Last updated: 2019-03-09

The rules below are no longer the official set of MRT Rules. Until this page is updated, please refer to this document for the current set of rules.

The Most Important Rules

  1. Be kind and respectful to other players.
  2. You are responsible for your own online account, regardless of who is using it.
  3. Staff reserve the right to take appropriate action for behaviour or actions deemed unacceptable for the server and community.
  4. Remember that this is just a game. Chill out and have fun. šŸ™‚

General Rules

    • Do not grief.
    • Do not spam.
    • Do not advertise other servers that are unaffiliated with the MRT.
    • Do not ask to become a staff member.
    • Do not ask staff about the status of your member application.
    • Do not ask for teleports from staff.
    • Do not excessively ask for WorldEdits or station repairs from staff.
    • Do not use malicious client mods or hacks.
    • Do not excessively argue, swear, or use caps in public.
    • Do not make sexually explicit comments in public chat channels.
    • Do not reveal any personally identifiable information.
    • Do not plagiarize builds that you do not have permissions for.
    • Gambling organizations and events (other than the daily server-wide lottery) are not permitted.
  • Speak English when having conversations in public chat.

Construction Rules

The Most Important Construction Rules

    1. The purpose of this server is to build modern towns and cities. If you want to build something different, please ask a staff member.
    1. Before building in an existing town or city, ask the mayor first. You can find the name of the mayor at the town hall, or you can ask a staff member.
  1. Respect the landscape that you are building on. Do not ask for WorldEdits that clear or make massive changes to the land or sea.

Claiming Areas

    • Areas on the server are claimed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • Use signs and fences/boundary markers to claim areas.
    • Do not claim too many areas at one time.
    • Do not claim areas that are too large.
    • Do not build within 300 blocks of another town, unless you have permission from the mayor of that town.
    • Before building between 300 and 500 blocks of a town, you must contact the mayor of the nearby town. They must accommodate you in a fair and reasonable manner.
  • Claimed areas that have not been built upon substantially afterĀ two weeks will become unclaimed.

Completed Builds

    • A build is considered to be ā€œcompleteā€ if its overall external structure (floors, walls, roof, etc.) appear to be finished.
    • If a build has a finished external structure, but the interior has not yet been decorated, then it is still considered to be ā€œcompleteā€.
    • Please ensure that you place a sign with your name on your completed build.
  • All ā€œincompleteā€ builds that have not been touched after 1 month are subject to removal.

Restricted Builds

The following builds can only be built on the new world once you have achieved a certain rank on the server. Please see the Player Ranks page for more details.

    • Intercity roads and highways (See Road Construction Rules below)
    • Intercity rail lines (See Rail Line Construction Rules below)
    • Airports, airfields, heliports, and spaceports (Allowed at [Senator] and [Governor] ranks)
  • Amusement parks (Allowed at [Governor]Ā rank)

Banned Builds

The following builds are absolutely NOT allowed on the server:
    • Player statues
    • Lag machines
    • Sexually explicit builds
    • Pixel art that serves no realistic purpose (Exception: Pixel art that advertises an in-game business or company is allowed)
    • High speed lines (bullet trains powered by pistons)
  • Planets or solar systems on the space world

RoadĀ Construction Rules

  • All roads must be reasonably realistic (ie: not floating in the air with no pillars)
  • All roads must respect all existing builds and towns that it connects to or is built close to.
  • All roads must make a best effort to follow the MRT Road Standards.
  • A-Roads are the major superhighway arteries that serve large regions on the new world.
    • You must email a proposal with pictures to staff before constructing an A-road. This proposal will be considered at the next scheduled GSM.
  • B-Roads are the minor highways that branch off A-Roads and connect to towns.
    • If you are building a B-Road connecting an A-Road to a nearby town within a ā€œreasonableā€ distance, you do not need prior permission to build the road.
    • If you are building a B-Road between two towns that are within a “reasonable” distance, you also do not need GSM approval.
    • If you are building a B-Road not connected to an A-Road and not connecting neighboring towns (ie: far away in the middle of nowhere), then you must email a proposal to staff similar to that of an A-Road proposal.

Rail Line Construction Rules

  • All rail lines must be reasonably realistic (ie: not floating in the air with no pillars)
  • All rail lines must respect all existing builds and towns that it connects to or is built close to.
  • All rail lines must connect to a nearby town within a ā€œreasonableā€ distance. (ie: no long rail lines going across the server)
  • All rail lines must have the intention of connecting to an existing town (ie: no rail lines to the middle of nowhere)
  • All rail lines must make a best effort to follow theĀ Rail Building Guidelines.

