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The Snapshot, Episode 1

I’ll be starting a new, regular series of server news — The Snapshot. News headlines in this episode include: Update to 1.3.2! Future sign warp plugin? computerghost is now a Moderator! Other small tidbits You can view The Snapshot below, or on my YouTube channel. If you have any newsworthy […]

1.3 update!

We’ll be updating the server to Minecraft 1.3¬†TONIGHT¬†over the next few hours. If and when the server goes offline or whitelisted, please do not panic; we will try to get it back up and running as quickly as possible. Once the update is finished, we’ll let you know here. If […]

Updates :)

Hey guys, Chief here with a couple updates for you. First of all, we have banned ice once again for all members – and it can’t be broken, either. If you need ice to be placed, removed or WorldEdited, please ask a staffer. Second, if you haven’t noticed, the Admod […]