A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

May 2015 GSM Roundup

Hey folks! The GSM has ended, so here’s what happened!

Recording is now in MP3 format

By popular demand, the recording from this meeting is now in shiny MP3 format! You can listen to it here.


We have a LOT of promotions to announce! We reviewed promotions for Senator, Governor and Premier at this meeting and are pleased to announce that a majority of promotion requests were approved.


We reviewed 4 cities and promoted 3 to Senator. Congratulations to:

  • Gopher of Liten, ZN19
  • Narnia17 of Utopia, D14 (first Senator on the Desert line!)
  • Robang592 of Birdhall, M27

If you would like to have your town reviewed (again) at the next meeting, you can send in an application at any time. You can always ask for opinions between meetings, and if we’re not busy studying for IB exams, we can probably give you some insight into what to do.


We reviewed 2 cities and promoted 1 to Governor. Congratulations to:

  • decorminecraft of Thunderbird, F17

Please send us your airport proposal! And if you want gates at that airport, I hear there will be an application process soon… stay tuned to the subreddit for details.


We reviewed 2 cities and promoted both of them to Premier! Congratulations to:

  • CortesiRaccoon of Airchester, C25-EC6/C26-EC7
  • Tom_Pairs of Achowalogen Takachsin, XE10/XE11/XE12/XE13

As per the new Premier induction ceremony, these two both gave acceptance speeches in Mumble:


Two years and five months. I’ve passed a lot of time on this amazing server. I’ve made new friends, and I don’t regret any single minute I’ve spent on it. One of the things I’m most proud of is of the work I’ve done and of the people I’ve made happy. I now have the highest rank of non-staff players, and it’s an amazing objective. I’ve been demoted a few times, but that’s helped me to become more mature. I’m now a better person, a more friendly person. People may think Minecraft is a waste of time, but this server never stops surprising me, and I cannot live without it. Next objective? Well, helping grow the buildings, and moderator sounds like a good objective. Thank you to all of the players of the MRT, for making my days on this amazing and unforgettable server. Love you all.

P.S. Still waiting for the pineapples to take over the server…



Tom’s speech was significantly lamer:

Come visit Achowalogen Takachsin! I have lots of shops and houses available. I’m starting to build some high-end condos… I don’t know, I don’t like speeches.


Inactive towns

We are resuming our audits of inactive towns, like we did on the old world. A town may be considered inactive if it hasn’t been worked on in the last three months (Prism logs clear themselves after 90 days), and its owner hasn’t been online in the last few months.

If you notice a town that is inactive, and you want to take it over as a caretaker, email us, and we’ll consider it at the next GSM.

We granted two players caretaker roles:

  • Martii_Scots01 will take over the town at C51-I20-S
  • RednaxAP will take over the town at EC16-P29

We are putting up P14 (Maliwan) and F14 (Villedyn) for auction. If you want to take over one of these towns, send us an email.


There have been a few road proposals that people have kicked around for the last while, and all of those A-class proposals are approved for immediate construction.

Here’s the map of where the new roads will go (approximately) – click on it for full size.


If you want to start a new road project, email us your map and how much you want paid for it. Most of these are being paid less than $1,000 for the road.

Please note that A-50 will be player-owned, not server-owned, and as such will receive the designation A-50X. Most of you won’t notice that, but it’ll make administration of the road easier for us.

Proposed rule change

At the last GSM, we realized that the current rules have a lot of gray areas when it comes to inter-city transit. We proposed a new rule set to simplify this. The following rules are NOT in effect yet, and we would love to hear from you on what you think.

Our proposal is as follows:

  • If your town is below the Senator rank, you can only make and receive inter-city transit lines within a shared municipality.
  • If your town is at or above the Senator rank, you can build outside of an SMP, but your rail lines and stations must be attached to a city. As always, you need to have the approval of that city’s mayor, and they need to be at the appropriate rank.

If we do choose to enact the rule at the next meeting, you will have some time to form SMPs and reorganize lines if needed.