Some Holiday Announcements

First off, we’ve just held our GSM for December. For the first time ever, we’ve allowed members to listen in the first parts of our meeting where we talk about current issues and future plans for the server. You can download the recording for the public portion of the meeting by clicking this link.

In other news, the December Inactive Build Auction has been completed. The results have been posted to this Google Doc spreadsheet.

Also, the January Inactive Build Auction has now started. You can view the builds currently up for auction by looking at the above spreadsheet as well by clicking the Jan 2014 tab below. Once again, please submit all proposals for current builds or any ideas for new inactive builds to mod+auction [at] You have until January 11th, 2014 (the tentative date for our next GSM) to submit your proposals, so please send them in soon!

Also from the GSM, we’ve cleared several warnings and promoted the following members to Trusted rank: 0rocketscience0, _frozen, bspells, and kiwirainbow. Congratulations to all four of you!

And last but not least, the MRT Beta server is now back up and running, and it has been updated to Minecraft 1.7.4. The address for the beta server is: Please feel free to join and test things out. If everything goes well, we’ll be updating the main server to 1.7.4 sometime next week.

Phew, that was a lot to go through. Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season. 🙂