Monthly archives: August 2012

The Snapshot, Episode 1

I’ll be starting a new, regular series of server news — The Snapshot. News headlines in this episode include:

  • Update to 1.3.2!
  • Future sign warp plugin?
  • computerghost is now a Moderator!
  • Other small tidbits

You can view The Snapshot below, or on my YouTube channel. If you have any newsworthy stuff, please send it my way at chiefbozx (at), with the word “Snapshot” in the subject line.

1.3 update!

We’ll be updating the server to Minecraft 1.3 TONIGHT over the next few hours. If and when the server goes offline or whitelisted, please do not panic; we will try to get it back up and running as quickly as possible. Once the update is finished, we’ll let you know here.

If you get on the server before it gets updated, please don’t build anything that you would be sad to lose, as anything built during and after the final backup may be lost.

See you in 1.3!

— chief

Update: I’ll be live-tweeting the update process, so you can follow me on Twitter to get all of the news.

Update 2: All done!

Updates :)

Hey guys, Chief here with a couple updates for you.

First of all, we have banned ice once again for all members – and it can’t be broken, either. If you need ice to be placed, removed or WorldEdited, please ask a staffer.

Second, if you haven’t noticed, the Admod Building by Spawn Station has been redone. Check it out if you’ve got time – it’s really cool, especially at night!

Finally – and this is a biggie – there is now an official texture pack of the server! You don’t need it to play, but we strongly recommend you download it and check it out. It’s 16×16 resolution (so no OptiFine needed), removes noise in lots of common blocks like glass, wool and signs, and even includes an MRT system map as one of the art pieces. You can download it from the link on the right, or from this link: If you want to see what the pack looks like before downloading, check out this video that I made. Feel free to send me constructive criticism, as this is my first pack and I’d like to know what you think of it. (You’ll want to turn your volume up if you want to hear me in this video… sorry.)

So, send in your member apps, download the pack, and have fun building! 🙂

— chief

Member Applications are OPEN, /spawn is back, and day-night cycle is on!

Hey everyone,

Member applications are now OPEN again! Head over to the How To Join page to fill out an application.

Also, we’ve re-allowed the /spawn command for Guests and Members. Most players were falling into the void or killing themselves to get back to spawn anyway, so we thought to make this easier for them. 🙂

Also also, we’ve removed permanent daylight on the server, the sun now rises and sets as normal. Check out all the buildings at night, they look really cool!

On a side note, we’re still waiting for various things before we update the server to 1.3, including Bukkit, the Bukkit plugins we use, as well as the Minecraft 1.3.2 patch. Expect the server to be at 1.2.5 for a few more weeks.