June 2018 GSM Results

Hello all! The June GSM is now over, and we managed to get it done in three and a half hours, even though we had a record-breaking number of topics in Section One. Thanks to everyone who submitted items for discussion, so let’s talk about what happened!

As always, the public portion of the meeting can be viewed here.

Staffing updates

We are pleased to announce two promotions in the staff ranks:

  • sesese9 has been promoted to the Trial Moderator position.
  • megascatterbomb has passed his Trial Moderator probationary period and has gained full Moderator privileges.

Congratulations to both of these players, and welcome aboard!

CoreProtect log post-mortem

As Frumple noted in a previous post, we have dumped all CoreProtect logs up until June 15, 2018. This means that any block changes made before that date are no longer available, and we will be unable to roll areas back to before this date. We will need to run purges about once a year to remove old records, which may take some time to complete. Our first such purge will likely happen in either spring or fall 2019.

Policy changes

We’re changing a few policies and rules, all of which are effective immediately.

  • At the last GSM, we announced an amendment to the warning policy where players with two active warnings or a double warning will be required to send a reflection statement in order to be re-promoted, and brought it into effect about two days later for all current and future players in this situation. This has been in effect since mid-May, and will remain in effect going forward. Our apologies for not making this clear.
  • We are shortening the promotion delay for all ranks below Senator. Players are now eligible for promotion 1 week (7 days) after receiving their last promotion, provided they have no active warnings. This means:
    • The promotion delay between Member and Citizen remains at 1 week.
    • The promotion delay between Citizen and Trustee has decreased from 2 weeks to 1 week.
    • The promotion delay between Trustee and Councillor has decreased from 2 weeks to 1 week.
    • The promotion delay between Councillor and Mayor has decreased from 2 weeks to 1 week.
    • Promotions from Mayor to Senator, Senator to Governor, and Governor to Premier will continue to be handled through the City Rank Promotion Batch process.
    • These time limits only apply for your player rank, not town ranks. Therefore, any towns that you own which are below your current player rank are not subjected to promotion delays. For example, if you are the mayor of a Senator city and a Councillor town, the Councillor town can be promoted to Mayor as soon as it meets the other requirements; you do not have to wait a week to get promoted in this case.
  • The General Rule “Do not advertise other servers” has changed to “Do not advertise servers unaffiliated with the MRT”. This means you are permitted to provide links to Discord servers and other resources for the towns, transit organizations, sporting events, and other events on the MRT, but you may not advertise other Minecraft servers, or auxiliary services connected to those.
  • The MRT Road Guidelines have been updated to remove the use of carpets. We strongly encourage players building roads to follow these guidelines as closely as they can, though they are not official policy.

We have also adjusted some perks and permissions:

  • An additional Premier perk has been added. Premier cities can have custom icons appear on dynmap, instead of the default purple flower that is currently in use. If you’re the mayor of a Premier ranked city and would like to have a different icon mark your city, please email the admins a 32×32 PNG image and we can upload it. (If you’d rather have a non-square icon, please use transparent pixels for the rest of the image; dynmap requires this exact size.)
  • Players between Trustee and Premier, inclusive, can no longer use /npc vulnerable to kill NPCs created with Citizens, due to abuse and a few players spamming the chat with vulgar names and death messages. Please use the /npc remove command or ask staff for assistance with removing an NPC. Staff can make NPCs vulnerable if needed.
  • Trustees and above can now use /npc path to allow NPCs to move around. Though the plugin has a very high limit on the number of nodes in a path, please try to keep NPC paths short and reasonable. Update: This will not be enabled for now, as a bug exists in Citizens that prevents NPCs from properly sitting down when instructed. When this issue is fixed, we will re-enable /npc path.
  • We will be adding specializations for administrators and full moderators. These are additional titles that will be awarded to reflect the special duties that staff take on, either in addition to or in replacement of “normal” jobs (rules enforcement, WorldEdits, day-to-day community building, and so on), and will be listed on the main website and other locations as needed. We’ll discuss and award our first batch of specializations at the next GSM in July.

Finally, we clarified the 7,500-block Senator airfield rule: this size limit does include fences and other man-made boundaries, and will be enforced strictly. Therefore, airfields that are 7,501 blocks in size are not allowed. Natural boundaries such as cliffs and shorelines will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Airfields that are too large need to become compliant as soon as possible.


We did not receive any road proposals at this GSM, but we did review a proposal to enable driving on red terracotta blocks. These are used frequently for bus and bike lanes, however the uCars plugin uses these blocks for traffic control setups. We’ll be testing out driving on the beta server, and if it all works out, we’ll enable it on the main server in the next few weeks.

