May 1st, 2016 GSM Results

Hi all,

Here are the announcements and results from the recent General Staff Meeting. As always, the recording for the public portion is available here.

Frumple on Vacation

I will be on vacation from May 5th to May 23rd. Specifically, from May 7th to May 14th, I will have very limited internet or e-mail contact. During this time, the admins will be in charge of the server. In the event of a catastrophic incident on the server during this time, the admins will be instructed to shut down the server temporarily until I return. This will help prevent any further damage to the world and data on the server.

CoreProtect Purges

As I noted in the my previous news post, we will need to periodically run a purge of our CoreProtect database every 1-2 months. Due to the nature of the purge, this requires the server to be whitelisted for a few hours while the purge is running. The next CoreProtect purge will occur this Thursday, May 5th, from approximately 6pm to 11pm PDT. During this time, the server will be whitelisted to staff only. This will ensure that there is sufficient disk space on the server before I leave on vacation.

Usage of the Schematica Mod

Effective immediately, players will be allowed to use the Schematica mod on the server on a trial basis. All players may only use this mod to assist them in constructing their builds, and absolutely not for malicious purposes. All existing construction rules will apply to any build constructed using Schematica, which includes (but is not exhaustive) to the following:

  • Griefing
  • Respecting the landscape
  • Clearing large areas in an unnecessary manner
  • Buildings copied using Schematica must be of your own effort and design. Plagiarism of other builds that you do not own will not be tolerated.

We will allow the usage of this mod until the next GSM, at which we will evaluate whether to allow it permanently or not. If we find that players are abusing the mod in violation of the rules, then we will disallow the use of the mod immediately.

War Scenes and Armor Stands

During the private portion of the GSM, staff discussed the recent rise of war scenes that have been popping up around the server. The main concerns that were brought up were the reports of players building these scenes in other towns without permission, the negativity and interpersonal conflicts that arose from these scenes, and the excessive use of armor stands. Staff were split as to what to do about this situation, so a decision on the matter will be deferred until the next GSM.

However for the time being, when it comes to evaluating towns for promotions, staff are in agreement that war scenes detract from the overall ambiance of the town. Therefore, when submitting your town for evaluation, it would be in your best interest to remove such scenes to have the highest chance of being approved for promotion.

SMPs are now limited to 6 towns

We have noticed that some SMPs have been become quite large both in terms of number of town and the area that they cover. In an effort to prevent SMPs from becoming too large, effective immediately, SMPs will be limited to a maximum of 6 towns.


  • B750 (proposed by _inDev_) has been approved. This road travels from Espil (C81) to Glenbrook/Sulfreal Lakes (M14/M15) and Kolpino (M18).
  • A90 (proposed by PtldKnight and Ardyan) has been approved. This road travels from Armada (A26/C107) to BirchView (C1) with many exits to towns along the route.


  • Kessler Dragon Network (proposed by lalaboy) has been approved. Since Kessler is a medieval/fantasy city, a transportation network using dragons to connect with other towns is thematically appropriate.
  • Hummingbird Islands Airport (proposed by MinecraftYoshi26) has been approved.

Town Auctions

  • P35 has been granted to _AngelAlexander_.
  • A21 has been granted to PtldKnight.
  • P17 has been granted to JenYukiJulia.
  • D23/C65 has been granted to CaptLincoln.

Please also note that new stations on the Mesa Line are officially available for auction. These stations are M31, M32, M33, and M34. If you would like to claim one of these stations, please send an e-mail to staff [at] stating your reasons why you should be granted the station.

That’s all for now.


Next General Staff Meeting is Tomorrow

Hi all,

Apologies for the short notice, but just letting you know that the next General Staff Meeting will be held tomorrow, on Sunday, May 1st at the usual time of 7pm UTC. There will be some important announcements at this meeting, but the rest of the GSM will be mainly focused on going through project and auction requests from members. We will not be considering any major rules changes, or moderator nominations at this meeting.


