January 2020 GSM and ASM Results

Hello everyone and happy new year! The January 2020 GSM has concluded, and we have announcements from it and the ASM that followed.

New Trial Moderator

We are pleased to announce that Vulpicula has accepted an offer to join the ranks of staff as a Trial Moderator. He will be learning the ropes over the next three months, with evaluation for promotion to full Moderator being considered by admins at the April GSM. Please give him a warm welcome to the staff ranks the next time you see him online!

Premier cities

We reviewed two cities for the Premier rank: Radiance Square by MindBender15, and Larkspur by Vickiposa. We are pleased to announce that Larkspur received a unanimous vote and has been promoted! Vickiposa’s acceptance speech was as follows.

On the very first day I was promoted to member–September 11th, 2018–I decided to be a bit corny and build a bell in a plot of land by the NW22 MRT Station and dedicate it to giving thanks for both the sheer luck I had just stumbling upon this server and to the staff for promoting me. See, I have been looking for a server like this for years–none of my personal friends at the time were interested in playing in a creative city-building world which I have always had a bizarre fascination with. I had given up hope in finding a server like this, but while looking to automate a minecart transport system in singleplayer I somehow stumbled upon this place. I suppose it was simply a some kind of catharsis or whatever that caused me to build the bell, but to this day it still stands as the center of the town I decided to found at that site. At the time, I had heard about the then 11 premier cities. I admired the effort of their creators but I never thought my town would join their ranks but, 16 months and 7 premier promotions later, here we are as I deliver this speech. While I have my regrets about how I went about Larkspur’s growth and recognize its many flaws, Larkspur is my city and I cherish it and the many experiences I had building it.

Thus, in the spirit of the first structure I built in what would become the city of Larkspur we know and love today, I extend my deepest thanks to everyone who has in any way contributed land, effort, criticism, transport links, or the time in promoting and publicizing this town, including people who have hosted all or part of their event here. Your contributions have very much made Larkspur into what it is today. While I wish I could thank each and every one of you, this speech is extremely wordy as-is so I will refrain from doing so. Anyway, thank you to my fellow staff members for promoting my town to Premier, as well as the audience for listening.

Vickiposa, Moderator and Mayor of Larkspur (LA8, Premier)

As always, feedback for both (and all previous) Premier city promotions can be found here.

Zeta server migration

In case you haven’t heard about the upcoming migration to our new Zeta server: we are in the final stages of preparation and will be migrating shortly. There are currently two critical issues preventing migration (one with WorldEdit and CoreProtect, and one with Citizens); we are waiting on more information from plugin developers and will provide updates once we have a final schedule in place. Frumple will post here and in Discord with migration information once it is finalized.

We are currently estimating that the migration will take 10 to 11 days to complete, with the bulk of the time being spent on chunk generation and Dynmap rendering. We are tentatively scheduling the migration to start on Tuesday, January 21, and finishing on or around Friday, January 31, though this may change depending on plugins. Update: Based on further testing, our new estimate is February 18 to 28. Apologies for the delay and we will keep you posted if this changes again.

Some notes about the migration process:

  • When the migration is complete, you will need to use Minecraft 1.15 to connect to the Zeta server.
  • There will be brief periods when various services are inaccessible. In particular, OpenTTD, Minecraft, and Mumble will be offline for several hours or days at a time while we move through various stages of the migration. Please watch the #announcements channel in Discord for updates.
  • We are planning to have a “purge” period once files have been safely migrated over to Zeta. During this period, we will disable CoreProtect and WorldGuard on the Epsilon server.
  • Please do not bug Frumple and the admins about migration status updates; we will post in #announcements as soon as we have news to share.

Zeta server rules updates

In preparation for migration to the Zeta server and the accompanying world expansion (by the way, we’re going from an 18,000 block radius to a 30,000 block radius – which means we’re nearly tripling the size of the world!), we will be instating temporary rules shortly after the migration. These are in place to help ensure that everyone has an equal shot at claiming land throughout the expansion.

  • No seaplanes on Zeta lakes until lake numbers are assigned at a GSM (this will be an agenda item on the first GSM after the migration finishes).
  • No boats in the middle of Zeta lakes until we can come to a decision on rules regarding boat fleets in lakes that don’t relate to the surrounding civilization. This will likely be an agenda item at one of the first couple of GSMs after the migration.
  • If you’re proposing an A- or B-road in Zeta territory, hold off on numbering it until we finalize wards. We hope to finalize wards at the February 2020 GSM, and we will number roads accordingly at that GSM once ward boundaries are determined.