Beta Server

We are currently testing out an update to Dynmap, as well as a new plugin, FastAsyncWorldedit (FAWE), on the beta server. Since FAWE is very experimental and has crashed the beta server a few times, we’re keeping the beta server whitelisted to staff only for the time being. We will likely keep the beta server whitelisted until mid-July.

Anniversary Events

We are starting to plan events for the sixth anniversary of the MRT, on July 13, 2018. Staff will be hosting a variety of events in the days leading up to July 13 or the following weekend, and we’ll post announcements here and on Discord when the calendar is finalized.

Arctic Line Announcements and Station Names

Frumple’s Arctic Line announcements pilot project has gone well, so in the coming months we hope to expand it to the entire Arctic Line. When the project is completed we’ll post the resource pack template, and you’ll be able to record your own versions of the announcements. Eventually this may be rolled out system-wide.

In order to get the announcements recorded, we will be assigning names to the unnamed Arctic Line stations. Effective immediately, the remaining stations are named as follows:

  • A4: Sanford
  • A5: Cornus Southeast
  • A7: Watchfield East
  • A17: Freshney West
  • A18: Chestwick
  • A19: Voltsphere (change to Taiga Line, T24)
  • A27: Lancaste
  • A28: Cicero
  • A29: Lucerne Gate
  • A30: Lucerne

Please contact Frumple if you have any questions.

Property Auctions

  • XE7-XE8 Merchant City has been transferred to Tom_Pairs.
  • C93 has been transferred to Vulpicula.
  • The Morihama Ferry Terminal has been transferred to Cookie46910.
  • C14 North Haven, while requested by AlfiePops, was retracted before the start of the GSM and was not transferred.

Premier City Reviews

We reviewed proposals for Premier for the cities of Dabecco, Laclede, and Utopia, and while there were varying levels of support, none of these cities reached the 85% threshold that is required for promotion. Full feedback is available here.

Event and Funding Requests

  • SkyjumperTalon has requested funding for another mini golf tournament on June 30, which has been approved.
  • Additionally, SkyjumperTalon requested funding for end-of-season prizes for players who have participated in MRT Golf Association events. Due to the complexities involved in managing this funding, and the relatively small amounts, this has been denied.
  • The Event of Events, proposed by SkyjumperTalon, was denied as we don’t think it will get as many participants as was originally proposed, and has too many events on one day.
  • SkyjumperTalon’s final event proposal this GSM is for a Hunger Games style event, however this was denied as not enough information was provided by the GSM (in particular, the date and time).
  • MinecraftYoshi26 has proposed a new structure for running the screenshot contests, which has been approved. The first iteration of this new structure will be accepting submissions through 11:59 pm UTC on June 30.

SLE and JLS station allocations

We opened the Southern Line East (stations S0 to S26) and Jungle Line South (stations JS1 to JS14) at this GSM, and have awarded the following stations:

  • SE2: Amber_Pine
  • SE4, SE5: MC_Protocol
  • SE8: TalonPlays
  • SE9, SE10: Camelfantasy
  • SE12, SE13: SigmaTheEnigma
  • SE17: CortesiRaccoon
  • SE20: MIKE24DUDE
  • JS4: TalonPlays
  • JS6: Funky_Flounder
  • JS7: DaMarMan111
  • JS9: Needn_NL

Any stations not listed here are released for general claiming, though by the time you see this post they may no longer be available. Please remember the 300-block and 500-block rules when building at open stations, and note that claims that don’t have significant development within two weeks can be released upon request.

Upcoming Events

  • The Evella Expo is currently ongoing setup, and the expo itself will start soon. Exhibitors can register until June 20 and must be set up by June 23, and the expo itself runs from June 25 through July 2.
  • XII TacoBurritoAThon will occur in Elecna Bay at 5:00 pm UTC, June 30.
  • The next mini-golf tournament starts at 7:00 pm UTC on June 30.
  • The first session of The Amazing Race 9 will begin at 7:00 pm UTC on July 1.

Frumple is planning on doing livestreams on Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, June 1 to showcase the Evella Expo and Amazing Race 9. You can watch these at twitch.tv/frumple.

Thanks all!

Chief, on behalf of the rest of the staff

Server is back online, CoreProtect logs lost

Hi all,

The main server is back online and open to all. The CoreProtect fix did complete after about 60 hours, but unfortunately it was not successful. With the fix, CoreProtect was able to track further block changes, but it was not able to do any rollbacks. The only way to make this fix work would be to change the CoreProtect code, which we are not able to do given our time and resources. Therefore, I have dropped the CoreProtect database, clearing all block logging data since September 2016. CoreProtect will now continue logging new block changes as normal starting from this point.

