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Upcoming A- and B-road Cleanup Project

AP_Red and VickiTori_ have been evaluating the list of A- and B-roads over the last few months, and they have compiled a suite of recommendations so that we can get everything into alignment with our road numbering guidelines. At the April 2023 GSM today, we approved the general plan for […]

(Re)introducing the Conductor rank

For the first time in nearly 8 years, we are excited to announce the introduction of a new rank! We’re reusing an old rank name from 2012-2013 and adding lots of great benefits, and it’s a rank that you can apply for starting today and potentially receive at the GSM […]

BluRail Culinary Srvics Apologizs for Mold Outbrak

TRANQUIL FOREST — In a regularly scheduled Form 707 filing with the Biwabik Stonk Exchange and Tranquil Forest Stock Exchange, BluRail today announced that while its Culinary Services division had completed the development of its new onboard food and beverage offering, one cookie batch had been accidentally left in a Jim’s […]

Summer staff updates

Over the last several months we have seen several staff members either step down completely or step back from server presence. So, for the sake of transparency, we wish to acknowledge the following departures that have occurred since the last time I posted: Frumple is on leave indefinitely As of […]

Staff Change & Spring 2021 ASM Results

In addition to the May 2021 ISM, the administrators also held an Administrative Staff Meeting, which produced a few results of its own that we would like to share. The admins accepted one ban appeal, and made the following decisions on other items: Inactivity proceedings initiated Admins periodically review the […]