How to Join

IMPORTANT: You MUST read the Rules and FAQ before connecting to the server.

Minecraft server address:

When you first join the server, you will given the [Guest] rank. As a Guest, you will be able to walk or fly around the server and ride any of the MRT lines, but you will not be able to build or destroy blocks.

To get building privileges, you will need to apply to become a [Member] of the server through our online form in the link below.

Click here to apply for membership on the MRT Server.

Once you submitted your application an admin will look at your application when he has time to look at all the recently submitted applications. Please do not submit another application until you seen an email from an admin about the acceptance or rejection ‘with a reason why’ in your email that you provided. this could take up to a week or more. we got your application when you hit submit so please be patient.

Also you will have 6 attempts to getting your application approved. every submission counts as one attempt please wait tell you get the email back or you will be counted for another submission even if it’s the same. On your 1-3 try you will just get a general email explaining what is wrong with your submission. Where if you got the rules question wrong or your reason why you want to join/why we should we accept your application part wrong.

On the 4th try if your not accepted you will get an email saying that if you don’t get the 5 application right you will be given a warning on the game. you must wait for the warning to expired in 30 days. Before you can submit your 6th application.  If you are to fail on your 6 application. I’m sorry but you will have to be ban from the server.

This process may seen to you as to be cruel in a way. This process is to insure that our community remains safe and that no one causes any problems or interruptions with our current members of the server.  As always please don’t bother the admin about the status of your application.  The Admins are volunteers and will look at your application when they get the chance. Good luck!

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