Player Ranks

Last updated: 2022-01-11

This page describes all player ranks on the server, including requirements for achieving each rank, and permissions and perks granted to players of each rank. Click a link below to jump to that rank’s description.

Basic Ranks


When you join the server for the first time, you will be a [Guest]. This rank allows you to explore the server and interact with our friendly community. If you would like to join our community and help build some awesome projects, then please apply to become a [Member].


Once you’ve read the rules, connect to the server. See the How to Join page for instructions.

Guests can:

  • Walk or fly around most areas of the server.
  • Interact with pressure plates, levers, buttons, tripwire, etc.
  • Ride the MRT lines.
  • Use Lifts.
  • Use warp signs, costs $0.10 of in-game money per use.
  • Teleport to other players using the /tpa command, costs $0.25 of in-game money per use.

Guests cannot:

  • Place or destroy blocks.
  • Use chests or ender chests.
  • Own any assets on the server, including towns, buildings, residences, or businesses.


A newly approved member of the community who has yet to establish their presence on the server.


Fill out a membership application on the How to Join page. Read the rules and FAQ thoroughly before applying!

Members can:

  • Place and destroy most block types. See the Item Permissions page for a listing of what is restricted.
  • Use chests and enderchests.
  • Access the project chat channels, used when players want to collaborate on specific projects or discuss certain topics not suitable for global chat.
    • Use /p1, /p2, /p3, or /p4 to enter these channels.
  • Access the local chat channel, which only sends and receives messages to/from other players within 1000 blocks of you.
    • Use /l to enter this channel.
  • Post in the media chat channel, which highlights messages as advertisements for in-game companies.
    • Use /m to enter this channel.
  • To return to the global chat channel, use /g.
  • With their permission, build homes and shops in other players’ cities and towns.
  • Start building their own town.
  • Buy lottery tickets using /lottery buy # (for any integer between 1 and 25, inclusive)


An established member of the server who has created a residence and a business in an existing town(s).


  • Be a [Member] for at least 1 week with no active warnings.
  • Create a residence in their own town, or another player’s town with their permission. This can be done either by building a new, original house in the town, or moving into an suite in an existing apartment/flat/condominium.
  • Create a business in their own town, or another players’ town with their permission. This can be done either by building a new, original store or business in the town, or moving into an available space in an existing mall or shopping centre.
    • Note that your home and business may be in the same town, or in two different towns.
  • Receive 2 Citizen endorsements from 2 different staff members (see below).

How to get promoted to [Citizen]:

  • Once you have achieved the building requirements, ask any staff member in-game to evaluate your residence and business. After evaluation, the staff member will let you know if they will give you an endorsement for promotion.
  • You will need 2 endorsements from 2 different staff members. If you get an endorsement from 1 staff member and there are no other staff online, the 1st staff member will place a sign on your property/town hall to act as their official endorsement. Show this sign to the 2nd staff member who endorses you so they can verify your 1st endorsement and eventually promote you to your new rank.

In addition to the ability of Members, Citizens can:

  • Create 1 personal /home, which can be teleported to at any time free of charge.
  • Construct buildings in Central City.


Trustees are members who have become firmly established within the community. They are mature members who have gained the trust of the staff and other community members.


  • Be a [Citizen] for at least 1 week with no active warnings.
  • Be a mature player and respected member of the community.
  • Receive at least 3 Trustee endorsements from 3 other players that are of Trustee rank or above (see below).

How to get promoted to [Trustee]:

  • To help verify that you are an established member of the community, we require 3 other players of Trustee rank or above to give an endorsement for you. These players should ideally be players that have previously interacted with you, such as conversing in chat or working together on projects. You may politely ask these players by private message to fill out a Trustee Endorsement Form on your behalf. Do not beg for Trustee endorsements in public chat, or bother random players in-game that you have never talked to before.
  • Once you have 3 endorsements, a staff member will verify them and send an internal e-mail to all other staff indicating your candidacy for the [Trustee] rank. Staff members will have 24 hours after the time that e-mail was sent to veto the promotion if they have concerns about your behaviour. However, the vast majority of [Trustee] candidates do end up getting promoted after 24 hours with no vetoes. If you do in fact get vetoed, a staff member will e-mail you explaining their reasons for the veto.
  • Please note that the promotion process is not automatic, though staff do their best to check for pending endorsements regularly. You may ask staff how many endorsements you have in the #staff-requests Discord channel or in game.

