A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

March 2024 GSM Results

Here are the results of the March 2024 GSM:

Premier Candidate Mountbatten deferred to next GSM

One Premier candidate (Mountbatten by Moj1014) was supposed to be considered at this GSM, but we were not able to obtain the minimum 7 staff members to vote at this meeting. Our apologies to Moj for the delay, Mountbatten will be considered at the April 2024 GSM.

TrainCarts attachments are now enabled

The TrainCarts attachment editor is now enabled for Trustees and above on the main Minecraft server. In addition, the following changes have been made:

  • Maximum train length increased from 10 to 20. Maximum carts per world will still remain the same at 250.
  • The “invincible” property can now be set by Trustees and above. This property only controls whether the train owner can destroy their own carts by hitting them. Invincible trains are still destroyed:
    • When they encounter a “destroy” sign
    • When the /train destroy or /train destroyall commands are used
    • When trains are automatically destroyed on server restart
  • The /train animate command and “animator” sign are now enabled.
  • The “title” sign is now enabled.
  • The /train flip command is now enabled.

Trustees can also export their saved trains to a text format in hastebin with /train model config <name> export. The importing of saved trains is restricted to staff only to ensure that trains with disallowed flags on the MRT are not imported. To have trains imported, please ask a staff member.

Additional criteria for Moderator candidates approved

When considering new Moderator candidates, staff and the community will now be asked to include two new criteria for evaluating such candidates:

Desirable qualities in a moderator:

  • Always tries to include and consider everyone’s perspectives in an objective, unbiased manner.

Undesirable qualities in a moderator:

  • Has a tendency to lie or be dishonest.

These criteria have now been added to the Ranks page.

Proposal to repeat Rail Lines Rule 7 deferred to next GSM

A proposal by 7d to repeal Rail Lines Rule #7 has been deferred to the next GSM, as staff currently do not feel they have sufficient information or discussion to decide for or against the proposal.

From the Rules page, Rail Lines Rule #7 states:

Warp rail train lines, where players use sign warps to travel from one station to the next, must have a vehicle present at each station.

Exception: Local train lines (including but not limited to: metros, trams, and monorails) that exist only within a city or other localized area are exempt from this requirement.

The proposal calls for the repeal of this rule in order to allow “hybrid” rail platforms that can accommodate both warp rail and TrainCarts services. By removing the physical vehicle that contains the warp sign, TrainCarts trains are able to move into the platform. However, there are still many questions about where the warp sign should be placed on the platform, and whether this would allow warp rail companies the option to not have physical trains at all stops even if they don’t pursue implementing hybrid services.

The Discord discussion topic will remain open and members are encouraged to add their opinions to it so that staff can have a better understanding of how the community thinks about this proposal before the April GSM.

MPO and state flags to get separate area in new Central City Flag Park

A proposal by Tom_Pairs was submitted to consider several options regarding whether to allow MPO and State flags in the new Central City Flag Park and if so, how these flags will be added. After some discussion, staff have decided that such flags should be added to separate dedicated section of the park, while town flags will remain restricted to 1 flag per town. We will be asking Tom to write up a proposal for the expansion of the flag park to accommodate this new area.

WN32 station to be restored

It was discovered recently that WN32 station was subjected to some sort of mysterious terraforming that cut through some parts of the station. It is unknown whether this was a bad WorldEdit, CoreProtect rollback, or something else, and it is also unknown who did it and when it happened.

Staff at this GSM have decided to restore the trees and landscape surrounding the station and to fix the the station components manually.

Next GSM

That’s all for this month. See you at the next GSM on Saturday, April 13th, 2024.