Policies & Procedures

Last updated: 2021-03-06

This page describes various community policies and procedures that are not covered on the Rules page.

Asset Transfers

Assets are anything owned by an MRT member, including towns, buildings, companies, or parts thereof.

Members may voluntarily transfer any of their assets to another player at any time. In order for the transfer to be officially recognized, the original owner of the asset must email staff informing them of what asset(s) are being transferred and to whom. Staff will NOT accept requests or emails from the member receiving the asset, even if they are accompanied with logs or screenshots showing approval from the original owner.

Voluntary asset transfers are unconditional and we cannot apply restrictions on a recipient. Members transferring their assets to someone else should ensure it is someone they trust.

For assets owned by inactive members, active members may request such assets be transferred to them through an IAT (see below). A member is considered “inactive” when they have not connected to the Minecraft server for 3 months or more.

  • In the event where a member is suspected to be “inactive” but they log in infrequently to prevent being marked inactive (via the /seen command), then other members may ask staff to review their activity and request an IAT for that person’s assets anyway.
  • Members who know they will be inactive for a significant period of time may send an email to admins, requesting that their assets to not be transferred. This is sometimes called an “asset transfer hold”. Members should include the reason a hold is requested and an estimated date of return. Admins will generally place a hold on assets that prevents their transfer for six months from the member’s last activity date (three months longer than usual), though the exact timeline and any extensions are determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Cities which have reached the Premier rank are exempt from any sort of automatic transfer, including IATs or deputy mayor successions.

For assets owned by indefinitely or permanently banned players, IATs can only be submitted after 14 days since the ban was issued.

Inactive Asset Transfers (IATs)

Members wishing to take over assets from an inactive member must submit an Inactive Asset Transfer request to a staff meeting. This is done by sending an email to staff, detailing:

  1. The name, location (if applicable), and portion (if applicable) of the asset being requested, along with as much information as possible about who currently owns it.
  2. The reason the asset is being requested, including plans for the future.
  3. If only a portion of an asset is being taken over or the location is ambiguous, an annotated dynmap screenshot is required.

Deputy Mayor Succession

If the mayor of a town becomes inactive or indefinitely banned, the Deputy Mayor may assume control of the town, bypassing the IAT process. It is accomplished by getting staff approval as follows:

  1. Deputy Mayors should attempt to establish contact with the Mayor first.
  2. The Deputy Mayor sends an email to all staff indicating that they wish to take over ownership. The email must include the name and location of the town and the name of the current mayor.


Intercity canals must be approved through a GSM with appropriate permissions from nearby land owners.

Command Blocks

Command blocks may be requested from an administrator and given at their discretion. Command blocks are typically used for the resetting of spleef arenas, or to ensure the operation of games or special events.


Companies owned by more than one person can divide ownership in any manner they choose, so long as all owners agree. If there is a situation where multiple players cannot agree on the ownership of a company, then staff members will intervene and help mediate the conflict.

Events & Event Funding

  1. Players wishing to host an event and give away in-game money as a prize may submit an Event Funding Request. This must be submitted to a GSM occurring before the event begins.
  2. Event grants are available in any size, but should be sized appropriate to the event. Larger event grants are awarded to longer, more prestigious, and significant events, such as server-wide contests and game shows.
  3. Event hosts must provide a breakdown of how their grant money will be allocated, including exactly what amount is available to winners of which prize(s).
  4. Event hosts are permitted to sell sponsorships in addition to grant funding.
    • When submitting the Event Funding Request, event hosts must declare their intent to seek sponsorship funding.
  5. If an event is approved for funding, event hosts are responsible for notifying administrators who should be paid what amount at the conclusion of the event. Funds will then be distributed by administrators directly to each participant.
  6. Staff reserve the right to revoke funding grants at any time, even if the event has passed. Potential reasoning for this include but are not limited to:
    • Operating in violation of the MRT rules
    • Not run in a fair and honest manner (for instance, organizers and judges of a contest should not be allowed to participate themselves)
    • Being run in a manner significantly different than proposed
  7. Events are not funded retroactively.

Map Uploads

Members can create their own custom maps with images by generating the appropriate map .dat files and uploading them through the File Server.

For instructions on how to do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the #get-passwords channel in our Discord.
  2. Run the command =password get files to receive the username and password for the File Server.
  3. Login to https://files.minecartrapidtransit.net with these credentials.
  4. Go to the “Upload Maps” page and carefully follow all instructions there.

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs)

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are groups of multiple players who have banded together to facilitate project development and planning between their cities, and/or provide a means to roleplay political procedure, discussion, and decision-making in a safe, friendly environment.

