October 2022 ISM Results

Hi all,

Here are the results of the October 2022 ISM:

Transport Projects

B975 in Miu Wan

A B-Road proposed by HarborRandom852 from Miu Wan International Airport to Kwai Tin and Ngau Ling has been approved.

Pearl Coast MRT Heritage Railway

A proposal from HarborRandom852 to convert abandoned and unused Southern, Valley, and Island Line MRT Stations around the vicinity of Pearl Coast into a heritage railway has been approved.

Additionally, the ownership of the other 3 abandoned sections of MRT tracks/stations mentioned in this proposal will be transferred to the owners of the towns in the vicinity. Staff will contact these town owners letting them know of the transfer. From that point, if Harbor or any others would like to build a heritage railway with these track, they should consult with the town owner and they do not need to obtain further staff approval.

B920 Rerouting and B804 from Lamont to Alvingdale

A proposal from Crafterboi500 to reroute the existing B920, and for a new B-Road from Lamont to Alvingdale has been approved.

Autunno Highlands Canal

A proposal from Crafterboi500 to build a canal near the town of Autunno Highlands connecting Lake 43 to the Autumnal Sea has been approved.

MRT Line Extensions

Southern Line Eastern Extension

A proposal by __7d and AP_Red to extend the Southern Line east to Ellerton Fosby has been approved.

Jungle Line Southern Extension

A proposal by Zuoj (sponsored by Missa_Solemnis) to extend the Jungle Line south to Quinston has been approved.

Forest Line Eastern Extension (FLEX2)

A proposal by jay_planner (sponsored by Missa_Solemnis) to extend the Forest Line east to Atami has been approved.

Lakeshore Line Eastern Extension (LEX2)

A proposal by TheAllRounder and Skelezomperman to extend the Lakeshore Line east to Daly City and beyond has been approved.

Eastern Line Southern Extension (ESX2) Claim Results

The following station has been assigned on the new completed Eastern Line Southern Extension:

  • ES44 – AquaticAero

ES42 and ES45 are now free to claim on a first-come, first-serve basis.

That’s all for now. See you at the next GSM on Saturday, November 12th at 7pm UTC.