premier cities

Having approved these changes to the city rank promotions procedure, we approved two Premier cities: Espil (by EspiDev) and Kolpino City (by MishkaMan)! Their acceptance speeches are as follows:

I would just like to thank the entire MRT community for creating this amazing and friendly environment! Without it, I don’t think I would have had the motivation to build Espil. This, however, is not the end of the story for Espil, as I will still keep on building 😉


This is honestly the best gaming community I’ve ever been a part of. I remember I joined in 2013 as user “pppppppppoooooop” and was rejected a few times, then gave up (for reference, I did not make this username, it was procedurally generated by Mojang when I made the account and didn’t type in a username by accident, so I was stuck with it until Mojang added a username change feature). Fortunately, I tried again in 2015 and was accepted. Building Kolpino City has been such an accomplishing and enjoyable experience for me, and I really appreciate everyone who helped me out. I am very grateful to Frumple and the staff for spending their time, money, and effort to managing and upholding the community to high standards as well as supporting the players with the many tools they implement and update. Thank you.


Space World has returned

After much enthusiastic debate, we have re-enabled the Space World. Please note that we will be monitoring usage, and if we start running low on available disk space, the Space World may be removed again in the future (especially if its usage remains low).

New #mature Discord channel

We have added a new #mature Discord channel, which relaxes, though does not waive, General Rule #9 (“Do not make sexually explicit comments in public chat and voice channels”). This channel allows explicit content in context, but extreme content is still banned. Per Discord’s Terms of Service, this channel is marked as NSFW, and is opt-in for members age 18 and over. To request access to the channel, please post in #request-access-to-mature and staff will process your permissions as quickly as possible.

Additional community issues

  • We will consider making some changes to Central Park to improve accessibility and wayfinding.
  • We will not make any changes to seaplanes: by design, they are required to take off and land on water, and therefore are not compatible with traditional airports or airfields.
  • We considered a proposal to change how local and project channels are displayed in game, but decided against this.
  • Members are permitted to request shortened nicknames in Discord, provided there are no conflicts. For example, MinecraftYoshi26’s Discord username is shortened to “Yoshi”. Please ask a member of staff if you would like your Discord nickname changed.
  • We have enabled the /mv spawn command on all worlds for all players. You can use this to teleport back to the spawn point of the world you’re currently in.

MRT Line Extensions

  • sesese9 will be extending the Desert Line west from H28, terminating in Graycloud.
  • _HeavenAngel_ will be performing a short extension to the Savannah Line, bringing it to a junction with the Southern Line.

As always, please don’t build along or claim any stations along the new lines until they are officially opened. We’ll post instructions on how to request stations once the lines are finished.

Roads and Other Rails

  • IntraRail has been granted permission to serve MRT Land.
  • SEAT has been approved to serve some towns in the vicinity of Larkspur, pending a small reroute.
  • The B246 and B355W, proposed by FooteChicken and friends, have both been approved. (FooteChicken, please don’t use letter suffixes in road numbers in the future.)

Projects and events

With the anniversary on the horizon, we’ve reviewed several event funding proposals. Approved events and projects will start at a variety of dates, some to be announced in the near future, so keep an eye out for announcements by the respective organizers.

  • Anniversary Meme Awards, proposed by chiefbozx: Approved
  • MLS Shovelers’ Cup, proposed by Skelezomperman: Approved
  • The Amazing Race 10, proposed by MinecraftYoshi26: Approved
  • Big Brother 4, proposed by MinecraftYoshi26: Approved
  • MRTvision Screenshot Contest 4, proposed by MinecraftYoshi26: Approved
  • MGA Golf Events, proposed by London150: Approved
  • The Amazing Glitch, proposed by CodyHM: Approved, provided that organizers do not participate.
  • Jupiter Motors Rolling Stock Building Competition, proposed by CodyHM: Denied, as we believe there is significant incentive for Cody and other organizers to profit unfairly from this event.
  • Zoo Community Build, proposed by BernCow: Denied.

Inactive Asset Transfers

  • MikeRoma’s assets have been transferred as follows:
    • Mike’s Fresh Produce: autobus22
    • Royal Cars: woorich999
    • Melon Shop: supykun
    • iMorgan: MIKE24DUDE
  • The random fort near Larkspur has been transferred to Vickiposa.
  • The town of Genesis has been transferred to FredTheTimeLord.
  • walehellothere requested ownership of AEville, but this was rejected.
  • The Central City Performance Center, along with all other builds on that block, has been transferred to daltdisneyland.
  • D9 Station has been transferred to Pueffe, pending an OK from Missa_Solemnis.

