Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 2022-06-28

Table of Contents

General Questions

When will you update to the latest version of Minecraft?

  • The MRT Server will update when Paper and all of our plugins are ready, and that we are confident that they will not cause issues after testing them. Because of the unpredictability of plugin updates, we can’t give an estimate on when we will update, but expect to wait many weeks or months. We will announce on the website and on the server when we plan to perform an update.

What kinds of mods can I use on the server?

  • Any client-side mods that have no potentially harmful or malicious effects on the server are allowed. These include:
    • Optifine
    • Advanced HUD
    • Friends Overlay
    • Replay Mod
  • Any malicious client-side mods that can cause harm to the server or other players’ experiences on the server are NOT allowed. Players caught using these mods will be asked to stop using these mods, and/or given warnings or bans.
  • Any client/server mods will not be installed on the server. We would like to ensure that any vanilla Minecraft client is able to connect our server without required the installation of mods.

How do I figure out where I am on the server?

  • Use the server’s Dynmap, which shows the location of you and other players on a rendered map of the server.

How can I travel between worlds?

  • Portals are available in Central Park on the New World. To get there, use the command /spawn, then travel to the gazebo behind you on top of the mountain to access the portals to other worlds. There are also portals on the other worlds at each of the other world’s spawn locations.

How can I get a copy of the world?

  • World downloads are available on our file server, which is accessible to members only. Check the #information channel on our Discord for instructions on how to access it.

Joining the server / Applying for membership

Help! I joined the server and I can’t build!

  • This server is greylisted: that means that anybody can join the server as a [Guest], but cannot build or destroy blocks. To obtain building privileges, please fill out a member application on the How To Join page.

Okay, I completed a member application. When can you look at it?

  • When we have time. Remember that we are volunteers here with real lives, but we will try to get to your application when we can. Please do not harass the staff members to look at your member application as this will likely reflect poorly on your chances of getting accepted.

The Staff Members (aka “Admods”)

Who are the staff members?

  • The most up-to-date staff list can be found on the Staff List page right here on the website. You can also find the list on one of the information boards at Spawn, or in the Admod Building in Central City.

How do I become a staff member?

  • Do not ask to become a staff member as that is against the rules. we will ask players if they would be interested in becoming a staff member if we feel that they fit our criteria. Check our Ranks page to see what kind of criteria we are looking for in a moderator candidate. Candidates are discussed at General Staff Meetings (GSMs) held every month and a majority of staff including Frumple must approve.

Where can I send a complaint about one of your staff members?

  • First, please make sure that you have tried to clearly communicate your concerns to the staff member in question. If that staff member does not respond positively to your concerns, then you may contact one of the admins or Frumple for assistance. You can find e-mail addresses for them on our Contact page.
  • Please do not rudely or repeatedly complain about staff or how the server is run in public chat, as this is not constructive feedback and may result in you being warned or banned from the server.


What is the difference between Conductors and Staff Members?

Conductors are “helpers” from the community who are trusted to provide WorldEdit assistance to others. They are NOT staff members, and only have permissions and responsibilities around WorldEdit usage.

Staff Members (Moderators, Administrators, and Owner) are responsible for enforcing the rules, reviewing towns for promotion, and overall improving the experience for everyone on the server. They have a say in guiding the direction and management of the server, particularly during staff meetings.

How do I become a Conductor?

Members may apply for the Conductor position if they satisfy all of the requirements. For more details, see the Ranks page.

The MRT Stations

Help! I’m stuck in a station and I can’t get out!

  • Calmly exit the cart if you can and find the nearest exit out of the station, either through a ladder or a door. If you are still having difficulties, please kindly ask another player or a staff member for assistance.

Help! A station is broken and it won’t work properly!

  • If the departure bay is broken (can’t call a cart), it may just be empty. Members and above can refill stations by placing carts into the refill track. If the problem persists, contact a staff member for assistance.
  • If the arrival bay is broken or a track is missing elsewhere in the station, contact a staff member for assistance.

