April GSM Roundup

Hey folks! We had a GSM today where we decided lots of things! So here’s what we decided, and what you need to know.

Here’s the public portion of the meeting.


We reviewed 10 towns for Senator, and promoted three. Congratulations to AlikSong of Kenthurst (XW10), jphgolf4321 of Laclede (T13), and KittyCat11231 of Nippia (ZN20 and ZN21)!

We reviewed 4 towns for Governor but did not promote any.

If you were not promoted, please talk to us! We have reasons of why you were not promoted and would love to help you figure out what you need to do to rank up. You are also welcome to ask us at any time about your town – even if it’s not GSM season – and we’re (usually) happy to point you in the right direction.

We also promoted MinecraftYoshi26 up to Moderator. Congratulations, and welcome back!

Promotions for the next meeting

We will be doing promotions for all ranks at the next meeting: Senator, Governor, Premier, and Moderator! As of this meeting we are not automatically re-considering rejected applicants, so you do need to re-apply (sorry!).

For Senator, remember that we are looking for about 40 builds, about 10 residents and shops, and enough effort that makes your city feel like a small city. Road and metro systems are encouraged but not required.

For Governor, remember that we are looking for about 60 builds, about 10 residents and shops, and enough effort that makes your city feel like a big city. You are required to have an epic landmark for Governor, but you are allowed to start building it as soon as you’re ready.

For Premier, we are looking for the most epic cities on the server: about 100 builds or equivalent epic effort. They should also be expressive, planned, individual and culturally significant. Set them apart from the other cities around you, or around the new world!

For Moderator, you can email the admins your nominations, and your reasons for them.

Policy change for inherited towns

We are changing the policies related to town inheritance and how that affects your rank.

If you inherit a town from a banned player, or because they decide to give it up to you, you have full ownership of that town and can do whatever you want with it. You can choose to leave it alone or continue developing it in any way you see fit (including destroying builds as needed for development).

If you claim a town from an inactive player, through an inactive town audit, you become a caretaker of the town, which means you are responsible for developing the town in the same way as the owner originally intended.

Secondly, if you receive a town from another player, you won’t be promoted up to meet its rank right away. You’ll need to develop it quite a bit in order to get ranked up.

Password protected channels and all suggestive content are no longer allowed

Effective immediately, password-protected channels are no longer allowed.

In addition, we are formally banning ALL suggestive content on ALL services, including Minecraft, the wiki, and Mumble. If you are posting suggestive content, you may be warned or issued further punishments.


MineChat is officially discouraged, but not banned. You are responsible for your account security!

The reason we are discouraging MineChat is because it is not open-source and not owned by Mojang. As such, we can’t guarantee that your Mojang account credentials are safe.

Because you are putting your Minecraft credentials into a third-party app, there is a nonzero chance that the owners of the app can see and steal them (and then use them for their own purposes).

We are discouraging you from using MineChat for your own security. If you choose to use it, you are still responsible for anything that happens on your account. You have been warned.


Is coming. Chill.

We’re waiting on a couple more critical plugins to update, and unfortunately there is no known timeframe for these updates. As soon as we have information on them, we will pass it on to you.

That was a lot. Thanks for reading!


GSM this Saturday! And a security reminder!

Hey guys! It’s already that time of the month – there will be a GSM this Saturday at 8:30 PM UTC!

GSM details

Please note the time change! To better accommodate staff schedules, the meeting will be two hours earlier, with the public portion beginning at 8:30 pm (in theory) UTC instead of 10:30 (or 11) like it has in the past. No guarantees that we’ll actually be done by 8:30, but we’ll try. :)

Request your promotions here! Do it now so we don’t miss you! I’ll update the spreadsheet while riding the train on Saturday so please be sure to get your request in soon. No, we’re not doing Premier yet. Sorry – we’ll be doing that in May! There are currently (as of Wednesday at 11pm Central) 12 candidates for Senator and 6 candidates for Governor.

If you have roads to discuss, email us details! Send those to the admins and we’ll stick it all in the agenda.

If you have an airport to discuss, email us details! You can send us airport proposals even if you’re going for Governor – you can then start building immediately once you’re promoted. We need to know about your airport to ensure compliance with the half-size rule.

If you want to nominate someone for Moderator, email us details! Send those to admins and we’ll put in your suggestions. The only requirement is that the player in question is a Trustee or higher, but longevity and activity are looked at as well We don’t look for building skills or technical skills when assessing whether someone is fit to become a moderator; rather, their community and management skills. Age and geographical location are ignored. Please send your reason for nomination as well. There are currently 4 candidates for Moderator.

If you want to buy Frumple a taco, do that here!

Finally, a security reminder

MineChat and other phone chat clients can steal your password. Our official recommendation is: DON’T USE THEM!!!

