Last updated: 2021-12-08

This page contains a list of commands that players have access to. Every player has access to the commands available at their current rank, in addition to the commands available at lower ranks.

[Guest]Custom Text Command/applyDisplays a link to the How to Join page.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/color/colour, /formatDisplays a helpful guide to color and formatting codes.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/commandsDisplays a link to the Commands page.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/contactDisplays a link to the Contact page.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/donateDisplays a link to the Donate page.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/eventsDisplays a link to the Events Calendar page.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/faqDisplays a link to the FAQ page.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/fileserver/filesDisplays a link to the file server.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/mapDisplays a link to the dynmap.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/mumbleDisplays connection info for the Mumble server.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/promotionsDisplays a link to the Rank Promotions page.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/ranksDisplays a link to the Player Ranks page.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/rigRigs the lottery to be fair and balanced.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/rulesLists the Most Important Rules on the server and a link to the Rules page.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/stafflistDisplays a link to the Staff List page.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/statusDisplays a link to the status page.
[Guest]Custom Text Command/wikiDisplays a link to the wiki.
[Guest]EssentialsX/afk/awayToggles your “away from keyboard” status.
[Guest]EssentialsX/balance/bal, /moneyShows how much in-game money you currently have.
[Guest]EssentialsX/balancetop [page]/baltopLists the richest players on the server.
[Guest]EssentialsX/clearClears your inventory and hot bar.
[Guest]EssentialsX/compass/directionShows your current bearing.
[Guest]EssentialsX/depthDisplays your distance above sea level.
[Guest]EssentialsX/gamemode <mode>/gmChanges your gamemode. 0 = survival, 1 = creative, 2 = adventure, 3 = spectator (can only be granted by staff)
[Guest]EssentialsX/getposShows your current coordinates in the world.
[Guest]EssentialsX/help [page]Shows a list of available commands.
[Guest]EssentialsX/helpop <message>Messages online staff for assistance.
[Guest]EssentialsX/itemdb <search term>Searches for an item.
[Guest]EssentialsX/list/playerlist, /plist, /whoLists the players who are currently online.
[Guest]EssentialsX/infoDisplays basic information, web links, and contact info about the server.
[Guest]EssentialsX/motdShows the message of the day.
[Guest]EssentialsX/msg <player> <message>/w, /t, /pm, /tell, /whisperSends a private message to the specified player.
[Guest]EssentialsX/nearLists players nearby.
[Guest]EssentialsX/playertime <time>/ptimeSets your in-game time.
[Guest]EssentialsX/playertime @<time>/ptimeSets your in-game time to a fixed time.
[Guest]EssentialsX/playerweather <weather>/pweatherSets your in-game weather.
[Guest]EssentialsX/pingTests your connection speed with the server.
[Guest]EssentialsX/reply <message>/rReply to the most recent player to message you.
[Guest]EssentialsX/spawnTeleports to the world's spawn point.
[Guest]EssentialsX/suicideCauses you to perish. Useful for returning to your bed home.
[Guest]EssentialsX/timeDisplays the current in-game time.
[Guest]EssentialsX/tpa <player>/tpaskRequests to teleport to a specified player.
[Guest]EssentialsX/tpacancelCancels all outgoing teleport requests.
[Guest]EssentialsX/tpacceptAccepts a teleport request.
[Guest]EssentialsX/tpautoToggles whether to automatically accept teleport requests.
[Guest]EssentialsX/tpdenyRejects a teleport request.
[Guest]PVPArena/pa <arena #>Joins the specified PVP arena.
[Guest]PVPArena/pa leaveLeaves the current PVP arena.
[Guest]Spigot/tpsShows the ticks per second recorded for the last 1, 5, and 15 minutes.
[Member]EssentialsX/bookAllows reopening and editing of sealed books.
[Member]EssentialsX/enderchest/echest, /ecLets you see inside your enderchest.
[Member]EssentialsX/fireworkAllows you to modify a stack of fireworks
[Member]EssentialsX/home bedTeleports to the last locations where you slept in a bed.
[Member]EssentialsX/ignore <player>Ignore or unignore other players.
