MRT Server 004, Blobstudios Livestream 2, Snapshot w12

Talk about video-palooza! Stuff is being published on all three major channels (mine, Frumple’s and thomas’), so here’s what’s been uploaded:

On Frumple’s channel: MRT Server 004: The Redstone Gaming Centre. This major attraction is located at G11 station and has two fully-functional and a couple in-progress redstone games. The currently functional games are Tic-Tac-Toe and Connect Four. Frumple’s video features our Connect Four tournament that we hosted back in August. You can also access the station via teleport booth or via the LRT 780.

On my channel: The Snapshot, week 12 as expected. The featured station is B29 (Cactusville).

On thomas’ main channel: thomasfyfe will be hosting his second annual Blobstudios Gaming Livestream on Saturday, which will include Minecraft and Xbox gameplay as well as some non-gaming footage, such as flatmates cooking strange things and who knows what else. You can watch the stream right here on our website.

During the livestream the MRT will be the host of a Minecraft community build. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to build a new town at G22 Station. Anyone can help build – even guests – in this very special event. To participate, take the orange teleport booth at Spawn and follow the instructions in the information center. Push the button at the information center and you will automatically be given building permissions for the area for 6 hours (you’ll need to renew them afterwards).

Here’s the livestream module.

Enjoy the videos; hope to see you on the server!
— chief