That’s all for now, thanks everyone!

<3, Chief

Dynmap render finished; June GSM reminder

Hey everyone! Our semi-annual New World dynmap render has concluded, and the entire world now has updated visuals. You can check it out on the Dynmap site, including the night mode and the new 3D rendering angles. Please do check them out and let us know if you have any feedback.

With the completion of the rendering process comes the reinstatement of WorldEdits and local renders. When asking for local renders, please keep the radius at 400 blocks or less, and ask for smaller renders when you can. Local renders will take twice as long as they used to because we now have to render four maps at once.

Finally, the June 2019 GSM will occur on Sunday, June 9 at 7pm UTC. All topics need to be submitted to the staff inbox by 7pm UTC on Friday, June 7 in order to be considered. You will receive an automatic response when your message has been received. The next GSM after this one won’t be until August 11, so if you are planning any events that require funding between now and then – including for the anniversary – please submit your proposals by June 7.

Best of luck to those of you finishing up end-of-academic-year exams and projects, and we hope to see you around!

<3, Chief

Dynmap render in progress; space world temporarily removed

Hi all,

Our spring dynmap render is in progress, and both the flat daytime and flat nighttime maps have rendered in full. You can explore them at dynmap.minecartrapidtransit.net as usual. The render is still in progress as we now need to render the 3D map, so the moratorium on WorldEdits and local renders is still in effect.

In the process of rendering the flat map, the size of the world files increased by about 12% as a side effect of the 1.13 migration’s change in file structure. Specifically, chunks that had not been visited since the migration were updated when Dynmap passed over them. This put us dangerously close to the space limit on the disk used by Minecraft.

To alleviate this and allow the render to finish, the space world has been temporarily removed. We believe this has freed enough space to allow the render to finish without requiring further intervention. We may bring back the space world at a later date, however this would require us to reallocate disk space and RAM, and therefore would require us to restart the physical machine, which takes a few minutes and will render all services offline temporarily. If we do decide to carry out this operation, we will announce it in Discord well in advance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we hope you enjoy the newly rendered maps!

<3, Chief

May 2019 GSM Results

Hello everyone! The snow has finally melted outside my house, and we’ve held the May 2019 GSM and have some announcements to share. The video archive is available on Frumple’s YouTube channel here.

Before we begin these updates, one really important reminder: there is no GSM for July, so if you are planning an event for the anniversary and need server funding, it needs to be submitted by 7pm UTC on Friday, June 7. We are anticipating that the June GSM will be just as long as the May GSM, so please plan ahead!

With that being said, here’s what happened at the May GSM.

Staffing updates

As many of you know, AlikSong stepped down from his moderator position as of this GSM. We are grateful to Alik’s contributions to the server and staff team during his 3 years, 5 months, and 5 days of service, including a brief 208-day stint as an admin. Alik will be on the server occasionally to continue work on the Premier-ranked city of Kenthurst. As with all staff departures we are sad to see Alik go, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

We did consider one candidate to join the moderator ranks, but decided not to offer the position.

We will not be considering moderator nominations at the June GSM (as we want to focus on anniversary preparations). Moderator nominations will be open again at the August GSM.

Spring Dynmap render May 13-17 adds new features

For those who are new, we update dynmap with a full render of each world once per week. The exception is the New World due to its size and activity. The New World is rendered in localized areas upon request, and in full twice per year (generally in April or May, and again in October or November).

The Spring 2019 New World render will begin shortly after 4:00 am UTC on Monday, May 13, and will likely last about four or five full days. (The two-dimensional map requires us to render about 1.3 billion blocks.) During this time, renders of other worlds will be suspended, and WorldEdit and local renders will not be available.

With this render we will be enabling night renders, and adjusting the tilt of the 3D render from 60 degrees to 45 degrees. Because this is our first time rendering the map with these options, progress estimates won’t be provided during the render. These features will only be used on the New World, and will also be reflected in localized renders.

Rules changes

Staff approved two changes to the rules, effective immediately. First, the “10 Minute Rule” has been added as a full rule, rather than a guideline:

When you or staff join, wait ten minutes before asking for non-urgent assistance. Do not ask staff for dynmap renders, WorldEdits, town reviews, or other non-urgent assistance until both you and they have been online for 10 minutes or longer. Staff may choose to honor requests earlier than this at their discretion. Requests may not be made through Discord.

