A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.


Last updated: 2023-07-08

Check the Policies and Procedures page for further information not covered in these rules.

The Most Important Rules

  1. Be kind and respectful to other players.
  2. You are responsible for your online accounts (Minecraft, Discord, etc.) and anything done with them, even if someone else is using them.
  3. Staff reserve the right to take appropriate action for behavior or actions deemed unacceptable for the server and community, even if such behavior is not explicitly in violation of the server rules as written.
  4. Have fun and don’t take things too seriously.

General Rules

  • Do not grief.
    “Griefing” means intentionally or maliciously modifying someone else’s buildings without their consent.
  • Do not spam.
    “Spamming” means the undesired placement of messages, items, or blocks in a way that irritates or bothers other people, or spreads misinformation (including Discord chain spam messages). 
  • Do not advertise servers that are unaffiliated with the MRT.
    “Advertising” includes any unsolicited messages or connection details that encourage a player to join another server or community that is NOT affiliated with the MRT (such as another Minecraft server, Discord server, etc). Casual conversation about another server, or privately providing connection details upon request, is allowed. Examples include:
    • Not allowed: “Join my l33t MC server at genericmineblock.com.”
    • Allowed: “The staff on the Dogheaven server are cool.”
  • Do not ask to become a staff member.
  • Do not ask for teleports from staff.
  • Do not use harmful client mods, hacks, or items.
    Schematica, Optifine, and Minimaps are allowed on the server.
    “Harmful” is defined as anything that is detrimental to the experience of other players. This can include:
    • Causing lag or crashes to other players or the server.
    • Causing damage to the worlds or server.
    • Gaining an unfair advantage over other players.
  • Do not excessively argue, swear, or use caps in public.
    Swearing to insult others is not allowed.
  • Do not make sexually explicit comments in public chat and voice channels.
    “Sexually explicit” comments include any detailed description of sexual acts or intercourse. Comments that are sexually implicit or suggestive may be tolerated on a case-by-case basis at the staff’s discretion, but all players are asked to be mindful of their comments and how they may be inappropriate for the younger players on our server.
  • Do not reveal any personally identifiable information about others.
    Personally identifiable information can include your real name, address, location, etc. Any personally identifiable information you reveal about yourself is done at your own risk.
  • Do not share private conversations to a third party without the consent of the other person(s) in the conversation.
    This includes chat logs, screenshots, and voice recordings. Violations of this rule will be investigated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the intent, context, and effect of what was shared and where it was shared. If you discover something egregious or illegal in a private conversation, do not draw attention to it in public; instead, email the details of the incident to staff.
  • Do not be belligerent if you have a dissenting opinion.
    Disagreements and discourse are welcome if held in a civilized and respectful manner. Players who disagree with decisions made by staff should speak privately to that staff member.

    In severe and prolonged cases where a player is clearly not willing to listen, understand other viewpoints, or engage in reasonable discourse, then the server owner reserves the right to indefinitely ban the player from the server.
  • Plagiarism (that is, presenting builds or creations of another person as your own) will not be tolerated. Give credit where credit is due.
    • Buildings and structures copied from another source, either on or off the MRT require permission from the original builder, must be given willingly by the original builder or must be made available for being copied by the original builder.
    • Buildings and structures must be credited either on the wiki, a public spreadsheet or in-game (for example on a sign) to their original builder if the original builder requires this. If the original builder doesn’t require accreditation this requirement is lifted.
  • Any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia will not be tolerated.
    This server is intended as a safe space for people of all races, genders, and sexual orientations. We recognize that some races, genders, and sexual orientations face significantly higher levels of discrimination, barriers, and injustices than others, and we the staff will work to protect these marginalized groups from further harassment.
  • Speak English when having conversations in public chat.
    We welcome players from around the world and value everyone’s experiences and backgrounds. To facilitate conversation between everyone, please use English in public chat, including local channels. You are welcome to use other languages in private messages.
  • Be courteous when making requests to staff or conductors.
    Staff and conductors can decline your request at their discretion. To allow for effective service and respect the time of the person assisting you, please observe the following:
    • 10 Minute Rule: Do not ask for staff or conductor assistance until both you and them have both been online for at least ten minutes.
    • 5 Minute Rule: If the task you are trying to accomplish can be done by hand in five minutes or less, don’t ask for a WorldEdit.
    • Points placement: Before asking for a WorldEdit, be sure to mark the corners of the area you would like selected. Please use blocks that strongly contrast the surrounding environment. If your task involves a cut, copy, or paste operation, be sure to mark the cut or copy point.
    • Use /helpop: The /helpop channel makes your request easier to spot. Please use it if you need to, especially during busy times.
    • No proxy requests: Requests for WorldEdits may not be made from Discord.

