A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

March 2019 GSM Results

Hello everyone! It’s time for the March 2019 GSM results. You can watch the video recap on Frumple’s YouTube channel here, or from MBS here. Not many staff or members were online (it is senior thesis defense season, after all), but we do have some announcements to share.

Rules Revamp is now in effect

The rules we announced in February have been approved and are now in effect. We are working on preparing an updated version of the rules page, so for now, please check the MRT Rules Revamp Google Doc to see what’s new.

We did receive some much-appreciated feedback from members about the rules, and after further consideration have decided not to make any changes. Therefore, all rules are in effect as they were published in February. Let the seaplane base and helipad construction begin!

Minecraft 1.13 preparations

We are continuing to prepare for the Minecraft 1.13 update and have made some decisions:

  • The Lab World will be preserved in full for 1.13. We were originally contemplating a lab world reset, as the lab world was causing crashes in the 1.13 environment. These crashes have now been fixed and the lab world can be migrated over safely.
  • We will be adding a “maps” world to support dynamic maps once we update to 1.13.
  • The PVP Arena rules will be maintained, even though the plugin won’t transition to 1.13 with us. This does mean that arenas will lose automatic protection and automatic game management. Once we update, we’ll start looking for potential replacements.
  • A reminder that a moratorium is still in place on new plugin suggestions until the migration is complete. We’re getting there!

We will let you know when the beta server is ready for everyone to visit and test out the 1.13 setup. It’s still whitelisted to staff only for the time being.

We are currently estimating an April update for the main server, but the server will be whitelisted to staff for a day or two to allow CoreProtect to migrate the database. More information will be forthcoming.

Savannah Line is now open

_HeavenAngel_ has completed construction of the MRT Savannah Line, and it is now in service. Initial station allocations are as follows and all remaining stations are available on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • H1: FiorkG
  • H9: jamess_
  • H10: MgWn
  • H11: Vickiposa
  • H12: hvt2011
  • H14: Cact0

Please remember the proximity restrictions: you need permission to build within 300 blocks of another town, and if you’re within 500 blocks of a town with an active mayor, you need to be in touch with them and they need to accommodate you in a reasonable manner.

Next MRT Lines

We have approved two extensions to the MRT network:

  • godzilltrain proposed an extension of the Expo East Line from its current terminus in XE26 (Farwater) to the Jungle Line. This extension (XEX) has been approved for immediate construction.
  • Vennefly and Red_Ray proposed an extension of the Plains Line to Richville International. This extension (PLX3) has been sponsored by hvt2011 and approved for immediate construction.

These lines are now restricted, and claiming of stations or building along the lines are prohibited until the lines open.


We reviewed two road proposals:

  • Vickiposa proposed the A92 Larkspur Express, connecting Carnoustie, Larkspur, PMW City, Nippia, and multiple other cities, has been approved in full.
  • FiorkG proposed the B755 Trans-Pine Highway in Southburg. This has been approved.

Projects and Funding Proposals

  • Funding for the MRTVision Screenshot Contest 3 has been approved.
  • Construction of the Souslow Heliport has been approved.

Premier City Reviews

We reviewed the city of New Acreadium by DevvySky for Premier consideration, but did not approve it.

Inactive Asset Transfers

First: please stop calling them auctions! They’re called asset transfers now. We reviewed three of them:

  • hvt2011 requested the town of Silent Plains to connect metro lines through. The metro connections have been approved, and hvt will need to leave everything else as-is.
  • Vulpicula requested the town at T50, though this has been denied as the town at T49 needs to expand towards T50 first.
  • dragonbloon419 requested the town northwest of PMW City, but this was also denied due to proximity issues. Gaps in PMW City should be filled in before dragonbloon419 requests the town again.

The end!

Thanks everyone – best of luck to MRTVision Screenshot Contest participants, and we’re excited to be bringing you the 1.13 update shortly.

<3, Chief