Server whitelisted for the next few hours

Hi all,

The server ran out of disk space today, so I’m currently running a purge on the CoreProtect database to free it up. It looks like this process will take a few hours, so until then the server will be whitelisted. I’ll edit this post later when we’re back to normal.

UPDATE: Server is now back up and running. Please note the following:

  • To clear up disk space, block logs older than 30 days from today have been purged. Therefore, when you ask a staff members to view history, they will not be able to see beyond that point.
  • For the short time period when disk space ran out (approximately an hour before the whitelist was turned on), any changes to blocks, warps, and player information may have been lost. Unfortunately, there is likely no way to recover that data.
  • To facilitate the CoreProtect purge, the dynmap renderings for all world had to be deleted. They will automatically be re-rendered over the coming week at the usual scheduled time.
  • Finally, unlike Prism, CoreProtect doesn’t automatically purge its data on a regular basis. Therefore in the future, we will need to whitelist the server and run these purges again every few months. We will inform you as to when the next “purge” day will occur.


City Rank Candidate Batch #6 Results

Hi all,

Just a quick announcement regarding the results of the latest City Rank Candidate Batch. Voting has concluded, and we have 5 promotions to Senator, and 1 new promotion to Governor:

[Senator] Promotions:

  • AP_Red (for the town of Whiteley, already Senator rank)
  • mine_man_ (for the town of Vegetus, already Governor rank)
  • _HeavenAngel_ (for the town of Quiris)
  • godzilltrain (for the town of Segville)
  • MindBender15 (for the town of Radiance Square)

[Governor] Promotion:

  • LDShadowLord (for the City of Evella)

Congratulations to all who were promoted. Feedback emails to all candidates will hopefully be sent within the next week. I also apologize for not sending feedback emails for the last batch, I’ll try to do a better job this time around.


March 2016 GSM Results

Hi all,

The March 2016 GSM has concluded. The recording for the public portion can be downloaded here.

New Administrators

After much time and deliberation, I am pleased to announce the promotion of two new administrators: _frozen and BaronThamesBank.

Congratulations to both of you! With the additional help on the administrative front, we hope this will result in a quicker turnaround time for everything from processing member applications to banning unruly guests.

WorldEdit Etiquette

Recently, staff members have noticed that WorldEdit requests from players have taken an increasingly impersonal and disrespectful tone. Therefore, we would like to ask players to keep the following points in mind before you ask for a WorldEdit:

  • Be respectful of the staff members time: Remember that they are volunteers and may refuse your W/E request at their discretion.
  • “10 Minute Rule”: If an admod has just joined, do not ask them for a W/E until 10 minutes have passed.
  • “5 Minute Rule”: If you can do a W/E by hand within 5 minutes, then do not ask for such a W/E.
  • Place your corners: Make sure you have placed blocks indicating the corners of the W/E. Failure to do so wastes the time of the staff member.
  • Use /helpop: When you’re ready to make your WorldEdit request, use /helpop so that staff can easily see it.

These etiquette points have been added to the Rules page, and will be more strictly enforced by staff going forward. Note that the last point regarding /helpop is a new addition in order to help keep the main chat channel clear of WorldEdit requests.

Roads and Projects

  • The A8 extension (proposed by _frozen) westward to Storalisburg (C94) and Spring Creek has been approved.
  • The Union of Central Western Territories (UCW) Airport (proposed by camelfantasy) has been approved in its new location in the mountains south of Sealane and Formosa.
  • The Wazamawazi Airport (proposed by autobus22) has been approved in its location north of the city.

City Rank Candidate Batch #6 Voting Extended

Due to the busy lives of our staff members, we were not able to get a sufficient number of votes for the towns in this batch by the deadline. Therefore, the voting deadline will be extended by almost 1 week to April 15th, 2016 at 11:59 PDT. Promotions will then be made on the following day on April 16th.

That’s all for now.