Check this WorldEdit Etiquette video below on how to ask for a WorldEdit on our server:

General Construction Rules

  • Before building in an existing structure or town, ask its owner first.
    You can find the name of the mayor at the town hall or the town’s wiki page, or you can ask a staff member to look it up.
  • Respect the landscape that you are building on.
    Do not make or ask for large modifications to the terrain. This includes flattening a whole mountain, clearing a whole forest, raising large areas of the ocean to create islands, etc.
  • The following builds are RESTRICTED, meaning they can be built subject to additional requirements. For further details on the restrictions, see the corresponding rules section below.
    • Intercity roads and highways (Local roads within your town are allowed)
    • Intercity rail lines (Local rail and metro lines within your town are allowed)
    • Airfields and Airports
    • Functional helicopters, heliports, airships, and blimps
    • Seaplanes
    • Pixel art that serves no realistic purpose (advertisements for in-game companies and images on the Map World are allowed)
  • The following builds are BANNED on all worlds:
    • Lag machines, or any redstone, hopper, or minecart contraptions that lag the server (all redstone clocks must have a way to be disabled if they are not of finite duration)
    • Explicitly sexual or offensive builds
    • Piston-powered minecart lines

World-specific Construction Rules

New World

This is the default world where most construction activity happens. When choosing a new place to build on the New World, the most important rules to remember are the 300-500 block rules, summarized below:

  • If within 300 blocks of another registered town, get permission from the town’s mayor first before building.
  • If between 301 to 500 blocks of another registered town, contact the town’s mayor first before building.

A “registered town” is defined as a town that is listed on the Town List document. A town can be added to the list by request of the town’s owner, and a town is automatically added to the list when the town is transferred or when the town reaches the rank of [Councillor].

  • 300-block proximity rule: If you want to build within 300 blocks of any registered town belonging to another player, you must obtain explicit permission from them before you start building. The town/structure owner has the right to deny permission for any reason.

    One exception is that if you want to build a road or railway that is near or through an inactive town/structure (where the owner hasn’t been on the server for at least 3 months), you can submit an Inactive Town Bypass request to staff, which will be considered through the #proposals channel in the MRT Discord Server.
  • 500-block communication rule: If you want to build between 301 to 500 blocks of any registered town belonging to another player, you must make a reasonable effort to notify that player before you start building. The town/structure owner must accommodate you in a reasonable manner. If no response is given within a week, you may proceed with building.

    The 500-block rule does not apply for inactive towns/structures.
  • Land claiming: Land claims must be reasonable in size and clearly marked with signs or a border.
  • Two-week development rule: Players claiming land must add significant development within 14 days of making the claim to prevent the claim from being nullified. “Significant development” is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but generally a small handful of completed buildings in close proximity is enough to qualify.

Old World

The Old World exists primarily to preserve the MRT’s history and should not have active construction. Maintenance and small-scale construction, for instance re-arranging planes at an airport or correcting signage, is acceptable. Buildings on the Old World must not be removed or renovated significantly. Old World assets are not eligible to be transferred through the Inactive Asset Transfer (IAT) process.

Space World

Only small asteroids, spaceships, and related spacecraft are allowed in the space world. Planets and large asteroids should not be built there.

Games World

The Games World is used for building games and events. Be considerate with your space usage and don’t take up more than you need.

Lab World

The Lab World is only for storing small assets, for example franchises, vehicles, signage, or redstone devices. Be considerate of the amount of space you use.

