Summer 2018 ASM Announcements

Hey all! Surprise — we had an Administrative Staff Meeting (ASM) this afternoon! We had all five admins and Frumple in attendance, and we’ve made some decisions we’d like to announce.

(ASMs are only called a few times a year to discuss a focused set of topics. As these are fairly uncommon and the topics are usually sensitive, ASM agendas are not released to the public.)

Staffing changes

We are pleased to announce the promotion of not one, but two new administrators! Please give a warm welcome and congratulations to AP_Red and MinecraftYoshi26! We’re excited to see how these players can continue their countless contributions to the community now that they are a part of the administration team.

We are also pleased to announce that _Kastle has passed his probationary period following a warning being issued in May. That warning has now been cleared and _Kastle has been reinstated as a full moderator.

Finally, thomasfyfe has once again stepped down from the administrator role and will be staying on as a moderator while he focuses on IRL obligations. We are thankful to Thomas for his work on the Citizens plugin, Halua Island, and other endeavors during his 10 months as an admin, and look forward to continuing to work with him as a mod going forward.

New guidelines on ban appeals

Admins have also approved new guidelines for ban appeals. Notably:

  • Players who are indefinitely banned can submit a ban appeal six months (180 days) after their ban takes effect. Ban appeals submitted before this timeline will be automatically rejected.
  • Players are only permitted to submit one ban appeal. (This has been our standard operating procedure since the server began, so we are now formalizing this.)
  • One-week temporary bans issued as a result of accumulating three warnings cannot be appealed (they expire automatically).

We will be updating our Warning and Ban Policy to reflect this in the coming days.

At the ASM we also caught up our backlog of ban appeals. If you’ve submitted a ban appeal, you’ll be hearing from us soon if you haven’t already.

GSM item: Policy against “belligerent dissent” under consideration

At the GSM on August 11, we will be considering a policy against “belligerent dissent” — this is players who disagree with the server and voice their disagreement in a belligerent or disruptive manner.

To be clear, we welcome constructive feedback and suggestions on how to improve the server; we just ask that these discussions be held in a constructive, civil, and respective manner.

A link to the proposal has been posted in Discord; if you have any feedback, please email the admins.

The end!

Thanks all, we’ll see you on Saturday for the GSM! (If you have things you’d like us to consider, please send them in by 7pm UTC on Thursday, August 9.)


July 2018 GSM Results

Hey all! The July 2018 GSM has concluded! You can watch the public portion here on Frumple’s YouTube channel. The results are as follows.

For those planning ahead, our next GSM is Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 7:00 pm UTC. Topics must be submitted by 7pm UTC on Thursday, August 9.

New staff titles

At the June GSM we announced that some staff will be receiving additional titles to recognize them for the additional responsibilities they’ve chosen to take on, in addition to — or in replacement of — standard staff duties. These players might not be as available to assist with WorldEdits and day-to-day activities due to their extra projects, but they are still staff members nonetheless. Titled staff are not senior to staff without titles, and only full moderators and admins are eligible for titles.

We have awarded titles to two staff members:

  • MinecraftYoshi26 is now Moderator and Events Coordinator.
  • godzilltrain is now Administrator and City Ranks Coordinator.

Congratulations to both of these staff members, and thank you for all that you do!

Changes coming to Senator and Governor promotions

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from players about the City Rank Promotion Batch system — most notably, that it takes quite a while to hear back on whether a promotion is successful. We’ve also noticed that many staff have not participated in the voting process.

We hear you loud and clear, so we’re making changes to the Senator and Governor promotion process, effective September 1.

While we’re still working on some details and getting our back-end set up, here are the parts that have been decided so far:

  • Senator and Governor cities will move from monthly batches to a two-week rolling review system. This means staff have 14 days — starting from the date you submit your promotion request — to review your city.
  • Once you have received feedback, you must wait 14 days (two weeks) before you can request another review.
  • Staff will vote with a more structured template and scoring system, which is still in development. Additional comments outside of the most common issues will also be addressed.
  • Batch 28, which is currently accepting submissions, will be the last batch to use the old system. We will move to two-week rolling beginning Saturday, September 1.
  • Premier reviews will continue to be handled at the GSM.

