A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

July 2021 GSM Results

This was a long GSM. With a duration of a little over 2 hours, we had a lot of healthy discussion over rules and other projects that I’ll get into with this post.


Unfortunately, no new mods this GSM. We did have 3 nominations but were for 3 different people so no one got the necessary 2 nominations to be eligible. However, this process did change a little due to this GSM.

Frumple proposed allowing witness testimony (yes, like court cases) to be allowed as evidence for moderator nominations. This was approved by staff and goes into effect for August GSM. This does not open the door for vague statements like “Candidate X is very friendly, polite, and helpful”. We are looking for specific statements such as “I witnessed that Candidate X helped resolve a conflict between these two people, but I don’t remember when it happened/ can’t look it up through Discord.” or “I’ve seen Candidate Y always try to help other players numerous times, like giving building advice or placing water.” to give a few examples.

Clarifying Da Rules

autobus22 proposed removing the reasons question from the Trustee Endorsement Form (as in “Why are you endorsing this member for Trustee?”). Frumple expressed interest in revamping the entire system but said that by removing the question, it doesn’t help. Other staff expressed similar intent to keep the current system in place and so, the proposal was denied.

Also, autobus22 proposed a clarification on Franchise Rule 1. This clarification was to exempt railway stations from this rule. This was approved.

Franchisees have the authority to relocate a franchise within the building or town over which they hold jurisdiction without notifying the franchise owner. This rule does not apply to railway stations.

New writing of Franchise Rule 1

LondonThameslink proposed adding “Heritage Sites” designation on the server. Staff denied making this an official thing for the time being but do encourage members to do this unofficially. That isn’t to say we might consider it later but many questions remained unanswered such as “how do we determine these?” and “what would we consider heritage sites right now?”. Vulpicula started a wiki page here, where members can collaborate on a list of what they would deem culturally significant builds/towns on the server.

Frumple proposed changing the 300/500 block rule in regards to how it applies to 3rd party rail lines. When this was settled, we did have a few things come out of our discussion. The following changes are now in effect:

  • Rail lines do not have a 300/500 claim rule around them. As in, towns can spring up along the rail line if they choose.
  • 300/500 block rule apply to “registered” towns. Registered means anything on our town list. This is a big change since members can now request to add significant structures that aren’t towns to our town list. Staff would then treat that build as if it were a “town”, by all professional means. Unranked towns can also be added to the town list if they desire as well.
  • Players can waive their 300/500 claim rule on towns regardless of town rank if they desire. If you don’t intend to expand a town that we have on the town list, you can let us know and will update our records.

To add anything to the town list, you have to give staff the following:

  • Name of who owns it (should be who is requesting it)
  • Name of the build/town/structure
  • Coordinates

This can be done on discord through #requests-to-staff or over email.

Life is a Highway

Staff approved two road proposals this GSM!

B84 (CaptainObi): between the Aurora Region‘s community town of Augusta and Mojito1014‘s town of Grassbush.

A746 (LithiumMinuriX): reproposed as this is a two year old project and staff asked Lithium to re-acquire permissions. Sese is overseeing the project to ensure completion of the road.

New Lights

Staff approved two event funding grants!

Formula MRTLate July – Early August
Game of GammingJuly 17th – July 21st
Approved Events from this GSM

Melecie proposed a franchise building contest (Astere 2021 Expo) in addition to the ones above. However, this was denied as there wasn’t sufficient info that staff needed to approve it. Staff wanted to know more details around the judging criteria and other things such as originality for bulids and timeline for the whole event.

Changing Hands

Staff approved 1 IAT (Inactive Asset Transfer) and I IAB (Inactive Asset Bypass).

IAT: hvt2011 was given Dulwich (Jian_Zen)

IAB: 3 in 1 proposal by autobus22 to bypass 3 inactive developments around the Larkspur area.

My Name is..

Staff approved a lake rename too!

Lake 39 (in the NW of the MRT) was renamed to Eilean Sea.