Fall Cleaning and Spooky Season Staff Meetings

Hey all! As the fall and spooky season sets in and folks bury their heads in coursework, we’ll be taking care of some maintenance and staff meetings over the next few weeks. These are all listed in the events calendar, so please take note of the following:

  • The next GSM has been scheduled for Saturday, November 3 at 7pm UTC. If you have something you’d like us to discuss at the meeting, send it our way by 7pm UTC on November 1.
  • An Administrative Staff Meeting (ASM) has been scheduled for Saturday, October 27 at 7pm UTC. ASM agendas are not released to the public.
  • The wiki will be down for major upgrades on Wednesday, October 17 from approximately 4pm UTC until approximately 10pm UTC. During this time we will be upgrading the core software version to 1.31.1, along with several extension updates and new extensions. All other services are expected to remain online during this time. Update: this upgrade is now finished! You can see the full list of changes here.
  • The next New World dynmap render will begin after the server restart at 4am UTC on Monday, November 5. Full-world renders take two to three days to run, so we expect this render to be done sometime on Wednesday, November 7. Regardless, please note that WorldEdit requests will not be permitted during this time, and the regularly scheduled renders of the Space and Old Worlds will be cancelled that week.

There are also two member-organized events coming up in SpookOctober:

  • The thirteenth installment of the TacoBurritoAThon occurs this Saturday, October 13 from 5pm to 7pm UTC. Contact Skelezomperman for registration or sponsorship information.
  • The MRT Fall Olympics will occur on Sunday, October 21, from 5pm to 7pm UTC. Contact Olympics Chairman airplane320 for registration or sponsorship information.

Thanks all!