We hope to have more details available at the August GSM.

United Cities and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs)

There was a discussion on the recent events involving the United Cities and how to handle similar planning organizations going forward. Given that recent events have been rather emotionally trying on a lot of players and staff, we want to make a few statements known:

  • We the MRT administrators will not be dissolving the United Cities. However, Frumple is officially denouncing the United Cities as an organization going forward for directly and indirectly creating unnecessary conflicts amongst members over the past year.
  • The United Cities should and will not be considered as the “de facto” MPO of the MRT Server, effective immediately. The UC may continue to exist, but we are strongly encouraging players to leave the UC and join an existing MPO or form their own MPOs.

To help ensure this transition, all MPOs including the United Cities will be subject to the following new rules:

  • Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are entities created by multiple players to facilitate project development and planning between their cities.
  • MPOs may be regional (defining geographic membership criteria) or at-large (accepting members from anywhere on the server).
  • Players do NOT need staff approval to form an MPO.
  • Any MPOs that wish to merge together must receive approval from staff to do so at a GSM.
  • All MPOs are subject to the MRT server rules. These rules cover any behaviour performed on any Discord servers and other means of communication that hosts the MPOs members.
  • MRT staff will not actively monitor each and every MPO, as that is an unrealistic use of staff’s time. However, we strongly encourage members of MPOs to report any rule infractions to the MRT staff immediately. Players will not be punished for making a report in good faith, especially if it turns out to be a non-issue after staff have completed their investigation.
  • If an MPO is found to be suppressing players from reporting rule infractions, or has been actively covering up unacceptable behavior, MPO leadership and involved players will be severely punished. In extreme cases, the MRT administrators may take actions to forcibly dissolve the MPO.

Old World changes

The Old World is primarily a historical archive of our first two years of operations, however we do realize that some changes and maintenance are necessary to keep things working.

We want to preserve this, so going forward, Old World buildings cannot be blatantly destroyed or have large-scale remodeling. Minor changes, such as re-allocating aircraft at an airport, fixing signage, or updating the branding of a check-in area, are permitted, however you can’t tear down a building on the Old World.

We’ll be having discussions at a future GSM to handle airport renovations and similar projects, as well as how to handle incomplete projects. We have not made a final decision on these just yet.

Player-created PVP arenas coming soon

The 12 PVP arenas at Wishington on the old world will soon get some new friends — and you could help make that happen! We’ll be forming a staff committee to take charge of this project and ensure that new arenas meet common guidelines and are configured properly.

New arenas will be built on the Games world and will be set up with the PA plugin, though the details are yet to be determined. Look for an update in August.

Betting organizations are not permitted

A proposal was submitted to allow betting organizations and standards, to allow players to use in-game money to place wagers on events. This proposal has been denied due to several concerns brought up by staff, including:

  • There is a potential for exposing minors to much less structured forms of gambling than a simple lottery.
  • This could provide incentives for players to collude on the outcome of events, rather than participating to the best of their own ability.
  • We’d rather not have betting turn into a popularity contest (for instance, if one player had significantly more bets in their favor, those without as much support would likely feel left out).

This moratorium is in effect for all member-organized gambling related to MRT events.

An update on the Minecraft update

Minecraft 1.13 has hit your launchers, and early reports suggest that this will be one of the most difficult updates to perform. There are a lot of breaking changes behind the scenes, so we expect this to take a while.

There is a Spigot build available for 1.13, but it has severe bugs that can cause irreparable damage to a server world. We certainly don’t want that to happen, so we’ll be waiting for PaperSpigot — and our plugins — to stabilize. We will provide information as soon as we can, but we don’t expect to update until 2019.

We are instating a moratorium on new plugins until we update to 1.13 (whenever that is), so FastAsyncWorldedit will not be carried over to the main server for the foreseeable future. There was a proposal to add the EasyCarts plugin, however this has been shelved until further notice.

