How to Join

Last Updated: 2023-08-14

IMPORTANT: READ the Rules and FAQ before connecting to the server.

Do not use a VPN or proxy to connect to the server or you will be banned automatically by our automated plugin. If you accidentally join with a VPN/proxy turned on, please e-mail the admins for assistance.

To join the server, start your Minecraft Java Edition client with version 1.20.1 and connect to the following address:

Minecraft Server Address:

Minecraft Bedrock Edition or other editions are not supported.

When you first join the server, you will be given the [Guest] rank. As a Guest, you will be able to walk or fly around the server and ride any of the MRT lines, but you will not be able to build or destroy blocks.

To gain building privileges, you will need to apply to become a [Member] of the server.