Next Staff Meeting announced

Hey all,

The next staff meeting will take place this Saturday, June 29th, at 4pm GMT. As usual, the meeting will be closed to only admods for most of the duration, but we will take questions and suggestions from the public in Mumble afterwards.

We will be discussing several topics, which may include:

  • The future of the Mumble Server (since it expires in July)
  • Planning for the Anniversary Events
  • Status of the beta server and new plugins
  • Nominations for promoting players to Trusted and Mod ranks
  • Clearing old warnings from players
If you would like to nominate other players for the Trusted or Moderator rank, please send an e-mail to Please remember that the standard rules for the Trusted rank still apply (must be a member for 1 month and have no warnings), and also remember that the decision for choosing new Trusteds and Moderators ultimately lie with the admods and myself.