Projects and funding proposals

  • BernCow submitted a project, then asked us to pull it at the last second. As a reminder, if you need to withdraw something from the agenda, please email all staff as soon as possible so that we don’t miss it!
  • Major League Spleef and Sumotori League, two sports leagues organized by jphgolf4321, were funded in full.
  • The second season of the MRT Golf Association, organized by SkyjumperTalon, has been approved and will be funded per event. SkyjumperTalon will need to request funding for each event.
  • The United Cities World’s Expo, proposed by Skelezomperman to occur in Central City, has been denied for now. We have some clarifying questions for Skele and would prefer this to be unaffiliated with the UC, or to use an existing convention center rather than starting from scratch. We are happy to reconsider this at a later date once additional information is provided.

Property auctions

  • The InterContinental Hotel Group, previously owned by kiwirainbow, CaptainChimpy, and camelfantasy, has been transferred to time2makemymove, with the caveat that existing hotels should not be renovated without the approval of their town mayors.
  • Phoenix Valley, located between Whiteley and Venceslo, has been transferred to time2makemymove.
  • M19 Pellham has been transferred to tarheelscouse, pending an OK from MishkaMan.
  • V21 has been (finally!) transferred to Aldranster50.

Premier City Reviews

We reviewed four cities for Premier and are proud to announce that Laclede, by jphgolf4321, has been promoted! jph was present at the meeting and gave the following speech:

I just wanted to say, thank you for all of those staff and my friends who have been there to support me in the four years since Laclede started as just a little stub of road by T13, on the first couple of days of Gamma. It’s come a long way, and I couldn’t have done it without you guys, so thank you so much.

Feedback from this set is available here.

The end!

Upcoming events are:

  • The ShadowCorp Match Play Championship – the first event of the MRT Golf Association, Season 2 – is Thursday, July 26 at 5pm UTC. Players can register here.
  • The Amazing Race 9, Session 4, is Saturday, July 28 at 7pm UTC.
  • The next GSM is Saturday, August 11 at 7pm UTC.

Thanks all!

MRT 6th Anniversary Events Schedule

Hi all,

The MRT Server turns a whopping 6 years old this Friday, July 13th!

To celebrate this occasion, we are organizing several official server events during the week. Here is the schedule:

DateTime (UTC)EventOrganizer
Sunday, July 87:00 pmBuild CompetitionTom_Pairs
Thursday, July 127:00 pmThe Weakest LinkJust_robinho
Friday, July 137:00 pmSecret HitlerFrumple
11:00 pmPVP "Death Arena"Tom_Pairs
Saturday, July 147:00 pmThe Amazing Race 9MinecraftYoshi26
11:00 pmBootleg Telephone & Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toemegascatterbomb
Sunday, July 157:00 pmJackbox GamesFrumple
  • 7 pm UTC = 12 pm PDT = 3 pm EDT = 8 pm BST = 3am (+1) Singapore
  • 11 pm UTC = 4 pm PDT = 7 pm EDT = 12 am (+1) BST = 7 am (+1) Singapore

Details for each of these events will be added below (and announced on Discord) as they become available:

Build Competition

  • This competition organized by Tom_Pairs will consist of two rounds: a speed round and a long round.
  • In the speed round, players will be given a subject at the start and they will have 15 minutes to build it. At the end of 15 minutes, Tom_Pairs and any non-participating spectators present will judge the builds. The winner will be awarded $200 of in-game money.
  • In the long round, participants in the speed round can then improve on their build. They will be given until Friday, July 13th to complete their build, at which point Tom_Pairs will judge the builds. The winner will be awarded $500 of in-game money, and the build will be moved into an empty lot in Central City.

The Weakest Link

  • An elimination gameshow consisting of nine contestants similar to the IRL show of the same name, organized by Just_robinho.

Secret Hitler

  • Secret Hitler is a voting game of intrigue and deception for groups up to 10 players.
  • To participate, sign up for an account at and be able to join Discord voicechat. Voicechat is mandatory.

PVP “Death Arena”

  • Details to be announced.

The Amazing Race 9

  • The Amazing Race 9 continues as teams of two trek across the MRT server and solve various challenges.
  • Participation in TAR 9 is limited to the players who remain in the race at that time, but you can spectate and watch the action on Frumple’s stream at, or the MBS stream.

