We’re updating to 1.8.5 at the end of May!

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who helped test and submit bug reports on the Beta Server. After some extensive testing, I’m pleased to announce that we will be finally updating the main server to Spigot 1.8.5 sometime next weekend on May 30th or May 31st. The exact time of the upgrade will vary depending on my availability, but I will try to perform the upgrade earlier rather than later. Note that there will be likely a hour or two of downtime on the main server for the upgrade.

Please take note of the following changes on the Beta Server, which will all apply when we perform the upgrade to the main server:

  • BetterShops has been disabled, and will not be installed as part of the 1.8.5 upgrade on the main server. We will install BetterShops at a later date when version 2.0 of that plugin is available, which is expected later in June.
  • Spectator mode has been disabled for all non-staff. At some point in the future when the appropriate plugin is available, we may consider enabling spectator mode for non-staff, but with all teleportation functionality associated with that mode disabled.
  • As a precaution, Trustees and above will no longer be able to create/destroy Essentials signs that change gamemode. This permission has been moved to Moderators and above.
  • Members and above can now access any container, including chests, trapped chests, dispensers, droppers, hoppers, brewing stands, furnaces, jukeboxes, etc. Guests are still denied from accessing any container.
  • Players can now use the /chairs on and off command again. Please note that due to limitations in the new Spigot, your chairs on/off setting will NOT persist across login sessions. Every time you login, your chairs setting will default to “on”, so you must always manually run the command “/chairs off” if you want sitting turned off.
  • The dispensing of Fire Charges has been disabled to prevent griefing.
  • Slime blocks are now restricted to Trustees and above, just like Ice.

Once again, please take note of these known issues on the Beta Server and when we update:

  • WorldGuard greeting colour codes have been changed to correspond with Minecraft color codes. This is an intentional change by the plugin, and can only be fixed by manually updating all WorldGuard greetings by hand.
  • Rotating schematics with WorldEdit still causes rails to disappear.
  • Dispensers can still spawn villager spawn eggs.
  • Double stone slabs (43:8) cannot be held in your hand. Workaround: use Polished Andesite (1:6), or have it WorldEdited into place.
  • Custom maps that used black may need to be re-uploaded. The colors of maps have changed, and so black pixels may have changed to brown. This can be seen at Vermilion Gateway Airport (VER).

Thank you everyone for your patience in waiting for this update!


Beta Server is now open for 1.8 testing!

Hi all,

The Beta Server is now open to all players for 1.8 testing! Connect your 1.8.4 Minecraft client to: beta.minecartrapidtransit.net, or minecartrapidtransit.net:35565.

Please note that purpose of this server is to TEST features in Minecraft 1.8 and associated plugins. Griefing is allowed for the purposes of testing stuff, but if you’re going on there just to grief, then please go elsewhere.

Here is the full list of plugin changes that you’ll notice on the Beta Server:

  • The BetterShops plugin has been installed! [Trustees] and above are able to create their own chest and NPC shops. See this link for a tutorial on how to add your own shops: https://github.com/moomaxie/BetterShops/wiki/Tutorial
  • MyWarp has been upgraded to 3.0-beta 1, with some major revamping of its internal configuration and permissions. Please take special care that all warps and commands are working properly.
  • On the Beta Server only, dynmap can be accessed at http://dynmap-beta.minecartrapidtransit.net. However, due to disk space constraints, all dynmap renders have been disabled.
  • The issue with minecarts not getting destroyed by cactus, fire, or lava has been resolved.
  • Dispensers are now prevented from spawning most spawn eggs and prohibited items.

Here is a list of known issues still outstanding:

  • WorldGuard greeting colour codes have been changed to correspond with Minecraft color codes. This is an intentional change by the plugin, and can only be fixed by manually updating all WorldGuard greetings by hand.
  • Rotating schematics with WorldEdit still causes rails to disappear.
  • Some BetterShops NPCs get duplicated twice for an unknown reason.
  • Dispensers can still spawn villager spawn eggs.
  • Double stone slabs (43:8) cannot be held in your hand. Workaround: use Polished Andesite (1:6), or have it WorldEdited into place.
  • Custom maps that used black may need to be re-uploaded. The colors of maps have changed, and so black pixels may have changed to brown. This can be seen at Vermilion Gateway Airport (VER).

If you find a bug or issue on the Beta Server, please let the admins know at admin [at] minecartrapidtransit.net. Your help is greatly appreciated!

If testing does not find any critical issues in the next couple of weeks or so, then we will likely update the main server before the end of May. Therefore, please get on there and help test so that we can rollout this update to 1.8 faster!


May 2015 GSM Roundup

Hey folks! The GSM has ended, so here’s what happened!

Recording is now in MP3 format

By popular demand, the recording from this meeting is now in shiny MP3 format! You can listen to it here.


We have a LOT of promotions to announce! We reviewed promotions for Senator, Governor and Premier at this meeting and are pleased to announce that a majority of promotion requests were approved.


We reviewed 4 cities and promoted 3 to Senator. Congratulations to:

  • Gopher of Liten, ZN19
  • Narnia17 of Utopia, D14 (first Senator on the Desert line!)
  • Robang592 of Birdhall, M27

If you would like to have your town reviewed (again) at the next meeting, you can send in an application at any time. You can always ask for opinions between meetings, and if we’re not busy studying for IB exams, we can probably give you some insight into what to do.


We reviewed 2 cities and promoted 1 to Governor. Congratulations to:

  • decorminecraft of Thunderbird, F17

Please send us your airport proposal! And if you want gates at that airport, I hear there will be an application process soon… stay tuned to the subreddit for details.


We reviewed 2 cities and promoted both of them to Premier! Congratulations to:

  • CortesiRaccoon of Airchester, C25-EC6/C26-EC7
  • Tom_Pairs of Achowalogen Takachsin, XE10/XE11/XE12/XE13

As per the new Premier induction ceremony, these two both gave acceptance speeches in Mumble:


Two years and five months. I’ve passed a lot of time on this amazing server. I’ve made new friends, and I don’t regret any single minute I’ve spent on it. One of the things I’m most proud of is of the work I’ve done and of the people I’ve made happy. I now have the highest rank of non-staff players, and it’s an amazing objective. I’ve been demoted a few times, but that’s helped me to become more mature. I’m now a better person, a more friendly person. People may think Minecraft is a waste of time, but this server never stops surprising me, and I cannot live without it. Next objective? Well, helping grow the buildings, and moderator sounds like a good objective. Thank you to all of the players of the MRT, for making my days on this amazing and unforgettable server. Love you all.

P.S. Still waiting for the pineapples to take over the server…



Tom’s speech was significantly lamer:

Come visit Achowalogen Takachsin! I have lots of shops and houses available. I’m starting to build some high-end condos… I don’t know, I don’t like speeches.


Inactive towns

We are resuming our audits of inactive towns, like we did on the old world. A town may be considered inactive if it hasn’t been worked on in the last three months (Prism logs clear themselves after 90 days), and its owner hasn’t been online in the last few months.

If you notice a town that is inactive, and you want to take it over as a caretaker, email us, and we’ll consider it at the next GSM.

We granted two players caretaker roles:

  • Martii_Scots01 will take over the town at C51-I20-S
  • RednaxAP will take over the town at EC16-P29

We are putting up P14 (Maliwan) and F14 (Villedyn) for auction. If you want to take over one of these towns, send us an email.


There have been a few road proposals that people have kicked around for the last while, and all of those A-class proposals are approved for immediate construction.

Here’s the map of where the new roads will go (approximately) – click on it for full size.


If you want to start a new road project, email us your map and how much you want paid for it. Most of these are being paid less than $1,000 for the road.

Please note that A-50 will be player-owned, not server-owned, and as such will receive the designation A-50X. Most of you won’t notice that, but it’ll make administration of the road easier for us.

Proposed rule change

At the last GSM, we realized that the current rules have a lot of gray areas when it comes to inter-city transit. We proposed a new rule set to simplify this. The following rules are NOT in effect yet, and we would love to hear from you on what you think.

Our proposal is as follows:

  • If your town is below the Senator rank, you can only make and receive inter-city transit lines within a shared municipality.
  • If your town is at or above the Senator rank, you can build outside of an SMP, but your rail lines and stations must be attached to a city. As always, you need to have the approval of that city’s mayor, and they need to be at the appropriate rank.

If we do choose to enact the rule at the next meeting, you will have some time to form SMPs and reorganize lines if needed.



