Last Updated: 2018-10-29

For any general questions, requests, or suggestions to the MRT Server staff (including all moderators, administrators, and Frumple), send an e-mail to:

staff [at]

If you need to contact only the administrators and Frumple, for any special purposes such as sending complaints about moderators, submitting a ban appeal, submitting a reflection letter for a double warning, or requesting a map image be uploaded to the server, send an e-mail to:

admin [at]

If you need to contact a specific administrator, you can send them a direct e-mail using one of these addresses. You should only use these addresses if you need to contact only that specific admin or if you would like to keep your question or concern private to only that administrator.

Frumple (Server Owner)frumple [at]
AP_Redap_red [at]
chiefbozxchiefbozx [at]
Cynracynra [at]
megascatterbombmegascatterbomb [at]
MinecraftYoshi26minecraftyoshi26 [at]
Tom_Pairstom_pairs [at]