Update-related announcements

So if you haven’t seen the previous post, please read it, because it’s fairly important. However there are three announcements I would like to make regarding the update.

  1. The texture pack has been updated. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?850p8l7hp7yudrv, or the sidebar. This is a straight port, I have literally not touched any of the files, so please ensure you keep the 1.4 and 1.5 packs separate! I do have a glowstone retexture in the works and plan on releasing it soon.
  2. New plugin: EasyElevator! See the demonstration outside of Spawn Station to see what this new plugin is all about, and to try out elevators.
  3. Critical bug: Stations not working. MRT, most LRT, MyT, EST, TC, and most local metro systems are not working because of a Bukkit bug. You can track it on Leaky if you want – it’s issue number 4161.

So those are the announcements. Look for the Snapshot soon!