Last Updated: 2018-09-22

The MRT Server is a not-for-profit operation largely paid for by the owner, Frumple. We believe in transparency when it comes to our finances, so all server expenses and contributions can be publicly viewed in our Server Finances document.

If you are a member of the server, there are two ways that you can do to help support the server financially:

Make a one-time supporter contribution and gain supporter benefits

Become a supporter on the server by making a minimum $10.00 CAD payment via the MRT Tebex Webstore. Currently, the webstore supports the following payment gateways:

  • Stripe – via credit or debit cards, some prepaid cards supported
  • PayPal – via credit or debit cards

Stripe is our preferred payment gateway as they generally charge a lower transaction fee than PayPal.

Supporters gain several in-game benefits, which are described on ourĀ Supporter Benefits page. Supporters may make additional one-time payments to help offset server expenses, but will not receive any additional benefits.

To become a supporter, first please read our Supporter Payment Agreement.

Donate a recurring amount

For those who wish to donate a recurring amount on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, you can donate through our Liberapay profile. Donators through Liberapay will not receive any supporter benefits or additional recompense, but will receive our greatest thanks.