Last updated: 2015-05-11

This page contains a list of commands players have access to. Every player has access to Guest commands in addition to all other commands in the rank ladder up to their own.

Jump to the commands available for each rank:

Command Description
 /afk  Toggle your “away from keyboard” status.
 /clear  Clear your inventory and hot-bar.
 /compass  Describes your current bearing.
 /getpos  Get your current coordinates.
 /depth  Displays your distance above sea level.
 /time  Displays the current in-game time.
 /playertime time  Set your in-game time.
 /playertime @time  Set your in-game time to a fixed time.
 /gamemode <mode>  Change your gamemode. 0 = survival, 1 = creative.
 /recipe <item>  Display’s how to craft items.
 /info  Lists contact information for the server.
 /rules  Lists important rules and link to the rules page.
 /help [page]  View a list of available commands.
 /helpop  Message online staff.
 /motd  View the message of the day.
 /ping  Test your connection speed with the server.
 /who  Lists who is online.
 /msg <player> <message>  Send a private message.
 /r <message>  Reply to a private message.
 /mail send <player> <message>  Send mail to a player even if they are offline.
 /mail read  View your mail inbox.
 /mail clear  Clear all messages from your mail inbox.
 /tpa <player>  Request to teleport to a specified player.
 /tpaccept  Accepts a teleport request.
 /tpdeny  Rejects a teleport request.
 /spawn  Teleport to the spawn point.
 /suicide  Causes you to perish.
 /elv call  Call an elevator.
 /elv stop [floor]  Stop the elevator at the next or specified floor.
 /balance  Display your balance.
 /baltop  Lists the richest players.
 /pay <player> <amount>  Pay another player.
 /chairs on|off  Turn the function of the Chairs plugin on or off.
Command Description
 /book  Allows reopening and editing of sealed books.
 /enderchest  Lets you see inside your enderchest.
 /workbench  Opens up a workbench.
 /kit [kit]  Obtains the specified kit or views available kits.
 /firework  Allows you to modify a stack of fireworks.
 /seen <player>  Shows the last logout time of a player.
 /near  Lists players nearby.
 /ignore <player>  Ignore or unignore other players.
 /ch join <channel>  Join a chat channel. Channels: g (global), p1, p2, p3, p4
 /ch leave <channel>  Leave a chat channel.
 /<channel>  Join and switch your default channel.
 /<channel> <message>  Send a message in a chat channel.
 /lottery  Displays information about lottery draws.
 /lottery buy <amount>  Buy tickets for the lottery.
Command Description
 /sethome  Set your home.
 /home  Teleport to your home.
 /delhome  Removes your home.
 /news <message>  Broadcast a message to the news channel.
 /sethome <name>  Set multiple homes with a specified name.
 /home <name>  Teleport to your home.
 /delhome <name>  Removes a home.
 /region list  Lists WorldGuard regions you own.
 /region info <region>  Displays region information for a WorldGuard region you own.
 /region addmember <region> <player>  Add members to a WorldGuard region you own.
 /region remmember <region> <player>  Remove members to a WorldGuard region you own.


Command Description
 /warp pcreate <name>  Creates a new private warp.
 /warp delete <name>  Deletes a warp you own.
 /warp update <name>  Updates the location of a warp.
 /warp welcome <name>  Changes the welcome message of a warp.
 /warp point [name]  Points your compass towards a warp.
 /warp list  Lists all the warps you can visit.
 /warp info <name>  Displays information about a warp.
 /warp help [page]  Displays the help menu.
 /warp accept  Accept a warp being transferred ownership to you.
 /warp give <player> <name>  Transfer ownership of a warp to another player.
 /warp invite <player> <name>  Invite a player to warp to your warp.
 /warp uninvite <player> <name>  Uninvite a player to warp to your warp.
Supporter Benefits
Command Description
 /me <message>  Send an action message in chat.
 /hat  Place any normal block on your head as a hat.