Map World

The Map World is the only world for the construction of in-game maps. Plots on the map world are first-come, first-served and you may take any unused plot available. Some members have their maps bunched near each other, so showing courtesy around these areas is much appreciated.

Staff World

Non-staff are allowed in Staff World but are not allowed to build in the world.

Transportation Rules


An airfield is defined as any facility that permits the movement of air and space craft, and which is 7,500 square meters or smaller. This includes heliports, spaceports, and airfields for traditional aircraft. It does not include seaplane bases.

  • Once a city reaches the Senator rank, any number of facilities up to a combined maximum of 7,500 blocks in area may be built with no staff permission.
  • The space used for a single airfield must be one contiguous space, and all facilities used for air traffic (terminals, gates, runways, etc) are included.
  • If an airfield has a fence or other player-made boundary, that boundary is included as a part of the 7,500 block limit.
  • Airfields which lack player-made boundaries will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Adding fences to mark the border of their airfield can help avoid ambiguity.
  • “Land-side” roads and footpaths leading up to the front door of an airfield’s terminal building do not count towards the 7,500 block limit. “Air-side” roads and footpaths used to bring passengers between aircraft are included in the limit.
  • Aircraft must board and deplane passengers and cargo at designated gates. Gates may be attached to a terminal or a detached, remote stand. Gates may not be marked on a runway.
  • Two Senator-ranked cities in close proximity to each other may elect to combine their airfield allocations. Such an airfield must be approved by staff by a proposal prior to construction.


An airport is defined as any air or space facility which is larger than 7,500 blocks.

  • Airports are permitted once a city reaches the Governor rank.
  • Airports may take up a maximum of one-half of the city’s total area, excluding airports.
  • Once a city has 7,500 blocks of air facility space in use, any further facilities, including expansion of current facilities, require staff approval.
  • A Governor-ranked city may elect to split its allocation of airport space between multiple air facilities. This includes the original airfield from the Senator rank, which may be retained, replaced, or expanded upon promotion to Governor.
  • A Governor-ranked city may elect to combine its allocation of airport space with those of one or more neighboring cities, subject to the following rules:
    • A Governor-ranked city sharing its airport allocation with other cities can only share its unused airport allocation. For example, if a Governor-ranked city of size 100,000 blocks (without airports) has a 7,500 block airfield, that city only has 42,500 blocks of airport allocation remaining that can be combined with other cities.
    • There is no minimum rank which other neighboring cities must meet in order to participate in the combined airport.
    • If a Mayor town allocates their land in the 50% calculation, then their town could not qualify for a Senator airfield when promoted.
    • Neighboring cities wishing to combine airport allocations must be reasonably close together.

Boats and Ferries

  • A realistic method of boarding must be present at each port of call. Docks, piers, and tender ships are all examples of acceptable boarding methods.
  • Boats must be able to travel realistically between all ports of call.
  • Warp signs between ports of call must be placed on or inside the boat.
  • Ferry lines that transport warp buses and warp trains can only be established with prior approval from staff via a proposal.


  • Road connections must be built between all stops along a bus route.
  • Buses need not be present at each stop along their route.


Intercity footpaths should be proposed to staff regardless of path length. The 300-500 block rule applies, and permissions from nearby mayors must be obtained.

Helicopters, Heliports, Airships, and Blimps

Helipads are defined as a marked area for a helicopter to take off or land. Helipads are considered “functional” if they have a helicopter on them with active warps. Helipads are considered “decorative” in all other circumstances, including if a helicopter is present without any active warps. Blimps, airships, and VTOLs, are treated as helicopters. These rules do not apply to helicopters within a city. Helicopters with active warps only count against a town’s limit if the warps go outside of the town. This means that once a town reaches Councillor, there is no limit to the number of helicopters that can be used for local (single-town) transit.

These rules only apply to functioning helicopters:

  • Ranked towns are permitted to have the following number of functional helicopters:
    • Councillor-ranked towns may have 1 functional helicopter.
    • Mayor-ranked towns may have 2 functional helicopters.
    • Cities ranked Senator and above may have an unlimited number of functional helicopters, with any after the first two being included as part of an air facility and subject to the corresponding space limits.
  • Towns of all ranks are permitted an unlimited number of decorative helipads and helicopters. 
  • Helicopters servicing functioning helipads must be touching the ground.

