A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

(Re)introducing the Conductor rank

For the first time in nearly 8 years, we are excited to announce the introduction of a new rank! We’re reusing an old rank name from 2012-2013 and adding lots of great benefits, and it’s a rank that you can apply for starting today and potentially receive at the GSM on July 9, 2022.

Conductors are community ambassadors and assistants who help service in-game WorldEdit requests. Conductors can:

  • Use the overwhelming majority of WorldEdit commands, up to a limit of 150,000 block changes per operation
  • Use debug sticks to change metadata attributes of blocks
  • Teleport to any player or coordinate set
  • Read incoming messages through /helpop
  • Have up to 30 homes that can be teleported to at any time, free of charge
  • Communicate with other Conductors and staff through private Discord and Minecraft channels

Conductors are not members of staff, and so cannot issue formal or informal sanctions for rule violations or participate in General or Infrastructure Staff Meetings. However, Conductors are expected to use their WorldEdit privileges primarily to assist the community in completing building tasks, with personal use permitted as well.

To be eligible to apply for Conductor, you must:

  • Meet the following requirements as of the date that you apply, and maintain them throughout your candidacy:
    • Hold the rank of [Trustee] or higher for 3 months.
    • Be an active member for 3 months.
    • Not have any active warnings. If you have received warnings in the past, they must have all expired and cleared (you must be at warning level 0) at least 3 months ago.
    • Not be subject to a conductor veto.
  • Have genuine desire to help the community and serve as a leader.
  • Demonstrate good communication skills and general friendliness with other members.
  • Know how to use WorldEdit at a basic level.
    • Candidates for the Conductor rank are expected to know the following commands and concepts: standard cuboid (opposite corner P1/P2) selection, set, replace, cut, copy, paste, flip, rotate, stack, schematic load, schematic save, and the A, S, and E flags associated with cut, copy, and paste.
    • You also need to know our policies and general etiquette surrounding the 10-minute rule, landscarring, points placement, and the use of /helpop. These are all documented on the Rules page as General Rule 15.
    • You do not need advanced knowledge like legacy block IDs or tools such as alternative selection strategies, brushes, masks, or generator functions.
  • In the event that your application is unsuccessful, you can’t apply for the next two GSMs, but can three months later. For example, if your application is unsuccessful in July, you can try again for the October GSM.

Members will be able to apply for Conductor starting today, with the first round of applications due at 19:00 UTC on Saturday, July 2 for review at the GSM on Saturday, July 9. Here’s how the process will work:

  1. If you’re eligible, you can fill out a short application form up until 19:00 UTC one week before the GSM that you would like to be considered at.
  2. Frumple and I will review the list of candidates periodically and determine if we need to issue any conductor or moderator vetoes. If we do, we will communicate this with you as soon as we make that decision.
  3. The list of candidates will be published one week before the GSM, at the same time that moderator nominations close.
  4. All candidates will be discussed and voted on in Section 4 of the GSM public portion, immediately before any moderator candidates. The threshold to pass is the same as for Moderator: a simple majority of “Yes” votes is required, though a candidate can be blocked if more than 20% or more than 2 of the votes are “No” (whichever is greater).

Ready to apply? Check out the instructions on the Rank Promotions page. As we make some administrative changes behind the scenes, this link may change – we will let you know if it does.

Please keep in mind:

  • We intend for the Conductor rank to be selective. Please know that there is a high chance that your application won’t be successful the first time.
  • Your application and candidacy will be a public matter. Staff will vote on and discuss your candidacy in public, similar to how moderator nominations are handled, and the information you include on your application may be added to public agenda documents.
  • Plagiarism and campaigning are not allowed. You need to write original responses on the Conductor application in your own words. Plagiarizing or campaigning can result in your disqualification.
  • Conductors are not staff. Being a Conductor is helpful, but not required, in terms of allowing someone to become a moderator.
  • You can apply for Conductor if you’ve declined the Moderator position, so long as you meet the other eligibility requirements.
  • Vetoes are applied separately to the Conductor and Moderator ranks. If you are vetoed for the Conductor rank, you will also be vetoed for the Moderator rank. The reverse is not true: if you are vetoed for Moderator, you may still be eligible for Conductor.

A couple of other notes about the rank and how it interacts with staff:

  • Staff members who voluntarily step down from the staff team can transition directly into Conductor without a formal application process. Staff members who are suspended or terminated, whether for inactivity or disciplinary reasons, will not be allowed to stay on as a Conductor and must return to the “basic” rank they held before gaining the position.
  • Conductors are subject to the same inactivity review proceedings as other staff. While Conductors will have the same discretion as staff in deciding how and when to provide WorldEdit assistance, Conductors are expected to help out when they can.

We’ll be updating the website and our other administrative processes over the coming days to prepare for our first Conductors to take office on July 9. We’re still accepting moderator nominations, too, so please continue to submit those. All Conductor and Moderator related materials are due at 19:00 UTC on Saturday, July 2.

If you’re ready to apply for the Conductor rank, please have a look at the Rank Promotions page, and ask a member of staff if you have questions.

Thanks all and best of luck to our first round of applicants!