Housekeeping Updates

We are excited to announce two housekeeping updates, based on the January GSM items, subsequent testing, and some agenda items for the February GSM:

  • Our first post-Zeta full-world Dynmap render is complete! Thank you to Mega and Frumple for testing this out and running it locally, to save us time and allowing WorldEdits and the like to continue. The map has been rendered based on a snapshot from January 10, so any changes made to the world since then will need to be rendered again, however we now have a full 3D render in addition to the flat render.
  • We are changing the GSM and ISM agenda release schedule. We have posted links to the February GSM and January ISM agendas in Discord. Going forward we will release agendas as soon as they open for submissions. Note that this does not impact moderator nominations: those are still due at 19:00 UTC seven days before a GSM, and we’ll publish those when all candidates have confirmed or declined their interest in the position.

For those who are considering nominating someone for Moderator, please submit nominations for the February GSM by 19:00 UTC on February 7. Several players have preemptively declined the position or been vetoed in previous cycles; those names are in a pinned message in #nominations-general in Discord or in the master member list.

Thanks all!

<3, Chief