September 2023 GSM Results

Here are the results of the September 2023 GSM.

Conductor Applications

Four conductor candidates was considered at this GSM:

  • Awesome_Marbles was not promoted by a vote of 3-7-1.
  • eurye was promoted by a vote of 9-2-0.
  • Seshpenguin was promoted by a vote of 11-0-0.
  • Megafro was promoted by a vote of 6-5-0.

Congratulations to eurye, Seshpenguin and Megafro on becoming the server’s newest conductors.

New endorsement procedures for Citizen, Councillor and Mayor

A new method of requesting endorsements for Citizen, Councillor and Mayor was approved, with endorsements for these ranks now allowed to be requested through Discord and via email, as well as requesting it in game. This process will take some time to be implemented and to inform staff of the new procedures, a further announcement will be made when this is live.

Update 13 Sep 23 – Endorsements through email and discord are now enabled. See the Player Ranks page for more information.

Opening of Discord to MRT guests

The MRT Discord will be opened to guests, with them having to link their discord and minecraft accounts before seeing the discord channels. Guests will see a small subset of channels, with most channels remaining for members only. For exact details, see the Discord Opening thread in #community-issues in Discord.

The open discord is tentatively scheduled to be launched at the end of September, at the same time as the Delta Server is opened.

Staff voting on Senator and Governor applications

Staff voting on Senator and Governor applications will not be changed, and 5 staff votes will still be required for a town’s result to be published.

It was discussed lowering the required number of votes to 4 (following statistics that the 5th vote has only mattered in 5% of town results to date), however this would have been at the cost of less feedback and a higher ratio of votes needed (With 5 votes a town needs to achieve at least 3-2 to be promoted, whereas with 4 votes this would be 3-1).

FancyHolograms Plugin

FancyHolograms, which has been tested on the Beta Server for a few weeks, will be added to the MRT. Due to a limited permission set and no “ownership” of holograms allowing anyone with the permisison the ability to remove it, this plugin will be enabled for Conductors and Staff exclusively, and members may request holograms from them.

MRT Union Line Opening

After 11 months of construction, the MRT Union Line was officially opened at the September 2023 GSM. 2 stations were requested in the last extension’s claim form, both of which were allocated:

  • U200 – Steve_n__
  • U211 – DDaniii_

All remaining stations along this last phase are now publicly claimable.

In addition to the line opening, SimonScholar announced a Union Construction incentive, allocating $20,000 to new towns built along the Union Line, with rewards ranging between $100 for a town along the line reaching Councillor, to $5000 for a town along the line reaching Premier. For more details, please ask Simon.

Next GSM

The next GSM will be held on Sunday 8th October at 19:00 UTC. Moderator nominations and Conductor Applications are due by 19:00 UTC on Sunday 1st October, and other community topics are due by 19:00 UTC on Friday 6th October.