November 2021 ISM Results

We had a fairly short ISM and only had one non-staff attendee (PtldKnight)! Regardless, here’s the updates:

  • A84 Extension by Ada_Virus was partially approved with staff only approving the N-S extension from Kaloro City up to the A980. Staff did not want to have two A roads paralleling with such short distance between each other.
  • B936 by RR10021 was denied. This was denied over insufficient development on the island and no development on the mainland. Staff recommended to build up the mainland by claiming Arctic A36 Station and then propose a connection either by bridge or ferry once built up enough.
  • 2021 MRT Transit Awards by PtldKnight/Skelezomperman was fully approved. Nominations are open now and the show will be held late December/early January.
  • Lake 47 (south-western most body of water on the server) will be renamed to the Southern Sea as staff approved the proposal from godzilltrain/SimonScholar.

As I said, really quick! We’ll see ya for the December GSM on December 12th at 7PM UTC.


November 2021 GSM Results

We’re halfway through November so it was time for the General Staff Meeting. We’ve got lots of stuff to go through!

Sparking Yellow

2 cities went for premier at this GSM. The results of each cities’ vote are below:

City NameVotes ForVotes AgainstResult
Titsensaki (frogggggg)07Not Promoted
Miu Wan (HarborRandom852)07Not Promoted
Candidates for Premier

The One who Wields the Axe

We had one candidate for consideration for Moderator this GSM. The voting was the following:

NameForNeutralAgainstDid Not Vote
Candidates for Moderator

Congrats to VickiTori_! She has been re-promoted and is eager to help the community.

Discussions with the Community

We had a very length discussion over the #politics Discord channel. Originally, chiefbozx proposed to blanket ban all political discussion from the server. After very long debate/discussion, staff and the community agreed to keep political discussions as they are currently in the server with a few changes:

  • Starting from the November 2021 ISM, members will have to have a role (given by TacoBot) to access the #politics channel
    • Frumple is working on implementing the role and should have it ready within the coming week
  • If a discussion turns non-civil, staff can use a short-term timeout and/or slowmode to block members from further discussion
    • The length of the timeout can change but anticipated to be roughly a day to allow staff to re-group/evaluate the situation as it occurs

There was talk of the warning levels and whether changes should be done (such as raising and lowering the levels). Frumple encouraged others to send feedback for changes like that to him for a future GSM proposal. However, he did propose to change the wording on the warning levels to the following:

“The following table defines what warning levels are typically given for each type of infraction. When staff are evaluating a situation, they will start from the level defined in this rubric, and may adjust the level up or down if there are special circumstances or context that warrant it.”

Adopted from Frumple’s proposal

The intent of this change is to make it clear to everyone that the warning levels serve as a default (starting point) for punishments/sanctions.

godzilltrain‘s proposal to enable beacons for Trustees and above was accepted. This lowers it from it’s past level of Premiers and above.

Frumple will be updating the Main Server to 1.17.1 on Monday, November 15th from 5PM to 7PM UTC. Further communication on the update progress will be made in the discord like past updates.

Cars on the Freeway

Staff approved RadiantRanger26‘s proposal to extend B844 from Kaloro City to Bristol.

PtldKnight‘s proposal to extend the A90 was approved. The extension is in blue in the picture below.

Tweaking the Lights

Avaneesh2008 re-proposed his Game of Gamming event. Staff denied the proposal for now over concerns over lack of detail in regards to the rules, information about each event, and who is exactly helping with the event.

Moving Hands

TheAllRounderMC requested an IAT of Charlton (Ben6331) at ZS38. This was denied as their intentions with the town aren’t mentioned in detail. Staff request that you include your intentions with any asset that you IAT.

Tracks over the Ocean and Mesa

Two MRT Extensions were opened this GSM!