Second, we will be adding guidelines on Map World usage, including how to submit a map to the central library.

While we will not be changing the rules on what items can and cannot be used, we are issuing a general caution against using items with potent effects that affect multiple players at once or the server itself. This means that you should not be using fireworks with extremely long durations, potions with high levels of potency or that apply multiple effects at once, or items with unusual or strong enchantments. These items can cause damage to the server or to other players’ clients, and so should not be used.

Other community issues

  • We have been looking at alternatives for uCars, but have not found any that are suitable for the server or that we feel are stable enough to bring online. We’re still on the lookout, but for now we have decided not to install any replacements. Horses, flying, and railways (gasp!) are your best bets for getting around for now.
  • Lake 11 (from this map) on the west edge of the Estival Sea has been renamed to Avenir Bay.
  • We have extended the boundaries of the “ward” system to the expanded Epsilon world border. You can see the updated map here. (Generally, A-roads will have their first digit be the lowest-numbered ward they pass through or terminate in.) Special thanks to Vickiposa for putting this map together, it’s been something a lot of us have wanted to do for a long time.
  • We will be testing a proposal to allow members to use some WorldEdit selection commands (members won’t be able to modify blocks). Assuming testing goes well, we’ll implement these on the main server shortly.

Projects, events, and MRT lines

We approved two MRT extensions and several projects and events. As usual, construction along proposed MRT lines is now prohibited, and will remain so until the lines open.

  • The MRT Southern Line West (SLW) will be built out by godzilltrain from S0 to the southwest corner of the world.
  • The MRT Desert Line will be extended from D37-M35 to the southern terminus of the Savannah Line (H28). This extension, coded DLX2, will be built by sesese9. This line does not continue past H28.
  • We have approved funding for Survivor 2, hosted by daltdisneyland, which begins Saturday, May 18.
  • We have approved funding for Frumple’s MRT Video Contest. The exact details will be determined at a later date, once builds of the Replay Mod and other video creation tools become a little more stable.
  • We have approved funding for XIV and XV TacoBurritoAThon, hosted by Skelezomperman. The dates are still being finalized, but the first one is currently scheduled to occur on Saturday, June 15.
  • After some discussion with time2makemymove, a project to standardize and add signage to Central City has been approved.
  • IntraRail and XenRail have both received approval to bypass some inactive towns along new proposed service routes.
  • Conric005 has received permission to build a bus terminal in Central City for Neptune Bus.
  • We have approved a franchise building competition proposed by Frosty_Creeper10, on the condition that all franchises built there during the event are removed at the conclusion of the event.
  • Finally, we have approved a canal between Lake Dulwich and the Equinox Ocean, as proposed by Red_Ray.

Thank you to everyone who submitted projects and events – we can’t wait to see them in action!


One new road, one road extension, and one road improvement have been approved:

  • The A410 from Cremona to Sunshine Coast, proposed by Echohue
  • An extension of the B355 from Jungleville to Bawktown, proposed by Majatho3
  • A rework of two interchanges of the A5, proposed by Narnia17

Inactive asset transfers

  • While not discussed in this section, MRT Land (originally built and managed by thomasfyfe) has been transferred to JTrain77.
  • The unnamed town near Gemstride and Heampstead will be transferred to SoaPuffball.
  • PyroCity (near Boston) has been transferred to FredTheTImeLord.
  • The town at WN20 has been transferred to TheSubway.
  • Just_robinho requested taking over ownership of St. Roux (C36-P25 and surrounding areas). Ownership will be held while Robin works to integrate Marblegate (F27) and Lakeview (P28), but as of now Robin is acting as caretaker for the area, and he has been granted authority to manage railways and other transportation links through the town.
  • MC_Protocol will take over operation of the MRT Library and National Archives in an unofficial capacity.

That should be everything – thank you to everyone who submitted topics! The next GSM is Sunday, June 9 at 7pm UTC.


<3, Chief

Main server temporarily offline

UPDATE: Server is now back online! The cause was due to the a bad chunk on the games world, but this issue has now been fixed. Thank you for your patience!

Hey everyone,

The main server is temporarily offline until further notice while staff investigate further severe TPS drops and instability. At this time we’re unable to identify the primary cause, but admins are investigating as quickly as we can. Updates will be posted in Discord as they become available.

We have disabled the uCars plugin until further notice, as we believe it may be responsible for some of the performance issues.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we apologize greatly for the inconvenience.