[Member]EssentialsX/item <item name or numeric id>/iSpawns the specified item in your inventory.
[Member]EssentialsX/itemdb [item name or numeric id]Get the short name of the specified item or item currently being held.
[Member]EssentialsX/itemlore <text/line> <text> /loreEdits the lore (description) of the item currently being held.
[Member]EssentialsX/itemname <name>/inameRenames the item currently being held.
[Member]EssentialsX/kitLists all available item kits.
[Member]EssentialsX/kit <kitname>Obtains the specified item kit.
[Member]EssentialsX/loomOpens up a loom.
[Member]EssentialsX/mail clearClears all messages from your mail inbox.
[Member]EssentialsX/mail readShows messages in your mail inbox.
[Member]EssentialsX/mail send <player> <message>Sends a message to a player even if they are offline.
[Member]EssentialsX/moreFills the item stack in hand to maximum size.
[Member]EssentialsX/pay <player> <amount>Pay another player in in-game money.
[Member]EssentialsX/seen <player>Shows the last logout time of a player.
[Member]EssentialsX/showkit <kitname>Shows the contents of an item kit.
[Member]EssentialsX/workbench/wbench, /wb, /craftOpens up a workbench.
[Member]Lottery/lotteryDisplays information about lottery draws.
[Member]Lottery/lottery buy <amount>Buy tickets for the lottery. Maximum 25 tickets per player at $1 each.
[Member]VentureChat/chlistLists all chat channels available to you.
[Member]VentureChat/chatinfoDisplays your current chat settings.
[Member]VentureChat/gJoins the global (Discord) chat channel.
[Member]VentureChat/g <message>Sends a message to the global (Discord) chat channel.
[Member]VentureChat/join <channel>/channel, /chJoins a chat channel. Channels and aliases: global = g, local = l, media = m, project channels = p1, p2, p3, p4
[Member]VentureChat/lJoins the local chat channel.
[Member]VentureChat/l <message>Sends a message to the local chat channel.
[Member]VentureChat/leave <channel>Leaves the specified chat channel.
[Member]VentureChat/listen <channel>Listens to the specified chat channel without changing your current channel.
[Member]VentureChat/mJoins the media chat channel.
[Member]VentureChat/m <message>Sends a message to the media chat channel.
[Member]VentureChat/p1, /p2, /p3, /p4Joins the specified project chat channel.
[Member]VentureChat/p1, /p2, /p3, /p4 <message>Sends a message to the specified project chat channel.
[Member]VentureChat/party helpLists all party chat commands.
[Member]VentureChat/party hostStarts your own party chat.
[Member]VentureChat/party join <player>Joins a player’s party chat.
[Member]VentureChat/party leaveLeaves the current party chat.
[Member]VentureChat/party kick <player>Kicks a player from your party chat.
[Member]VentureChat/party ban <player>Bans a player from your party chat.
[Member]VentureChat/party info <player>Displays whether your are hosting a party chat, joined a party chat, and if party chat is enabled.
[Member]VentureChat/party chatToggles party chat on or off.
[Member]VentureChat/party members <player>Displays the list of members in the player’s party.
[Member]WorldEdit//calc <expression>Evaluates a mathematical expression.
[Member]WorldEdit//chunkSets the WorldEdit selection to your current chunk.
[Member]WorldEdit//contract <amount> [reverseAmount] [direction]Contracts the WorldEdit selection area.
[Member]WorldEdit//expand <amount> [reverseAmount] [direction]Expands the WorldEdit selection area.
[Member]WorldEdit//expand vertExpands the WorldEdit selection area to the whole vertical column.
[Member]WorldEdit//hpos1, //hpos2Sets WorldEdit selection position 1 or 2 to the targeted block.
[Member]WorldEdit//inset <amount>Insets the WorldEdit selection area.
[Member]WorldEdit//outset <amount>Outsets the WorldEdit selection area.
[Member]WorldEdit//pos1, //pos2Sets WorldEdit selection position 1 or 2 to the current player position.
[Member]WorldEdit//shift <amount> [direction]Shifts the WorldEdit selection area.