Rail Lines

  • Railways must be reasonably realistic. In particular, pillars must be used over elevated sections and trains must be able to pass through tunnels.
  • Railways must be built with the intention of providing service to existing towns. Railways can’t be built in the middle of nowhere for no reason.
  • Stations on a rail line may be a maximum of 4,000 blocks apart, measuring from the ends of the platform, and along the center of the track. Players wishing to have stations further apart than 4,000 blocks should submit a proposal for staff approval.
  • Rail line owners do not own the land around their lines, and the 300/500 block rule does not apply in this case. Other members may establish towns on or near existing 3rd-party rail lines. Town owners are not permitted to modify the rail line stations or infrastructure without permission of the rail line owner. Rail line owners are not obligated to add a station at the newly founded town, but are highly encouraged to do so.
  • Players wishing to modify rail lines or stations owned by other players need permission first. Major modification of MRT lines, including relocation of stations, need staff approval which will be considered through the #proposals channel in the MRT Discord Server. Minor modifications may be granted by a staff member in game. 
  • MRT stations at towns may be modified if the town has reached the Mayor rank. Exits and entrances to MRT stations may be modified at any town rank.
  • Warp rail train lines, where players use sign warps to travel from one station to the next, must have a vehicle present at each station.
    • Exception: Local train lines (including but not limited to: metros, trams, and monorails) that exist only within a city or other localized area are exempt from this requirement.


Intercity roads (roads that connect between two or more towns) fall under the following 3 classifications: “A” roads, “B” roads, and all other roads.

“A” roads are major trunk highways and arteries that connect the regions of the New World together.

  • All “A” roads are publicly owned by the server.

“B” roads are minor roads and highways that branch off from “A” roads to nearby towns, or provide local connections between towns.

  • All “B” roads are publicly owned by the server, except for segments within the border of a town where they are owned by that town’s mayor. Ownership of the appropriate road segment is transferred along with the town in the event of an IAT.

In addition, all “A” and “B” roads:

  • Require staff approval through the #proposals channel on the MRT Discord server.
  • Must have a unique identifying number (i.e. A69, B420)

All other intercity roads that are not an “A” or “B'” road are subject to the following restrictions:

  • The road must not be longer than 500 blocks.
  • The road must connect to another town or an existing “A” or “B” road.
  • Other intercity roads may be granted an “A” or “B” road designation after construction by making a request in the #proposals channel on the MRT Discord server.

If you would like to build a road that is longer than 500 blocks, you will need to propose it as an “A” or “B” road for staff approval.

Finally, the following rule applies to all intercity roads:

  • All roads must be reasonably realistic. In particular, pillars must be used on elevated sections and vehicles must be able to pass through tunnels.


Seaplanes are defined as aircraft which use water as a surface for taking off and landing, rather than a traditional runway.

  • Seaplane bases do not count against a city’s airfield and airport land allocations.
  • Seaplane gates may be of any size, however a town may only have a certain number of functional seaplanes depending on its rank:
    • Councillor-ranked towns may have 2 seaplanes.
    • Mayor-ranked towns may have 4 seaplanes.
    • Senator-ranked cities may have 6 seaplanes.
    • Cities ranked Governor and above may have 12 seaplanes.
  • Seaplanes may only transport passengers to other seaplane bases. Seaplanes may not travel to traditional airfields or airports, or vice versa.
  • Seaplane bases may only be constructed on numbered lakes and oceans. Cities on the coast of other bodies of water may request an exception through the #proposals channel in the MRT Discord Server.

Air-based Transit Warps

Air-based transportation methods such as planes and helicopters are the only vehicle types subjected to the following rules.

  • A single vehicle is permitted to allow players to travel to up to six destinations, where a “destination” is defined as any vehicle that can be reached by following a single sign warp.
  • Warp signs may only be placed on the inside of vehicles.
  • There is no limit to the number of warp signs that may be used for a single destination, provided the other constraints of this rule are followed.