I sincerely apologize to everyone for all of this inconvenience. I thought that this fix was the best possible approach to try to keep our block logging data, but I thoroughly underestimated the time that it would take. At the very least, we now know that this fix doesn’t work, and to prevent this from happening in the future, we will need to make sure to purge old records from the CoreProtect database periodically, probably at least once a year. Each purging of these records would likely require server downtime lasting for at least a day, but hopefully not as long as the downtime of almost 3 days that we just experienced.

If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to ask me and discuss this in our Discord #general chat. Thank you everyone once again for your patience.


Server Downtime

Hi all,

Due to a serious CoreProtect issue that started this morning, the main Minecraft server will be down for at least the next 3 days. The issue stems from one of our CoreProtect database tables running out of IDs. We are currently running a fix to increase the limit of IDs, but it will take many hours to complete.

Current estimate for when the server will be back up is: Friday, June 15 at 9:00 AM PDT

Please note that this weekend’s GSM will still happen as scheduled, and will be live-streamed at twitch.tv/frumple as per usual.

For the latest updates, please check our Discord and Twitter. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


May 2018 GSM Results

Hey everyone! Here’s what happened at today’s GSM. As usual, the video recording of the public portion is available here.

New Administrator!

Immediately before the GSM was an Administrative Staff Meeting (ASM), at which we confirmed the promotion of CynraSilver (formerly known as mfish125 or mikefishr). He’ll be getting set up in the next few days, so please give him a warm welcome to the administrator role!

A reminder of The Most Important Rule #3

We have noticed a few cases of players getting into arguments with staff in public chat. We would therefore like to remind everyone of The Most Important Rule #3:

Staff reserve the right to take appropriate action for behaviour or actions deemed unacceptable for the server and community.

If you disagree with a decision made by a staff member, or are having difficulty working with them, please contact the admins. Part of the admins’ role is to help resolve disputes that involve staff members. Moderators have also been instructed to escalate conflicts to admins if necessary.

Policy Changes

We are making two changes to server policy, effective immediately.

First, we are amending the warning policy. Specifically, players who receive two concurrent single warnings or one double warning must submit a written reflection statement to the admins in order to get their original rank restored, in addition to waiting for the warnings to expire (30 or 60 days). The statement should include details of what you did to get the warning(s), an acknowledgement that this was the wrong thing to do, and a confirmation that you won’t repeat your actions. Statements must be emailed to the admins and are a requirement to getting your rank back following a demotion to [Member].

Second, we are amending the proximity rule as follows:

  • The current “300-block” rule will stand: If you want to build within 300 blocks of another town, you must get permission from the town’s mayor. Mayors can deny permission at their discretion to towns within 300 blocks.
  • We are adding a “500-block rule”: If you want to build within 500 blocks of another town, but more than 300 blocks away, you must be in contact with your neighbors, and they must accommodate you in a fair and reasonable manner. This means that you should collaborate with towns nearby to draw borders and determine which space is whose. Prospective mayors who don’t get in touch with their neighbors may be issued warnings or have their towns removed.
  • You do not need to submit your border agreements to staff, though we do suggest forming them in writing so that everyone is aware of the agreements and can hold each other accountable.
  • Staff are happy to help determine what “fair and reasonable” accommodations look like. If you have questions, ask!

So, to recap:

  • If you’re building within 300 blocks of another town, you must have that mayor’s permission.
  • If you’re building between 301 and 500 blocks away from another town, you must be in touch with the other mayor and let them know of your presence, and they must accommodate you in a fair and reasonable manner.
  • If you’re building 501 or more blocks away, no permission or contact is needed, though you should still get in touch if you plan on expanding towards a nearby town.

If in doubt, please ask for permission from the mayor before building. Most are willing to work with you. If you run into trouble, please ask staff for assistance.

Plugin Changes and the Citizens Update

We will be bringing the Citizens Update – featuring Citizens, DiscordSRV, and VPNGuard – to the main server this week. Our current plan is to perform this update on Wednesday, May 9, between 5pm and 7pm UTC. During this time, both the main server and the beta server will be whitelisted to staff only.

Some proposed new plugin changes have been denied:

  • A proposal to grant non-staff access to two WorldEdit tools has been denied as it could grant players access to restricted blocks or areas of the server, including placing blocks beyond the world border.
  • A proposal to add the JourneyMap Server plugin has been denied as it would only benefit a few players (though if more folks do use JourneyMap, we may consider adding this plugin later on).

Premier City Reviews: Quiris

Quiris, the city by _HeavenAngel_ in the northern portion of the world, has been promoted to Premier! This is the tenth Premier city, recognising how far Quiris has come in its development. Congratulations!

