GSM Agenda item: MRT Line Extensions


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Hey guys! It’s GSM weekend, woohoo!

One of the things we’ll be talking about at the public section of the GSM is the MRT line extension project! I’ll be presenting a few updates and ideas on how to get the ball rolling on the next MRT line, which will be the Eastern line.

For those of you who are curious, the system will eventually look something like the map below. The dashed boxes indicate either corridors for possible future lines (which I’ve tentatively named the Lakeshore and Quagmire lines), or areas where the alignment will need to be decided at a GSM. At this meeting we will decide on the alignment for the northern section of the Eastern line.

Click on the image to see an enlarged map.

On Friday I will update this post with a poll, where you can vote on your preferred alignment(s) for the Eastern line in case you can’t make the GSM. Until then, have fun and stay warm!