July GSM results

The July GSM has concluded! We have a lot of exciting results to announce.

We have promoted five players to the Moderator rank! Congratulations to:

  • jphgolf4321
  • Music3_0
  • hawksfan1010
  • lalaboy67
  • mfish125

We have also promoted five players to the Trusted rank! Congratulations to:

  • Puffball5672
  • Skelezomperman
  • mustang_guy
  • Soleurs
  • MC_Protocol

We have also compiled our poll for the Final Candidate Seed for the new world. You can take a look at our favorite candidate seeds here, and vote in the poll here. Please note: the results of the poll are not binding; the final decision rests with the staff. The poll will remain open until our next GSM (which is tentatively scheduled for August).

Recordings for the public and Q&A portions of the GSM are now available below. Unfortunately, the Mumble server crashed in the middle of the public portion, so the recording has been split into two parts: