A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

June 2023 ASM Results

An Administrative Staff Meeting (ASM) was held on 10 June 2023, with the following results being shared with the public:

chiefbozx resigning from MRT Staff

Chief has decided to resign as a staff member from the MRT, in order to prioritise his job, side projects and travelling with friends and family. This resignation will be immediately following the August 2023 GSM on 13 August 2023. At the point of resignation, chief will have served the community as a staff member for 3,295 days, 3202 of which at the rank of Adminstrator, leaving an astounding legacy of support to the community. Chief will revert to the rank of Governor for his town of Vermillion.

Upon his resignation, SimonScholar will hold the position of Head Administrator; receiving additional server access to be able to manage the community should Frumple become incapacitated; plus receiving veto rights over Conductor and Moderator candidates. A full review of current vetoes will be conducted in August as part of this transition.

There will be no additional promotions to Admin at this time.

Delta Server

Frumple has purchased a new server for the MRT, called the Delta Server. This has been prepaid for 24 months, through till June 2025. The transition from Zeta to Delta will take place in September, where there will be multiple days of downtime to transfer all files between the machines.

Before the transition of the MRT to Delta, use of the new server for the 11th anniversary in July are being considered, including a “Purge”, copying the current world to the Delta server and allowing people to blow it up to stress test the server; and a members only Survival server.

Open MRT Discord Server

Work is ongoing by the MRT Staff to open the MRT Discord server to non-members, giving them access to a subset of channels. This will likely be discussed at the July 2023 GSM.

Ban Appeals

1 ban appeal was considered at the June ASM, but was not approved.

That is all for this ASM. The next staff meeting will be the June GSM, to be held on 11 June at 7pm UTC.