_HeavenAngel_ submitted the following speech after the GSM:

My time on the server has been a genuine journey. I have had my fair share of ups and downs, just like everyone else but through it all, I can say that it has been an exhilarating journey. I would like to thank the most wonderful community, for their continuous support and in particular Kel, the staff and the many others who have contributed to the establishment of Quiris. Personally, Quiris is more than a rank to me, it is the embodiment of my inspirations, therefore, there is no doubt that I shall continue to work on the city. I have hope that Quiris will perpetuate my inspirations and that there will be many other premiers cities to come fourth. I would like to end off by wishing each and every member of the community the very best. Thank you.

And lalaboy, whose city Kessler was promoted to Premier in March, submitted the following speech:

yay I got premier!


We reviewed three road proposals and approved two:

  • A proposal for the A61 and B66 south of the Estival Sea has been denied. The proposal called for construction of a very small section that didn’t actually connect any towns together, with a plan of crossing the Estival Sea later. We recommend the road to cross the much narrower gap to the nearby arctic biome, and provide some connection between towns, before being proposed in full later.
  • A proposal to extend the B54, connecting the A51 and A50 and providing a bypass around Venceslo and Downsview, has been approved.
  • A proposal to extend the B750, connecting the A76 and A5-W and providing an easier connection between Central City and Espil, has been approved.

Projects and events

We received only one project, from SoaPuffball to build a canal between Nymphalia (EN23) and the Northern Ocean. This proposal has been partially approved: only the eastern portion of the canal can be built.

We also reviewed two events from TalonPlays:

  • A PVP tournament, to occur in July or August, has been approved.
  • The MMB Cup (also known as the MRT Golf Association season opener) on May 26 has been approved.

Both of these events have prizes, so we hope you sign up and participate! These events will appear on the Events Calendar as they approach.

Property auctions

We reviewed five requests for property auctions and approved one:

  • Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport (AFX), requested by jphgolf4321 and Narnia17: Transfer denied as the old world is primarily intended for historical preservation. We are declaring that old world assets are ineligible for auction, especially because they don’t count towards town rank status. If you are an owner or caretaker of an old world airport, you can renovate or re-assign gates as needed, but airports can’t expand outside of their footprint and new airports can’t be built on the old world.
  • C91: Transferred to CynraSilver.
  • V23: Transfer denied. Aldranster50’s town has expanded towards this station, but it’s just roads and no significant development. If Aldranster adds buildings and significant development, he may request this station again at a future GSM.
  • NE9 St. Anna: Transfer denied. We received two proposals for this town, but we don’t feel like either prospective mayor would be able to continue the unique style of St. Anna. We may reach out to RedBear47 to see if any plans are in place for the town and if he has a caretaker in mind.
  • T38 Hallarbor: Transfer denied. BernCow did not provide convincing reasons why he wanted the town.

As a reminder, if you are transferring assets to someone, the sender must email staff – not the receiver!

Next GSM

The next GSM has been scheduled for Saturday, June 16 at 7pm UTC. Please submit all topics for consideration by 7pm UTC on Thursday, June 14.

Thanks all!


Staffing Update and May Events

Hi all,

We are sad to announce that, effective May 2, AlikSong has stepped down from his role as administrator due to time commitments and real-life obligations. Alik will be staying on as a moderator and will still be on every now and again. We’re grateful for all he has done in his brief service in the role and are excited to continue working with him as a moderator.

Over the next few weekends we will be jam-packed with events, so we hope you’re able to take a break from your studies or other obligations and join us for:

  • The Mole 9, Session 3: begins Saturday, May 5 at 7pm UTC
  • May 2018 General Staff Meeting: begins Sunday, May 6 at 7pm UTC
  • X TacoBurritoAThon: begins Saturday, May 12 at 7pm UTC
  • The Mole 9, Sessions 4 and 5, as needed: dates and times to be announced
  • Summer Olympics: starting May 27, 2018
  • June 2018 General Staff Meeting: tentatively scheduled for June 16 at 7pm UTC

All of these events will be live-streamed and archived by various members – some by Frumple, and others by the MBS team. Thank you in advance to the event hosts and stream hosts for putting these on!

Because of the short notice, the May GSM topic submission cutoff time has been extended to Saturday, May 5 at 7pm UTC (24 hours in advance, not 48). You will then have until 5pm UTC on Sunday, May 6 (2 hours before the meeting starts) to challenge town auctions or alert us of omitted topics. Please watch Discord for the agenda to be released there.

Note that F15-P17 is up for general auction. This means that if you are interested in taking over ownership of this station, please email the staff to have your name added.

If you’re looking for a Premier review, be sure to submit a review request by the submission cutoff.

Though we’re not actively seeking moderators, we are happy to take nominations if you have them. Check out what we’re looking for, and if someone comes to mind, please email the admins.