I opened the Eastern South Extension (ESX), which has been under construction by Vulpicula for a couple of years. This extension runs from Pearl Coast to Arcadia. The allocations for stations along the extension are as follows:

ES27Pearl Coast – knowmads7
ES28Open to claiming
ES29Open to claiming
ES30Frumphaus – Frumple
ES31Port Locke – knowmad7
ES32Port Locke – knowmad7
ES33Open to claiming
ES34Freskooo (allocated by application)
ES35Juhwa – Frosty_Creeper10
ES36Juhwa – Frosty_Creeper10
ES37Cremona – Ramona
ES38Cremona – Ramona
ES39Cremona – Ramona
ES40Arcadia – MC_Protocol
ES41Arcadia – MC_Protocol
Eastern South Extension Station Allocations

Mojang1014 and Skelezomperman opened the Mesa Line Extension 4 (MLX4) also! This runs from Tembok to Rizalburg. The stations were allocated as follows:

M55Tembok – CirclesPointless
M56Minecraft252 (allocated by application)
M57Rosebridge – MotoAviation
M58Open to claiming
M59TheAllRounderMC (allocated by application)
M60Krakabraka (allocated by application)
M61Barnaclue (allocated by application)
M62Rizalburg – Mojang1014
Mesa Line Extension 4 Station Allocations

And that’s it, folks! We’ll see ya at the ISM on November 27th at 7PM UTC!


October 2021 ISM Results

Fifteen minutes, in and out. Pretty quick and everything was approved!

From Sea to Road

__7d proposed a seaplane port exemption for Foresne. The water near Foresne was deemed wide enough by staff to allow Foresne to build a seaplane port and approved.

HarborRandom852 proposed an extension of the B963 from Miu Wan Airport to Miu Sai. This was approved.

Sledding to the Finish Line

frogggggg requested event funding for the 20212022 Winter Games. This was approved. Events are scheduled to be in January/February 2022.

The Grand Changing of Hands

ModernArt was approved for his IAT of East Spruce.

time2makemymove‘s IAT of the remainder of SkyTrans (the portion owned by DevvySky) was approved.

SilkAir (owned by ohuehue) was approved for IAT to EliteNeon

VickiTori‘s IAT of NW20 (owned by iwin1302) was approved.

ArizTrad‘s IAT of Ascoli Picento (H9), owned by jamess__, was approved.

Moving On

In other news, AP_Red has resigned from Administrator, citing real life and time commitments for his reasons to resign. He will be staying as Moderator until the server closes (per his statement in Discord).

Hello @everyone , I have made the decision to resign from my post as administrator, and step down to moderator, effective immediately. I first joined the MRT in February 2013, and since then it has been a near constant for me. Though I am a very different person to that 13 year-old who first joined the server looking for community, that sense of community never truly left. Being on the admin team definitely has had its ups and downs, but has been overall a very positive one over the past three years, and the two as moderator before then. However I must acknowledge that the time has come in my life to move on as I start my professional life outside the server. Time is increasingly limited, and while I love the server and its community, I need to spend more of my free time with friends and family away from a computer screen, especially considering the effects of the past nearly two years. I can no longer dedicate as much time to the server as I used to. I will still be around though, and regardless of what happens over the next year and a bit, I will always remember this weird experiment of a server and its community.

Yours faithfully, AP_Red

AP_Red’s statement from Discord

I’ll see ya at the November GSM on November 13th at 7PM UTC!


Special Staff Meeting (October 2021)

As you all may have seen, we had a special staff meeting. This meeting had a closed agenda that had topics set beforehand. There is a lot to discuss but I tried to capture most of yesterday’s discussion as a Q & A. But first, I’ll list some of the main highlights:

  • Frumple will be returning as Owner in full capacity (effective now)
  • 2022 renewal is happening (this was already promised by Frumple)
  • However, that renewal is slated/most likely to be the last one with the renewal slated to expire end of 2022/early 2023.
    • All MRT services will be shut down (Mumble, website, wiki, Discord, etc)
    • There will be a final world download before shutdown
      • Remember: that the world download is for personal use. If you want to do more than that, you must ask Frumple for permission
    • Discord timeline is still up in terms of how/when that will be shutdown

You might have a lot of questions from seeing this so I’ll add the questions that were asked at the meeting.