[Member]WorldEdit//sizeGets information about the current WorldEdit selection.
[Member]WorldEdit//wandGets the WorldEdit selection wand object.
[Citizen]EssentialsX/delhomeRemoves your home.
[Citizen]EssentialsX/homeTeleports to your home.
[Citizen]EssentialsX/sethomeSets your home.
[Trustee]Armor Stand Tools/astools/astToggles the armor stand tools editing mode.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc age <age>Sets the age of an NPC.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc anchorChanges/Saves/Lists NPC's location anchors.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc copy [--name newname]Copies an NPC.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc createCreates a new NPC.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc despawnDespawns an NPC.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc equipToggles the equipment editor for an NPC.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc gravityToggles gravity for an NPC.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc helpShows help information for /npc commands.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc listLists NPCs.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc lookcloseToggles whether an NPC will look when a player is near.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc mountMounts a controllable NPC.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc nameToggles the visibility of the NPC's name.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc powerToggles a creeper NPC as powered.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc profession/npc profSets an NPC's profession.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc rename <name>Renames an NPC.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc select <id or name>/npc selSelects an NPC with the given ID or name.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc skinSets an NPC's skin name.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc spawnSpawns an existing NPC.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc swimToggles whether the NPC is in a swimming posture.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc textToggles the text editor for an NPC.
[Trustee]Citizens/npc tphereTeleports an NPC to your location.
[Trustee]EssentialsX/home <name>Teleports to the specified home.
[Trustee]EssentialsX/sethome <name>Sets multiple homes with a specified name.
[Trustee]EssentialsX/delhome <name>Removes the specified home.
[Trustee]EssentialsX/gamemode 3/gm 3, /gmspChanges your gamemode to spectator mode.
[Trustee]WorldEdit/tool noneRemoves the tree tool from the current item you are holding.
[Trustee]WorldEdit/tool tree <type>Enables the tree tool to the current item you are holding. The tree tool places whole trees where it is right-clicked.
[Trustee]WorldEdit/tool deltreeEnables the deltree tool to the current item you are holding. The deltree tool deletes whole floating trees where it is right-clicked.
[Trustee]WorldEdit//undoUndo the number of Worldedit commands performed.
[Trustee]WorldEdit//redoRedo the number of //undo used.
[Trustee]WorldGuard/region listLists WorldGuard regions you own.
[Trustee]WorldGuard/region info <region>Displays region information for a WorldGuard region you own.
[Trustee]WorldGuard/region addmember <region> <player>Adds members to a WorldGuard region you own.
[Trustee]WorldGuard/region remmember <region> <player>Removes members from a WorldGuard region you own.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp create <name>/warp setCreates a new public warp.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp pcreate <name>/warp psetCreates a new private warp.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp delete <name>/warp removeDeletes a warp you own.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp update <name>Updates the location of a warp you own.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp public <name>Publicizes a warp you own.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp private <name>Privatizes a warp you own.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp welcome <name>Changes the welcome message of a warp you own.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp point <name>Points your compass towards a warp.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp assets [player]/warp limitsLists all the warps that are owned by yourself.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp listLists all the warps you can use.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp info <name>/warp statsDisplays information about a warp.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp help [page]Shows help information for /warp commands.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp acceptAccepts a warp being transferred to you.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp give <player> <name>Transfer the ownership of a warp to another player who is online.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp invite <player> <name>Invite a player to be able to use your private warp.
[Councillor]MyWarp/warp uninvite <player> <name>Uninvite a player to be able to use your private warp.
[Conductor]EssentialsX/tp/tele, /teleport, /tp2pTeleports to a player.
[Conductor]EssentialsX/tphereTeleports a player to you.
[Conductor]EssentialsX/tpposTeleport to specified coordinates.
SupporterEssentialsX/me <message>/action, /describeSend an “emote” or action message in chat.
SupporterEssentialsX/hat/headTake any normal block in your hand and place it on your head as a hat.
SupporterEssentialsX/skull <player>Spawns a skull belonging to the specified player in your hand.
SupporterHeadDatabase/hdb/headdb, /headsOpens the HeadDatabase interface.