Other rules updates

The following rule changes were approved at the GSM and are in effect immediately.

  • Rules and scheduling details of our OpenTTD server have been formalized as follows:
    • OpenTTD access is provided to MRT players at or above the Member rank; this service is not provided to Guests. Please ask a member of staff for connection details if you’d like to join.
    • You must join the server with a recognizable username.
    • Do not block the construction or routes of other players.
    • Do not block off industries from other players.
    • Do not steal companies from other players, even if the company does not have a password.
    • The OpenTTD map is reset every Friday at around 5 am UTC. Announcements for the settings of the next map will be made in Discord on the #openttd channel and to anyone that has the OpenTTD role.
    • There is a “purge” period starting from 6 hours before the reset from 11 pm Thursday to 5 am Friday UTC where chaos, shenanigans, and any sort of trashing of the map is allowed.
    • If you would like to save the current map to your own computer, you should do so before the purge period starts.
    • Companies that do not have any vehicles are automatically deleted by the server after 12 in-game months. Please take advantage of this if you decide to start your company over instead of asking an admin to delete your company for you.
  • We are adding an exception to Economy Rule #4, which currently states that companies that facilitate gambling and betting are not allowed. In addition to private arrangements between two players (which are always allowed at your own risk), we are now allowing you to use your in-game money for these types of activities in the following circumstances:
    • When the process is completely managed by an automated system, for example the daily lottery plugin, OR
    • When an administrator is actively controlling and managing all monetary transactions, or monitoring their activity through the Minecraft server console.
  • We have clarified that the 300- and 500-block “sovereignty” rules for towns do apply in lakes and other bodies of water. This means that building boats within 300 blocks of an existing town requires permission. Existing boats can stay where they are for now until we sort out more detailed boat rules at an upcoming GSM.
  • We have formalized a previously implied exception to the town modification rules. Event organizers are now officially authorized to make minimal additions or changes to another person’s build/town for an event as long as they ensure that the build/town is restored to its original condition after the event.
    • “Minimal additions or changes” mean only what is necessary for the event. This may include decorations, banners, signs, and temporary buildings, vehicles, tents, or the like.
    • Temporary items may not occupy a town or build for more than 24 hours without approval of the town’s mayor or build’s owner.
    • If a build/town owner indicates that they do not want an event held at their creation, the event organizer must respect that wish. It is recommended that event organizers get permission from build/town owners beforehand whenever possible.

Roads, rails, and projects

We approved all of the road, rail, and project submissions:

  • The B63 from Deadbush to Heampstead
  • The A53 and B531 in the vicinity of Southoak, Devon, and New Izumo
  • The B600 between Whiteley and Numark
  • A high-speed rail line from Vegeta/Willow to Skogheim
  • The “B89” (which needs a new number; may I suggest B889?) which connects to the end of the B88 and goes east
  • A project to modernize R2 Pig Racing on the old world
  • The City of Monoliths has been officially granted an exemption to the seaplane placement rules, and LDShadowLord is permitted to create a seaplane base on the city’s canal system.


We had a short ASM to discuss some of the technical aspects of the migration. I went off on a rant about SSH key pairs. It was awesome.

In the process, we accepted one ban appeal, thus clearing our backlog of administrative emails.


Our next GSM is on Sunday, February 9, with proposals due at 7pm UTC on Friday, February 7. See you then!

<3, Chief

December 2019 GSM Results

Ho Ho Ho! We had our final GSM of the year, and we have some things to share.

Results of the very small private portion

One player received at least two moderator nominations, but we decided not to offer the position. We had a further two players with one nomination each.

We also discussed a few things about the GSM Town community build. To prevent the project from getting out of hand, a few changes have been implemented:

  • The train line from the main island to Train Island will be removed.
  • Construction on Train Island and Freeburg (the island just to the north of Train Island) will remain allowed.
  • Expansion beyond the main island, Train Island, and Freeburg will be handled by staff, and only once the town has developed the entirety of its existing islands. This policy will continue as further islands are added to the project.
  • The town will not rank up through the traditional rank ladder, and is instead designated a special administrative zone. Any large-scale transport projects such as an airport or seaplane base will need to be cleared at a GSM.