  • Will world download include warp/maps?
    • Frumple will research into it..
    • Seems to be a file for warps
  • Will the wiki be allowed to download?
    • Frumple will look into it
  • Is it possible for a group of members to take over the server?
    • We looked into transferring to another admin before. The MRT is set up as a company entity and transferring it across country borders is a legal hassle that costs thousands. It is a large legal pain and headache that we don’t want to undertake.
  • What about Staff Meetings?
    • Staff meetings will continue as normal until further notice
    • Moderator nominations will close before the server does (still figuring out timeline on when to shut down Moderator Nominations)
  • What about Member Apps?
    • We will continue to accept member apps for now.
    • We will figure out closing of member apps in the future.
  • If we download our towns and use it, is that ok?
    • Yeah, you built your town so you technically “own” them.
    • But remember to think about franchises that people have built.. You don’t own those builds.
  • Are y’all still taking donations?
    • Donations are still open but not going to sway our opinion on shutting it down
  • Will Frumple publish the MRT server configs to Github?
    • Unknown, up to Frumple
    • Whatever is currently on Github is free to use
  • (to Frumple) Would you say Modgate kicked off this process?
    • Hard to really point to a single thing that pushed it over the edge.
  • Anyway to take snapshot of Dynmap will all of current functionality?
    • Lots of disk space would be needed
  • (to Frumple) Should this have been done years ago?
    • Not really, it’s a miracle that we lasted this long.
  • Will we update to 1.17?
    • Plugins are updated and look good
    • Beta testing of re-enabling command blocks need to happen too
  • What about Rank Promotions?
    • Rank Promotions will continue as normal for the time being
    • Probably will go until a month until closing and then be frozen
  • Will Frumple record videos of the server as it closes?
    • Frumple’s YT channel is basically dead
  • Will new admins be promoted?
    • Admins can still be promoted and are promoted adhoc/at need of the server.

Chief also has put together a separate FAQ to answer the questions above and a few others in more detail below.

The Agenda/Minutes from the Meeting can be found with the links below:

We will keep y’all posted with more information/details as it comes.

In the meantime, we have a chunk of time together. The ISM will be on October 31st at 7:00 PM UTC so we’ll see ya there!

October 2021 GSM Results

I’ve been really busy (that’s why I wasn’t at the GSM too!). MIssa_Solemnis covered me on the minutes during my absence. Work takes a lot of my time but nevertheless, propaganda must still be written.

Laying it for the Community

KittyCat11231 proposed to deregulate spaceports across the server. Staff ended up a compromise:

  • Deregulate all decorative spaceports for all ranks. S
  • Allowed to have one warp in spaceship Starbase 1 (Space world) from the town’s spaceport
  • Spaceports don’t count against air facility allocations for Senator/Governor

Yours truly proposed enabling /mvtp for all members. This was accepted! All members can now /mvtp <world_name>. This means that you can teleport to all the different worlds on the server without needing to go to the spawn portals.

Department of Transport

Minecraft252 proposed a canal near their town of Bristol. The route was altered (but approved) to go directly west instead of going around the town of Kaloro Harbour (owned by Needn_NL). Staff did stipulate that they would like to see a cross section of canal design before they give w/e’s for the canal.

Melecie proposed to upgrade the B255 to A255. This was approved.

Racing toward the Finish

HarborRandom852 proposed the Great Northwestern Race. This will be ran in similar fashion to Formula MRT (another event that Harbor has ran in the past). The funding was approved and scheduled for Late October/Early November.

From Skyscrapers to Rail Lines

Mojito1014 and Skelezomperman are extending the Mesa Line (MLX4)! The line will be extended from its current terminus in Tembok to Rizalburg.

A La Carte

Melecie proposed upgrading the EElevators in Space World. Staff approved this and asked Melecie to coordinate with Tom_Pairs on the upgrades.

MinecraftYoshi26 was given special perms to update the Editor’s Hub/Featured Articles page on the wiki. Yoshi cares deeply about the wiki and has kept it in great condition. We greatly appreciate the work he does on the wiki.

We will see y’all on October 24th for a Special Staff Meeting. The agenda is closed so you will not be able to submit topics. Private Portion starts at 17:00 UTC (5:00 PM UTC) with public scheduled to start at 19:00 UTC (7:00 PM UTC).

After that, we have a SpOoKy ISM on October 31st at the normal time of 7:00 PM UTC.