A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

CoreProtect Purge Complete, August ISM, New Admin, and September Events Update

Welcome to September! We’ve got a bunch of announcements to share to start the month off, so we’ll just jump into it without any additional prelude.

New Admin

We are pleased to announce that sesese9 has been promoted to the rank of Administrator! Sese has served the community as a moderator since June 2018, and we’ve been really impressed by his leadership and ability to handle a variety of situations since he joined the staff team. We’re excited to welcome him aboard as an admin!

The decision to shortlist Sese was made at the July ASM, the same one where we announced Narnia17’s demotion and godzilltrain’s re-promotion. However, we chose to wait for a few things to settle before taking the final vote and offering the position.

CoreProtect purge done

All CoreProtect logs have been dumped as the time-specific purge was proving to be a little less than cooperative. The server is now back open to the public, though rollbacks to anything before September 1 are no longer possible.

This does mean that we won’t be easily able to verify active building status or perform rollbacks for a couple weeks. However, we now have another 100 GB of disk space to start filling up with more log data.

As always, thank you for your patience during our purge attempts. Hopefully we shouldn’t have to do this more than twice a year.

August ISM results

We held a relatively smooth ISM on August 30, and here are the results!

  • A road proposed by PaintedBlue in ward 9 was approved under the condition that it is downgraded to a B road and numbered B920.
  • The B65 between Savannah and New Southport has been approved.
  • A road in the Nansei-Gunto region has been partially approved and upgraded to an A road (numbered A63). The segment west of Wenyanga to Shahai has been approved, and the eastern segment has been denied for now. We are also reminding players to label your maps and choose a road number when submitting.
  • The “Building on Cypress” event, proposed by Avaneesh2008, was denied for now due to unclear rules and concerns about attendance statistics. Avaneesh may re-propose this event by submitting a clear and concise proposal, with a copy of the rules, and details about judging procedures.
  • The town of West Vermilion (XW16) has been IAT’d to chiefbozx.
  • The town of Birch Forest City (C114) was not IAT’d to Avaneesh2008 due to concerns over reasoning; neighboring cities would have priority in the transfer process, and Avaneesh’s town is quite far away from C114.
  • An IAT for the town at XW36 Station was requested by __Darth_Vader___, however it was denied as this player has just returned from a long period of inactivity and there wasn’t a convincing reason why this town should be transferred.
  • The Expo East Extension 2 to East Mesa has been approved.
  • The Arctic Line Extension 1 has been approved.

September GSM dates changed

To accommodate TAR 11, we have pushed the September GSM dates to Sundays. The events calendar is already up to date:

  • The September GSM is Sunday, September 13.
  • The September ISM is Sunday, September 27.

As usual, these meetings are at 7pm UTC, and agenda items are due 48 hours prior to the start of each meeting.

We’ll see you around!

<3, Chief