A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

November 2021 GSM Results

We’re halfway through November so it was time for the General Staff Meeting. We’ve got lots of stuff to go through!

Sparking Yellow

2 cities went for premier at this GSM. The results of each cities’ vote are below:

City NameVotes ForVotes AgainstResult
Titsensaki (frogggggg)07Not Promoted
Miu Wan (HarborRandom852)07Not Promoted
Candidates for Premier

The One who Wields the Axe

We had one candidate for consideration for Moderator this GSM. The voting was the following:

NameForNeutralAgainstDid Not Vote
Candidates for Moderator

Congrats to VickiTori_! She has been re-promoted and is eager to help the community.

Discussions with the Community

We had a very length discussion over the #politics Discord channel. Originally, chiefbozx proposed to blanket ban all political discussion from the server. After very long debate/discussion, staff and the community agreed to keep political discussions as they are currently in the server with a few changes:

  • Starting from the November 2021 ISM, members will have to have a role (given by TacoBot) to access the #politics channel
    • Frumple is working on implementing the role and should have it ready within the coming week
  • If a discussion turns non-civil, staff can use a short-term timeout and/or slowmode to block members from further discussion
    • The length of the timeout can change but anticipated to be roughly a day to allow staff to re-group/evaluate the situation as it occurs

There was talk of the warning levels and whether changes should be done (such as raising and lowering the levels). Frumple encouraged others to send feedback for changes like that to him for a future GSM proposal. However, he did propose to change the wording on the warning levels to the following:

“The following table defines what warning levels are typically given for each type of infraction. When staff are evaluating a situation, they will start from the level defined in this rubric, and may adjust the level up or down if there are special circumstances or context that warrant it.”

Adopted from Frumple’s proposal

The intent of this change is to make it clear to everyone that the warning levels serve as a default (starting point) for punishments/sanctions.

godzilltrain‘s proposal to enable beacons for Trustees and above was accepted. This lowers it from it’s past level of Premiers and above.

Frumple will be updating the Main Server to 1.17.1 on Monday, November 15th from 5PM to 7PM UTC. Further communication on the update progress will be made in the discord like past updates.

Cars on the Freeway

Staff approved RadiantRanger26‘s proposal to extend B844 from Kaloro City to Bristol.

PtldKnight‘s proposal to extend the A90 was approved. The extension is in blue in the picture below.

Tweaking the Lights

Avaneesh2008 re-proposed his Game of Gamming event. Staff denied the proposal for now over concerns over lack of detail in regards to the rules, information about each event, and who is exactly helping with the event.

Moving Hands

TheAllRounderMC requested an IAT of Charlton (Ben6331) at ZS38. This was denied as their intentions with the town aren’t mentioned in detail. Staff request that you include your intentions with any asset that you IAT.

Tracks over the Ocean and Mesa

Two MRT Extensions were opened this GSM!

I opened the Eastern South Extension (ESX), which has been under construction by Vulpicula for a couple of years. This extension runs from Pearl Coast to Arcadia. The allocations for stations along the extension are as follows:

ES27Pearl Coast – knowmads7
ES28Open to claiming
ES29Open to claiming
ES30Frumphaus – Frumple
ES31Port Locke – knowmad7
ES32Port Locke – knowmad7
ES33Open to claiming
ES34Freskooo (allocated by application)
ES35Juhwa – Frosty_Creeper10
ES36Juhwa – Frosty_Creeper10
ES37Cremona – Ramona
ES38Cremona – Ramona
ES39Cremona – Ramona
ES40Arcadia – MC_Protocol
ES41Arcadia – MC_Protocol
Eastern South Extension Station Allocations

Mojang1014 and Skelezomperman opened the Mesa Line Extension 4 (MLX4) also! This runs from Tembok to Rizalburg. The stations were allocated as follows:

M55Tembok – CirclesPointless
M56Minecraft252 (allocated by application)
M57Rosebridge – MotoAviation
M58Open to claiming
M59TheAllRounderMC (allocated by application)
M60Krakabraka (allocated by application)
M61Barnaclue (allocated by application)
M62Rizalburg – Mojang1014
Mesa Line Extension 4 Station Allocations

And that’s it, folks! We’ll see ya at the ISM on November 27th at 7PM UTC!