Last updated: 2020-02-15

This page contains a list of commands that players have access to. Every player has access to [Guest] commands in addition to the commands available at their rank.

Click the links below to jump to the commands available for each rank:


Command Description
 /afk  Toggles your “away from keyboard” status.
 /clear  Clears your inventory and hot-bar.
 /compass  Shows your current bearing.
 /getpos  Shows your current coordinates in the world.
 /depth  Displays your distance above sea level.
 /time  Displays the current in-game time.
 /playertime <time>  Sets your in-game time.
 /playertime @<time>  Sets your in-game time to a fixed time.
 /playerweather <weather>  Sets your in-game weather.
 /gamemode <mode>  Changes your gamemode. 0 = survival, 1 = creative, 2 = adventure
 /info  Displays basic information, web links, and contact info about the server.
 /rules  Lists the Most Important Rules on the server and a link to the Rules page.
 /ranks  Displays a link to the Player Ranks page.
 /apply  Displays a link to the How to Join page.
 /help [page]  Shows a list of available commands.
 /helpop <message>  Messages online staff for assistance.
 /motd  Shows the message of the day.
 /ping  Tests your connection speed with the server.
 /who  Lists who is online.
 /msg <player> <message>  Sends a private message.
 /r <message>  Sends a private message reply to the last player that sent you a message.
 /mail send <player> <message>  Sends a mail to a player even if they are offline.
 /mail read  Shows messages in your mail inbox.
 /mail clear  Clears all messages from your mail inbox.
 /near  Lists players nearby.
 /tpa <player>  Requests to teleport to a specified player.
 /tpaccept  Accepts a teleport request.
 /tpdeny  Rejects a teleport request.
 /tpacancel  Cancels all outgoing teleport requests.
 /spawn  Teleports to the spawn point.
 /suicide  Causes you to perish.
 /balance  Displays how much in-game money you current have.
 /baltop  Lists the richest players on the server.
 /pay <player> <amount>  Pay another player.
 /betterchairstoggle  Toggless sitting on chairs.


Command Description
 /book  Allows reopening and editing of sealed books.
 /enderchest  Lets you see inside your enderchest.
 /workbench  Opens up a workbench.
 /kit [kit]  Obtains the specified kit or views available kits.
 /firework  Allows you to modify a stack of fireworks.
 /seen <player>  Shows the last logout time of a player.
 /ignore <player>  Ignore or unignore other players.
 /chlist  Lists all chat channels available to you.
 /chatinfo  Displays your current chat information.
 /join <channel> or /channel <channel>  Join a chat channel. Channels: g (global), l (local), m (media), project channels: p1, p2, p3, p4
 /listen <channel>  Listen to a chat channel without changing your current channel.
 /leave <channel>  Leave a chat channel.
 /<channel>  Join and switch your default channel.
 /<channel> <message>  Send a message in a chat channel.
 /party help  Lists all party chat commands.
 /party host  Starts your own party chat.
 /party join <player>  Join a player’s party chat.
 /party leave  Leave the current party chat.
 /party kick <player>  Kick a player from your party chat.
 /party ban <player>  Ban a player from your party chat.
 /party info <player>  Displays whether your are hosting a party chat, joined a party chat, and if party chat is enabled.
 /party chat  Toggles party chat on or off.
 /party members <player>  Displays the list of members in the player’s party.
 /lottery  Displays information about lottery draws.
 /lottery buy <amount>  Buy tickets for the lottery. Maximum 25 tickets per player at $1 each.
 //calc  Calculates complicated mathematical equations.


Command Description
 /sethome  Set your home.
 /home  Teleport to your home.
 /delhome  Removes your home.


 /sethome <name>  Set multiple homes with a specified name.
 /home <name>  Teleport to your home.
 /delhome <name>  Removes a home.
 /tree <type>  Enable the tree tool to your hand or the current tool you are holding. Tree types are listed on this page:
 /none  Remove the tree tool from your hand or the current tool you are holding.
 /region list  Lists WorldGuard regions you own.
 /region info <region>  Displays region information for a WorldGuard region you own.
 /region addmember <region> <player>  Add members to a WorldGuard region you own.
 /region remmember <region> <player>  Remove members to a WorldGuard region you own.


Command Description
 /warp create <name>  Creates a new public warp.
 /warp pcreate <name>  Creates a new private warp.
 /warp delete <name>  Deletes a warp you own.
 /warp update <name>  Updates the location of a warp.
 /warp public <name>  Publicizes a warp.
 /warp private <name>  Privatizes a warp.
 /warp welcome <name>  Changes the welcome message of a warp.
 /warp point [name]  Points your compass towards a warp.
 /warp list  Lists all the warps you can visit.
 /warp info <name>  Displays information about a warp.
 /warp help [page]  Displays the help menu.
 /warp accept  Accept a warp being transferred ownership to you.
 /warp give <player> <name>  Transfer ownership of a warp to another player.
 /warp invite <player> <name>  Invite a player to warp to your warp.
 /warp uninvite <player> <name>  Uninvite a player to warp to your warp.


For more information on how to become a Supporter, visit the Supporter Benefits page.

Command Description
 /me <message>  Send an “emote” or action message in chat.
 /hat  Take any normal block in your hand and place it on your head as a hat.
 /skull <playername>  Spawns a skull belonging to the specified player in your hand.