In the last month or so, two players (who shall remain anonymous) have independently informed admins that their accounts have been hacked (or otherwise used without their knowledge and consent), but they don’t know why. Both of them also told us, or we have noticed, that they had been using MineChat to access the server.

While correlation is not the same as causation, we are suspecting that MineChat and similar clients may be responsible for these incidents. These are not official Mojang apps, and they require you to store your data in the app. They are also not open source, so no one can verify that they keep the data to themselves. Long story short, these apps might be stealing your password.

Please be smart about what clients you use, and change your password if you don’t trust them. (You should change your password anyway now that you’ve read this.) We also recommend that you switch to a Mojang account if you haven’t already, and set good security questions to prevent further damage.

Thank you for helping keep the Internet, and your accounts, safe.

(Admins using the MCMA client on Android and iOS: since that is an official client by CubeCoders, you do not need to take any additional precautions, however it is recommended that you change your MCMA password anyway.)

See you all on Saturday!


March 2015 GSM Results

Hey guys! The March 2015 GSM has just concluded and there are lots of things to announce!


  • Screenshot Contest: _Kastle takes first prize with the “MRT Welcome Center” screenshot; over $13,000 in prizes distributed
  • New supporter perk: /skull
  • Promotions: 4 cities promoted to Senator, 1 to Governor
  • Airports: New size limit introduced, some airports are being redone or removed
  • Roads: A-class proposal system simplified; numbering system established and finalized
  • Next meeting is tentatively set for Saturday, April 18, 2015 at 7pm UTC (private) / 8:30 pm UTC (public)

The public portion of the meeting including a long discussion on the new airport rules can be found hereThe new airport rules are in effect immediately, so be sure to give the meeting a listen, or continue reading to find out more.


Screenshot Contest Finalists Announced

Hey everyone,

The admins have finished their first round of voting, and 12 finalists have been selected for the Screenshot Contest. They are:

  • _Kastle – MRT Welcome Center
  • Aliksong – Kenthurst
  • autobus22 – Chokster City Borderline Airport
  • cal76 – Riverend
  • CortesiRaccoon – Airchester
  • Just_robinho – Marblegate Centraal
  • kiwirainbow – Mason City Waterfront
  • lalaboy – Kessler
  • MinecraftYoshi26 – Cytus
  • Omricon – Welcome to Central City
  • ortem – Calm Night
  • Ryumitch – Southern Vekta

The finalist submissions can be viewed in this Google Doc folder. The admins will now commence their final round of voting to select the top 5 winners from this list of finalists. The results will be announced at the upcoming GSM on March 7th.

Voting for the People’s Choice award is still open on this Strawpoll until Friday 11:59 pm PST.


March 2015 GSM and other things

Hey folks! The March GSM will be this Saturday, March 7 at 10:30pm UTC, so if you haven’t already requested a town review, now is the time! Staff will be checking out your towns this week so be sure to get your requests in soon. As of right now we have 6 candidates for promotion to Senator, and 5 candidates for promotion to Governor. We will not be accepting requests for Premier just yet.

The form is located here. Please fill it out as soon as you’re ready!

A couple other updates:

Mumble security: We are now lifting the Mumble password embargo (hooray!), so now you can join the server at any time. Just PM a mod or admin and we can give you the current password. Please keep the following important points in mind:

  • Guests are not allowed to join Mumble at all. Sorry! Please apply for membership, and you’ll be welcome to join once you’ve been approved.
  • Members are not allowed to give the password out. Only staff members may do this, as members might not have the most current password.
  • As soon as you have connected to the server, right-click your name and choose “Self-Register”. This will allow you to connect if and when the password changes.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation while the embargo was in place the last two months.

Screenshot contest: The admins are now naming our finalists. The list will be announced here in the next couple of days. Please remember to check them out (imagesspreadsheet) and vote for your favorites. All entries will receive $20 in-game cash, with finalists, first through fifth place, and People’s Choice Award winners receiving more. We will hand out prizes following the GSM. Prizes will be as follows:

  • First prize: $5,000
  • Second prize: $3,000
  • Third prize: $2,000
  • Fourth prize: $1,000
  • Fifth prize: $500
  • Finalist: $100
  • Non-Finalist: $20

In addition, the two top screenshots (as voted by you in the poll) get an extra $500 in addition to their prize above. So if a screenshot gets a People’s Choice Award, but isn’t a finalist, the prize will be $520.

Eastern line: The Eastern-Central section has been open for a little while, but in case you haven’t seen it, it is ready to go! You can now ride one train from P29 to C20-XE22, passing through flourishing cities including Lakeview, Easest, Airchester and Sesby. It has also been marked out on Dynmap. The stations are currently operating with temporary station codes starting with EC, and the northern section should be opening within the next few weeks.

That’s all for now!