August 2023 GSM Results

Here are the results of the August 2023 GSM.

Conductor Application

One conductor candidate was considered at this GSM: HarborRandom852, who was not promoted by a 6-4-2 vote.

Resignation of Chiefbozx

As was announced at the June 2023 ASM, Chiefbozx has now stood down as Head Administrator and from the staff team in order to prioritise his career, personal projects and travel with friends and family. He now holds the rank of Governor for his town of Vermillion. For more information, Chief posted this note to the community.

SimonScholar has been promoted from Admin to Head Admin following Chief’s resignation, receiving additional server access to be able to manage the community should Frumple become incapacitated; plus receiving veto rights over Conductor and Moderator candidates. A full review of Conductor and Moderator vetoes was carried out earlier in July, with the MRT Member List now showing vetoes in place by Frumple and SimonScholar.

Server update to 1.20.1

The MRT has now updated to 1.20.1! Notable features of this update are hanging signs, bamboo blocks and the Sniffer mob; plus the ability to edit signs by right clicking on them. Please update your clients to 1.20.1 to ensure you can continue to connect to the MRT.

Next GSM

The next GSM will be held on Saturday 9th September at 19:00 UTC. Moderator nominations and Conductor Applications are due by 19:00 UTC on Saturday 2nd September, and other community topics are due by 19:00 UTC on Thursday 7th September.