In addition to the abilities of Citizen, Trustees can:

  • Create up to 3 personal /homes.
  • Create up to 5 NPCs using the Citizens plugin.
  • Place more block types, notably ice, water, and beacons. See the Item Permissions page to see what is allowed at this rank.
  • Spawn friendly mobs (like pigs, cows, chickens and horses) with spawn eggs.
  • Plant trees quickly using the /tree command.
  • Add players to owned WorldGuard regions.
  • Gain “Trusted” privileges on the wiki, which allows for the uploading of files and images (Ask an admin to grant you these privileges after you have been promoted).

Town Ranks


Councillors are the owners of villages and small fledgling towns.


  • Be a [Trustee] for at least 1 week with no active warnings.
  • Build a small town with a recommended count of 10 original builds of significant size and detail.
  • Start a basic town hall for their town, which declares the name of the town and the name of the mayor.
  • Receive at least 2 Councillor endorsements from 2 different staff members (see below).

How to get promoted to [Councillor]:

  • Similar to [Citizen] rank, you will need to ask staff members to evaluate your town and give you 2 separate endorsements.

In addition to the abilities of Trustee, Councillors can:

  • Create up to 6 personal /homes.
  • Create up to 10 NPCs.
  • Create an unlimited number of public and private warps.
    • Warps are different from personal /homes in that they can be shared or transferred to other players, and that players can create warp signs for these warps.
    • Warps are intended only for the use of fast travel for bus, airplane, boat. and warp train services.
    • Creating and using warp signs for personal use (including creating your own personal warp hub) is strictly prohibited and is subject to warnings/bans if discovered.
    • Warp costs:
      • Using a warp sign: $0.10
      • Creating a warp sign: $0.50
      • Creating a public or private warp: Free
      • Publicizing or privatizing a warp: Free
  • Have up to 1 functional helicopter in their town.
  • Have up to 2 functional seaplanes in their town.


Mayors are the owners of large burgeoning towns.


  • Be a [Councillor] for at least 1 week with no active warnings.
  • Have a recommended count of 20 original buildings of significant size and detail in your town.
  • Construct a completed town hall building.
  • Declare a deputy mayor in the town hall.
  • Receive at least 2 Mayor endorsements from 2 different staff members (see below).

How to get promoted to [Mayor]:

  • Similar to [Citizen] rank, you will need to ask staff members to evaluate your town and give you 2 separate endorsements.

In addition to the abilities of Councillor, Mayors can:

  • Create up to 10 personal /homes.
  • Create up to 10 NPCs.
  • Request that a nearby MRT station to their town be renamed.
  • Request membership of the WorldGuard region of a nearby MRT station in order to decorate it.
  • Have up to 2 functional helicopters in their town.
  • Have up to 4 functional seaplanes in their town.

City Ranks


Senators are the owners of small cities.


  • Be a [Mayor] for at least 2 weeks with no active warnings.
  • Have a recommended count of 40 original buildings of significant size and detail in your city.
  • Approval from a majority of staff during a City Rank Promotion Request.

How to get promoted to [Senator]:

In addition to the abilities of Mayor, Senators can:

  • Create up to 15 personal /homes.
  • Create up to 30 NPCs.
  • Build a small airfield in an area that is no larger than 7500 blocks squared. This airfield may contain any sort of air facility, including airfields, heliports, spaceports, runways, hangars, terminal buildings, etc. See the rules for details on what counts as a part of this allocation.
  • Have an unlimited number of functional helicopters in their city, with any after the first two being included as part of an air facility and subject to the corresponding space limits.
  • Have up to 6 functional seaplanes in their city.


Governors are owners of medium-sized cities.


  • Be a [Senator] for at least 2 weeks with no active warnings.
  • Have a recommended count of 70 original buildings of significant size and detail in your city.
  • Build an epic landmark in your city that uniquely identifies your city, such as a tower, monument, or structure that has some distinct architectural or cultural feature.
  • Approval from a majority of staff during a City Rank Request.