Bootleg Telephone & Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

  • Bootleg Telephone is a building game where each player make up a phrase, and then another player must build something to match that phrase. Yet another player then tries to guess what the person was trying to build, and then that answer becomes the phrase for the next round of the game.
  • Utlimate Tic-Tac-Toe is the newest game made by megascatterbomb. Details to be announced.

Jackbox Games

  • Participate in various party games with your fellow MRT members.
  • All you need to play is to be able to watch Frumple’s stream at, and a mobile device or computer in which to input your own answers or vote on other people’s answers. Joining Discord voicechat for this is entirely optional, but greatly enhances everyone’s experience.


The Amazing Race 9 premieres today!

In just a few hours, players will begin the ninth race around the MRT for a $10,000 in-game cash prize — plus smaller prizes, several challenges, dozens of cities, and countless funny quotes along the way.

Session One of the ninth MRT Amazing Race will begin at 7:00 pm UTC, at the Edelfort Citadel in Quiris. You can check what time that is for you here. The number of legs completed today will be determined during the event (it could be two, it could be four – we won’t know until the event is underway).

Frumple will be live-streaming the event on his Twitch channel at Other media providers such as MBS or MNC may also be running streams, so check with them directly to confirm details.

Best of luck to the racers, and we’re excited to see where this season’s challenges will take us!

Notes to spectators

The best way to watch the Race is via Twitch. (Frumple’s stream will include a live Dynmap and an on-screen team status tracker!) Spectators are permitted in certain areas at the discretion of Race Director MinecraftYoshi26.

Under no circumstances may spectators interfere with the Race. Violators will be kicked on sight. Spectators may not attempt a challenge until all contestants have checked in at the following Pit Stop or abandoned the Race.

Follow the directions of Race crew. MinecraftYoshi26 is running the event. Directions from him and his designated race crew must be followed by participants and spectators alike. In particular, DO NOT POST RACE DETAILS (including challenges, locations, or status of teams) IN MINECRAFT PUBLIC CHAT! This counts as spectator interference. Spectators are welcome to discuss the Race in Discord or Twitch.

Don’t obstruct streamers. Please move if asked to do so, even if you can’t see them.

Members and above who wish to spectate in-game can request access to Spectator Mode (game mode 3). Please ask a staff member for assistance, and be sure to exit Spectator Mode when leaving the area.

The slot limit will be kept at 60 players. If you will be going AFK, please disconnect entirely and rejoin when you get back. Today’s event will have upwards of 25 people involved, so we would like to keep as many slots free as possible so that racers can easily participate. Staff may kick AFK players before the 60-minute timer if necessary to free up slots.

Finally, while we won’t instate a blanket moratorium on WorldEdit requests, please note that most staff will be either running in, crewing, or streaming the Race. Staff that are involved with the Race will not be assisting with WorldEdits, and we don’t want to push all of the WorldEdit burden onto the staff who are just spectating. As such, please give staff additional time to respond to your requests, or wait a few hours until the event is over and make your request then.

Finally, our new Senators!

June ended yesterday, and with it the end of another City Rank Promotion Batch. Congratulations to the following players for successful promotions up to the next rank!

  • Cynra_’s city of Ilirea has been promoted to Governor.
  • FredTheTimeLord’s city of New Bakersville has been promoted to Senator.
  • airplane320 has been promoted to Senator for the city of Zerez.
  • MojangChan has been promoted to Senator for the city of Deadbush.

All feedback from this batch and previous ones is available here.

Thanks all!

June 2018 GSM Results

Hello all! The June GSM is now over, and we managed to get it done in three and a half hours, even though we had a record-breaking number of topics in Section One. Thanks to everyone who submitted items for discussion, so let’s talk about what happened!

As always, the public portion of the meeting can be viewed here.

Staffing updates

We are pleased to announce two promotions in the staff ranks:

  • sesese9 has been promoted to the Trial Moderator position.
  • megascatterbomb has passed his Trial Moderator probationary period and has gained full Moderator privileges.

Congratulations to both of these players, and welcome aboard!