May GSM, and PVP is back!

Hey folks! The next GSM is scheduled for THIS Saturday, May 2, 2015 at 8:30pm UTC with private discussions starting at 7. This is a much faster turn-around than the last meeting – only two weeks! – so plan accordingly.

We are now accepting promotion requests for all ranks – Senator, Governor and Premier. Remember that you need to re-apply for promotions if you want to be considered. You can do that here. If you’re going for Senator or Governor, you must have been promoted on or before Saturday, April 4; for Premier, you must have been promoted on or before Saturday, March 7.

We are actively seeking new moderators, so if you have someone you’d like to nominate, please email us.

Please also email admins any road or airport proposals you want us to consider. Those are not GSM agenda items, but we do need to know about them.

See you on Saturday! In other news…

PVP Arenas are operational again!

After months and years of waiting, I’ve set up the PVP arenas in Wishington (B20 on the old world)! You can do /pa # to join an arena (they’re numbered 1-12). All twelve arenas are up and running, so if you want to play… go ahead!

Have fun!


April GSM Roundup

Hey folks! We had a GSM today where we decided lots of things! So here’s what we decided, and what you need to know.

Here’s the public portion of the meeting.


We reviewed 10 towns for Senator, and promoted three. Congratulations to AlikSong of Kenthurst (XW10), jphgolf4321 of Laclede (T13), and KittyCat11231 of Nippia (ZN20 and ZN21)!

We reviewed 4 towns for Governor but did not promote any.

If you were not promoted, please talk to us! We have reasons of why you were not promoted and would love to help you figure out what you need to do to rank up. You are also welcome to ask us at any time about your town – even if it’s not GSM season – and we’re (usually) happy to point you in the right direction.

We also promoted MinecraftYoshi26 up to Moderator. Congratulations, and welcome back!

Promotions for the next meeting

We will be doing promotions for all ranks at the next meeting: Senator, Governor, Premier, and Moderator!

As of this meeting we are not automatically re-considering rejected applicants, so you do need to re-apply (sorry!).

For Senator, remember that we are looking for about 40 builds, about 10 residents and shops, and enough effort that makes your city feel like a small city. Road and metro systems are encouraged but not required.

For Governor, remember that we are looking for about 60 builds, about 10 residents and shops, and enough effort that makes your city feel like a big city. You are required to have an epic landmark for Governor, but you are allowed to start building it as soon as you’re ready.

For Premier, we are looking for the most epic cities on the server: about 100 builds or equivalent epic effort. They should also be expressive, planned, individual and culturally significant. Set them apart from the other cities around you, or around the new world!

For Moderator, you can email the admins your nominations, and your reasons for them.

Policy change for inherited towns

We are changing the policies related to town inheritance and how that affects your rank.

If you inherit a town from a banned player, or because they decide to give it up to you, you have full ownership of that town and can do whatever you want with it. You can choose to leave it alone or continue developing it in any way you see fit (including destroying builds as needed for development).

If you claim a town from an inactive player, through an inactive town audit, you become a caretaker of the town, which means you are responsible for developing the town in the same way as the owner originally intended.

Secondly, if you receive a town from another player, you won’t be promoted up to meet its rank right away. You’ll need to develop it quite a bit in order to get ranked up.

Password protected channels and all suggestive content are no longer allowed

Effective immediately, password-protected channels are no longer allowed.

In addition, we are formally banning ALL suggestive content on ALL services, including Minecraft, the wiki, and Mumble. If you are posting suggestive content, you may be warned or issued further punishments.


MineChat is officially discouraged, but not banned. You are responsible for your account security!

The reason we are discouraging MineChat is because it is not open-source and not owned by Mojang. As such, we can’t guarantee that your Mojang account credentials are safe.

Because you are putting your Minecraft credentials into a third-party app, there is a nonzero chance that the owners of the app can see and steal them (and then use them for their own purposes).

We are discouraging you from using MineChat for your own security. If you choose to use it, you are still responsible for anything that happens on your account. You have been warned.


Is coming. Chill.

We’re waiting on a couple more critical plugins to update, and unfortunately there is no known timeframe for these updates. As soon as we have information on them, we will pass it on to you.

That was a lot. Thanks for reading!