How to get promoted to [Governor]:

In addition to the abilities of Senator, Governors can:

  • Create up to 20 personal /homes.
  • Create up to 50 NPCs.
  • Build a large airport/spaceport. Airports/Spaceports are subject to the following restrictions:
    • Can only be up to 50% in size of your city. For example, if your city is approximately 80 square chunks in size, your airport can only be up to 40 square chunks in size.
    • The large airport can be an expansion of a small airfield built at the [Senator] rank, or it can be a brand-new facility separate from an existing airfield.
    • Multiple players and cities may elect to work together on a single large airport. Players may be of any rank to work on the airport, as long as one of the players is of [Governor] rank or higher. The maximum size of the airport is 50% the size of all participating cities combined.
    • Before you begin construction on your airport, you must e-mail the staff at staff [at] with a proposal on how much space the airport will take up. Please include a dynmap screenshot indicating your town and the borders of your airport. You must also e-mail staff for any future expansions to your airport.
  • Have up to 12 functional seaplanes in their city.


Premiers are owners of a large megacity. These cities are the most recognized and admired on the server, and represent the pinnacle of architectural design and city planning.


  • Be a [Governor] for at least 4 weeks with no active warnings.
  • Have a recommended count of 100 original buildings of significant size and detail within your city.
  • Approval from a majority of staff at a General Staff Meeting.
  • The city should be EPIC – expressive, planned, individual, and culturally significant:
    • Expressive: cities that have a variety of buildings are more likely to be promoted. These include high and low density buildings,
    • Planned: A well-thought-out city with different districts, a good transportation network (which can include roads, walking paths, metro, or bus systems), and a feel for good organization is more likely to be promoted.
    • Individual: Your city must be unique from other cities on the server, either with its building styles, layout, landmarks, or “vibe”.
    • Culturally significant: Your city should be significant to the MRT community culture – whether that’s with its uniqueness, utility as a transit hub, host for events, or something else entirely.

How to get promoted to [Premier]:

  • Submit a promotion request using the City Rank Promotion Request Form. Your request will then be considered at the next General Staff Meeting, after which the results will be made available during the GSM announcements.

In addition to the abilities of Governor, Premiers can:

  • Create up to 25 personal /homes.
  • Create up to 100 NPCs.
  • Have their city marked on the Dynmap with a custom icon.
  • Be immune to their city being automatically transferred in the event that they become inactive for more than 3 months. (Please note: if a Premier-ranked player has more than one city, only those ranked Premier are immune from automatic transfers.)

Staff Ranks

[Mod] (Moderator)

Moderators are staff members who ensure that the community is running smoothly by enforcing the rules and lending a helping hand upon request.

How Moderators are chosen:

Any MRT member may submit a moderator nomination for another player to the staff e-mail address (staff [at], which will be considered at the next General Staff Meeting. Members cannot nominate themselves, nor can they ask or solicit others for nominations (doing so will result in disqualification). Please note that all nominations will be made public, even if the nomination does not result in a candidate being considered or promoted.

All nominations should have sufficient reasoning explaining why the candidate fits the criteria for a moderator, and all nominations should provide concrete evidence such as screenshot or chat logs to back up those claims.

Once a candidate has received two nominations, the Owner (or Head Admin if the Owner isn’t available) will contact the candidate and ask them if they are interested in the position. It is understandable that some candidates may refuse the opportunity to become a moderator, either because they have other responsibilities in real life, or they do not feel they are up to task or can handle public scrutiny. If the candidate accepts, they will be added to the list of candidates for consideration.

One week before the GSM, no further nominations will be accepted, and all moderator nominations and all moderator candidates will be publicized and shown in the GSM public agenda. All members can then submit either positive or negative feedback about the candidate by e-mail to the staff, which will be posted alongside the nomination on the GSM agenda.

At the GSM, staff will review all of the nominations and feedback, and vote on each candidate in one of three ways: “For” / “Neutral” / “Against”. If a candidate receives a 51% majority of “For” votes, and the candidate did not receive 3 or more “Against” votes or 21% “Against” votes (whichever is greater), then the candidate will be promoted to moderator in most cases. However, in the exceptional case where the candidate has received enough “For” votes but has a significant number of “Against” votes, the Owner may choose to veto the candidate as their promotion may be too divisive.

We look for the following qualities in a [Mod]:

  • Must be of [Trustee] rank or above.
  • Must not have had an active warning within the last 3 months.
  • Mature player that remains calm and polite during stressful times or disagreements.
  • Friendly personality that works well with other members and staff.
  • Reflective and aware of their own behaviour and constantly tries to improve.
  • Genuinely wants to help others and the community, even without moderator powers.
  • Frequently active on the server and participates in community events.
  • Communicates and enforces the rules in a fair and clear manner.
  • Nice-to-have: Frequently communicates on Mumble or Discord voice chat.