Why are some of the MRT Stations named “Foobar Station”?

  • “Foobar Station” is the default name of any station that is currently unnamed. If you need to know the exact location of the station, please check the dynmap, or read the in-game notification messages that appear in your chat when you enter the station.

Can I get an MRT Station renamed?

  • We only rename stations once there is significant development and buildings around it. Players and towns who attain the [Mayor] rank can request the rename of a nearby MRT station.

Player Ranks

What are the possible ranks I can obtain on the server?

  • Please see the Ranks page for a list and description of all ranks.

How do I obtain a certain rank?

  • Please check out the appropriate section on the Ranks page for a description on how to become a certain rank. Different ranks have different requirements. If you still have questions, contact a staff member.

I have a large build, does this still count as one build towards the next rank?

  • Although the requirements for ranks state a number of builds, we are more concerned with the time and effort put into your town. If you have a considerably large build, it may account to the same amount of effort as a couple of smaller builds. Equally, we may group smaller builds together as having the same amount of effort as a medium sized build. We’d recommend you don’t think about the numbers too much and just have fun building a great town.

Commands and Permissions

What kind of commands are available to me?

  • Check out the Commands page for a list of commands available to Guests, Members, and other ranks.

How do I teleport?

  • You can request to teleport to a player by using the /tpa command which costs $0.25 of in-game money (see the Economy section of this FAQ for more details).
  • Beginning at [Citizen] rank, you can also set homes using the /sethome command, and teleport to those homes using the /home command.
  • Beginning at [Councillor] rank, you can also set warps and warp signs. However, note that the creation and use of warps is restricted to travel via a valid and realistic mode of public transportation, such as buses, planes, seaplanes, helicopters, boats, and warp trains.

How do I place water/lava/ice/beacons?

  • Water, ice, and beacons are restricted to [Trustee] rank and above.
  • Lava is restricted to staff members only.
  • However, you can ask a staff member to place any of these items for you.

How do I request WorldEdits?

  • Ask a conductor or staff member that is onlineĀ and they may help you if they are not busy. Only conductors and above have permission to perform WorldEdits. Again, remember that all staff members are volunteers on the server, so please do not pester them incessantly with requests, or rudely demand their help.


How does the in-game economy work?

  • You will be given $0.05 of in-game money for every minute you are on the server and not AFK. You can then use this fake money for teleports, warps, and paying other players for builds and services.
  • You can view your current balance using the /bal command, and you can see the players with the highest balances using the /baltop command.

How much do things cost on the server?

  • Teleport using /tpa: $0.25
  • Use a warp sign: $0.10
  • Create a warp sign: $0.50
  • Daily lottery tickets: $1 per ticket to a maximum of 25 tickets per day.

Can I ignore the economy and the use of in-game money?

  • Yes, for the most part. You will still generate money by being online and it will still cost money when you teleport or use warps. Even with moderate use of teleportation, if you choose to ignore the other features of the economy you shouldn’t be restricted by not participating.

Other Questions

Why can’t I see my build on the Dynmap?

  • Due to the vast size of the new world, the Dynmap for this world is only rendered periodically, typically every 6 months. If you wish for your build to show up, ask a staff member to do a local dynmap render for you.
  • The other worlds are automatically fully rendered on a weekly basis. For the latest schedule of renders, see the Weekly Maintenance page.

Help! My build has been griefed, or saw someone who was griefing.

  • Please notify a staff member of the griefing as soon as possible, either via in-game, e-mail, or Discord. They will teleport over and confirm if griefing did actually occur. Please DO NOT try to fix the griefing yourself yet, otherwise it will be more difficult for us to check who performed the griefing.

I’ve been given a warning, when will it be cleared?

  • When a staff member gives you a warning, they will let you know the warning level (from 1 to 7). Each warning level incurs 2 weeks of duration, so a Level 1 warning would last 2 weeks, Level 2 warning would last 4 weeks, and so on. For more details, see the section on Warnings, Bans, and Appeals on our Rules page.