Please contact me (Chief) if you have any questions about the project.

Planning for next year

We have been in the planning process for 2020 and are excited to announce a few changes you can expect, coming soon. The biggest changes have to do with an upgrade in our server hardware.

  • The Zeta Server has been purchased, and Frumple is in the process of setting everything up. Some admins may also be helping out with the project, and we may experiment with a few things as we build the new server.
  • We will skip directly to Minecraft 1.15 on Zeta once everything has stabilized. This means we will remain on our current hardware until 1.15 is ready for us to use. Please note that we currently do not have a timeline in place for the migration, but will provide updates as we determine and receive more information.
  • The New World will be expanded to a 30,000 block radius (up from 18,000). This will bring an incredible amount of new land online for you to build in. We may consider expansions to the Lab and Map worlds, depending on available disk space, once we finish our migration to 1.15. Stay tuned for details on the migration, including land claiming rules and Purge™ schedules.
  • We will attempt to bring uCars back on the main server with the 1.15 update, but this is not guaranteed.
  • We will also host an OpenTTD server on our new machine. This has been on a back burner for quite some time, and with new hardware we’re able to actually go ahead with the installation.

We will also be undertaking some community initiatives in 2020:

  • We want to host more recurring events, community builds (akin to GSM Town), and chances for community interaction. Staff will organize these as their schedules allow, but we want to remind everyone that any member can run a server event! GSM proposals are only required if you want to give away in-game money and have it funded by The Server™. Otherwise, you can email the admins if you have an event you’d like us to add to the events calendar.
  • We’ll be writing up some guides for how to submit an effective GSM proposal, among other things.
  • The MRT Video Contest will be held in the near future, once we update to Minecraft 1.15 and the Replay Mod becomes available.

Rules and Discord channel changes

We have made some small tweaks to the rules and the purposes of some of our Discord channels. Effective immediately:

  • General Rule #3 (No advertising) has been expanded to include all gaming servers not affiliated with the MRT. As a reminder, casual discussion about other servers is allowed, as is providing links upon request or within context. Blatant advertising is something that we hope you all can recognize when you see it.
  • The #general Discord channel is now the catch-all for conversations that don’t belong anywhere else. Please check the channel list and post in the appropriate channel if you want to discuss something that’s covered by a named channel (for example, sports or politics). Frumple has requested that memes be kept in #random. If you don’t want to see memes, you can mute the #random channel.
  • The #creative channel is no longer restricted to your own work. You are welcome to post and discuss other works, including sources of inspiration, examples of works you’ve found around the internet, and helping others with their work – in addition to showcasing your own material. We would kindly ask that you focus the channel on your own creative endeavors as much as possible.

Projects, Events, and IATs

  • The A551, proposed by minecrafts000 to connect the A5 to the A51 via Urbisan, has been approved.
  • IntraRail has been granted permission to pass underneath inactive towns at V22 and V26.
  • The 12 Days of Christmas event, proposed by wipeout111, has been funded in full, with some logistical adjustments to ensure fairness.
  • The town of 42 at XW7 has been transferred to AlikSong.
  • The town of Royalston has been transferred to ondist.
  • The town of Barken has NOT been transferred to Aldranster50, as it’s quite far from the town he wants to integrate it into.

2020 GSM Schedule

Here is the full schedule of GSMs for all of 2020 (don’t worry, we’ll remind you of each as they approach). There may be some adjustments that we make to the meetings scheduled later in the year, but we will make those adjustments well in advance of the affected meeting(s) if they’re needed.

  • Sunday, January 12 — note date change from the usual pattern
  • Sunday, February 9
  • Saturday, March 14
  • Sunday, April 12
  • Saturday, May 9 — will be run by someone other than Chief
  • Sunday, June 14
  • Saturday, July 11 — Anniversary Weekend; meeting is scheduled for this date but may be cancelled depending on community needs
  • Sunday, August 9
  • Saturday, September 12
  • Sunday, October 11
  • Saturday, November 14
  • Sunday, December 13

That’s all for now! Have a safe and happy holiday season.

<3, Chief

November 2019 GSM Results

We had another short GSM a little while ago – here’s what happened!

Staff updates

The admins announced that Echohue has passed his three-month trial period and is now a full moderator. Congratulations to Echo!

We received a couple nominations of players for the Trial Mod rank, however no player received two nominations by the GSM date. We are happy to accept Trial Mod nominations for future staff meetings – just note that all candidates must have at least two nominations in order to be considered.