CoreProtect log post-mortem

As Frumple noted in a previous post, we have dumped all CoreProtect logs up until June 15, 2018. This means that any block changes made before that date are no longer available, and we will be unable to roll areas back to before this date. We will need to run purges about once a year to remove old records, which may take some time to complete. Our first such purge will likely happen in either spring or fall 2019.

Policy changes

We’re changing a few policies and rules, all of which are effective immediately.

  • At the last GSM, we announced an amendment to the warning policy where players with two active warnings or a double warning will be required to send a reflection statement in order to be re-promoted, and brought it into effect about two days later for all current and future players in this situation. This has been in effect since mid-May, and will remain in effect going forward. Our apologies for not making this clear.
  • We are shortening the promotion delay for all ranks below Senator. Players are now eligible for promotion 1 week (7 days) after receiving their last promotion, provided they have no active warnings. This means:
    • The promotion delay between Member and Citizen remains at 1 week.
    • The promotion delay between Citizen and Trustee has decreased from 2 weeks to 1 week.
    • The promotion delay between Trustee and Councillor has decreased from 2 weeks to 1 week.
    • The promotion delay between Councillor and Mayor has decreased from 2 weeks to 1 week.
    • Promotions from Mayor to Senator, Senator to Governor, and Governor to Premier will continue to be handled through the City Rank Promotion Batch process.
    • These time limits only apply for your player rank, not town ranks. Therefore, any towns that you own which are below your current player rank are not subjected to promotion delays. For example, if you are the mayor of a Senator city and a Councillor town, the Councillor town can be promoted to Mayor as soon as it meets the other requirements; you do not have to wait a week to get promoted in this case.
  • The General Rule “Do not advertise other servers” has changed to “Do not advertise servers unaffiliated with the MRT”. This means you are permitted to provide links to Discord servers and other resources for the towns, transit organizations, sporting events, and other events on the MRT, but you may not advertise other Minecraft servers, or auxiliary services connected to those.
  • The MRT Road Guidelines have been updated to remove the use of carpets. We strongly encourage players building roads to follow these guidelines as closely as they can, though they are not official policy.

We have also adjusted some perks and permissions:

  • An additional Premier perk has been added. Premier cities can have custom icons appear on dynmap, instead of the default purple flower that is currently in use. If you’re the mayor of a Premier ranked city and would like to have a different icon mark your city, please email the admins a 32×32 PNG image and we can upload it. (If you’d rather have a non-square icon, please use transparent pixels for the rest of the image; dynmap requires this exact size.)
  • Players between Trustee and Premier, inclusive, can no longer use /npc vulnerable to kill NPCs created with Citizens, due to abuse and a few players spamming the chat with vulgar names and death messages. Please use the /npc remove command or ask staff for assistance with removing an NPC. Staff can make NPCs vulnerable if needed.
  • Trustees and above can now use /npc path to allow NPCs to move around. Though the plugin has a very high limit on the number of nodes in a path, please try to keep NPC paths short and reasonable. Update: This will not be enabled for now, as a bug exists in Citizens that prevents NPCs from properly sitting down when instructed. When this issue is fixed, we will re-enable /npc path.
  • We will be adding specializations for administrators and full moderators. These are additional titles that will be awarded to reflect the special duties that staff take on, either in addition to or in replacement of “normal” jobs (rules enforcement, WorldEdits, day-to-day community building, and so on), and will be listed on the main website and other locations as needed. We’ll discuss and award our first batch of specializations at the next GSM in July.

Finally, we clarified the 7,500-block Senator airfield rule: this size limit does include fences and other man-made boundaries, and will be enforced strictly. Therefore, airfields that are 7,501 blocks in size are not allowed. Natural boundaries such as cliffs and shorelines will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Airfields that are too large need to become compliant as soon as possible.


We did not receive any road proposals at this GSM, but we did review a proposal to enable driving on red terracotta blocks. These are used frequently for bus and bike lanes, however the uCars plugin uses these blocks for traffic control setups. We’ll be testing out driving on the beta server, and if it all works out, we’ll enable it on the main server in the next few weeks.