Event Construction Rules

  • Event organizers are permitted to make minimal additions and changes to another person’s build or town for an event, as long as the following rules are observed:
    • The event host must restore the build or town to its original condition after the conclusion of the event.
    • “Minimal additions and changes” mean only what is necessary for the event.
    • Temporary modifications may not be in place for more than 24 hours.
    • If a build/town owner indicates that they do not want an event held at their creation, the event organizer must respect that wish. Event organizers should get permission from build/town owners beforehand whenever possible.

PVP Arena Construction Rules

These rules only apply to arenas which are added to the PVPArena plugin.

  • Arenas which are to be added to the PVP Arena plugin should be built on the Games World, unless they are thematically appropriate to a town or landscape on the New World (for example, a colosseum).
  • All PVP arenas must be at least 40×40 blocks, and contain at least two spawn points and a spectators’ area (spectators’ areas can be set up with barrier blocks above the top of the arena).
  • Arenas which are Free-For-All can have a maximum size of 100×100 (not counting walls). Arenas for other game modes don’t have defined maximums, but should not be unreasonably large.

Franchise Rules

A “franchise” is defined as any private property in a town built by other players. A franchise may be a part of a chain, which is a collection of franchises in one or more towns that are all owned by the same parent entity (player or company) and all share a common brand, design, or name. A “franchise owner” is the entity (player or company) that owns and operates a particular franchise. A “franchisee” is a member who orders and permits the construction of a franchise within their town, or a building owner who orders and permits the construction of a franchise within a building they own.

  • Franchisees have the authority to relocate a franchise within the building or town over which they hold jurisdiction without notifying the franchise owner.  This rule does not apply to railway stations.
  • Franchisees wishing to relocate a franchise from one town to another must receive approval from the franchise owner to do so.
  • Franchisees have the authority to remove a franchise from the building or town over which they hold jurisdiction without notifying the franchise owner. Franchise owners are not obligated to refund any purchase costs if this rule is exercised.
  • Franchisees may define restrictions that must be honored at the time of franchise construction. Franchises that are built in areas with these restrictions are assumed to have accepted the restrictions.
  • For franchises built on or after February 9, 2020: The authority to modify the interior or exterior of a franchise is exclusively reserved to the franchise owner, except for any boundaries that were defined at the time of construction.
  • In the event that a franchise owner cannot be determined by any available means (including signage, verified wiki documentation, and CoreProtect logs), franchisees may make any modifications they wish to the interior or exterior of a franchise, but they may not claim the franchise as their own without going through the IAT process. Franchise owners are strongly encouraged to place identifying signs in conspicuous places on their property to prevent this from happening.

OpenTTD Server Rules

OpenTTD access is provided to MRT players at or above the Member rank. Ask a member of staff for connection details.

  • You must join the server with a recognizable username.
  • Do not block the construction or routes of other players.
  • Do not block off industries from other players.
  • Do not steal companies from other players, even if the company does not have a password.

Economy Rules

  • Financial service companies (including lines of credit, banks, etc) that use the economy plugin are not permitted.
  • Players may not use their in-game money to gamble or place bets, except in the following circumstances:
    • Private, informal arrangements between two or more players may be conducted at your own risk.
    • Participation in approved, automatically managed activities, such as the daily lottery, is allowed.
    • Participation in other games is only permitted when an administrator is present to either actively manage all transactions or monitor them in real time through the Minecraft console, and the administrator is willing to facilitate the game.
  • Players running an auction must ensure that bidders must have a clear understanding of exactly what they are bidding on, including its location and duration, if applicable. 
  • Avoiding the AFK kick to farm money is not permitted.
  • Begging for money is not permitted.

Warnings, Bans, and Appeals


For minor rule violations, staff may politely ask you to stop or undo a particular action. Continued or egregious misbehavior may result in a formal warning issued against you.

A formal warning from a staff member will have a level associated with it. This level determines the severity of punishment a player receives. A warning will last 14 days for each level before expiring. This means a level 1 warning will last for 14 days, a level 2 warning for 28 days, etc. If you receive multiple separate warnings, the levels of each warning are added together. For instance, a level 2 warning and a level 3 warning will bring a player to level 5. Expired warnings do not count towards your warning level.

The following penalties will apply depending on what level you have attained:

1 No punishment aside from not being eligible for Conductor or Moderator (see below)
2You may not be promoted to any higher ranks until the warnings expire.
3You will be temporarily banned from the server for 3 days. This ban cannot be appealed.
4You will be demoted back to the [Member] rank and will lose any privileges associated with the rank you previously held. When your warnings expire, your rank will not be automatically restored. Instead, after your warnings expire, you must send an email to the admins where you must include details on what you did to get the warnings, an acknowledgement that you understand that it was the wrong thing to do, and a promise to not repeat such behaviour again. If the admins believe that you are sincere in your reflection email, then your rank will be restored. If not, your rank will be held for a further 30 days, at which will be given another chance to write a reflection letter.
5You will be temporarily banned from the server for 14 days. This ban cannot be appealed.
6Offline Reflection: You will be temporarily banned from the server until the timer on your active warnings has elapsed. The exact duration varies, but is always been 2 and 12 weeks. After this time, you can return to the server, but you will still need to submit a reflection letter to regain your rank. This ban cannot be appealed.
7You will be indefinitely banned from the server. This ban can be appealed after 6 months. Frumple reserves the right to indefinitely ban belligerent players who are deemed not fit for the community.

Reaching a certain warning level incurs that punishment and all punishments from lower levels. For example, receiving a level 3 warning will incur a 3-day temporary ban and prevent the player from being promoted to other ranks.

At their discretion, staff may take recent previous warnings into account when issuing new warnings, even if those previous warnings have expired. This may result in the issuing of higher warning levels and punishments than what is normally issued.

Please note that players cannot be considered for the Conductor or Moderator ranks while they have active warnings, and for an additional 3 months after their warnings expire.

Warnings are served consecutively, i.e. each additional warning adds 14 days per level to the remaining time. Also, a player’s warning level cannot go down until all warnings are fully cleared. This graphic illustrates the process for a player who receives two level 1 warnings at separate times.

Temporary bans do not ‘stack’ in this manner; only the most severe temporary ban is applied at any one time.

The following table defines what warning levels are typically given for each type of infraction. When staff are evaluating a situation, they will start from the level defined in this rubric, and may adjust the level up or down if there are special circumstances or context that warrant it.

No. of warningsInfringement
1* Constructing a restricted build without prior requirements or staff approval (such as a rail line longer than 4000 blocks)
* Failure to stop spamming, caps, or other annoyances when instructed.
2* Jokes/remarks in poor taste.
* Violations of the 300-500 block rule.
* Violations of the “Respect the landscape” rule (large-scale landscarring).
3* Minor griefing
– Building a small structure or making small-scale changes to another player’s town without permission.
* Minor disrespect, which can include:
– Minor/one-off insults or personal attacks.
– Arguing in an uncivil manner.
* Plagiarism.
4* Major griefing
– Destructive, large-scale, and/or widespread changes made without permission.
* Major disrespect, which can include:
– More serious insults or personal attacks.
– Harassment.
– Racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia.
– Unnecessary escalation of an argument.
5 / 6Reserved for extreme cases, or when multiple infractions are addressed at once.
7As above, or when the owner indefinitely bans players in cases of sustained belligerent dissent.

Players at the Guest rank do not receive warnings. Rule violations by Guests that would ordinarily result in a formal warning will instead result in an indefinite ban.

Ban Appeals

Players who have been indefinitely banned may appeal their ban in accordance with the following rules:

  • Ban appeals should be submitted to the admin email address at admin [at] minecartrapidtransit.net.
  • Ban appeals can only be submitted at least 6 months after the date of the ban.
  • If a player’s ban appeal is unsuccessful, the player may submit another ban appeal after another 6 months have elapsed from the date of the admins’ response.
  • If a player’s ban appeal is successful, the player will be held at [Guest] or [Member] rank for 30 days, after which any previously held ranks will be restored to the player and the player will be allowed to apply for higher ranks.
  • Guests who have submitted 5 failed member applications will be indefinitely banned, and may appeal using the procedure above.
  • Players who have been automatically banned for being suspected of using a VPN can e-mail the admins immediately to request an unban.