Rank Promotions

Last Updated: 2021-11-11

This page contains forms that involve player promotions to certain ranks.

  • Trustee Endorsement Form – Endorse other players for promotion to the [Trustee] Rank.
  • City Rank Promotion Request Form (Please see the #information channel in Discord for the link) – Request that your town be considered for promotion to [Senator], [Governor], or [Premier] ranks.

For [Senator] and [Governor] promotion requests, results are usually posted 14 days after submission on the City Rank Promotion Candidate Results document.

For [Premier] promotion requests, results are announced after the next General Staff Meeting following submission.

All promotion results and feedback, including [Premier] promotions, since April 2017 are available here.

For [Moderator], players can submit nominations to the staff team. For more info on the process, see here.