Boat Construction Rules

  • Boats must have a realistic method of boarding at each port of call, such as a dock, pier, or tender ships.
  • Boats must be able to travel realistically between all ports of call.
  • Boats must have warp signs on or inside them, not adjacent.

Ownership Rules

  • If a player gives any of their major assets (town, city, company, etc.) to another player, they must email staff so that they are made aware of the transfer. Staff will not accept requests or e-mails from the recipient of an asset transfer.
  • If the Mayor of a town becomes inactive for 3 months or is permanently banned, the Deputy Mayor can inherit ownership of the town. The Deputy Mayor must e-mail staff to finalize the transfer of ownership.
  • If the Mayor of a town, or owner of a business becomes inactive for 3 months or is permanently banned, any member can request to inherit that person’s town/business. In order to request it, the person requesting must e-mail staff giving detailedĀ reasons why that asset should be given to them. This will then be reviewed at the next General Staff Meeting (GSM).

WorldEdit Etiquette

Before asking a staff member for a WorldEdit (W/E), keep the following in mind:

  • Be respectful of the staff members time:Ā Remember that theyĀ are volunteers and may refuse your W/E request at their discretion.
  • “10 Minute Rule”: If an admod has just joined, do not ask them forĀ a W/E until 10 minutes have passed.
  • “5 Minute Rule”: If you can do a W/E by hand within 5 minutes, then do not ask for such a W/E.
  • Place your corners: Make sure you have placed blocks indicating the corners of the W/E. Failure to do so wastes the time of the staff member. If requesting a cut/copy and paste, please also have the copy and paste points placed.
  • Use /helpop:Ā When you’re ready to make your WorldEdit request, use /helpop so that staff can easily see it.
  • How to WorldEdit: If you don’t know how WorldEdit works or how to set up a WorldEdit for a staff member. Please consult our WorldEdit Schools located near Spawn or please google/YouTube ‘WorldEdit’

Belligerent Dissent

If a player has a disagreement with a staff decision, the rules of the server, or how the server is run, they may express their dissent as long as it is done in a respectful manner. However, the following forms of dissent will not be tolerated on the server:

  • Complaining publicly in a disrespectful manner about staff, the rules, or the how the server is run.
  • Arguing in a disrespectful manner with staff, about the rules, or how the server is run.
  • Complaining about warnings or bans issued to them, either in an aggressive or passive-aggressive manner.
  • Not accepting staff decisions that have already been deliberated and decided upon for quite some time.

Players who engage in belligerent dissent may initially be given a verbal warning from staff, who will instruct them to give their feedback in a more civil manner and/or direct them to forward their complaints privately to an administrator.

Players who do not heed the verbal warning from staff or repeatedly engage in belligerent dissent may be given formal warnings or bans.

Warning and Ban Policy

If you violate any of the rules, a staff member may verbally warn you in text chat or voice chat to stop. If you continue to misbehave, the staff member may issue a formal warning against you.

In general, every warning will remain active for 30 days starting from the date it was issued. For more severe violations of the rules, a double warning will be issued, which counts as 2 warnings and lasts a total of 60 days. Double warnings are usually only issued for cases of blatant griefing and/or disrespect.

Depending on how many warnings you have, you may be subject to additional punishments. For [Members]Ā and above, the punishments are as follows:

    • On your 1st warning, you will not be able to ask for a promotion to the next rank until your warning has expired. Consider this as a reminder to follow the rules and respect other players.
    • On your 2nd warning, you will be demoted back to the [Member] rank. Once your warnings have expired, your original rank will not be automatically restored. To get your rank back, you must write a reflection email to admin [at], where you must include details on what you did to get the warnings, an acknowledgement that you understand that it was the wrong thing to do, and a promise to not repeat such behaviour ever again. If the admins believe that you are sincere in your reflection email, then your rank will be restored.
    • On your 3rd warning, you will be temporarily banned from the server for 1 week.
  • On any warnings after your 3rd warning, you will be permanently banned from the server. Please see the Ban Appeals section below for information on how to appeal your ban.

[Guests]Ā do not receive warnings. Instead, any guests in violation of the rules may be immediately muted or banned. Guests may appeal their ban by e-mailing the admins.

If you have any questions about your current warnings, please do not hesitate to contact a staff member.

Ban Appeals

If you are permanently banned from the server, you may email a ban appeal to admin [at], keeping in mind the following conditions:

  • You must wait at least 6 monthsĀ from the date of the ban before submitting an appeal. Any appeals sent before the 6 months are up will be rejected automatically.
  • You will only have one chance to submit a ban appeal. Any additional appeals will be rejected automatically.
  • For your ban appeal to be successful, you must thoroughly convince the admins why you should be unbanned. Please give this a lot of thought before you submit an appeal.