Beta Server

We are currently testing out an update to Dynmap, as well as a new plugin, FastAsyncWorldedit (FAWE), on the beta server. Since FAWE is very experimental and has crashed the beta server a few times, we’re keeping the beta server whitelisted to staff only for the time being. We will likely keep the beta server whitelisted until mid-July.

Anniversary Events

We are starting to plan events for the sixth anniversary of the MRT, on July 13, 2018. Staff will be hosting a variety of events in the days leading up to July 13 or the following weekend, and we’ll post announcements here and on Discord when the calendar is finalized.

Arctic Line Announcements and Station Names

Frumple’s Arctic Line announcements pilot project has gone well, so in the coming months we hope to expand it to the entire Arctic Line. When the project is completed we’ll post the resource pack template, and you’ll be able to record your own versions of the announcements. Eventually this may be rolled out system-wide.

In order to get the announcements recorded, we will be assigning names to the unnamed Arctic Line stations. Effective immediately, the remaining stations are named as follows:

  • A4: Sanford
  • A5: Cornus Southeast
  • A7: Watchfield East
  • A17: Freshney West
  • A18: Chestwick
  • A19: Voltsphere (change to Taiga Line, T24)
  • A27: Lancaste
  • A28: Cicero
  • A29: Lucerne Gate
  • A30: Lucerne

Please contact Frumple if you have any questions.

Property Auctions

  • XE7-XE8 Merchant City has been transferred to Tom_Pairs.
  • C93 has been transferred to Vulpicula.
  • The Morihama Ferry Terminal has been transferred to Cookie46910.
  • C14 North Haven, while requested by AlfiePops, was retracted before the start of the GSM and was not transferred.

Premier City Reviews

We reviewed proposals for Premier for the cities of Dabecco, Laclede, and Utopia, and while there were varying levels of support, none of these cities reached the 85% threshold that is required for promotion. Full feedback is available here.

Event and Funding Requests

  • SkyjumperTalon has requested funding for another mini golf tournament on June 30, which has been approved.
  • Additionally, SkyjumperTalon requested funding for end-of-season prizes for players who have participated in MRT Golf Association events. Due to the complexities involved in managing this funding, and the relatively small amounts, this has been denied.
  • The Event of Events, proposed by SkyjumperTalon, was denied as we don’t think it will get as many participants as was originally proposed, and has too many events on one day.
  • SkyjumperTalon’s final event proposal this GSM is for a Hunger Games style event, however this was denied as not enough information was provided by the GSM (in particular, the date and time).
  • MinecraftYoshi26 has proposed a new structure for running the screenshot contests, which has been approved. The first iteration of this new structure will be accepting submissions through 11:59 pm UTC on June 30.

SLE and JLS station allocations

We opened the Southern Line East (stations S0 to S26) and Jungle Line South (stations JS1 to JS14) at this GSM, and have awarded the following stations:

  • SE2: Amber_Pine
  • SE4, SE5: MC_Protocol
  • SE8: TalonPlays
  • SE9, SE10: Camelfantasy
  • SE12, SE13: SigmaTheEnigma
  • SE17: CortesiRaccoon
  • SE20: MIKE24DUDE
  • JS4: TalonPlays
  • JS6: Funky_Flounder
  • JS7: DaMarMan111
  • JS9: Needn_NL

Any stations not listed here are released for general claiming, though by the time you see this post they may no longer be available. Please remember the 300-block and 500-block rules when building at open stations, and note that claims that don’t have significant development within two weeks can be released upon request.

Upcoming Events

  • The Evella Expo is currently ongoing setup, and the expo itself will start soon. Exhibitors can register until June 20 and must be set up by June 23, and the expo itself runs from June 25 through July 2.
  • XII TacoBurritoAThon will occur in Elecna Bay at 5:00 pm UTC, June 30.
  • The next mini-golf tournament starts at 7:00 pm UTC on June 30.
  • The first session of The Amazing Race 9 will begin at 7:00 pm UTC on July 1.

Frumple is planning on doing livestreams on Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, June 1 to showcase the Evella Expo and Amazing Race 9. You can watch these at

Thanks all!

Chief, on behalf of the rest of the staff