Supporter Benefits

Last Updated: 2017-10-04

The MRT Server is a not-for-profit operation largely paid for by the owner, Frumple. All expenses and contributions made to the server can be publicly viewed on the Server Finances Google Document.

If you are a player with [Member] rank or above, you can help offset the costs of running the server by becoming a Supporter. You can do this by making a minimum $10 CAD payment via the MRT Buycraft Portal. Currently, the Buycraft Portal supports the following payment methods:

  • Stripe (Credit or Debit Cards)
  • PayPal (Credit or Debit Cards)

For those players using a credit card (that can be charged in Canadian Dollars), we prefer using Stripe as it has a lower transaction fee than PayPal. This is particularly true for players from the US.

As a thank you for contributing financially to the server, Supporters gain the following in-game benefits:

  • A “+” symbol appended to their player tag indicating that they are a supporter:¬†[Citizen+], [Trustee+], etc.
  • Use of the /me command.
    • Emotes player actions. ie: “/me eats tacos” results in the display of “<playername> eats tacos” in public chat.
  • Use of the /hat command.
    • Switches the item in your hand with the item on your head.
  • Use of the /skull command.
    • Spawns a skull belonging to the specified player in your hand.
  • Use of chat colours.
  • Ability to place signs with coloured text.

To add colours to your chat messages and signs, use the following codes:

  • &0 – Black
  • &1 – Dark Blue
  • &2 – Dark Green
  • &3 – Dark Cyan
  • &4 – Dark Red
  • &5 – Dark Purple
  • &6 – Gold
  • &7 – Gray
  • &8 – Dark Gray
  • &9 – Blue
  • &a – Green
  • &b – Cyan
  • &c – Red
  • &d – Pink
  • &e – Yellow
  • &f – White
  • &l – Bold
  • &o – Italic
  • &m – Strikethrough
  • &n – Underline
  • &k – Obfuscated
  • &r – Reset back to normal

To become a Supporter, first please read our Supporter Payment Agreement.