Dynmap render postponed due to machine instability

At the GSM we approved the concept of our semi-annual dynmap render, and it was originally scheduled to occur shortly after the GSM. However, we experienced a machine crash, and therefore aren’t sure that a render can safely complete or terminate without the machine crashing in the middle of the process.

We have therefore decided to postpone the full render until we can improve stability on our machine. This may wait all the way until we can get the Zeta server up and running, which we don’t have an estimate for at this time.

When the new world is rendered, we will be dropping night renders. These certainly look cool, but community consensus determined that they’re not worth the extra disk space and render time.

In the meantime, you can always request a local render of your immediate area simply by asking your nearest staff member.

A26-C107 Armada demoted to Mayor

Well, this is a first. The city of Armada, located at A26-C107 and some nearby stations, has been demoted to Mayor.

Our reasoning for this is mostly reflected in the fact that all of the buildings have been floating for quite some time, and its new mayor DevvySky has planned to do some major reorganization. We are happy to assist, however we want to ensure that the project is done to completion and of good quality, and as such we have demoted the city to the Mayor rank. This means:

  • DevvySky will need to complete the standard city rank promotion process in order to bring Armada back to the Senator rank.
  • Until this happens, all Mayor rank restrictions apply – no airfields yet, but helicopters and seaplanes are fine.
  • Staff will be assisting in bringing buildings back down to ground level.

Holiday rank submissions still open

As per tradition, we’ll be using seasonally themed ranks in the month of December. We had a few suggestions come in, but none seemed particularly appealing, so we’re leaving the suggestion box open on this one. Please send us your serious ideas, and remember there are 13 ranks (yes, we do need one for Trial Mod, even though there aren’t any at the moment). If we don’t have any serious submissions by the first couple days of December, we may pull out one of our old ones that we’ve done in the last few years.

Roads, Rails, and IATs, Oh My!

We approved all of the roads, rails, and IATs submitted at the GSM. These were:

  • Construction of the B44 from New Beginnings to Columbia Beach, submitted by ondist
  • Modifications to the B191, submitted by lil_shadow59
  • IntraRail tracks passing under inactive towns at I38, I39, and SE1, submitted by KittyCat11231 (thank you as always for your extremely clear proposals!)
  • Construction of the A245 from Mountain View (EN10) to the B246, submitted by AlphaDS. Some additional notes on this one:
    • Both phases of this road have been approved.
    • The bridge over to Rosemont should be high enough to accommodate boats.
    • There’s a mystery road along the route, and we have no idea why it exists. AlphaDS can take the mystery road as his and do with it whatever he wishes, including connect to it or destroy it.
  • H21 Walcott has been transferred to XtremeCoder.
  • ZN6 Station has been transferred to EliteNeon. Elite is asked, for now, to stay on the east side of the Seneca Canal.

GSM Town

While not a GSM item directly, we do want to call your attention to the GSM Town community project. Since everyone likes to build various things in the vicinity of staff during public portions of GSMs, we decided to colonize a series of islands in the Northern Ocean and make a public town that anyone can build in, but only on GSM days. It’s been a really fun project to watch over its first construction period, and we hope we can continue bringing the community together to build something cool while the staff argue about all of your silly road proposals.

You can read more about the GSM Town project on the wiki here. Our next GSM is on Sunday, December 8, and GSM Town construction will be open from 5:00 am UTC on Sunday, December 8 until 5:00 am UTC Monday, December 9.

That’s all for now, see you around!

<3, Chief

October 2019 GSM Results

Hey all! The October 2019 GSM has come and gone, and here are the announcements and results that came of it. Special thanks to MRT NewsChannel for providing live coverage of the meeting; you can find the video archive of the meeting here.

Lots of green stamps of approval this time around, but here’s the full list:

Taiga Line Extension 2 (TLX2)

Narnia17 has proposed the second and final Taiga Line Extension, which will run from the existing T50 station out to the northwest corner of the map. As per usual, please avoid starting any new towns or claiming stations along the route until the line officially opens at a future GSM. Narnia has been given approval to build the line either as-is or to straighten out the section near Frostbite, where the Arctic Line or another line will likely travel east-west in the future.

