A reminder about client mods

Hello all,

This is just a friendly reminder to all players on our server of the following rule:

“No malicious client mods or hacks.”

What constitutes a “malicious” mod or hack? A malicious mod is one that allows the player to:

  • Circumvent or disrupt the normal operation of Bukkit plugins, such as WorldGuard region protections.
  • Use banned items, such as invisibility potions.
  • Use overpowered items that cannot be normally created, such as “god armor”, high-powered weapons, or long-lasting potions.
  • Cause lag spikes and/or cause other players to drop from the server.
  • Perform actions at faster speeds, such as breaking blocks faster or flying faster.

There are some client mods that we consider not malicious, and these include mods that:

  • Improve the FPS of the player’s client, such as Optifine.
  • Provide a mini-map on the client screen or other navigational device, such as Rei’s Mini-map.
  • Provide the player with x-ray vision. This is a freebuild creative server, so this sort of ability is generally useless anyway.
  • Generally don’t cause any detriment to the server, or the experience of other players on the server.

Any player caught using a malicious mod will be subject to a formal warning or possible ban from the server. If you are unsure whether the mod you use might be considered malicious, please contact your nearest staff member or e-mail the admins at admin (at) minecartrapidtransit.net for clarification.