  1. Members of MPOs should report any rule infractions to the MRT staff immediately. Players will not be punished for making a report in good faith, especially if it turns out to be a non-issue after staff have completed their investigation.
  2. If an MPO is found to be suppressing players from reporting rule infractions, or has been actively covering up unacceptable behavior, MPO leadership and involved players will be severely punished. In extreme cases, the MRT administrators may take actions to forcibly dissolve the MPO.

New MRT Lines

MRT lines are built by staff after receiving approval at a GSM. Members may propose lines as well, but they must have the backing of a staff member who will be responsible for its actual construction.

OpenTTD Server

The OpenTTD map is reset periodically, currently the 1st of every month. Announcements for the settings of the next map will be made in Discord on the #openttd channel and to anyone that has the OpenTTD role.

Companies that do not have any vehicles are automatically deleted by the server after 12 in-game months.

PVP Arenas

PVP Arenas are player-versus-player fighting arenas using the PVPArena plugin. They are accessible using the “/pa” command. “/pa list” lists all playable arenas. All arenas are assigned a name. The arena operates in a “Free-For-All” game mode.

The arenas are currently managed by MinecraftYoshi26. New PVP arenas using the plugin must be approved by MinecraftYoshi26.


Roads that connect between cities are assigned a classification of “A” or “B” along with an identifying unique number.

“A” Roads

“A” roads are major artery roads that run between far-away cities and allow for high-speed traffic. The following procedure must be used to build a new “A” road, or provide a significant extension an existing “A” road:

  1. GSM proposals must include an “A” road number that is not currently in use. “A” road numbers for new roads may not end in a letter.
  2. GSM proposals must include annotated dynmap screenshots of the proposed route. You must mark any towns that currently exist along your route, including any towns that are not yet rendered on dynmap. You must state whether or not you have permission from the mayors of these towns.

“B” Roads

“B” roads are smaller roads that run between nearby towns, from a town to a nearby “A”-road, or run through more scenic areas of the world.

  1. Players building “B” roads which are exempt from GSM approval are still encouraged to email staff to reserve a “B” road number and have it marked on dynmap.

Staff Meetings

Staff meetings are major events on the server where all staff gather to discuss important topics and approve member-submitted proposals. There are two types of staff meetings:

General Staff Meetings (GSMs)

The GSM is the main meeting where all topics are discussed. It is usually held on the 2nd weekend of every month on alternating Saturdays and Sundays, held on our Discord server. The GSM typically takes about 2-4 hours to complete, depending on the topics and discussion involved. The GSM has a private portion for staff only, and a public portion where members can listen in on the discussion.

The following topics are discussed in the private portion:

  • Premier City Reviews
  • Redacted Topics (for privacy reasons)

The following topics are discussed in the public portion:

  • Moderator Nominations
  • Community Issues
  • Transport Projects
  • Events
  • Inactive Asset Transfers (IATs)
  • MRT Lines
  • Other Topics

Infrastructure Staff Meetings (ISMs)

The ISM is a “mini-GSM” where a subset of topics are discussed, usually various projects, events, and requests. It is usually held on the last weekend of every month on alternating Saturdays and Sundays. The ISM has a hard time limit of 1 hour to ensure that topics are discussed efficiently and effectively. The ISM is intended to give quicker feedback to members for their project or event proposals, so they do not have to wait a full month for the next GSM.

The following topics are discussed at an ISM:

  • Transport Projects
  • Events
  • Inactive Asset Transfers (IATs)
  • MRT Lines
  • Other Topics

Voluntary bans

Members can request that a ban be placed on their account at any time, subject to the following procedural notes:

  • Requests to place or lift a voluntary ban should be submitted by email to the admins, as moderators can’t place or remove these bans.
  • Players can request a temporary voluntary ban, which automatically expires after a set time, or an indefinite voluntary ban, which must be manually lifted. Admins will generally not set temporary bans with expiration dates more than six months in the future.
  • Players can request a voluntary ban to be lifted at any time, even if it’s a temporary voluntary ban that has yet to expire on its own.
  • Players are asked to not excessively switch between banned and unbanned status. Admins may deny requests to lift bans early for players who submit an excessive number of ban and unban requests.
  • The placement or removal of a voluntary ban has no impact on a player’s warnings or eligibility for rank promotion, however voluntary bans will be listed on membership records. Players who have active warnings will continue to serve the appropriate penalty regardless of whether or not a voluntary ban is in place.
  • Standard “activity” timers and asset transfer eligibility rules continue to apply even if an indefinite voluntary ban is in place. Players wishing to request an asset transfer hold should include that with their voluntary ban request.
  • Players who request a voluntary ban are not automatically kicked from Discord.

If you suspect that your account has been compromised, please report it to Mojang/Microsoft and request an indefinite ban as soon as possible.