June 2021 ISM Results

Oh, would you look at that? Only three topics! Clocking in at 9 and a half minutes, we had a pretty quick ISM. Here’s the results.

  • hvt2011 was approved for his IAT of Southern Plains Rail (formerly owned by Jian_Zen)
  • LondonThameslink was approved for his IAT of Moonlight Bay (formerly owned by Psychotic_Elite)
  • __7d was denied their proposal to rename Lake 43 to Stroopwafelmeer (Stroopwafel Lake in Dutch) as their town of Autunno was considered too far from the lake. In addition, a separate town/suburb, Autunno Highlands, was on the lake but deemed not significantly developed enough to have the right to name the lake.

Aaaand that’s all, folks! Until the next one, make sure to send in your topics and Moderator nominations for the next General Staff Meeting on July 10th!