A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

November 2017 GSM Results

Hi all,

Here are the results from the recent “Asia-Pacific Edition” of the General Staff Meeting. The recording for the public portion is available here.

Moderators Promoted

Congratulations to both hvt2011 and unjinz for passing their 3-month probation period and becoming full moderators!

New Rules

  • A new general rule has been added: “Do not plagiarize builds that you do not have permissions for.” Copying builds without permissions is disrespectful to the original creator and will be subject to warnings. Builds that you do have permission for are okay.
  • Gliderports are officially allowed on the server. We will not specify any concrete sizes or specifications for gliderports, but they should generally not be any larger than a helipad. Please do not abuse this privilege and create gliderports that take up too much space.
  • Members are asked to not put any banned items into schematics they upload. Staff can check schematics before they are pasted, and may refuse to do so if the purpose of the schematic is not clear.
  • Similarly, members are asked to not bring banned items into the server using saved toolbars. It is technically not possible for us to prevent this from occurring using plugins. The import of banners and heads using saved hotbars is allowed.

Water Body Naming

Last GSM, we put out a call to all members to provide suggestions for various oceans, seas, and lakes. From the suggestions, we the staff were able to decide on the names for 16 out of 29 water bodies. Please view the map below for the location of these water bodies, and the list below for the new official names:

New Water Body Names:

  • #1 – The Northern Ocean
  • #2 – Hibernal Sea
  • #6 – Autumnal Sea
  • #7 – Lake Capricorn
  • #9 – Deimos Lake
  • #10 – Estival Sea
  • #13 – Heart Lake
  • #16 – Loch Lyman
  • #17 – Elecna Bay
  • #20 – Equinox Ocean
  • #21 – Pearl Lagoon
  • #24 – Lake Dulwich
  • #25 – Lake Victoria
  • #27 – Vernal Lake
  • #28 – Monterey Lake
  • #29 – Lake Takachsin

Other News

  • Staff are reminded that when they issue warnings to players, they must ensure that the player confirms that they have received the warning, and that they understand the reasons why they received the warning. They must also make it clear if they are receiving a verbal warning or an actual warning.
  • Staff will be formalizing a process to choose featured pages on the wiki amongst themselves. We will be using a shared Google Doc to ensure that the choices of articles are appropriate for this category.
  • From the Eastern Line extension, we received a few complaints about how the stations were distributed, specifically the fact that only people who were online at the end of the October GSM were able to claim stations. Since this is unfair to players who were unable to be on the server during that time, we will be ensuring a more fair process of distributing stations for future extensions.
  • Some members have called for changing the #staff-emergency channel in Discord into a more general channel for all staff requests. After some discussion, staff have decided this solution would cause more problems overall, and instead we will be defining the criteria of what is allowed in the #staff-emergency channel more concretely.

Holiday Events

  • A Holiday Town Decoration Competition will be organized by godzilltrain. Construction for the competition will be open from Saturday, November 25 to Sunday, December 17, with public voting taking place from Monday, December 18 to Sunday, December 31. The full rules can be viewed here.
  • A Central City Holiday Market will be organized by AP_Red. More details will be available later.
  • Christmas Island and a holiday-themed Central City Park will be prepared soon by MinecraftYoshi26 and _Kastle. For those that are unaware, Christmas Island is a tradition on the server where players can build in-game gifts and notes of appreciation for other players.
  • The Amazing Race 8 organized by MinecraftYoshi26 will be happening over the holiday break. Details including actual dates and times will be provided later.
  • Promotions for the next City Rank Candidate Batch (#20) will be announced on December 25th.
  • If you have any proposals for events during this holiday season, please send them to the staff e-mail address.

MRT Line Extensions

All of the following extensions have been approved, and construction will be performed by the associated moderator. Please note that the founding of any new towns along any extension route is prohibited until the extension is complete and the station has been assigned to a player.

Zephyr North Extension

  • To be constructed by godzilltrain.
  • Continues north from Nippia via Pilmont and Chalxior, then turns west through the wilderness to the end of the landmass.
  • A Google Form for signing up for stations will be provided later.

Desert Line Extension Phase 1

  • To be constructed by AP_Red.
  • Continues south from D23/C65 past Whiteley, then turns west through the mesa biome crossing underwater until it meets up with the Mesa Line at M34.
  • Please note that there are several inactive towns along this route. When you sign up to claim a station, you are also claiming ownership of the inactive town.
  • Sign up to claim a station using this form. Please note that sufficient reasoning (50 – 100 words) will be required to claim a station. Stations will be assigned at the next GSM.

Forest Line Extension

  • To be constructed by Just_robinho.
  • Continues south from Marblegate to the inactive town of Lutetia at F30, then turns eastward through the forested valley.
  • Sign up to claim a station using this form. Stations will be assigned at a later date.

Other Projects

  • Staff will be adding A-Roads as an layer on the dynmap in the coming months.
  • A Central City Rail Hub will finally begin construction soon, headed by _Kastle. This hub will initially house third-party warp trains, with minecart-based systems to be considered at a later date, possibly at a separate facility. The hub will be located in a plot north of Central City, just south of Grayzen. Common use tunnels will be constructed in several directions from the hub from which third-party companies will connect to.


  • A proposal from _HeavenAngel_ to build the B93 from Woodsdale to South Quiris via Heights City has been approved.
  • A proposal from time2makemymove to extend the A5 further south has been partially approved. The road can be extended straight south until it is next to Delta City at ZS12. From that point forward, a separate proposal from time2makemymove, autobus22, or both will need to be sent for the rest of the A5.
  • A proposal from AyyLion to build the B54 from Segville to Delta City has been denied. The previous A5 extension proposal will provide a sufficient connection.


  • A request from SoSo123 to own the town of Fenton has been denied. The original owner of the town has recently become active.
  • A request from Purrcat2010 to own the town of Wolf Peak has been approved.
  • A request from _Kastle to own CitiRail has been approved on the condition that hnt, the caretaker of _frozen’s assets, approves.
  • A request from CyAmethyst to own the franchise Pancake Place has been approved.
  • A request from AlfiePops to own the town of Mason City (C12) has been denied. Any new players like Alfie must construct their own town first and rank it up before asking for ownership of an existing town.

Central City Retail Building Competition Results

The Central City Retail Building Competition has concluded. A set of results was provided by Frosty_Creeper10 just before the GSM, but due to a misunderstanding, Frosty and the judges frogggggg, London150, and ModernArt were included as participants in the contest. I do not think allowing the organizers or judges of the contest to participate is fair, so I have asked Frosty to provide a revised final list of winners. Please note that for any future proposals for contests, we will require that the organizers and judges refrain from participating.

The final results can be viewed here. All in-game prize monies have been paid out to all the winners. Congratulations and thanks to all who participated!

That is all for now.