On the other hand, if we see any of the following qualities in a player, they have little to no chance of becoming a moderator:

  • Has asked or demanded to be a moderator in the past.
  • Has a history of warnings and/or immature or disrespectful behaviour.
  • Wants to be a moderator just for the sake of having power or having moderator abilities, such as WorldEdit.
  • Thinks that they are entitled to become a moderator because of how much time they’ve played on the server, how much they have contributed to it, or how much knowledge or experience they have.
  • Has a “know-it-all” or condescending attitude towards others.

Moderators can:

  • Teleport to any player, any warp, any saved home location, and any MRT Station.
  • Place lava and beacons (as well as water and ice) when requested politely.
  • Perform WorldEdit commands when requested politely.
  • Perform small dynmap renders in a local area when requested politely.
  • Refuse requests from members if they are too busy or don’t feel like doing them.
  • Inspect block history for possible griefing.
  • Read any messages in the local chat channel.
  • Promote or demote players to all ranks up to the [Mayor] rank if they have the appropriate approval from other staff members.
  • Mute, kick, jail, and issue formal warnings to players.
  • Temporarily ban exceptionally unruly players for 24 hours as a last resort.

Moderators are responsible for:

  • Enforcing the rules on a day-to-day basis for all MRT services, including the Minecraft server, Wiki, Mumble, and Discord.
  • Performing WorldEdit, block placement, or dynmap render requests from players at their discretion.
  • Handling promotions for players up to the [Mayor] rank, and voting on promotions for the [Senator], [Governor], and [Premier] ranks.
  • Participating in discussions and decisions at monthly General and Infrastructure Staff Meetings.

[Admin] (Administrator)

Administrators oversee the general operations of the server, on both a technical and interpersonal level.

How Admins are chosen:

To be eligible for promotion, a player must be a full Moderator and be nominated by a current admin at an Administrative Staff Meeting. If the owner, Head Admin, and all present admins vote to approve the promotion, the owner will approach the candidate at a later time to offer the position. Moderators may not nominate other moderators to the position, but may offer opinions to admins, which may be considered alongside other factors when making a decision.

Administrative Staff Meetings are called on an ad hoc basis, usually around twice or three times per year. The existence of an ASM is typically only announced to moderators and the general public a few days in advance, if at all. ASM agendas and discussions are fully private within the admins.

[Admins] must satisfy the moderator characteristics described above to a high degree as well as the following:

  • Highly trustworthy with a stable personality: Administrators have full access to many of the server’s internal workings including permissions, files, and server logs, so they must be trusted to not wreck or delete things when things don’t go their way.
  • Resolves disputes between members and/or moderators in a fair and respectful manner.
  • Nice-to-have: Technical competency in using admin commands and navigating the file system.

In addition to the abilities of Moderator, Administrators can:

  • Approve or reject member applications.
  • Configure and reload plugins.
  • Read the server logs and all commands sent by players in-game, including private messages and IP addresses.
  • Access the server console and monitor activity in real time, including private messages.
  • Place and edit command blocks.
  • Perform dynmap renders for whole worlds.
  • Roll back block changes due to damage or griefing.
  • Promote or demote players to any rank.
  • Ban players and IP addresses on a permanent basis.

In addition to the responsibilities of Moderator, Administrators are responsible for:

  • Supervising moderators and making important server-related decisions when necessary.
  • Participating in discussions and decisions at monthly General and Infrastructure Staff Meetings and ad hoc Administrative Staff Meetings.
  • Processing member applications and ban appeals.

Some Administrators also have certain positions with additional powers and responsibilities. Check the Staff List page to see who currently holds these positions.

Head Administrator

The Head Administrator is second-in-command to the Owner, and has access to almost all of the server’s infrastructure.

The Head Administrator is responsible for:

  • Assisting with system administration, ensuring that all MRT services are running nominally.
  • Serving as a backup resource to the community in the event of an emergency, especially in the event that the Owner is unreachable or incapacitated.

Press Secretary

The Press Secretary is responsible for:

  • Recording the meeting minutes, or outsource the responsibility to another staff member.
  • Writing up the GSM/ISM results and post them to the website.

MPO Liaison

The MPO Liaison is responsible for:

  • Acting as the first point of contact between MPO leadership and MRT staff.
  • Mediating conflicts between players within MPOs.
  • Being present in all active and major MPO Discords (generally those with 10 or more members) as an observer only, allowing them to actively monitor the Discord for any MRT rule infractions.
  • Not being a member of any existing MPO to ensure impartiality.


There is only one Owner. That is Frumple. He is the ultimate authority of the MRT Server.

Frumple is responsible for:

  • Paying for the server’s costs.
  • Handling all supporter benefits and purchases.
  • Maintaining services such as the website, wiki, and Mumble server.
  • Calling and leading Administrative Staff Meetings on an ad hoc basis.
  • Upgrading the server’s Minecraft version and plugins.
  • Having the final say on all major decisions that affect the server.
  • Eating all the tacos.


How Staff Evaluate Towns

When a staff member evaluates a town for any rank, the two most important aspects that they will look for are:

  • How much effort has the player put into building their town. This can be in terms of both quantity and quality of builds in the town.
  • The general “vibe” or “ambiance” of the town. Does it look like a small/medium/large town or city? Do the builds look complete? Are the interiors of these builds furnished?

Note that while a lot of ranks call for a minimum number of builds in your town, this is only a guideline, not a hard rule. Staff members may choose to grant ranks for towns and cities that do not meet the minimum number of builds, but the builds are of exceptional quality and detail.

For promotion to [Senator] and [Governor], staff specifically grade the candidate city out of 10 on 6 different aspects:

  • Interior Build QualityThe quality of building interiors across the city. A low score indicates either a lack of interiors, or poor interiors across the city, whereas a high score indicates that the interiors are sufficiently detailed.
  • Exterior Build QualityThe quality of building exteriors across the city. A low score indicates poor quality exteriors (such as “boxy” builds), whereas a high score indicates that the exteriors are sufficiently detailed.
  • Terraforming and LandscapingThe quality of the terrain in and around the city. A low score indicates problems (such as floating structures, flattened areas or unrealistic terraforming), whereas a high score indicates that particular attention has been paid to the environment, and it has been landscaped in such a way that complements the city.
  • Planning and InfrastructureHow well thought out the layout of the city is, as well as how sufficient the infrastructure (such as bus routes or a metro) is. A low score can indicate either a poorly laid out city, or a lack of infrastructure; while a high score indicates a well designed layout, with good infrastructure.
  • ScaleWhether the quantity of builds within the town is sufficient.
  • AmbienceThe general feeling of the city (Does it feel like a town). This category is more subjective than the others, so scores could vary between staff members.

Generally, the score out of 10 corresponds to the following format:

  • 0-4: Needs Improvement – A score of 0-4 means that this criteria desperately needs attention. A ‘For’ vote will not be given until this area is addressed.
  • 5: Improvement Recommended – A score of 5, while not preventing a town from being promoted by itself, indicates that this criteria needs to be addressed. More than a few scores of 5 will often mean that this city will not receive a ‘For’.
  • 6-7: Satisfactory – A score of 6-7 means that this particular aspect of the town is where it is expected to receive a promotion
  • 8-10: OutstandingA score of 8-10 means that the town has surpassed expectations for this aspect.

Deputy Mayors and Other Town Officials

Before ranking up to [Mayor], Councillors are required to designate a Deputy Mayor (DM) for their town. A Deputy Mayor is not an official rank, but a title that a Mayor can give to another player that they trust and that they work well with. The Deputy Mayor’s primary role is to inherit ownership of the town if either of the following occurs:

  • The current Mayor has been inactive from the server for over 3 months.
  • The current Mayor has been permanently banned from the server.

The only exception to this is Premier cities, which are not given away without the express wishes of the mayor.

Deputy Mayors can be either appointed or elected.

After a Mayor has been inactive for 3 months or has been banned, the Deputy Mayor should contact staff so that the transfer of ownership can be confirmed.

Every town must only have 1 Mayor and 1 Deputy Mayor, in order to ensure a clear line of succession. The Mayor can assign any number of other “town official” titles such as sheriffs, judges, councillors, helpers, as they see fit, but these do not have any official purpose and players who fill them do not qualify as being a part of a town’s line of succession.

A player can be a Deputy Mayor to as many towns as they wish.