July 2021 ISM Results

Road Road Road Road

The A62 was re-aligned with a new proposal from crimsonf0x. This project was started by Yellowitcher but stalled due to inactivity. Instead of going west at Savannah, it will continue further south to Tinimia. This will allow for a future extension to Lumeva.

B287, proposed by OriginRailway, was denied for not having a route selected and concerns over terraforming. These can be fixed by Origin selecting a route from his proposed alignments and submitting a sample of his road for the next staff meeting.

B844, proposed by RadiantRanger26, was approved between Radiant’s town and Kaloro City (Needn_NL).

Proposed by HarborRandom852, staff approved a plan for a sightseeing bus terminal and network based out of Central City – Ravenswood Avenue (F0) station. Harbor was given free reign to pick the location of the terminal around the station. Staff request that they try to integrate their terminal into the Forest station. For more info, contact HarborRandom852.


Skelezomperman has finished their extension of the Plains Line from Hannibal to Caravaca. We had two applications for stations and were given to the following:

  • P57: STthecat
  • P64: HarborRandom852

P60 and P61 are open to claiming as of now! Other stations not mentioned have been given to respective towns that have claims over the area.

Yours truly proposed the long awaited Northern Eastern extension from Titsensaki to Dwarka. This alignment was approved and Missa_Solemnis will be assisting with the construction.

Lake Rename

Staff accepted a proposal from chimata to rename Lake 5 to Misty Lake.