A reminder on Mumble security

Hey guys,

As you all know, the Mumble server is password protected to ensure that only Minecart Rapid Transit members are using it. Staffers will give out the password to members at any time if they request it. After all, a significant portion of the stuff that happens on the MRT is on Mumble, and we want you to participate!

However, we would like to remind you that members should NOT be giving the Mumble password to each other – or guests! If you need to get the current server password, ask a mod or admin. Due to recent events we have been changing the password frequently, so the password you have may not be the current one.

To ensure a smooth experience, you need to register your device upon connection, by right-clicking (or tapping on) your name and clicking “Self-Register” or “Authenticate” (depending on your client). This will allow you to connect to the server even if the password changes later.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


(P.S. Even though the next GSM isn’t on the calendar yet, you can still request a promotion here.)