January 2022 GSM Results

Hi, With sesese9’s fond farewell from the staff team, I (Frumple) have returned to writing staff meeting results on this here website for the foreseeable future. While unfortunately I can’t be as “hip and cool” as sese’s writing style, I will try to be as concise and “to-the-point” as possible […]

December 2021 GSM Results

I hear it’s snowing in places across the world. I’m sitting here in rain so I guess it’s close. Regardless, GSM was today and we got lots of stuff to go through. Announcements, Announcements (a terrible way to die *clap clap*) (summer camp song/meme) Frumple started the meeting off with […]

November 2021 ISM Results

We had a fairly short ISM and only had one non-staff attendee (PtldKnight)! Regardless, here’s the updates: A84 Extension by Ada_Virus was partially approved with staff only approving the N-S extension from Kaloro City up to the A980. Staff did not want to have two A roads paralleling with such […]

November 2021 GSM Results

We’re halfway through November so it was time for the General Staff Meeting. We’ve got lots of stuff to go through! Sparking Yellow 2 cities went for premier at this GSM. The results of each cities’ vote are below: City Name Votes For Votes Against Result Titsensaki (frogggggg) 0 7 […]

October 2021 ISM Results

Fifteen minutes, in and out. Pretty quick and everything was approved! From Sea to Road __7d proposed a seaplane port exemption for Foresne. The water near Foresne was deemed wide enough by staff to allow Foresne to build a seaplane port and approved. HarborRandom852 proposed an extension of the B963 […]