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Delta Server Migration Status

Last updated: Saturday, October 21, 1:00 AM UTC Status: Migration complete. Minecraft Servers Main – ONLINE, GO GO GO! Beta – OFFLINE until a later date after migration Survival – ONLINE Websites Status Page – ONLINE Website – ONLINE Wiki – ONLINE Dynmap – ONLINE File Server – ONLINE Plan […]

Delta Server Migration FAQ

TL;DR: What is Delta Server? Delta is the next dedicated server machine that will host all MRT services, including the Minecraft servers and various websites. Delta will be the 6th server machine to host the MRT and will replace our current machine Zeta, which has been running for more than […]

June 2023 GSM Results

Here are the results of the June 2023 GSM. A and B Road Designations Finalized We have finalized some decisions with regards to the new numbering of several A and B-Roads on the server. A list of the re-designations can be found here. After some significant debate, we have decided […]

May 2023 GSM Results

Here are the results of the May 2023 GSM. New Conductor One Conductor candidate was considered at this GSM: ondist. They were promoted to the position by a 4-3-0 vote. Congratulations to ondist! Community Issues #wiki Discord Channel A proposal from chimata to create a dedicated #wiki channel on the […]

April 2023 GSM Results

Here are the results of the April 2023 GSM. Community Issues Road Rules Updated A proposal by SimonScholar to make some changes to the road rules and how they are registered has been approved. Before this GSM, the rules allowed B-roads to be constructed without staff permission if they are […]