TLX2 map approved at the October GSM


  • The B751 and B756, proposed by EspiDev to run in the vicinity of Espies and Janghwa (yes, the 751 is a long road), have both been approved in full.
  • The B910, proposed by PtldKnight to run from Pasadena and Waterville Valley to the A89, has been approved.
  • The A6, proposed by Kangaroo567 to run from Deadbush to Whiteley, has been approved. Because of how the road will intersect with the A51 and A507 in southwest Whiteley, the existing A507 in Schillerton and Zerez will be re-numbered as an extension of the A6.

Other Rail Lines

  • A RaiLinQ line from Skogheim to Lakestdale has been approved.
  • A different rail line from Carnoustie to Skogheim has been approved.

Note that if you are asking only for a waiver to the 4,000 block rule, you only need email approval.


  • The fifth MRTvision Screenshot Contest has been funded in full. Look for announcements and submission information from Yoshi in the coming weeks.
  • We will be updating the version of WorldEdit on the main server to 7.0.1 Final. This was discussed at the GSM as we will be skipping beta server testing and will proceed to a direct installation.

For those planning ahead, our next GSM is on Saturday, November 9, and we will be scheduling our semi-annual dynmap render at said GSM. Until then, please don’t hesitate to contact your nearest staff member if you need anything.


<3, Chief

September 2019 GSM Results

Hey everyone! The September 2019 GSM has ended, and it was probably the shortest one we’ve ever done. Here’s what happened!

Local trams and monorails are exempt from vehicle presence rules

Effective immediately, trams and monorails are no longer required to be physically present at every stop. You are encouraged to have them at some stops along the route, however this is not required.

Please note that the designations of “tram” and “monorail” are only applicable to local lines (those that stay within approximately one or two cities). Lines that travel long distances or are not intended for local transportation will be more likely to be classified as “warp rail” lines, which are still subject to vehicle presence requirements.

Warp placement restrictions will only apply to air vehicles

Last GSM we decided to impose limits on the number and placement of warps for transit vehicles. After some concerns were raised by members, we have decided to only enforce those restrictions for airplanes, helicopters, and seaplanes. As a result, the rules are as following:

  • Air vehicles are limited to six destinations (where “destination” refers to a specific airplane, helicopter, or seaplane; multiple warps can be in the same vehicle and count as one destination), and warp signs to said destinations must be inside the vehicle.
  • All other vehicle types have no restriction on the number of warps or destinations that can be served, and warps can be placed anywhere on or in the vehicle.

As with the changes to vehicle presence requirements noted above, these changes take effect immediately.

Thank you to the dozens of members who brought this proposal to us; we appreciated hearing your concerns and we hope this is an amicable solution.

Other small issues

  • We reviewed a proposal to allow ferries to be used to move buses or trains along their lines. While we appreciate that these sorts of things do exist in the real world, we have decided not to allow this. We would instead recommend building interchange stations for passengers to easily change between bus, ferry, and train connections.
  • We reviewed a proposal to build an area known as Memorial Park in Central City, and create a tour of the new world, so that new players can get acquainted with what has been built. Neither of these things require staff approval to be carried out, so no action was taken.

Roads and Rails

  • The B58 from San Vantino to Dand, proposed by sesese9, has been approved.
  • The B228 from Mounty to Lapis Bay, proposed by caillou15, has been approved.
  • A warp rail line from Central City to Sylvania and ATC, proposed by AppleGamer123, has been partially approved.
    • The section between Central City and P4-V4 has been approved on the condition that the track runs underground through P4-V4.
    • The section from P4-V4 to Sylvania has been denied as the line runs too close to Lochminehead, for which AppleGamer123 does not have permission.
    • The section from Sylvania to ATC Airport has been denied for the same reason.
  • A warp rail line from Aquamarine Bay to Dekuville, proposed by dragonbloon419, has been approved.
  • The B825 and an accompanying warp rail line from Skogheim to Westplein via Skyanii Springs and Mojang Town, proposed by SuperSamuel25, have been approved.
  • An extension of the B431 from Scarborough to Rockham, proposed by Aldranster50, has been approved.

Inactive Asset Transfers

  • While not officially requested as an IAT, P4-V4 has been transferred to AppleGamer123.
  • The town of Xiiona has been transferred to frogggggg.
  • Ignis Nation / Project Lifetime has been transferred to SuperSamuel25.
  • The town of Aurora (XE29) has been transferred to AlphaDS.

That’s all for now, we’ll see you around!

<3, Chief